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List of Bible Study Lessons History and Links
Global Prophecy Series: The Rise and Fall of Babylon.
The history of the world is pictured as the struggle over the children of God, trapped in Babylon, under the power of Satan, the king of Babylon.
Temple Destroyed Babylon Medo-Persia Greece Rome Cristo Temple Destroyed Papacy Europe Babylon the Great Temple Corrupted
Old Prophets Daniel Moses Daniel and John Old Prophets
    The Rise and Fall of Ancient Babylon (609-539 BC):
  1. Lecciones: Daniel Outline Daniel 1. Faithful Captives. Introduction to prophecy. (8 paginas)
  2. Lecciones: Daniel 2 Daniel 2. Nebuchadnezzar's Dream. He sees a metal image depicting the rise and fall of nations from his days until the end of time. (9 paginas)
  3. Lecciones: Daniel 3 Daniel 3. Church and State: The King Legislates Idolatry. Demonstrates that persecution occurs when the state legislates worship. (4 paginas)
  4. Lecciones: Daniel 4 Daniel 4 - 6. The First Fall of Babylon. Church and state unite to persecute the people of God. Babylon will fall and rise again at the end of time (9 paginas)

  5. Understanding The Symbols of Prophecy
    ☆ These lessons explain the sources of symbols.
    Dragon Exodus From Sin
    Messiah Leads the Exodus

    The prophecies are full of the images depicted in the covenant, the blessings and curses, the law, sanctuary, feasts and the exodus because these images prophecy about the Plan of Salvation in which God takes us away from the slavery of sin. So, understanding their significance will help to unravel the meaning of prophecy in the lessons.
    Lecciones: Covenant The Covenant ("Bendiciones y Maldiciones"). The legal terms of the covenant. Sin is punished by war, disasters and plagues.
    Lesson: Colors The Gospel in Color. Sin and the meaning of colors in the Plan of Salvation.
    Lesson: Symbols The Source of Symbols. How the symbols of prophecy emerged.
    Lesson: Christ The Messiah Suffers (The Snake on a Stick). The Messiah is cursed for us.

    The Prophecies of Daniel and John
    Dragon Clearing the Land
    Defeating the Monster with Seven Heads
    The Future World Empires (609 BC-End): The prophecy of the metal image is repeated to Daniel with Jewish symbols. The final series of world empires that affect the people of God are (Babylon, Medo-Persia, Greece, Rome and a divided empire). God removes these nations before He takes possession.
  6. Lecciones: Daniel 7 Daniel 7. Four Beasts from the Sea. The world empires are seen as a series of wild animals from the curse. (6 paginas)
  7. Lecciones: Daniel 8 - Ram and Goat Daniel 8. The Ram and the Goat. The world empires are seen as attacking the sanctuary on Yom Kippur. (8 paginas)

    Messiah (Cristo) and the Antichrist: God keeps the covenant (4 BC-31AD)
  8. Lecciones: Daniel 9 - The Judgment Daniel 9. The Messiah and the 2300 Year Prophecy (The Death of Christ).
    The longest time prophecy, ends in the beginning of the judgment. It predicts the year the Messiah appears, His 3½ year ministry and death. (22 paginas)
  9. Lecciones: Daniel 9 - The Messiah Summary. The Messiah in Prophecy (The Life of Christ). The first coming of the Messiah. A collection of many Messianic prophecies.

    The Antichrist: Breaks the covenant (31 AD-End)
  10. Lecciones: Daniel 8 - Little Horn Daniel 7-8. The Little Horn (The Antichrist). An important power in prophecy, the "little horn" power will survive until the end. (12 paginas)
  11. Lecciones: Daniel 11 Daniel 10 and 11. The First Rise and Fall of the Little Horn.
    Detailed information about the 2300 years and the Roman empire and its leaders before the appearance of the Messiah. Also shows the activity of the "little horn" power and the first fall of the papacy. (12 paginas)
    Lecciones: Daniel - King of the North Daniel 11. The Second Fall of the Little Horn. The King of the North comes to an end. (13 paginas)

    End of Days: The Second Rise and Fall of Babylon the Great (1798-End):
    Temple Destroyed The Abomination
    Corrupting the Sanctuary

    Satan corrupts the sanctuary and tries to make and enforce his own covenant. God sends spies to confirm the report and rescues the people before He brings destruction.
  12. Lecciones: Daniel 12 Daniel 12. Prophecy Sealed. Daniel 12 closes with the command to shut up and seal the prophecies until the time of the end. (14 paginas)
    Lecciones: Revelation 10 Revelation 10. Prophecy Unsealed. Revelation 10 is the prophecy that announces the time to unseal the prophecies of Daniel. The two prophecies are related and should be studied in sequence. (15 paginas)
  13. Lecciones: Revelation 11 Revelation 11. The Two Witnesses. God sends two spies before destroying the city in the French Revolution and the fall of the papacy. (12 paginas)
  14. Lecciones: Revelation 12 Revelation 12. The Persecution of Christ and the Church. Satan's efforts to destroy the righteous. God sends help from the United States. (8 paginas)
  15. Lecciones: Revelation 13 - Babylon Revelation 13. The Rise of Babylon: (Dragon, Beast and Lamb Beast). The rise of Babylon and the final end time power - the United States of America. (15 paginas)
  16. Lecciones: Revelation 13 - The Mark of the Beast Revelation 13. The Mark of the Beast. The final persecution, the seal of God and the mark of the beast. The struggle over the covenant is ending. (14 paginas)
    Lecciones: The Sabbath Doctrine. The Sign of the Everlasting Covenant. The Sabbath is a part of the eternal covenant and helps us understand that God will give us rest from sin.
  17. Lecciones: Revelation 14 Revelation 14. The Three Angels' Message. The call to the SHMA and the final warning to the world in the time of the end. (13 paginas)
  18. Lecciones: New Testament Matthew 24. Prophecies of Jesus. The end of days. (15 paginas)
    Lecciones: Current events Signs of the Times. Current events and trends in all prophecies. (15 paginas)

    Judgment: The Separation of the Righteous and the Wicked (Final years)
    Temple Destroyed The Desolation
    Destroying the Corrupted

    Near the end of the journey, Balaam corrupted Israel just as Satan now corrupts the world. God takes revenge for this corruption by destroying the sanctuary and exiling the unfaithful people.
  19. Lecciones: Revelation 15 Revelation 15. The Last Exodus over the Sea of Glass. (6 paginas)
  20. Lecciones: Revelation 16 Revelation 16. Siete Ultimas Plagas. The wrath of God. (16 paginas).
  21. Lecciones: Revelation 17 Revelation 17. A Woman Rides the Beast. The unfaithful church controls the state in an idolatrous and adulterous union. (17 paginas)
  22. Lecciones: Revelation 18 Revelation 18. The Second Fall of Babylon. The last angel's message. An urgent, global call to get out of Babylon before the global religious, political and economic collapse. (15 paginas)
  23. Lecciones: Revelation 19 Revelation 19. The Church is Rescued. Second Coming of Christ. (9 paginas)
    Lecciones: The Second Coming Doctrine. The Second Coming. The resurrection and the rapture.

    Judgment: The Reward of the Righteous and the Wicked (1000 years)
  24. Lecciones: Revelation 20 Revelation 20. El Milenio. Satan falls (Battle of Armageddon). (16 paginas)
    Eternal Temple The Living Temple
    Rewarding the Righteous

    Lecciones: The Judgement Doctrine. The Judgment of the Wicked.
    Lecciones: Death and Hell Doctrine. Death. The state of the dead.
    Lecciones: Death and Hell Doctrine. Hell. The punishment of sinners.

  25. Lecciones: Revelation 22 Tabernacles: Revelation 21 - 22. The Wedding Day and Honeymoon. God makes the earth His permanent and physical dwelling place with His bride. He also makes us kings and priests in a peaceful kingdom for eternity. (10 paginas)

    The History of the Church: Feasts on the Day of the Lord (Christ to the end).
  26. Lecciones: Revelation - The 7 Churches Passover: Revelation 1 - 3. The Seven Churches. The blessings and religious history of the church. (17 paginas)
  27. Lecciones: Revelation - The 7 Seals Pentecost: Revelation 4 - 6. The Seven Seals. The covenant curses are released in the history of the church on the Day of the Lord. (16 paginas)
  28. Lecciones: Revelation - The Sealing Revelation 7. The Seal of God. God marks His people. (15 paginas)
  29. Lecciones: Revelation - The Sealing Yom Kippur: The Seven Thunders. God recreates His people. (9 paginas)
  30. Lecciones: Revelation - The 7 Trumpets Trumpets: Revelation 8 - 10. The Seven Trumpets. History of the judgments of the military, civil and religious powers. (18 paginas)

Old Testament Prophecies
The Day of the Lord: Last day events in the Old Testament. God passes over us.
The Day of the Lord (Passover)
Exodus Abomination Desolation Promised Land
Crucifixion Day of Atonement Temple Corrupted Siete Ultimas Plagas Scapegoat El Milenio Mount of Olives Alive
  1. Lecciones: Psalm Salmos. Messianic prophecies of David and Asaph. (10 paginas)
  2. Lecciones: Job Job. The suffering Messiah in the prophecies of Job. (13 paginas)
  3. Lecciones: Son of man The Son of Man. Jesus Christ joins the human race. (6 paginas)
  4. Lecciones: Ezekiel Ezequiel. An overview of the time of the end. (11 paginas)
  5. Lecciones: Temple of Ezekiel The Temple of Ezequiel. Jesus Christ organizes His church. (15 paginas)
  6. Lecciones: Isaiah Isaias. The Messiah and the last generation of Israel. (20 paginas)
  7. Lecciones: Jeremiah Jeremías. The time of the end for Babylon. (9 paginas)
  8. Lecciones: Zacarías Zacarías. The corruption and curses on the last church. (17 paginas)
  9. Lecciones: Minor Prophets The Minor Prophets. The salvation of Israel. (9 paginas)
  10. Lecciones: Israel Israel. The chosen people. (7 paginas)
  11. Lecciones: Elijah The Coming of Moses and Elijah. Israel accepts Yeshua. (21 paginas)
  12. Lesson: Israel YHWH. The loving God of the Old and New Testament. (7 pages)
CristoMessianic Prophecies
Summary of Prophecies
His Final 3½ Years
His Final Week
His Final 3 Days
His Final Day (Seder)
Invitation to a Meal
The Covenant Breaker
The Unjust Suffering
Five signs of Judaism
Torah Readings
Jesus as the Word

The Schedule of Events
Sanctuary and Offerings
God Builds a Sanctuary
The Son of Man
God With Us
Paths of Righteousness
The Day of the Lord

Recommended Book
I recommend this book to study end time events.
Adventist Book Center
10/40 Window
Review the Leccioness.

    The Roman rulers
    The Roman Cross
    Jerusalem falls

The Empires of
    Babylon, Persia, Greece.
    Rome, Europe, USA

Attempts to Unite Europe
    Marriage, Economy, War

The Papacy Falls
    French Revolution

Church History : Persecution
    Roman persecution
    Papal persecution
    Ancient Torture Methods
    Ancient Persecution Tests
    Modern Technology
    Modern Interrogation

The Papacy Rises again
    Lateran Treaty

Knowledge increases
    Millerite movement
    Great Disappointment
    Adventist History

Last day events
    False Miracles, Revivals
    Catholic perspective
    Adventist perspective

History of the Sabbath
    Constantine's Law
    Sabbath Changed
    Laws Changed

  God is the Creator.
        Creation Science
        Kid's Science
        Sanctuary Science

    Fulfilled prophecy (2002)
    Unfulfilled prophecy

Astronomical signs
    Dark day, Stars fall
    Lisbon earthquake

Preparing for Persecution
    Global Inquisition Laws
    Control of the News Media
    Prophecy in the News

Other Expectations
    Other Final Battles
    Other Messiahs

Class Outlines [.doc] Word
Teacher's Aide [.ppt]
United States in Prophecy
Lecciones: USA Rescues the Church
Lecciones: USA Grows in power
Lecciones: USA Persecutes the Church
Lecciones: USA Collapses

Europe in Prophecy
Lecciones: Europe Will not unite.
Lecciones: Europe Controlled by the church.
Lecciones: Europe The French Revolution.

Catholic church prophecy
Lecciones: Catholic church Rules for 1260 years
Lecciones: Catholic church Persecutes
Lecciones: Catholic church Loses power
Lecciones: Catholic church Regains power
Lecciones: Catholic church Controls the nations
Lecciones: church Persecutes the Church
Lecciones: church Collapses
Recommended Book
Adventist Book Center.
Law The Messianic Prophecies in The Torah. These Messianic prophecies of Moses are also the source of the symbols and laws regulating the events of prophecy.
  1. Lesson: Daniel 9 - The Messiah Summary of Messianic Prophecies. A collection of many Messianic prophecies from the Torah, the prophets, the Psalms and Jewish tradition. God reveals Himself to the final generation. (44 paginas)

    Prophecies in The Calling
    PriestGod reveals Himself to the First Generation
    God Calls a Nation of Priests

    God Rescues His Priests
  2. Lesson: Genesis Genesis. Captured into slavery. (10 paginas)
  3. Lesson: Exodus Exodus. Escape from slavery. (10 paginas)
  4. Lesson: Leviticus Leviticus. The chosen intecessor. (10 paginas)
  5. Lesson: Numbers Numbers. The Fugitives Wander in the Wilderness. (10 paginas)
  6. Lesson: Deuteronomy Deuteronomy. The message to the final generation. (16 paginas)
  7. Lesson: Joshua Joshua. The deliverer leads us into the Promised Land. (10 paginas)

    Prophecies in The Sanctuary
    SanctuaryGod draws us closer to Him
    God Restores Paradise

    God Prepares a Home
  8. Lesson: Sanctuary God Builds A Sanctuary (God Dwells Among Men). The Gospel in pictures, signs and symbols. The covenant illustrated in Christ. (14 pages)
  9. Lesson: Offerings The Offerings (God Gives Himself). God pays our debt. (27 pages)
  10. Lesson: Colors The Gospel in the Colors of the Sanctuary. Sin and the meaning of colors in the Plan of Salvation.
    Prophecies in The Feasts
    BreadGod provides food in the wilderness
    God Restores the Tree of Life

    God Hosts A Feast
  11. Lesson: Feasts The Feasts of Israel (God Provides in the Desert). The schedule of the Plan of Salvation. (23 pages)
  12. Lesson: Feasts Jewish Tradition Passover Seder (Manna from Heaven). The seder is the order of the crucifixion events. (15 pages)
  13. Lesson: Feasts Jewish Tradition Torah Readings. The people respond to God at the feasts. (27 pages)
  14. Lesson: IVRI Script Jewish Tradition The Word Tabernacles With Us. The Hebrew script prophecies. (10 pages)
    Prophecies in The Curses
    SerpentThe curse consumes Christ
    God Takes Our Punishment

    God Pays Our Ransom
  15. Lesson: Christ Christ Suffers the Wrath of God (Snake on a Stick. Striking the Rock). Wrath is poured out on Christ in the final three days of His life as He kept the covenant. (13 pages)
  16. Lesson: Christ Christ Suffers the Wrath by Law (The Covenant Breaker/Keeper). Wrath is poured out on Christ because we broke the covenant. (24 pages)
  17. Lesson: Christ the sinner The Greatest Sinner. Christ suffers for all sinners (10 pages)
  18. Lesson: SHEMA Jewish Tradition SHEMA (Signs of the Covenant). Five important signs of Judaism. (8 pages)
    Prophecies in The Exodus
    ExodusThe life journeys of the righteous
    God Leads Us Home

    God Guides Us Home
  19. Lesson: 12 Tribes of Israel The Twelve Tribes of Israel (12 Spies on an Exodus). The siege of Jesus by Israel. The final week of Jesus and His exodus from earth. (40 pages)
  20. Lesson: Abraham Abraham. The faithful walk the paths of righteousness. (73 pages)
    Lesson: Blue Stone The Exodus (Finding the Blue Stone). It shows an important symbolic journey. The exodus from Egypt is an exodus from the planet of sin as the righteous go to live with God. (8 pages)
Layers Series "A". Christian Doctrines
    Sower Planting the Seed
    Knowing God

  1. Lecciones: Dios Dios (YHWH). Who is He? (12 paginas)
  2. Lecciones: Cristo El Misterio de Dios. Cristo: El Misterio de Dios Revelado. (5 paginas)
  3. Lecciones: Prayer Prayer. Talk to God and develop a loving relationship. (17 paginas)
    Weed Weeding
    Sin and its Consequences

  4. Lecciones: Evil El Origen del Mal. Why do bad things happen? (5 paginas)
  5. Lecciones: Espiritualismo El Espiritualismo y lo Oculto. The forces of darkness. (12 paginas)
  6. Lecciones: Sin Pecado. We declared war and enmity with God. (7 paginas)
  7. Lesson: Curse Consequence: Cursed. Living with the consequences of sins.
  8. Lecciones: Death Consequence: Muerte. God imposes rest from sin. (9 paginas)
  9. Lecciones: Hell Consequence: Infierno. The place of rest for the prisoners of sin. (8 paginas)
  10. Lecciones: Judgment Consequence: Judgment. Who is responsible for sins? (12 paginas)
    Water Watering and Feeding
    Growing and Teaching the Righteous

  11. Lecciones: Law El Plan de Salvación. The plan to eradicate sin. (4 paginas)
  12. Lecciones: The Ten Commandments Los Diez Mandamientos. Identifying sin and righteousness. (9 paginas)
  13. Lecciones: Baptism Bautismo. The cleansing. Death to sin. (10 paginas)
  14. Lecciones: El Día del Señor El Día del Señor. The Sabbath holiday. Resting from sin. (13 paginas)
  15. Lecciones: Nailed to the cross ¿Qué fue Clavado en la Cruz? Remove the punishment for sin. (17 paginas)
  16. Lecciones: Offerings Supporting the Ministry. Tithes, offerings and volunteering. (? paginas)
    Sheaf Harvest
    Gathering the Righteous

  17. Lecciones: Gifts of the Spirit Dones del Espíritu. The power to work for God. (10 paginas)
  18. Lecciones: Gift of Tongues El Don de Lenguas. Speaking an unknown foreign language. (2 paginas)
  19. Lecciones: Fruit of the Spirit Frutos del Espíritu. The permanent change in the church. (3 paginas)
  20. Lecciones: The Second Coming La Segunda Venida. Rescue, resurrection y El Rapto. (10 paginas)
Atom A God of Law and Order
God is a Rational Being
Science Series "B". Salvation Science. God's actions are not random. The spiritual laws operate as precisely as any physical law or mathematical equation. We can detect these laws in His precise use of symbols which conform to the rules of mathematics and science.
  1. Lecciones: Colors Salvation Science 101: Los Colores de Dios. The use of color in the Bible. (12 paginas)
  2. Lecciones: Heavens Salvation Science 201: Gospel in the Heavens. The heavens tell the glory of God. (28 paginas)
  3. Lecciones: Heavens Salvation Science 301: Modern Science in the Sanctuary. All science reveals the plans of God. (145 paginas)
    Lesson: Heavens Summary: Modern Science. A unified model of chemistry and physics. (2 pages)
  4. Lecciones: Numbers Salvation Mathematics. The symbolic use of numbers and the purpose of symbols. (11 paginas)
Stop A Loud Cry
Wake Up! Get Dressed!
Signs Warning Signs!! These are not really Leccioness, but last day trends that I believe follow a divinely inspired pattern.
  1. Lecciones: Patterns Subliminal Messages from God. Signs from God and patterns in history. History seems to support the fact that God gives us clues that a prophecy is about to be fulfilled. (12 paginas)
  2. Lecciones: Plagues Cycles of Plagues. The increasing crises follow a pattern like the seven last plagues. (21 paginas)
Personal Ministry ("Desperately Seeking God"). This ministry has no Leccioness on prosperity or making the Gospel personal or about your feelings or mining the promises for answers to your daily problems.
We concentrate on religion from God's feelings and point of view. What has God done, what has been done to God, what are His plans for everyone and how we should respond to Him.
But seek first His kingdom and His righteousness, and all these things will be added to you. (Matthew 6: 33)

Lecciones Dependencies
Beginning of the Day Start (Events During The Day of the Lord) End End of the Day
Genesis • Exodus Leviticus • Numbers • Deuteronomy Joshua
Covenant (The Blessings and Curses)
Messiah Sanctuary and Offerings Prereq
Feasts: Passover Pentecost Prereq Trumpets Yom KippurTabernacles
Messiah SederMessiah ShemaTribes 12 Tribes Messiah Daniel 1 Daniel 2 and Daniel 3 PrereqMuerte
Messiah TorahColorsMessiah Abraham TribesPrereqDragon Daniel 7Daniel 4-6Daniel 8PrereqInfierno
Messiah Psalms
Messiah Job
Messiah Word
Joel and Minor Prophets Antichrist AntichristMessiah Cristo Suffers.
Messiah Wrath by Law
Messiah Greatest Sinner
Messiah Daniel 9Judgment
Messiah Messianic
Lord's goat
Lord's Goat
Revelation 111213a13b1415 Prereq16 1718 19 Scapegoat Scapegoat Revelation 20
Daniel 12 Beast Mark of the Beast Siete Ultimas Plagas
7 Churches (1-3) Prereq Revelation 10 7 Thunders (10) Heaven (21-22)
7 Seals (4-6) Tribes Sealing (7) Messiah Isaiah
7 Trumpets (8-10)First Fall [King of the North Falls (11)] Second FallResurrection
IsraelMatthew 24 Tribes Ezekiel's Temple (Sanctuary Restored) Messiah Ezekiel
Messiah Son of Man The Coming of Moses and Elijah Messiah Zacarías
Color Key:Messiah Messianic PropheciesProphecies of Revelation Prophecies of Daniel Other Prophecies
The Leccioness are best studied from top to bottom and left to right.
Tribes The 12 tribes are needed to understand these Leccioness. Arrows show other prerequisites.

Topical Studies
Quick Studies
These studies are for those who want a shortcut or an overview.
The Basics
> Introduction to Prophecy
> Nebuchadnezzar's Dream
> The Messiah Comes
> Messianic Prophecies
> The Sanctuary Symbols
Current Events
> The Catholic Church
> The United States
> The Last Persecution
Bible Studies for Israel
These show the evidence for Christ as the Messiah.
Recognizing the Messiah
> The Messiah Comes
> Messianic Prophecies
Other Studies
> The Sanctuary Symbols
> The 12 Tribes
> The Seder
> The Cristo Suffers
> The Curses
> Israel
> The Coming of Elijah
The Occult
Studies are for those involved in the occult.
The Dead
> The Origin of Evil
> The Dead
> Occult Deception
> Global Delusion
The Future of Satan
> 7 Last Plagues
> Fall of Babylon
> El Milenio
> Judgment
> Hell
Our Future
These are the major prophecies to be fulfilled
The Last Days
> Babylon the Great
> Last Super Powers
> Mark of the Beast
> Signs of the Times
> Prophecies of Jesus
> Siete Ultimas Plagas
God Takes Over
> The Coming of Elijah
> Second Coming
> El Milenio
One a Day Leccioness:. All you need to understand what God has done for you is covered in the Leccioness for the first week. These Leccioness explain the symbols that are the basis of most prophetic interpretation. The other weeks give an overview
Week 1
The Gospel
> The Covenant
> The Sanctuary
> The Feasts
> Gospel in color
> The 12 Tribes
> 7 Last Plagues
> Cristo
Week 2
> Introduction
> The King Dreams
> The Four Beasts
> The Ram and Goat
> The Little Horn
> Messiah Prophecies
> Messiah Comes
Week 3
The Church
> Persecuted
> The Two Beasts
> Mark of the Beast
> 3 Angel's Message
> The Sealing
> The Rescue
> The Signs of Jesus
Week 4
> Muerte
> Infierno
> Judgment
> Babylon the Great
> Babylon Falls
> El Milenio
> Heaven
Week 5 (Babylon)
USA, Iraq and Iran
> The Great Tree
> Power Restored
> The Pattern
> The Last Wars
> Under Judgment
> Wound Healed
> Mystery Babylon

This outline attempts to link together some of the key concepts, so it is the recommended order of study. However, other outlines such as the symbol and history view can be helpful.

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