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I know the plans that I have for you ... to give you a future and a hope" Jeremiah 29: 11
Help me! Let me understand clearly. These are the words through which I can recognize your awesome power. Give me wisdom and patience. Thank you.
God declares the following about prophecy.
I foretold the former things long ago, my mouth announced them and I made them known; then suddenly I acted, and they came to pass. For I knew how stubborn you were; the sinews of your neck were iron, your forehead was bronze. Therefore I told you these things long ago; before they happened I announced them to you so that you could not say, "My idols did them; my wooden image and metal god ordained them". (Isaiah 48: 3-5)

Then God said the following about the source of prophecy.
And we have the word of the prophets made more certain, and you will do well to pay attention to it, as to a light shining in a dark place, until the day dawns and the morning star rises in your hearts. Above all, you must understand that no prophecy of Scripture came about by the prophet's own interpretation. For prophecy never had its origin in the will of man, but men spoke from God as they were carried along by the Holy Spirit. (2 Peter 1: 19-21)

But not all predictions about the future are from God. So God gives us some guidelines in determining the source behind a prophet.
If a prophet, or one who foretells by dreams, appears among you and announces to you a miraculous sign or wonder, and if the sign or wonder of which he has spoken takes place, and he says, 'Let us follow other gods' (gods you have not known) 'and let us worship them,' you must not listen to the words of that prophet or dreamer. The Lord your God is testing you to find out whether you love him with all your heart and with all your soul. It is the Lord your God you must follow, and him you must revere. Keep his commands and obey him; serve him and hold fast to him. (Deuteronomy 13: 1-4 NIV)
So, here God is telling us that the written word of God supercedes any prophet or vision. If a prophet or vision contradicts the word of God then we must ignore them. Tradition, persons in authority, politics and a new vision cannot contradict or tell you to ignore the written word.
Bible study is supremely important. Therefore, to reject the authenticity and source of the Bible makes us subject to deceitful spirits and experiences.

The apostle Peter states, "But there were false prophets also among the people, even as there shall be false teachers among you, who will secretly bring in damnable heresies, even denying the Lord that bought them, and bring upon themselves swift destruction. And many shall follow their pernicious ways; by reason of whom the way of truth shall be evil spoken of." (2 Peter 2: 1-2)

You must test the prophets. Even if they predict with accuracy or can do great miracles, if they lead you away from God or his Word then he was not sent by God.
So what is the bottom line? It is not signs and wonders and miracles. You must know what God requires. You must study the word of God. And if this is our ultimate measurement of what is required, you must trust, that throughout all its history, God has made it possible for the essential knowledge of His requirements to be known.
One way he did this was to hide some truths in symbols and ceremonies. He made them seem like nonsense, so that the deceitful powers would not tamper with them. But now, at the end of the age, He has opened our eyes.

The Message - How did God speak to the Prophets?
God usually gave prophecies to people of the faith. Often, these were priests, leaders and rulers. Most of the major prophets were neither one of these. They were ordinary men and women who eventually became leaders or were respected through their fame as a prophet.
In the last days, God promised to give this gift to many men and women, old and young.
God also gives dreams to people who are not prophets and who do not know him as God. This is the case with King Nebuchadnezzar. But looking back we can see that God did this to glorify his name and to lead the king to a knowledge of the One God. Nebuchadnezzar was forced to rely on Daniel and his God, because all the astrologers and wise men could not interpret the dream nor tell the king what his dream was.
The work of the ancient prophets was not just to tell the future. Most of the time it was to call the people back to the covenant relationship with God and to point out that the terms of the covenant provides both blessings and curses.

Who was in Charge?
First of all, God came to the prophet on His own terms. Sometimes, God came after earnest prayer, most often He came when he wanted to. The prophet did not have God on a string, coming at his every call. Therefore, there were relatively few visions which were spread far apart. This does not mean that a prophet cannot get a vision every day or after every earnest prayer. But frequent visions were not the pattern.

This is different from current channelers and psychics. They call up God at will. Become possessed at will. Ask "god" stupid questions and get equally stupid answers. Often, these gods have no problems encouraging people to commit adultery or to consult with the dead. Curiously, they seem to have a big problem with "narrow minded" people who obey the word of God in the Bible.

Scope and Content of the Vision
Finally, the visions were generally of national or cosmic consequences. God definitely gave messages to individuals, especially rulers. He gave messages of comfort, warning and deliverance to His people. He sometimes sent prophets to people of other beliefs because they were in danger of coming under His judgment.
But the vast majority of visions were not, or never about, what shoes I should buy, what dress I should wear, whom I should marry, what job I should take, what to eat for dinner and utter nonsense about decisions that people should be able to make about their own lives.

How was the message given?
There are only three known methods by which God has given messages to the prophets.

Therefore, reading tea leaves, palms, stars, crystal balls and other devices are not allowed. In fact, God forbids us to consult with witches, astrologers, soothsayers and these kinds of people. In modern day terms, these are psychics, people who consult the dead, channelers and astrologers. Receiving a message from God requires only a Mind to mind transfer of information. Patterns in tea leaves or Tarot cards are not God's method.

But some false prophets appear to be frequently accurate, this is possible through at least three different methods:

  1. Trick or magic using either science or technology.
  2. Statistics and psychology. Through their art of communication, they can extract information from you. Or, their predictions are so general they will probably fit your situation. By observing your personality, they can immediately tell how you think and what are some of the problems that you most likely have. I can do this quite easily.
  3. By their direct association with agents in the The Unseen World, gain the ability to acquire some supernatural knowledge and thus become false prophets. But because they are false prophets, their accuracy is not 100% and they blatantly contradict the Bible.

These prophets sometimes gain fame through the prediction of one major event. But you never hear of all their dismal failures. A major event can be orchestrated by Satan - so this is not a test. The total of their entire work as a prophet must be addressed. The methods of gathering information must also be taken into consideration. And their attitude towards the written word of God is the ultimate test.

False Prophets
So a false prophet can at least be recognized by the following:

Ancient Prophets
Bible critics charge that all the biblical prophets were false prophets because their predictions did not come through in every single detail. Since the arguments are quite long, they will all be dealt with on another page. But this is a summary of the charges and the links where these issues are discussed.

Michel de Nostredame (1503-66), later known as Nostradamus, was a Jewish-French doctor who studied astrology. He would foretell the future with his magical equipment: astrolabe, magic mirrors, divining rods, and a brass bowl and tripod, designed after the type used by the great Delphic oracles. Under cover of night, he would go to his study where he would sit before the tripod with a brass bowl simmering with water and herbs.
In 1550, he published his first almanac of prophecies - twelve four-line poems called "quatrains." Each quatrain gave a general prophecy for the coming year. The acclaim that he received due to the almanac encouraged Nostradamus to continue. So, he produced an almanac every year for the rest of his life. His most famous work, The Centuries, was begun in 1554. These prophecies consisted of ten volumes of 100 quatrains each, and they have remained constantly in print for over 400 years.
Here is the famous 1999 prophecy (which never came through):
King of Terror: 1999
Century 10, Quatrain 72
The year 1999, seventh month, From the sky will come a great King of Terror. To bring back to life the great King of the Mongols, Before and after Mars to reign by good luck.
September 11 Update
After September 11, followers of Nostradamus tried to deceive us with a claim that Nostradamus predicted this event. They combined the failed prophecy above with Century 6, Quatrain 97 and changed some words. They obviously think we are stupid.

Here is Quatrian 97 which means nothing.
The sky will burn at 45 degrees fire approaching the great New City Immediately a huge scattered flame leaps up when they want to have proof of the Normans.
Here is the fake prophecy, changed words are underlined.
"In the year of the new century and nine months, From the sky will come a great King of Terror ...

The sky will burn at forty-five degrees. Fire approaches the great new city ..."

In his own time as is true today, Nostradamus' quatrains have received mixed responses. The combination of French, Greek, Latin, and Italian written as riddles, puns, anagrams, and epigrams are complex and demand that the potential interpreter have knowledge in a wide range of subjects. Some quatrains could fit descriptions of just about any era, while others are more exact.

According to the Bible he is a false prophet because he does what God asks us not to do. He consults the stars. In addition, many of his predictions did not come through.

Malachy And The Prophecy Of The Popes
Má el Máedóc (Malachy) (1094-1148) was an Irish saint who was the Archbishop of Armagh. He supposedly had a vision of 112 popes which describe the Roman Catholic popes who would succeed Innocent II, beginning with Pope Celestine II (1130-1191) who reigned in 1187-1191 to Pope Francis who was elected in March 2013.

Modern Prophets
I have looked at the prophets existing today through the eyes of an atheistic site dedicated to throwing scorn at Christianity. I have also looked at them through the work of a Christian.

I made one amazing discovery. If they had followed the words of God, then they would have known that the message was false. I do not deny that some might have dreams and visions. I question the source, because it blatantly conflicts with the words of God. These are the things they had in error:

  1. They were willing to use sources other than the Bible. Even known occult sources.
  2. They are caught up in any significant time events. For example, Year 2000 was approximately 6000 years since the creation, but this calculation could be off by about 200 years.
  3. They are caught up in any popular, media driven real or manufactured scientific crisis. For example, a major meteor event and the predicted computer system crisis on January 1, 2000.
  4. They were not willing to "test the spirits". Anything that seemed to be supernaturally communicated to them or to any other was declared legitimate.
  5. They were not willing to test the messenger.
  6. They were in control of the messages. They could conjure up a message anytime they wanted, by meditation, tea leaves, crystal balls and other sources.
  7. They appeared ignorant of the fact that Satan exists to confuse them with lies.
  8. Many prosperity ministers are always ready to claim a prophetic message from some member of the congregation. These often are not fulfilled.

Modern False Prophets
There are many people who claim to be prophets who are clearly out to grab as much money as they can from the people of God. Most of them are prosperity ministers.

  1. Deadly Cults with a strong leader
    Some false prophets lead their people to death. These form destructive cults that isolate the group, avoid contact from other family members and involves a leader who usually has extreme control and demands great privileges that clearly involve breaking the commandments of God.
  2. Criminal leaders
    These leaders and some of their followers committed or planned murders.
  3. Crooks and Thieves (Prosperity Ministers)
    "And many will follow their sensuality, and because of them the way of the truth will be maligned; and in their greed they will exploit you with false words; their judgment from long ago is not idle, and their destruction is not asleep." (2 Peter 2: 2-3)
    Other false prophets steal your money.
    They are rich and they claim that you will be rich too if you only give God a "seed" (money) to demonstrate your faith. Often they claim that prophetic events will happen that never do. Yet weeks after the prophecy fails, there is no explanation, only more appeals for more money.

    Some are bold enough to claim that they want your "green" cash. You find no problems with them having ten cars, several women, private airplanes, and several mansions. They tell you it is a blessing from God that you can have if you are faithful with "seed" money.

    When I was young, it seemed that only my church believed in the tithing principle. Many other churches threw out the old testament - mainly because they wanted to avoid the Sabbath question. Now I find that at least in the area of tithing, these ministers are quoting the old testament. With this they can make you feel that God requires your money and they can ask for a specific percentage.
    Magic Beans
    Like the Children's story "Jack and the bean stalk", many of these healers are selling the equivalent of magic beans that will cure your illness, give prosperity, love and marriage and give access to God. Here are a few of the shameful items that they are peddling as blessed charms in the new "point of contact" doctrine.
    In most instructions, the recipient is told to return the charm or some portion of it after making their requests. This is the time when a donation is sent.
    • Blessed cornmeal
    • Copper pennies, Mexican pesos and other blessed coins.
    • Miracle cloth of righteousness
    • Brass rings
    • Prayer candles, prayer rugs.
    • Anointed red rubber bands - $10.00
    • Holy water, oils, cloth, seeds
    • Prayer cloth is free with a $20 donation.
    • 4 inch prayer fleece gives 14 big miracles.
      (With a donation of $370, $37 or $74).
    The Catholic church is also full of charms and trinkets and holy objects. In medieval times, relics were common. Pope Gregory 1 introduced the sale of relics. The system was so corrupt that at one time there were up to seven thigh bones of Mary, two skull of Peter and fifteen foreskins from the circumcision of Jesus!

    Now, there are sacramentals, statues, beads, tears and blood from weeping statues and the ubiquitous rose petals that seem to accompany many Marion apparations.
    • Rose petals
    • Miraculous medal
    • Small crucifixes attached to the doors of our homes.
    • Wearing the Brown Scapular of Mount Carmel.
    • Wearing the St. Benedict medal.
    • Praying the Rosary daily and the wearing of a rosary around our necks.
  4. The Bible says that they are false prophets because their predictions do not come through.

    Benny H.. There are some, like this prophet, that consult with the dead. The Bible condemns these actions and declares them to be false prophets. Here are some predictions that never came through.
  5. False Healers
    Often, these ministries also claim to have healing powers. They have a record of failure. These false prophets fail at many things and you do not question them.

    Why won't these people take one sample case every month and prove that they are healed. If they are real, they would take a documented case and heal them. Christopher Reeves (superman) would be an excellent candidate. Everyone knows that he is paralyzed.
    Instead they go on stage and make wild claims with no proofs, no pictures, no documentation. The poor nations of Africa, with a high percentage of crippled and ill have all been mugged by these con men who I do not think believe in God. As I hear some of them I don't even believe that they have ever opened a Bible. If you opened your bibles you would recognize them.

    These are cheap, tacky frauds who are not worthy of your attention. Any three year old should be able to recognize them. What will you do when the real counterfeits arrive?
    This is so amazing to me, that obvious fakes could prosper in this manner. The Bible predicts a period of even more convincing miracle working powers that are false. But there is no excuse for anyone to be tricked by what exists today. Cheap frauds!
  6. False Messiahs.
    Reverend Sun Myung Moon. Leader of the Unification Church which surfaced in the 1960's. Christ was killed before he could complete His work and failed in His mission and was not able to redeem the physical body, so Reverend Moon is here to complete the work. He does this through marriage. He is currently supported by very conservative Christian leaders. In the Catholic view, Christ was also unable to redeem the physical, so purgatory is where we go to suffer the physical penalties for our sins. He died 3 September 2012 having failed to do whatever he claims Jesus failed to do.
    His claims include stating that Christ failed His mission, and that Moon himself is the "new messiah" who is come to fulfill the mission of God. He also claims that it is his mission to 'unite the world through uniting religious forces'
    Maitreya. The great teacher is already among us preparing us for his public emergence. From time to time, he appears at some gatherings. He is supposed to be the same person expected by many religions - Christ the Messiah, the fifth Buddha, Krishna or the Imam Madhi.
    Since January 1959, Benjamin Creme has been given the task of preparing the world for the appearance of Maitreya the Christ. Benjamin Creme has also been given the task of confirming that all the Catholic signs and wonders and appearances are due to one of the "masters".

    William Branham. This dead teacher and prophet believed he was the angel of Revelation 3:14 and 10:7 who was born of a virgin as Elijah come back to earth, and that the only true evidence of possessing the Holy Spirit was following him. He teaches the following.
    Since it is often true that nonbelievers often twist the words or beliefs of others, I must mention that the followers claim that the above characterization is false. Here is their response to each statement. Therefore, it would be fair to say that the vast majority of his followers do not make any messianic claims about him that deserves the level of criticism.

    Peter Odoemena. (Nigeria). He claims that Branham is the forerunner who came to introduce him and he is God. Name any title of God and he has claimed it.

    Sergei Torop "Vissarion" . (Russia), in the 1990's started the Church of the Final Testament. He claims that he is Jesus Christ.

The Life of Christ - A Comparison. Consequently, we have a lot of unfulfilled time predictions and wild speculation that have not come to pass. People continue to make predictions that utterly fail to come through and still they have a following. Why? You refuse to read your Bible. You are desperate for success and they know just the right words to give you temporary hope and make you feel guilty for your lack of faith. If you are tempted, remember the life of the pioneers.

  1. Christ had no where to "lay His Head".
  2. He died feeling abandoned by God.
  3. Except for John (who died in prison) all the disciples were poor and martyred.
  4. The early church was killed.
  5. The church in the middle ages was martyred.
  6. The church at the end will be persecuted.

Why should you be different?
Its seems to please God to make a spectacle of His true believers by showing the universe that they will love Him no matter what. They will love Him in poverty, in sorrow, in distress, in bitter disappointments, in abandonment, in isolation, and in loneliness. Theirs was a faith that did not depend on proofs or rewards from God. Revelation says, that they loved not their lives to death.
All who will live Godly in Christ must suffer. Your true reward is in heaven. If you trust God only because of the benefits - then you never loved Him.

Methods Of Interpretation
There are three primary views of prophecy held by Christians today, Historicism, Preterism and Futurism. The spiritual view was born out of the new theology which seeks to downgrade the importance and meaning of the Bible as a rule for life given by God.

  1. Preterism. The Jesuit Luis de Alcazar (1554-1630) of Seville, Spain, proposed the preterist method of interpretation to show that the prophecies of antichrist could not apply to the Papacy because they were fulfilled before the popes ruled.

    It masks the antichrist from the eyes of the world by trivializing the prophecy's of the past ascribing them to minor figures like Antiochus Epiphanes.
    The Praeterist School, explains the Revelation by either the fall of Jerusalem in 70 A.D., or the fall of pagan Rome in 410 A.D.
  2. Futurism. A monk named Francisco Ribera (1537 - 1591) of Salamanca, Spain proposed the futurist method which asserts that these prophecies refer to a future supernatural individual, who would be in power for three and a half years.

    Major Views
    View Meaning
    Historicism Prophecy outlines the span of world history as it relates to God's people all the way down to the end of time. This view is both moral and true. God is a portrayed as a being who comforts and protects His people at all times. And it agrees with how God dealt with prophecy in Daniel.
    Preterism Prophecy is for the past. Most prophecies were fulfilled by the Roman empire. This is a false view. This view denies the supernatural nature of prophecy to predict the future. It is presented mostly by agnostics and atheists. These people claim that the prophecies were written after the events occurred.
    Futurism Prophecy is only for the distant future. This is a false view of prophecy as well. It portrays a God who is disinterested with the pain and suffering of His people in history.
    Spiritual Prophecy outlines cosmic conflicts in the spiritual realm. Some may be fulfilled in human history. This is a false view of prophecy because it is useless for God to give us cryptic prophecies that have nothing to do with our lives or our understanding of Him.
    It masks the antichrist by placing him so deep into the future that his coming is not recognized in history. The futuristic school looks for antichrist, Babylon, and a rebuilt temple in Jerusalem, at the end of the Christian dispensation.
  3. Historicism. This was given to the church by Jesus Christ. This was how God himself interpreted the visions in Daniel. The visions started in the present and went on into the future. It teaches that Bible prophecy builds upon the patterns of the past to comfort God's people in the present and warn them of the dangers to come in the future. "Write the things which you have seen, and the things which are, and the things which will take place after this." (Revelation 1: 19)
    It was the method used by all the apostles, reformers and pioneers who lived in the 16th century. Living in the times of the medieval papacy, they came to recognize the "little horn" power that would arise during the fourth kingdom. The written word of Revelation contains the same divine qualities of Historicism.

For some reason, God determined that he must hide these prophetic events by describing them with symbols which are based entirely on the covenant and laws of Judaism. Therefore they sometimes seem cryptic.
Fortunately, if the visions appeared meaningful, the church would have destroyed them hundreds of years ago when it banned the reading and possession of the Bible among the common people. When we realize that the biggest attack on the church (and on God) comes from within its leadership, we can see the wisdom of God in disguising the truth with symbols.

Signs Of The Times
We do not know when the Lord will come and judging from events of the past it is useless to pin our hopes on any single sign. Knowing that we are living in the times of the last empire (God will come when Europe is divided), it is more useful to look for trends in politics and the church. Yes, the United States of America will be the last great super power, but that does not mean that it will not suffer temporary set backs. Therefore, what we should look for is a pattern of events and a convergence of the signs. If one sign is present and all the rest are not likely to happen then it is not yet significant. It is only a dress rehearsal.

Trends to Watch
At the end of time, three converging political forces must dominate the minds, hearts, people and governments of the world through fear or devotion. These are:

Major Prophecies Status 19201960's19812001
United States Sole super power status NoNoNoYes
Babylon Restored NoNoYesYes
Catholic Church Regains power YesYesYesYes
The Alliance Three last powers NoNoYesYes
Spiritualism Popularity NoYesYesYes
Persecution laws Enacted NoNoNoYes
Persecution technology Instant capability NoNoNoYes
Financial network Instant capability NoNoNoYes
Immorality Popularity NoYesYesYes
Theory of Evolution Popularity (Church, Public) NoNoNoYes
Homosexuality Popularity NoNoNoYes
Sabbath laws Blue lawsYesYesYesYes
Sunday Laws EnforcedNo NoNoNo
Miracles Supernatural powerNo NoNoNo
Gospel preached Worldwide infiltrationNo NoNoNo
Out of this union will arise persecution through changes in the laws and forced worship. Only when this threefold union makes religious laws and enforces them, will they meet all the criteria of the prophecy.

At several points in history significant signs have occurred, but the convergence of all signs was still a distant possibility. Trends were not converging. At the significant moment in history we look for trends that give religion political power, that gives psychic phenomena widespread acceptance and that has the Unites States of America as the dominant global political and economic power. Look for a message calling people back to the Creator. Christ Himself says that wars, by themselves, do not signify the end, so the end might come at a time of peace or cooperation among the nations, as they focus on persecuting the people of God.
» Lateran Treaty. We begin to assess the trends in the 1920's because that is when one major group started to regain its power. In 1929, the Lateran treaty restored the pope to political power.

Trends In The 1920's
Major Prophecies In The 1920s Fulfilled
United States Not a super power No
Catholic Church The Lateran Treaty Yes
Church-State Union Persecuting again No
The Alliance Not formed No
Spiritualism Popular No
Sabbath laws Blue laws Yes
Persecution laws No No
Persecution technology No No
Financial network No No
Immorality Among movie stars No
Theory of Evolution Scientists mostly No
Homosexuality Hidden No
Gospel preached Formal missions No
In the past, several events seemed to bring about a convergence of the last day forces. The period around the first world war seemed to be such a time.

  1. Political Political Trends.
    » 1929 - Lateran Treaty restores papal power - suddenly a major prophecy is fulfilled.
    » The League of Nations, the parent of the United Nations, forms. A one world government now seems possible.
    » 1924 - Ottoman dynasty formally ends
    » British rule is ending in the middle east.
    » Communism and the Soviet Union grows in power and influence.
  2. Financial Financial Trends.
    » 1929 - Global financial crisis. The stock market crashes and 30 billion dollars disappears. The Great Depression starts, it affected all countries. It seems as if the global economic problems of Revelation 18 are being fulfilled.
    » First credit cards created but credit is not the norm.
    » 1921 - the American stock exchange moves indoors
  3. Disaster Natural Disasters Trends.
    » 1930's - Record number of storms.
    » Many natural disasters - 4 earthquakes killed 548,000 people. In 1931, one flood killed 3,700,000 people in China. Influenza killed 25 million people worldwide. Three earthquakes in China and Japan killed over 540,000. Famine kills 7 to 10 million in the Ukraine. 1906 was the year of earthquakes including the great San Francisco earthquake.
  4. Military Military Trends.
    » Wars, rumors of wars. World War I was the first major global conflict. It ended in 1918. In this same year many monarchies ceased to exist - this is another major prophetic requirement. The horns on the beasts of Revelation are no longer crowned. We transition from the beast of Revelation 12 and 13 to the beast of Revelation 17.
  5. Gospel Religious and Social Trends
    Ape 1925 (July 10-25) - Scopes Monkey Trial in which the theory of evolution defeated creation.
    » Sunday Laws (Blue Laws).
    » Psychic phenomena was around for 60 years and is a popular parlor entertainment among the rich and powerful.
    » Immorality - The Roaring Twenties and organized crime becomes a business.
  6. Technical Technical.
    » Radio was invented and suddenly millions could be reached at once anywhere.
    » 1927 - Television is demonstrated and the movie industry makes talking motion pictures.
    » 1929 - first round the world flight. The prophecy of many running "to and fro" seems possible.

But some significant trends were not present. The church of Rome was not popular. And America was not yet the political force it needed to be. The two powers were not cooperating for global dominance. The ability to enforce financial boycott was possible with the cooperation of the people but not as swift and effective as an automated system.

The existence of persecution technology and real time financial networks are technically not necessary to fulfill the prophecy. Events would just happen much slower. However, the speed of events, the global scope implies that some technological help would be necessary. This time, persecution would not be prolonged over 1260 years, the hunting and killing will be completed in about one year.

Major Prophecies In The 1960s Fulfilled
United States One of two economic/ military super powers No
Catholic Church Largest church Yes
Church-State Union Persecuting again No
The Alliance Not formed No
Spiritualism Very popular Yes
Sabbath laws Blue laws not enforced Yes
Persecution laws No No
Persecution technology No instant capability No
Financial network Very limited No
Immorality Among the young Yes
Theory of Evolution Pope endorses No
Homosexuality Hidden. Mental illness No
Gospel preached Formal missions No
Trends In The Late 1960's
The late sixties to early seventies was another opportunity.

  1. Political Political Trends.
    » The United States and the Soviet Union are the two super powers since World War II.
    » Britain and France (the former super powers) to lose their colonies as many nations became independent. These actions further highlight the growing world power of the United States.
  2. Financial Financial Trends.
    » Global financial crisis, the oil crisis.
    » 1968 - first cash dispensing machine installed in Philadelphia.
    » Credit is not the norm and credit verification (for credit cards only) in the late seventies had a 14 to 30 day delay. There was no credit verification of checks until the late 1980's in few places.
    » Now economics are linked to individuals through computers.
    » The United States has been a major financial force since World War II.
  3. Disaster Natural Disasters Trends.
    » 1959-61. Famine killed 30 million in China.
    » 1968 - Hong Kong flu pandemic kills one million.
  4. Military Military Trends.
    » 1967 - June 11 Arab - Israeli war. For those looking for a crisis in the middle east at the end, this seems to be the beginning.
    » Wars and rumors of wars. The Vietnam War, the Cuban Missile Crisis (1962) and the Cold War. We came very close to a global nuclear war in the 1962 Cuban missile crisis.
    » America is rocked by many protests. The CIA and other secret government agencies grow in power as they learn to spy on their own citizens.
  5. Gospel Religious and Social Trends
    Ape Humani Generis (Theistic Evolution). 12 August 1950. Pope Pius XII endorses evolution as creating the body of the ape but God gave it a soul.
    » People still went to church. Right was still right and wrong was still wrong.
    » The church of Rome was growing, but still regarded with suspicion in the United States. We elected our first Catholic President, John F. Kennedy. He was assassinated in 1963. But an argument can now be made for the first powerful link between the final two super powers.
    » Immorality in the sixties - sex and drugs, gay rights movement started.
  6. Technical Technical Trends.
    » Radio, television and some satellite technology was in place mostly for military use.
    » The United States space program soars.
    Ape Evolution is the accepted method of biogenesis.
  7. Gospel Occult Trends.
    » Psychic phenomena still has a following, many people read their horoscopes which is published in the daily newspapers.

Religious groups did not control politics, people still got their moral training at home - not by law. Financial networks still could not track people in real time and most people still did not use credit, merchants did not have electronic verification. Therefore, a financial boycott would need extensive public support. Our constitutional and civil rights were being protected. The law recognized the civil rights of African Americans.

Major Prophecies In The Year 2001 Fulfill
United States. The future Babylon. Only super power. 1991, defeated the old Babylon No
Catholic Church World leader Yes
Church-State Union Persecuting again No
The Alliance Secret political. Major churches. Yes
Spiritualism Very popular Yes
Religious laws Blue laws Yes
Persecution laws Yes Yes
Persecution tech Installed Yes
Financial network Instant, global, personal Yes
Immorality Popular, legal Yes
Theory of Evolution Public acceptance No
Homosexuality Popular by 1990s, legal. Not a mental illness Yes
Gospel preached 90% No
Trends In The Year 2001
Now we are in the twenty first century.

  1. Political Political Trends.
    » On July 6, 1998, Pope John Paul II issued an official apostolic letter entitled, "Dies Domini" (The Day of the Lord). This letter, which received a great deal of media publicity, was a call by the Pope for Catholics to come back to faithful Sunday keeping. He called for the legalization of Sunday as a holy day guaranteed by the state. While this letter itself did not call for people who violate the Sabbath to be punished as heretics, in a prior letter dated May 28, 1998 one of these new Canons, number 1436 states: "Whoever denies a truth which must be believed with divine and Catholic faith or who calls into doubt or who totally repudiates the Christian faith and does not retract after having been legitimately warned is to be punished as a heretic or an apostate with a major excommunication.
  2. Financial Financial Trends.
    » Global financial markets that react wildly, greatly affecting each other's values. People have no savings, they live on speculation and wild expectations of getting rich quickly.
    » Instant credit verification for all instruments of financial transactions. Ability to enforce economic boycott on an individual level instantly through the cooperation of the financial business networks. Electronic financial transactions are the norm.
  3. Disaster Natural Disasters Trends.
    » Frequent and more costly natural disasters and the consequences of climate change.
    » Acquired Immune Deficiency Disease is a modern plague, directly caused by immorality.
  4. Military Military Trends.
    » Wars. Bosnia, Afghanistan and Palestine and the United States in the middle of all these conflicts. The entire Arab world is poised to strike at the United States for their continued support of Israel. The alliance between the Pope and the Arabs may be the source of influence that the United States will have to turn to.
    » Rumors of War. Conflict with Iran will complete the pattern of Babylon defeated by Persia.
  5. Gospel Religious and Social Trends
    » The church of Rome is popular, ecumenism is embracing strong Protestant bodies.
    » Lawlessness exists in the church. Morality is based on the vote of popular opinion.
    » Mass school shootings, serial killers and homelessness in the richest nations.
    » Man's inhumanity to man. Slavery exists. Trafficking in the lives of kidnapped innocent women and children for sexual pleasure. Enslaving the Christian populations of some countries (like Sudan) just for their beliefs.
    » In Thailand, child prostitution is condoned even by the government. In whole villages not a single girl of six and above can be found. This is a shame. These children are kidnapped into prostitution. There are airline companies who knowingly make charter flights from rich western companies filled with pedophiles on vacation. Christ said that it were better that a stone be placed around your neck and that you be hurled into the sea if you hurt the little children. Thailand may be hurled into the sea for this crime. Airlines who knowingly do this ought to go out of business. This cannot continue.
    » The rich ignore the plight of the poor and exploited because it serves "no national interest".
    » Immorality on television, the internet and in the media. Late night cartoons too horrible to mention on prime time television.
    » American Psychiatric Association says that homosexuality is not a mental disorder in 1973. By the late 1980s it was becoming an alternate behavior to explore. It is being taught in grade schools as normal. Now same sex marriages, foster parenting and adoption are allowed.
    » Espousing religious beliefs are now being categorized as "hate crimes".
    » Wolves are in the highest positions in the church.
    Ape 1996. Evolution is officially sanctioned by the Roman Catholic church. Pope John Paul II declares the theory of evolution to be accurate (October 22).
    » Creation Evidence. 21-24 December 2008. God taught me the evidence of the Periodic table and a model for particle physics and genetics in the Torah.
    » Social Media. This has caused the collection of private information useful for persecution.
  6. Technical Technical Trends.
    » The gospel has reached over 95% of the world, but are they listening?
    » We have satellite, radio, television, internet, computers, wireless technology, refrigerators that talk back, satellites that can track you pets, microtechnology.
    » Men are daring to interfere with the sacred human life, joining the genes of animals and plants and probably in the secrecy of their laboratories joining the genes of man and beast.
  7. Gospel Occult Trends.
    » Psychic phenomena and the occult. Popular entertainment stars advocating the occult.
    » Pagan religions are on the rise especially among our children. This is no accident. Take a look at the books and cartoons that they have been looking at for the last 20 years.
    The Gospel of the Rich and Famous. The rich and powerful are now promoting religion. In fact, some religions target only the wealthy and influential to prove their new age doctrine and to attract the public. Many stars belong to Scientology and Buddhism. Now Oprah Winfrey is promoting new age religion claiming that "all paths lead to god". Of course this is a lie, they really teach that "All paths except fundamental religions lead to God".
  8. Legal Legal Trends. In 2001 alone, within the space of one week, two religious laws were proposed, each designed to support the church and its institutions. The separation of church and state in the United States is in grave danger. There are proposals for at least two laws that could endanger this separation.
    » Patriot Act. The events of September 11, 2001 allows the legal and technological systems to be installed. Nothing more. While it could lead to a final crisis, I personally believe that the main objective (from a cosmic perspective) was to set certain systems, attitudes and laws in place. It also establishes in the mind of the people that religion can be a threat to security.
    » A Government Founded in the Christian Religion (2008). In Europe and in the United States church entities have stepped up efforts in 2008 to make a case that their governments were and should be founded on Christianity and that this fact must be acknowledged by law. Why is there this emphasis on something that seems trivial. Supposedly, the laws are based on freedom of religion so that all religions, including Christianity, are protected. Yet, in France and Germany we can see the intention behind the "Christian nation" designation. With this legal foundation, they make spurious arguments about appearances of unity by denying other religions their rights to dress according to the modest requirements of their faith. They ban turbans, yarmukles, scarves and jewelry with symbols of other religions, yet allow Christian crosses and nuns to wear their hats. What is next? It will be unity of worship, because the laws already enforce only Sunday as a day of rest.

Nothing else is left except for the signs among the people of God and the gospel to the world. So, what is your church doing, how are you sacrificing? Are you living as if Jesus will come in the next year, or are you living as if he will come in the next 500 years? Or do you still believe?

A Comparison of Three Prophetic Expectations
The Seventh Day Adventist Perspective
Major Prophecies Fulfilled
United States World power Mystery
Catholics Regains power Yes
Protestants Politics with Rome Yes
Spiritualism In the church and world Yes
Miracles Catholic church, prosperity ministers Yes
Churches unite Unite on similar points Yes
Image of the Beast Formed by 2001 religious laws Yes
Image Of Apes Theory of Evolution Yes
Sunday laws Enforced in Europe (2003) Yes
Sabbath laws Death penaltyNo
Persecution By the church and the United States No
False Coming Satan impersonates ChristNo
Gospel preached Latter rain No
The Adventist perspective on prophecy contributes to several things in our understanding of last day events. Remember that when these words were written, the climate was totally different and none of this seemed possible.

We have contributed to the understanding of prophecy in the following ways:

  1. The importance of the three angels' message.
  2. Details about prophecy already written in Daniel and revelation. These interpretations are unique to Adventist eschatology and have proven to be 100% correct.
    These are the other predictions still to come.

Status As Of 2003

Church Group Year
Completed Church Unions
Church of South India Anglican, Methodist, Presbyterian, Reformed, Congregational and Lutheran 1947
United Church of Christ Congregational, Reformed, Evangelical 1957
Unitarian Universalist Atheists, theists, Buddhists, Christians, Pagans, Humanists, Homosexuals 1961
Presbyterian Church Presbyterian and United Presbyterian 1983
Evangelical Lutheran Church Lutheran 1988
Presbyterian, United Church of Christ, Reformed 1997
Episcopal, Moravian 1999
Lutheran Episcopal 2000
Catholic Detroit Pentecostal 2001
Cooperation or Dialogue
CatholicLutheran (Joint declaration on justification) 1999
CatholicAnglican 2000
CatholicSalvation Army 2001
Unification church Conservative leaders 1980's
Other Agreements
Catholic Moslem pact with Yassir Arafat 2000
Catholic Buddhists 1975
Other Organizations
Promise Keepers To unite Christianity 1980's
Ecumenical movement To unite Christianity under Catholicism 1960's
Christian Churches Together First official union of all branches of Christianity under points of similarity to influence politics 2005
Protestant Leaders on Catholicism
Bill Bright, Chuck Colson, Don Argue and Pat Robertson who said:
"We all admire the Holy Father tremendously. We all want to build bridges with the Catholic Church."
Billy Graham 1993
"It's time for Protestants to go to the shepherd [Pope] and say �what do we have to do to come home?" Robert Schuller 1987
James Dobson 1986
"Extremists who declare that the Papacy is of antichrist ... are insensitive to others and lack the love of Christ." Jerry Falwell 1985
"it is time to recover some of the ancient traditions practiced by the Catholic Church." African American Pentecostals (27 denomination leaders) 2000
Pentecostals (Assemblies of God) unofficially
"I ask that Catholics forgive the Pentecostals who have cherished visions of the end of time that condemn the Catholic Church for spiritual harlotry and idolatry, and for those who assume that Catholics advocate salvation by works, denying the grace and truth of the Gospel."

Status As Of The Adventist Church In 2015
The sudden fall of the World Wide church of God overnight in 1995 was probably a test of how to get rid of the Seventh Day Adventist Church.

Popular Protestant Prophetic Theories And Belief Systems
Major Differences
Belief Other Adventist Critical
Prophecy Futurist Historicist No
Hell Burns forever Goes out No
490 year prophecy Gap Continuous No
Resurrection Secret rapture Visible No
Church-State Unite Separate No
Antichrist Unknown, pope Pope No
Judgment Future Started 1844 No
Israel Temple rebuilt Not important No
Soul Immortal Dies No
Dead Can speak Cannot speak Yes
Millennial Reign Second chance No chance Yes
On EarthIn Heaven No
Sabbath Sunday Saturday Yes
Law Tradition Bible Only Yes
Some beliefs can delay your preparation or put you in danger of deception
There are many theories and interpretation being circulated around the churches. Simultaneously there are many theories being preached in the secular world. One significant set of theories includes "The Gap" theory, the "Secret Rapture" and the "millennial reign" of Christ on earth. Since these theories are believed by a large number of Christians and are being popularized in the movies and in print, they are significant because they affect the interpreation of prophecy.

The Counterfeit Prophecy
Bible Prophecy PurposeCounterfeit Prophecy
The lady of Revelation 12 The true church Our lady of all nations
Three angel's message God's last message to save the world Visions of Mary (Fatima, Faustina and Akita)
1 Fear [love] God, His judgment has come 1 God is angry and He wants to show us a vision of hell
2 Babylon is fallen 2 Communism will fall when you consecrate Russia to Mary
3 Do not worship the beast and his image or receive his mark or you will suffer the wrath of God. 3 Only devotion to Mary will save you from the wrath of God. Pray the rosary.
Miracles of the latter rain Power given to the messengers Signs and wonders (bleeding and crying statues)
Second Coming God rescues us False Coming of Mary and Jesus to convince the world to obey the pope
In the final battle Satan has created a counterfeit system to compete with God's plans. It is obvious that he did not know the final details until he learned the interpretation from God's people. Then he finalized his plans and sent his own messengers.

The Catholic Perspective
The following chart shows the difference between the Advantist anc Catholic perspective. The Catholic beliefs were taken from approved visions given by apparitions of Mary.
All visions of Ellen White came before the visions of Mary at Fatima, Akita and Blessed Faustina.
I made a best guess about the sequence according to Ellen White - she did not say that the "law in the sky" event would occur in the fourth plague. Also, the fact that events overlap or start and continue to the end are not fully represented.
God's Actions Adventist and Revelation Catholic Events
on Earth

1840 First angel's message
1844 Second Angel's message
Trying to regain lost political power. Three Angel's message

Latter Rain

Gospel preached
Image of the beast forming Catholic global politics. Churches uniting.
Image of the beast formed
Union of church and state complete.
Secret alliance between the Pope and Ronald Reagan. Laws to support religious institutions.
We are here The church recognizes that Babylon has fallen. Apparitions of Mary guiding the church since 1917 and acted on it seriously in 1984.
The Second's angel's message is said with power Many leave the church
Four angels release the four winds. Men are terrified of coming astrological event. I assume that this might be the threat of a killer asteroid to come in about a year. Vision of Akita - about fire falling from the sky and other messages are broadcast to the world as a sign of the Pope's special connection with God.
Third angel's message is preached.
Vision of Ellen White - Sunday law enforcement is a signal to leave the cities.
The three part alliance of the Beast is global. The rest of the world gives the Pope power.
Pope attempts to lead the world to Mary whether they like it or not. Vision of Akita - Days of Justice.
Mark of the beast - forced worship. Persecution begins. Church tries to enforce Sunday worship. World allows a religious solution in order to stop the coming disaster.
All three visions recommend global appeal to Mary as the only way to stop the crisis.
It is done Probation closes Gospel Preached
Time of Trouble Persecution increases
1 to 2
1Sores on the earth Vision of Akita - Days of Justice. The plague is a signal that the stubbornness of Sabbath keepers offends God. Honoring Sunday is not enough, people must stop honoring the Sabbath and they must pray the rosary (worship Mary). Seven last plagues

Babylon falls
2Vision of Ellen White - Death decree Death sentence to remove heresy.
3 to 7
3Vision of Ellen White - False second Coming. Satan is the angel of light. 1937 Vision of Blessed Faustina - Global appearance of Mary and Christ to tell the world to obey the pope.
4** Vision of Ellen White - God's law appears in the Sky Governments and people now realize that they have been breaking the law of God. They turn against the church.
5Confusion and fear among the church leaders 1973 Vision of Akita - Cardinals against cardinals, people leave the church.
6The end of the political alliance of the church and state. Babylon is punished. The world now recognized that it has fallen. Vision of Akita - Churches vandalized, priests killed. Third vision of Fatima.
7 Second Coming

Samples of Deceptive Miracles and Signs
Miracles Year Examples
Apparitions Appearances by Mary and Jesus
arrowMary 1987 - 1998 In 19 countries and 39 appearances between 1987-1998
Light Miracles Strange lights in the shapes of a cross or circle in bathrooms
arrowCross 1988 The bathroom window of an apartment in California
arrowCross 1990 4 crosses appear in a bathroom window in New Orleans
arrowCross 1991 In the Philippines
arrowCross and hand 1991 Easter Sunday In the Philippines
arrowCross, Mary, Jesus 199? Bathroom window in California
arrow3 Crosses 1994 New Zealand home visited by Benjamin Creme
arrowCrosses 1995 Baptist Church in Tennessee
arrowCrosses 1996 In bathroom window in Bakersfield California
arrow7 Crosses 1996 Slovenia
arrowVirgin Mary 1996 35 feet tall image appears on an office building window in Clearwater Florida
arrowVirgin Mary June 2003 Third floor hospital window in Milton, Massachusetts
Food Miracles Crop circles, the word "Allah" in beans, eggs, fish, potatoes, tomato
arrowFish 1995 Senegal, "Allah" on the scales
arrowWatermelon 1996 Senegal, name of Allah
arrowAubergine 1996 England, seeds in the vegetable formed the words "Ya-Allah" = Allah exists
arrow2 Eggs 1997 Holland grocery store, word Allah
arrow500 grams of beans 1997 Same Holland grocery store, word Allah
arrowOther 1997 Tomato in Britain, Potatoes in India, Fish in USA. In 1998, Potato and Aubergines in Britain
arrowGrilled cheese sandwich 2004 ebay sold a ten year old sandwich with the face of Mary for $28,000
Statues and icons Statues drink, weep and sweat many kinds of liquids
arrowLight 1987 In Japan, images of a Buddha emit rainbow colored light
arrowTears 1993 Weeping Virgin of Las Vegas in the backyard of a family where statue was used as a shrine. The tears have healing powers.
arrowHindu Statues 1995 Hindu statues drink milk in Delhi India and the United Kingdom
arrowTears 1996 Icon weeps in Greek Orthodox church in Canada
arrowOil - Lebanon: Statue of Mary sweats oil
arrowBlood 1996 In a Trinidad convent, Mary's statue weeps blood
arrowBlood 1998 In Spain, Mary's statue weeps blood
arrowBlood 1998 In the Church of the Nativity, painting of Jesus weeps blood
Paintings Images of saints on rose petals, rocks, windows and walls
arrowRose petal 1991 Philippines, images of Mary, Jesus and other saints
arrowRock 1995 In Australia, the face of Christ on a rock as a farmer watched
arrowCommunion wafer 1997 Head of Jesus
arrowVirgin Mary April 2005 Mary holding a rosary appears as a stain on the concrete under the Kennedy Express way in Chicago
Holy cow! Birth of sacred animals
arrowWhite buffalo 1993 Born in Colorado. Thus is significant to native Americans
arrowWhite buffalo 1994 Wisconsin
arrowRed heifer 1997 Born in Israel for the first time since the destruction of the temple
Other Miracles Other bizarre claims
arrowCrystal tears 1996 12 year old Lebanese girl weeps tiny crystal tears from March to November
arrowWeeping Elvis statue 2002 Toon Nieuwenhuisen of the Netherlands claims that he is possessed with the spirit of the King and his statue of Elvis is now crying
arrowGutter Pipe Jesus 2010 Coventry, England. Woman sees Jesus in the blocked gutter pipe
Concerning the last days, the Bible predicts that it will be a time of miracles designed to trick the whole world. These warnings are a sober reminder that miracles should never be used as a test of divine blessing.
Paul stated that � evil men and imposters will grow worse and worse, deceiving and being deceived� (2 Timothy 3:13).

Some miracles will be so convincing that they will be used to do the following:

So far the type of miracles that are fooling the world are disappointing. When Jesus healed it was instantaneous and final. He never left a sick person behind. In contrast, modern day signs and wonders seem to involve stupid activities that should not fool us.

The Bible says that "by their fruits you shall know them", but not like this.

Ungodly Lights. The miracle of the lights in the window are more convincing to the faithful because it is a cross. Similar images of circles of lights on buildings have not stirred up such emotions. But what does not escape my observation is that the Devil had to place nearly all these images in a toilet. He had to use a Christian symbol, but he got the satisfaction of watching the people of God worshipping Him in an unclean place - a toilet.

Other Supernatural Events and Urban Legends.
I have not listed all events, the endless crop circles and other UFO related phenomenon. Healing water in Mexico, Germany, China, Australia and India. There are also more bleeding communion wafers, other appearances of Mary, Appearances of the virgin in the sky in Las Vegas, strange images in photographs, subway walls, the hitch hiker who disappears from moving cars after announcing either that Christ is here or that Christ is coming.

Visions of Mary. There are many reported visions of Mary from around the world. I do not know why these are not daily new events since some of them are so public. The "public" appearances seem to be a phenomenon that only a few see privately. It makes me wonder how miraculous the last vision of Fatima was, because only the three children appeared to see the virgin. Here are some of the most recent.

Idolatry. The images of weeping icons has led many to commit the sin of Idolatry. People are bowing before statues and praying to Mary. These "miracles" reinforce the teaching that Mary should be worshipped. I believe that the milk drinking statues have been exposed as hoaxes but I cannot remember where I saw this.

But let them consistently heal the sick. People who have been screened and documented. They cannot do that - yet!

The Trend. 1996 seems to have been a big year for demonic miracles. Could it be that this was the actual 2000 years since the birth of Christ? (Jesus was born in about 4 B.C.) The devil wanted to stir up the natives just in case this was the final year. The sudden increase in these miracles also seems to converge with the New Age movement. One goal seems to be to unite the Muslim with the Christian because these are overwhelmingly Christian and Catholic occurrences in the Moslem nations.
Eastern religions seem to be more flexible in identifying any god as another manifestation of their gods. So the effort does not seem to be focused on gaining their attention.

If this is the case, then I expect to see more Christian miracles in Moslem countries.

False Revivals
Bizarre Behavior
Uncontrollable laughter
Uncontrollable jerking
Rolling on the floor
Barking like a dog
Making animal sounds (pigs, cows)
Writhing on the ground
Demonic Requests
Switching off your mind
Less praying more receiving
"Beloved, do not believe every spirit, but test the spirits to see whether they are from God". (1 John 4: 1)

"The Spirit speaks expressly that in the latter times some shall depart from the faith, giving heed to seducing spirits, and doctrines of devils". (1 Timothy 4: 1)

True Miracles. The Bible does predict that signs and wonders will follow the believers. But because the miracles done by the evil forces will be such good counterfeits, we need to concentrate on the real effects of the miracles and the ministry of the saints that Satan does not want to happen.

True revivals are accompanied by deep sorrow for sin, repentance, love of God and study of the Bible. Prophecy warns us to expect a false revival centered around miracles and gifts. The only biblical safeguard against deception is to study the word of God so that you can judge movements by what they eventually teach - not what they can do. I say "eventually" because some groups do not reveal their true agenda until they have changed your critical thinking. Concepts such as "peace, love, unity and brotherhood" sounded nice until we learned that it was at the expense of disobedience to God.
To combat our critical thinking about obedience, we have seen a movement within Catholic and Protestant churches to abandon the teachings of the Bible in favor of the evolving needs of modern man. There are several characteristic behaviors of these movements.

Charismatic Movement. Began in 1906 with a group who spoke in tongues. Depending on whose account you read, this may or may not have begun as a true revival movement. But years later the charismatic, Pentecostal and holiness churches which grew out of this seem to have grown up among a culture that respected experience over the word of God. As a result, the people who are most influenced by modern false revivals are the same ones who have learned to emphasize gifts over the word.

Toronto Blessing. Started in January 1994 at the Airport Vineyard Church in Toronto under the ministry of Rodney Howard-Browne when people started showing bizarre behavior. During worship services people began to shake, fall, laugh uncontrollably, make animal noises and many other strange acts and they called it a spiritual revival. Rodney Howard-Browne refers to himself as the Holy Spirit Bartender - suggesting that he controls God. Thousands flock to his meetings to have "a party" and have the spirit dispensed to them. However the Bible teaches that the Holy Spirit gives gifts according to His own will to whoever He chooses. Mr. Browne is apparently not concerned about the source of his "gift" because he said.

I'd rather be in a church where the devil and the flesh are manifesting than in a church where nothing is happening because people are too afraid to manifest anything... and if the devil manifests, don't worry about that, either. Rejoice, because at least something is happening."
(Howard-Browne, The Coming Revival. 1991, page 6)

The phenomenon has gone worldwide infecting at least 4000 churches in Great Britain. Churches send bus loads of young people to "get a blessing". This implies that the blessings of God are only located in a particular spot and that you have to travel to Toronto or Pensacola to "get" some of it.

Pensacola Outpouring. In June 1995, the Toronto Blessing revival reached the Brownsville Assembly of God in Pensacola, Florida under the ministry of Steve Hill. 25,000 decisions for Christ have been made, but the movement shows the same bizarre behavior common to Toronto and the same emphasis on experience over doctrine.

New Age and Pagan. Several pagan revivals exhibit the same bizarre behavior such as barking, jerking and laughing. Are they all from the same spirit? Yes! These similar manifestations can be seen in movements and leaders such as:

Modern Fables
I am concerned that the counterfeit movement is gaining momentum. Instead of studying the prophecies of the Bible, people are mesmerized with secular books that are fakes and fables that create fanciful blasphemous stories and put forward fanciful interpretations that have nothing to do with the coming events. People read books and theories like "The Bible Codes" and "The Davinci Codes" which the authors are now claiming to be fact. Christians admit that the Davinci Codes are based on fables, yet they absorb hundreds of pages of lies about Christ while they probably cannot give you the name of the seven churches of Revelation. They cannot give a reason for their beliefs or a coherent explanation of any topic of prophecy. All they think that they need to know is to act when Sunday laws are passed. What a disgrace!

The Love of God - He misses us
There is a hole in the heart of God, a big one. It is about your shape and size. Long before the world was created He loved everyone of us, the good, the bad and even Satan. So before time began, He started calling everyone of us. "Come home!" All of us hear the call - the call of a frantic parent grasping for a beloved son or daughter. All of us will respond to the call, some of us will say "yes". Others will break His heart.
Before we were born He knew us. The ache in His heart started before a problem existed and it will continue after we go home for those whom He has lost.
Long before our time He saw our choices and He wrote it down in His book of life, declaring "This one will choose me of his or her own free will" And it makes his heart glad!

Are you ready for the shower? Jesus is coming. For those of you who are over thirty years old. Think back. Has there ever been a time like this? Has there ever been such a rapid succession of signs and events causing all these lines of prophecies to converge? Never.
Was there a time in history where all these signs converged? Never.
While the cold war existed we were at a stale mate. Nothing moved. Suddenly technology has given us the capabilities to carry out the persecutions and the restriction of movement required by prophecy. The rising immorality and the power of the media has caused the church to attempt to take over the state and to have their own voices in the media. All the time, the church of Rome has waited, watching events, thinking globally, not locally or nationalist, being everything to everyone, ready to strike at the right moment so that she can reclaim her medieval power.
Are you ready? Jesus is coming!

God causes all things to work together for good to those who love God. - Romans 8:28 Time: 150 minutes
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Author: Laverna Patterson. Editor: Patterson (March 2008)
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