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Date Lessons History Event
605-539 BC Babylon Lion The first Empire headed by King Nebuchadnezzar was the head of gold
539-331 BCMedo-PersiaBearThe second Empire (Medes and Persians) was the chest of silver
331-168 BCGreeceLeopard Greece - The third Empire was the belly and thighs of brass
168-476 AD RomeDragon Rome the fourth Empire was the legs of Iron
63 BCIsrael CapturedIsraelRome occupies Israel. Pompey enters the temple
27-31 AD MessiahMessiahThe Lamb of God is baptized and crucified. The first great disappointment
31 ADSign EndingSolarLunarTotal solar eclipse (supernatural) on Passover. Only occur on the new moon
32-33Sign EndigSolarLunar4 blood moon eclipses. Passover and Feast of Tabernacles in 2 years
33-34Sign EndingSolarLunarTotal solar eclipses on Nisan 1. On 34, eclipses on Passover, Tabernacles
70 AD Temple BurnedMessiahThe temple is burned down and over 1 million Jews killed
136 ADIsraelIsraelEmperor Adrian exiles and bans Israel from Jerusalem
162 - 163Sign #1 - SabbathSolarLunar4 blood moon eclipses. Passover and Feast of Tabernacles in 2 years
321 Sunday LawSunMarch 7. Emperor Constantine makes a Sunday law
538-1798 AD Rome - PapalLittle HornThe "little horn". A church dominates all churches and states
538-1798 AD PersecutedMartyr The Dark Ages. The persecution of the church by the church
538-1798 AD Martyrs Martyrs and persecutions were common while the church had political authority and military powers at its disposal
538 - End Europe DividedBarbarianThe feet of iron and clay. The fifth "empire" was the divided European nations controlled by the church. It will exist until the end of time
795 - 796 Sign #2 - IdolatrySolarLunar4 blood moon eclipses. Passover and Feast of Tabernacles in 2 years
842 - 843Sign #3 - IdolatrySolarLunar4 blood moon eclipses. Passover and Feast of Tabernacles in 2 years
860 - 861Sign #4 - NameSolarLunar4 blood moon eclipses. Passover and Feast of Tabernacles in 2 years
1493-1494Sign #5 - NameSolarLunar4 blood moon eclipses. Passover and Feast of Tabernacles in 2 years
1700's - End European UnityEuropeAttempts to unite Europe by several methods
1700's - EndA new powerUSA United States of America. A rising political force of Christian origin, rules
Science Latter Rain Holy Spirit Time Of The End War Warrior Death and Disease
1700's - End KnowledgeScience Religious prophecy understood. Scientific knowledge increases
1755-1833 SignsSunSigns in the heavens and a great earthquake
1795-1798 FranceWarThe French Revolution. God banished. Communism and secularist ideas
1798 Wounded Papacy received a deadly wound. General Berthier imprisoned the Pope
1840'sRevivalHoly SpiritReligious knowledge increases and leads to a worldwide revival
1844 - EndFinal Message3 Angels3 Angels3 Angels The Three Angel's Message. The gospel is spread to the whole world
1844Disappointment A second great disappointment occurs
1844Judgment Judgment is made in favor of the Church and against the little Horn
1850'sA Remnant A faithful remnant will be persecuted by the dragon and the "little Horn"
1929 Papacy RevivesDragonLateran Treaty. The church's wound was healed. It received it's political power. Its political influence was recognized at the fall of the Soviet Union

Date Lessons History Event
1914-482 World WarsWarTwo World Wars. WW1 (1914-1918) WW2(1939-1945)
1948IsraelIsraelMay 14. Modern state of Israel forms
1949-1950Sign #6. God-EvolutionSolarLunar4 blood moon eclipses. Passover and Feast of Tabernacles in 2 years
1950Pope Pius XIISignsEndorses theocratic evolution. Says, God works with the forces of evolution
1960's - EndImmorality An increase in immorality, violence and the sin of Sodom and Gomorrah
1967-1968Sign #7. God-TempleSolarLunar4 blood moon eclipses. Passover and Feast of Tabernacles in 2 years
1980 - EndChurch and stateUSAUnited States churches gain political power starting with the Protestants
1981Babylon RevivedBabylon returns after 2520 years as Babylon the Great
1989 - EndSuperpowerUSAThe United States of America gains political, military and economic power
1980's - EndParanormalAlien Psychic and Unidentified Flying Object phenomena gain popularity
1991 - End Babylon the Great The Church joins with United States and Europe to enforce religion
DisastersTornadoNatural disasters increase
2008KnowledgeScience Religious (700+ new Messianic prophecies since 2001)
Science (Proof of Quantum Chemistry and Quantum Physics in the Torah)
2014-2015 Sign #8. God-EvolutionSolarLunar4 blood moons and 2 solar eclipses on Nisan 1, Passover, tabernacles, feast of trumpets
2016 We are here in 2012, 2016 ...
Now - EndSeven ThundersHoly SpiritThe loud sound of the gospel is spread to the whole world with power
Science .Latter Rain Holy Spirit The End Of Time War Warrior Death and Disease
End SignsSunThe Latter Rain and miraculous signs
EndJerusalemIsraelJerusalem becomes an international issue and is coveted by many
End Israel Besieged
Israel Converts
The nation of Israel recognizes Christ as the Messiah at a time when they are surrounded and threatened with annihilation by the nations
EndJerusalemIsraelThe Antichrist controls Jerusalem
End FearAsteroidA fearful event from the sky grips the world
End Mark of the Beast666The final persecution. God's people unable to buy or sell
End False Christ (Satan)AntichristAn overpowering delusion. Many false Christs and one powerful false Christ
The Last Year PlaguesDeath and DiseaseThe seven last plagues. Revenge on the wicked with plagues and a global economic collapse
ArmageddonWarThe nations prepare for Armageddon, to destroy the righteous
Second ComingJesus Christ comes to rescue the righteous living and dead
The RaptureThe first resurrection, the righteous dead and living go to Heaven
Millennium MillenniumSatanThe righteous in heaven judge the wicked and the angels. God is just
Satan BoundOn earth Satan is "bound". Everyone is dead or gone to Heaven
After the Millennium Third ComingCityThe Second Resurrection, the New Jerusalem descends to the Earth.
JudgmentThe wicked face the final judgment on their own. They declare God is Just
ArmageddonWarRallied by Lucifer, they make a final attempt to gain power. This is a short battle. The forces of good in the city are attacked by the forces of evil
HellHellLucifer and the wicked are destroyed by hell fire at the battle of Armageddon
Beginning HeavenThe New Jerusalem. God dwells with mankind
God causes all things to work together for good to those who love God. (Romans 8: 28) Time: 10 minutes
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