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The site is designed to support a frames and no frames version.
A "Frames" version divides the page into several sections that scroll independently. With our site there is a table of contents on the left, a navigation bar at the bottom and the title on the top. The main body of the text is on the center right.
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  • Table of contents. The section to the left of the "frame" or below the title of the body.
  • Heading. The section on top.
  • Body. The main section. The contents of the page.
  • Footer(Navigation bar). The section on the bottom of the framed version.
  • Navigation Links. The section at the bottom of the body. Gives a critical few links.


  • The Bible Study View gives direct access and order of all lessons.
  • In the framed version, topics are listed in the panel on the left. Resource links are on the bottom.
    In the body of the discussion, you have access to the links used by the unframed version
  • In the unframed version, topics are listed under the heading and resource links are at the bottom. The links near the heading may show more topics that are available elsewhere.
  • The site map gives a one page view of the entire structure, you can jump to any page you desire. It also includes a good search engine.
  • This site tour page also provides access to other pages, but the best method is to go through the main menu.

The search engine is located on the site map. It will match partial words.

There are many resources available for you on this site:

  • Statistics. I have given two estimates on each page. They are located in the upper right corner of the page.
    • Time. Total time to read the page (5 minutes per page).
    • Pages. Number of printed pages. Orientation is assumed to be portrait.
  • Site map and Search. A look at most of the main links on this site in alphabetical or topic order and a search engine.
    Frame This symbol represents a link to the framed version. The alphabetic link is the link to the "no frames" version.
  • Resources. Several critical resources will be available from each page. These include:
    • Prayer. I have included a short prayer so that you can invite God to study with you.
    • Symbols. List of Symbols and the basis for their interpretations
    • Glossary. Definition of terms is also available
    • Links and References. A list of links and references on each subject will be maintained in one location.
  • Download. Download for personal use. Not for commercial or resale or use on other web sites.
  • Links. Links to sites we used or read.
  • References. Links to sites and references to books and articles.
  • Recommended Works. Links to sites we recommend.
  • Dictionary. A list of terms and definitions.
  • Symbols. An explanation of the symbols used in prophecy.
  • Methodology. An explanation of the method used to interpret Bible prophecy. All further discussion will be based on the principles or methodology established. In addition, several conventions will be used to unify the design.
  • Conventions. Conventions used on this site.
  • Accepting Christ. How to become a Christian.

Topics Discussed
This site deals with issues related to God, prophecy and the plan of salvation. As such, the following topics will be investigated:

  • Beliefs. Our basic beliefs. These are explained in more detail throughout the site.
  • News. Only significant news that have a major impact on prophecy.
    News Media. How the media has been compromised.
  • The New Life. How to become a Christian.
  • Frame Introduction. Main menu to our site. Access to all discussions can be obtained from this page.
  • Frame Bible. The Bible and its origins. Its source and structure. We will address issues of changes to the wording and the selection of the books. Why were some excluded? Does this take away from the divine origin. Is this, as some critics state, "writing that has been changed and cannot be trusted". I will also give more detail about the changes to the book of Daniel and Revelation since these are the major books of study.
  • Frame Doctrines. Basic Bible doctrines. Several key bible topics will be addressed because they relate to the prophecies and the plan of Salvation. Teachings such as death, heaven, hell, sin, salvation, faith and works, and the Sabbath. What can you do to get to heaven?
  • Frame Prophecy. End time prophecies in Daniel, Revelation, other biblical writings including the prophecies related to Christ. There are several "views" or presentations of the prophecies for you to better understand them.
    • Study Plan View. This is the recommended view. It goes through prophecy in historical sequence but it introduces topics for study that are necessary for understanding biblical doctrines related to upcoming prophetic events.
    • Historic View. It goes through prophecy in historical sequence.
    • Symbolic View. This view presents prophecy in terms of the great symbolic sets which portray a series of events and kingdoms.
    • Children's View. This view is based on a project started with my class. It is a child's understanding of the prophecies and seeks to show what is fascinating to them. The children ranged in ages from 4 to 10.
    • Daniel. These are the writings and prophecies of the book of Daniel in chapter order. Some of the earlier chapters do not deal with prophecy, but instead history. It is important to study these writings just as diligently since in the Book of Revelation "Babylon" will rise again. In these other chapters we see great parallels in the government of ancient Babylon that are similar to the end-time global "Babylon". It is very interesting study. In fact some of this realization is what has prompted me to produce this WEB site.
    • Revelation. These are the writings and prophecies of the book of Revelation in chapter order.
    • New Testament Prophecies. End time prophecies in the Gospels (Matthew, Mark, Luke and some of the letters). In particular we will deal with the puzzling prophecy that Jesus made about "this generation" not passing till all these things are fulfilled.
    • Old Testament Prophecies. I also discuss other Old Testament prophecies and show that the same prophetic themes that are in Revelation are discussed in the Old Testament.
    • Christ. Finally, my best loved prophecies. They deal with all the prophecies related to Christ which prove that he is the Messiah. In particular the clearest prophecy of Daniel which states the exact year that the Messiah would be "anointed" and killed. In other places Daniel clearly says that the Messiah would come during the rule of the Roman Empire (the fourth kingdom). It describes in detail the actions and personalities of three successive Roman leaders who would exist immediately before and during his life. We are now beyond those times. The Roman empire fell in the 476 A.D. This means that the Messiah must have come already.
  • Prophecy comparisons. A collection of comparisons of various prophecies and themes.
  • Frame History. The history of the church, nations and leaders depicted in the prophecies and Adventist history.
  • Frame Sanctuary. Understanding the sanctuary and its services is critical for understanding the role of Jesus and the prophecies. These are God's depiction of His plan of Salvation and the imagery shows up in many of the prophecies. Nothing can be completely understood until we understand the sanctuary.
  • Frame Technology. Prophecies that rely on technology and how technology can be used in the last days. We will show how recent technological advances finally make it possible for some prophecies to be fulfilled. We will demonstrate how technology has made it possible for governments to enact the oppressive laws needed in the end. We will also discuss the rise of the third force that will take power in the end - the United States of America.

    Laws. The Constitution, Canon law and other important old laws.
    Modern Inquisition Laws. The return to the inquisition. Changes in global laws that model the Inquisition.
    Personality and Persecution. How your personality affects interrogation methods. The promises of God when facing unjust persecution.
  • Frame Creation. Knowledge of God as the creator is an important issue in the end time. The concepts of creation and evolution are examined. It is our belief that one of the final issues in the end will be God and His claims on the universe and its people.
  • Frame Modern Science In The Bible. Since 2008, we have solid, mathematical and visual proof that the Periodic Table of chemistry, quantm physics model, DNA and other modern science are in the Bible. This was given through direct intervention by God.

  • Frame Children's Ministries. A page of resources for children - Bible stories, crafts, science and games.
  • Frame Children's View of Prophecy. A discussion of major prophecies by children for children.
  • Frame Current Trends and Views. Other beliefs, trends and their implications. Here we will deal with other alternative or popular teachings and many end time issues. What is the role of miracles? We will specifically discuss two trends that will lead to two powerful forces at the end. These are the political role of the church and the spiritual movement.
  • Political and Controversial Topics. There are some pages that I support but you might think that they are controversial because it appears to criticize the government. I believe that the information should remain because it points out the trends and attitudes that are fulfilling prophecy. I stand by the information because I do not advocate violent or non-violent dissent that impinges on anyone's freedom. I am not afraid of the "kooky" label because I believe that all this information will be useful. I researched what God laid on my heart and faithfully wrote about it. I cannot be afraid.
    • Personality. How interrogation methods depend on your personality. The information on resisting unjust interrogation and running from persecution might make us appear to be freaks.
    • Inquisition Laws. Global changes in the laws and the dangers of the Patriot Act. John Ashcroft already implies that those who criticize are helping terrorists.
    • Media Control. How the media censors information and is used as a tool by the right wing.

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