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Visions Of Daniel And Revelation Compared
Meaning Daniel Revelation
2 7 8-9 11-12 1-5 6-11 12 13 14 15-17 18-19 20 21-22
Babylon 32,38 4                      
Medo-Persia 32,39 5 3,4,20 2                  
Greece 32,39 6 5-8,21 3,4                  
Rome 33,40 7,23 9 5     3            
Messiah     9:24,25 11:22     1-5            
Europe 33,41 24               17:12,13      
Papacy   8 8:11-12; 8:23-26 36       5,6   17:5,17,18      
Abomination of desolation     8:11-12; 9:27 11:31; 12:11           16      
1260 years of
: 21,25 8:10 11:33,35; 12:7,11 2:18 8:12;
6,14 5,7   17: 6      
Wounded       11:45       3,10   17:16      
Judgment 34,44 13,14 9,22   12:1 4,5 11:1-2,
End of the age         1:7 6:12-17
    14:14-20   19:11-21 11-15  
Earthquake           6:12-14
      16:18, 20-21      
Remnant         3:7 10:2 17            
Wound Healed               3,12   17:8,11      
United States       11:34     16 11,14 : 16:13; 17:10 19:20    
Babylon the Great               1   15:1;16; 17:12 18-19 4  
Babylon falls       11: 41-43         14: 8   18: 2, 10; 17:16    
Economic       11: 41-43       16-18   : 18: 3    
Sixth plague       11: 45           16:12;17:16-17      
Persecution       11: 44; 12: 1             17:14    
Mark of the Beast           13:16; 14:9   16-18 9-12        
Seal of God           7;              
Second Coming
First Resurrection
35,45 13   12:1,2   6:14; 8:1; 11:15     14-16 15: 2; 16: 17 19:7,15    
Millennium                     19:17-21 1-4  
Judgment by Saints                       4-5  
Second Resurrection     12:1,2         20,17-20     12-15  
Judgment of Wicked   11             17-20     4-5  
Armageddon                17-19     5,12  
Heaven                        21-22
The prophecies follow a pattern of repetition and enlargement that we explained in the methodology. The same prophecy is repeated in a subsequent vision and it might use a different set of symbols or one aspect of the prophecy might be given in more detail.

Demonstrating The Principles Of Repetition And Enlargement
The table demonstrates the principle of repetition and enlargement. It also shows that at the time a prophet receives a new prophecy it generally ignores past prophecies unless a past power is still significant.
Prophecy Year Symbols Subject Repeats or Enlarges New element
Daniel 2 603 BC Metal Statue Lists successive world powers to the end. Babylon to Europe and the second coming. First prophecy, no repetition None. General view of history.
Daniel 7 553 BC 4 Beasts Babylon to Rome divided Daniel 2. Detail about divisions of each kingdom. Little horn arises out of Rome
Daniel 8 551 BC 3 Beasts Medo-Persia to Rome divided Daniel 2,7 3 ribs, 4 heads, little horn plucks up 3 horns
Daniel 9 539 BC 2300 days 2300 days Daniel 8: 14 Sanctuary cleansed
Daniel 11 536 BC Rulers Rome detail Messiah Messiah and Rome
Daniel 12 536 BC Time prophecies Last days 1260 year persecution 1290 days, 1335 days, resurrection, sealed book.
Revelation 1 - 3 95 A.D. Churches Christ and the churches Our successes and failures Detail of the seven churches
Revelation 4 - 5 Heaven, book 24 elders and a sealed book Open door, sealed book The worthy lamb, open book
Revelation 6 Book and Seals Seals opened Seals Sealed book, 4 horsemen
Revelation 7 Seal of God Sealing 144,000 Saints sealed and justified 144,000
Revelation 8 - 9 7th Seal - seven Trumpets Seven Trumpets Judgment Prayers of the saints remembered.
Revelation 10 Little Book Prophecy unsealed Trumpet 7 Seven thunders
Revelation 11 7th Trumpet Judgment 1260 days, last two woes. Beast from the abyss. Two witnesses.
Revelation 12 Dragon, earth Past Persecutions 1260 years Earth helps woman.
Revelation 13 Beast (7 heads and 10 horns) Captivity of beast. Future Persecutions Composite beast, 42 months Beast from earth, wounded head, mark of beast
Revelation 14 Heaven Saints sealed, warning against the mark of the beast 144,000 The fourth angel
Revelation 15 7 Plagues Wrath of God Punishment Seven Plagues
Revelation 16 Beasts Punishment seven plagues Fall of Babylon
Revelation 17 Judgment Harlot judged Revived beast Eighth head
Revelation 18 Sanctuary images Fallen Babylon Second angel Economic punishment
Revelation 19 Bride Marriage of Lamb Hell Lake of fire. Jesus on a white horse.
Revelation 20 Millennium, chain Millennium judgment Judgment, lake of fire Armageddon, Millennium, books, 2 resurrections
Revelation 21 - 22 Water of life New Heaven Tree of life, fruits Heaven, New Jerusalem

Old Testament Parallels
Nations at the end compared to Old Testament nations.
The Saved and the lost. Israel and Laodicea are saved. But Babylon and Gog are lost.
Events on the day of the Lord in the old and new testament.

See The Beast that Was, yet is and is coming of Revelation 17.
To identify the powers described in the vision we must identify at what time the present is. This is, we must identify the beast that yet is and using the other prophecies and key descriptions in this prophecy work backwards to identify the previous beasts and forward to identify the future powers.

The Seven Headed Beast
In understanding the prophecies of the seven headed beast, let us review all the powers identified in prophecy. Our prophecies have identified these powers, Babylon, Medo-Persia, Greece, Rome, Papal Rome, the revived Papacy, secularist and humanist philosophies that changed our views after the French Revolution and finally, the United States. In addition, several divisions or different stages of these powers were identified. For example, the beast with 10 horns was described with crowns and without crowns. This shows that monarchies will no longer rule. This happened in 1917.

Finally, although none of the following kingdoms were identified as part of the prophetic period covered by Daniel and John we will mention other kingdoms that preceded the Babylonian empire, because other theories use these nations. They are Egypt and Assyria.

Possible Identity Of The Seven Heads
Power Dates Prophecy Divisions
Egypt 1932 B.C. None in Daniel and Revelation None
Assyria 701 B.C. None in Daniel and Revelation None
Babylon 626 - 539 B.C. Lion with wings None
Medo-Persia 539 - 331 B.C. Ram with 2 Horns Medes and Persians
Greece 331 - 63 A.D. 4 headed leopard 4 Divisions
Rome 63 B.C. 476 A.D. Dragon with 10 horns 10 Divisions
10 Medieval Monarchies 476-1918 10 crowned horns 10 Divisions
10 European nations 476 - End 10 horns 10 Divisions
Papal Rome 538 - 1798 The Little Horn Crowned monarchies
Wounded Papacy 1798 - 1929 The Little Horn with the deadly wound that lived. None
French Revolution 1789 - Beast from the Abyss Communism and Secularism
Revived Papacy 1929 - End The Little Horn, wound healed (Lateran Treaty) Uncrowned Democracies (after 1918)
United States 1776 - End Lamb and Dragon 2 Horns
Satan Before creation The true power behind all evil. Angels, beasts, kingdoms, world.
Unknown Future Unknown Unknown

The Seven Headed Beast
Interpretations Beast 6 in the Future at 'the time of the end' Beast 6 in John's time
Heads # Meaning 1 Meaning 2 Meaning 3 Meaning 4 Meaning 5 Meaning 6 Meaning 7
1 Babylon Babylon Babylon Babylon Babylon Egypt Babylon
2 Medo-Persia Medo-Persia Medo-Persia Medo-Persia Medo-Persia Assyria Medes
3 Greece Greece Greece Greece Greece Babylon Persia
4 Rome Rome Rome Rome Rome Medo-Persia Greece
5 Papal Rome Papal Rome Papal Rome Papal Rome Papal Rome Greece Greece Divided
One is 6 French Revolution Wounded Rome French Revolution Communism Communism Rome Rome
Yet to come 7 United States
and Revived Rome
United States Revived Rome United States Future Power Papal Rome Future Power
8 Satan Revived Rome Revived Rome Future Power Future Power Papal Rome Future Power

The Sixth Head
The key to interpreting the prophecy is the identity of the sixth head. Who is the sixth head? This head exists at the "present" in the prophecy.
So what is the "present" time in the vision? There are only two possibilities:

  1. Is it the time the visions was given to John (about 90 A.D.) when Rome was the power?
  2. Or is it the time in the part of the prophecy that the angel is describing? That is the judgment of the harlot around 1798-1844.

I will show several interpretations based on this view, then give you what is the best answer.

Rome As The Sixth Head
If Rome is the sixth head we truly do not have five successive powers before. Using Egypt and Assyria is contrary to the original visions and how God numbered the kingdoms. There are also no remaining powers from that period at this time, as prophecy requires.

A Power at the time of the end as the Sixth Head
This usage makes better sense. It also ties a known power from the early centuries to a power at the end.

The Papacy. The papacy has claimed existence from the time of the apostles. It was at least active by 538 A.D.

The French Revolution. The sixth head appeared at the time of the French Revolution. Through this political upheaval that banned God, the forces of secularism and communism and humanism came and won the hearts and minds of government and people. As a result, God was dead to many and hedonism, immorality and science ruled. These beliefs and ideals were a force that challenged the government of God just as any great ruler with an army. It is now the dominant system of belief that is responsible for all the secularism and liberalism in the world. Liberal beliefs about God, human sexuality and morality.

The Beast that Was, Yet is and is to Come
The papacy is the only power in the entire prophecies throughout Daniel and Revelation that is described as having power, losing it and being restored to dominance again. It must be the beast that was, yet is and is to come.

The Eighth Head
Papacy and the United States - The Seventh Head. The seventh and eighth heads coexist. The eight head has a power on its own that it can truly be identified as a separate head. This is clear by its role. It rules the political power, even though it is not a typical beast with physical land space. This relationship of the church controlling the state political power is described in several ways.
    • An eight head that is part of the seventh head
    • A fallen woman riding a beast
    • A prostitute controlling the kings of the earth

Satan Impersonating Christ - The Eighth Head. The eighth head is Satan himself. He was present during all the preceding beasts. He appears disguised at the very end to claim rulership. This is his last opportunity, but he cannot do it openly. So he impersonates the second coming of Christ. This ties into the events expected at the last days.
    • A fake second coming. False Christs and prophets.
    • The appearance of Mary to the world. This is expected by the Catholic church.

Satan At The Battle Of Armageddon - The Eighth Head. Often, we define most prophetic symbols as ending at the Second Coming. However, Satan still controls the nations (Gog and Magog) at the battle of Armageddon. He is probably the eighth head in this final role. The beginning of his direct leadership as the eighth head could have started with the impersonation of the second Coming just as the battle of Armageddon actually starts at this time and is completed 1000 years later.

So, the eighth head correctly starts with his appearance as Christ and continues to his direct control of the wicked during the battle of Armageddon 1000 years later. And, it probably includes that final human political and religious alliance that made it all possible.

Two Babylons (Ancient And Modern)
Similarities Ancient Babylon Modern Babylon Fall of Babylon
Super powers Daniel 2: 37, 38 Revelation 13: 7, 12 Revelation 18: 21
Rich Daniel 2: 37, 38 Revelation 18: 3 Revelation 18: 17
Made an Image Daniel 3: 1 Revelation 13: 14 Revelation 18: 3
Forced Worship Daniel 3: 4, 5, 6, 14, 15 Revelation 13: 15 Revelation 18: 24 ?
Sound of Music Daniel 3: 5 .: Revelation 18: 22
Number 6 Image was 66 Cubits Mark of the beast is 666 Babylon
Day set aside for Worship Daniel 3: 5, 7 Revelation 13: 16, 17 Day set aside for her punishment.
Revelation 18: 8
Economic punishment .: Revelation 13: 16, 17 Made poor
Death Decree Daniel 3: 6, 19, 20 Revelation 13: 15 Call to come out. Revelation 18: 4

Babylon And The Antichrist
Item Ancient Babylon
Daniel 1
Little Horn
Daniel 8: 9-12
King of the North
Daniel 11: 31-33
2 Thessalonians
Attacks the Sanctuary Destroys the first temple Verse 11 Verse 31 Causes a falling away from truth
Captures God's people and removes them from the sanctuary Enslaves Israel Verse 10 -12. The stars are God's people. Verse 33 Deceives many
Truth of the Sanctuary replaced by a counterfeit Tries to enforce idol worship Verse 12 Verse 31 False doctrine
Time in captivity 70 years 1260 years 1260 years 1260 years
Kingdom Ancient Babylon Rome (Papal) Papacy Papacy

God And The Antichrist
The Antichrist tries to take the place of God by performing the functions that only God can do.
God Antichrist
God Claims to be god on earth
Changes times and seasons (Daniel 2:21) Thinks he can change times and laws (Daniel 7:25)
Forgives sin Blasphemes by claiming to forgive sins and that God must abide by their decisions.
Worship God only Idol and saint worship

Fall Of Babylon (Ancient And Modern)
Item Ancient Babylon Modern (End Time) Babylon
1 Belshazzar made his subjects drunk. Daniel 5:1 End time Babylon makes the kings of the earth drunk. Revelation 17:2
2 Belshazzar induced his nobles and subjects to immorality. Daniel 5:2,23 Induces the kings of the earth to commit spiritual fornication. Revelation 17:2
3 Belshazzar and his guests drink from golden goblets. Daniel 5:3 Mystery Babylon in Revelation 17 drinks from the golden cup. Revelation 17:4
4 Judgment was pronounced upon ancient Babylon. Daniel 5:26-28 Judgment will be pronounced upon end time Babylon. Revelation 17:1
5 Belshazzar dishonored God in the worship of false gods. Daniel 5:4,23 Blasphemes God and challenges his authority. Revelation 17:3
6 Ancient Babylon Persecuted God's people. Daniel 1:1-4 End time Babylon will persecute God's people. Revelation 17:5,6
7 Ancient Babylon was built over the river Euphrates. Isaiah 44:27,28 End time Babylon will be built over the symbolic river Euphrates. Revelation 16:12,17:6,15
8 Ancient Babylon's power revolved around a mighty city. Daniel 4:29-30 End time Babylon's power will revolve around a mighty city. Revelation 17:18
9 Ancient Babylon was defeated by the Kings of the East - Darius and Cyrus. Isaiah 45:1-5, Daniel 5:30; 6:28 End time Babylon will be defeated by the heavenly Kings of the East. Revelation 16:12, Matthew 24:27
10 Ancient Babylon attacked God's Sanctuary and people. Daniel 1:2 End time Babylon will attack God's Sanctuary and people. Revelation 13:6, 17:6
11 Ancient Babylon fell in a single night. Daniel 5:30-31 End time Babylon will fall in a single hour. Revelation 18:10,20
12 Ancient Babylon mixed the treasures of God's sanctuary with pagan revelry. Daniel 5:1-4 End time Babylon mixes worship with paganism and spiritualism. Revelation 18:2-3, 9:14,20-21
13 Ancient Babylon ruled the kings of the earth. Daniel 2:37-38; 4:22 End time Babylon will also control the kings of the earth. Revelation 17:5,18
14 Ancient Babylon fell when the river Euphrates was dried up. Isaiah 44:27,28 End time Babylon will fall when the symbolic river Euphrates dries up. Revelation 16:12,19
15 Ancient Babylon fell because of God's prophetic word written by a bloodless hand. Daniel 5:24-30 End time Babylon will fall because of God's Prophetic word as found in the books of Daniel and Revelation. Daniel 12:4,7; Revelation 18:1-2; 14:8

Divine And The Demonic
Comparison Divine Demonic
Trinity Holy Trinity: Father, Christ and the Spirit (Revelation 1:4, 5) False Trinity: Dragon, beast and the false prophet (Revelation 12, 13)
Throne God sits on a throne (Revelation 4: 9) Dragon sits on a throne (Revelation 2: 13)
Worship God is worshipped by the inhabitants of the universe (Revelation 4:10, 5:13) Dragon is worshipped by the inhabitants of the world (Revelation 13:14)
City God's city is the heavenly Jerusalem (Revelation 21:2, 10) Dragon's city is Babylon (Revelation 14:8, 18:10)
Signs God seals his people (Revelation 7:4) Dragon puts his mark on his followers (Revelation 13:16)
Woman God's people represented by a pure woman (Revelation 12:1) Dragon's followers represented by a harlot (Revelation 17:2)
Wrath God is full of wrath against his enemies (Revelation 11:18, 19:15) Dragon is full of wrath against the church (Revelation 12:12)
3 Messengers God has three angelic messengers who go to the whole world (Revelation 14:6-11) Dragon has three demonic messengers who go to the whole world (Revelation 16:13, 14)
Transfer of Power
God gives authority to the son (Revelation 2:27) Dragon gives authority to the beast (Revelation 13:4)
Time Christ ministered for 3½ years Would persecute for 3½ prophetic years
Mimics Christ Christ receives a deadly wound from which he was resurrected (Revelation 1: 18). Beast receives a deadly wound from which it was healed (Revelation 13: 14).
Mimics the Holy Spirit Miracles False prophets performs signs and miracles

World Control - Two Powers Have A Specific Plan To Control The World
Items Revelation 14:1-12 Revelation 16:13-19
Instruments Three Angels Three evil spirits
  • Proclaim the Gospel
  • Going to every nation
  • Perform miracles
  • Going to world Kings
  • Purpose
  • Unmask the evil powers
  • Gather the remnant on Mt. Zion
  • Deceive
  • Gather the kings of the earth in Armageddon
  • Final Result Victory Destruction

    Comparison Of Christ And The Beast From The Sea
    Christ Dragon and Beast
    Christ receives authority from the Father (Revelation 2:28) Beast receives authority from the Dragon (Revelation 13:2,4)
    Christ sits on the throne with the Father (Revelation 3:21) Dragon gives his throne to the Beast (Revelation 13:2, 4)
    Christ is worshipped by the universe (Revelation 5:13,14) Beast is worshipped by the dwellers of the earth (Revelation 13:4)
    Lamb has seven horns (Revelation 5:6) Beast has ten horns (Revelation 13:1) and 3 were uprooted.
    Christ was dead but is alive (Revelation 1:18). Christ was, is and will come (Revelation 1: 4) Beast received deadly wound and lives (Revelation 13:14). The beast was, is not and will come (Revelation 17: 8)
    Christ's people become Kings (Revelation 1:6, 2:26,27) Beast is supported by the kings of the earth (Revelation 17:12)
    Christ has a remnant (Revelation 12:17) Beast has a remnant (Revelation 19:21)
    Christ has a prophet (Revelation 1:1, 9) Beast has a false prophet (Revelation 19:20)
    Christ is at war (Revelation 12:7, 19:11-16) The dragon and the beast are at war with the Lamb (Revelation 12:17, 19:19)

    The Seals And The New Testament Prophecies
    The prophecies of Christ in Matthew, Mark and Luke parallel the events of the seals of revelation. The seals represent the experience of the church from the time of Christ until the end.
    Event Matthew 24 Mark 13 Luke 21 Revelation 6
    Wars Verse 6 Verse 7 Verse 9 Verse 2
    International Strife Verse 7 Verse 8 Verse 10 Verse 4
    Earthquake Verse 7 Verse 8 Verse 11 Verse 5, 6
    Famine Verse 7 Verse 8 Verse 11 Verse 8
    Persecution Verse 9,10 Verse 9, 11 Verse 12 Verse 9, 10
    Gospel preached Verse 14 Verse 10 Verse 13 Verse 11
    Eclipse, falling stars Verse 29 Verse 24 Verse 25 Verse 12, 13
    Fear of the Second Coming Verse 30 Verse 26 Verse 27 Verse 17

    Seven Churches, Seals, Trumpets And Plagues
    # Seven Churches Seven Seals Seven Trumpets Seven Plagues
    1 Ephesus White horse Hail and fire on the earth Earth - sores
    2 Smyrna Red horse Burning mountain in the sea Sea - blood
    3 Pergamos Black horse Wormwood in the rivers and springs Rivers and springs - blood
    4 Thyatira Pale horse Sun, moon and stars darkened, sky rolled up. Sun - scorched with heat
    5 Sardis Souls under the altar ask for judgment Smoke from the bottomless pit Darkness on the throne of the beast
    6 Philadelphia Earthquake, sun, moon, stars 4 angels on the Euphrates river with plagues of fire, smoke and brimstone Euphrates dried up
    7 Laodecia Silence Gospel preached Air - Second Coming

    We have systematically broken the ten commandments until our actions have become a part of society and expected behavior. The church started this process when it broke the first four commandments dealing with our relationship to God. Society is proceeding to trash the other 6 that govern our relationship to each other.
    # Commandments Historical Event
    4 Sabbath By 321 the Sabbath was legally changed from Saturday to Sunday
    1 Earth gods The popes have historically viewed themselves as gods on earth
    2 Image worship By 787 icons were permitted in the church by the Seventh Ecumenical Council
    3 God's name God cannot be approached directly. God is dead
    8 Steal By 1930's business and greed became synonymous. In the earlier centuries, people were stolen to provide forced labor for rich land owners.
    7 Fornication and Adultery By the 1960's free love was the norm. This immorality has infected mainline churches. Churches have gay pastors and perform same sex marriages. Leaders and the congregation openly live in immoral relationships and commit adultery.
    9 Lie 1986 greed was rampant. Corporate takeovers never produced anything but it ruined many people. The end justifies the means, especially if you can gain wealth.
    10 Covet 1986 It is called ambition and "good business". The pursuit of profit is a goal that is higher than any moral good.
    5 Parents The definition of family and parents has changed
    6 Kill The Romans killed people for sports. In the end, there will be a death decree against God's people.

    Worship Of God Or The Beast - Mark Of The Beast
    The beast in revelation will attack the worship of God by demanding the same worship set aside for God in the first four commandments.
    Commandment Worship God Worship The Beast
    1 You shall have no other gods before Me (Exodus 20: 3) They shall worship the dragon and the beast (Revelation 13: 4, 8, 12)
    2 You shall not make for yourself any idols (Exodus 20: 4-11) They make an image to the beast and worship it (Revelation 13: 14, 15)
    3 You shall not take the name of the Lord your God in vain (Exodus 20: 7) Blasphemes the name of God and gives his name to his followers (Revelation 13: 6, 17)
    4 Remember the Sabbath day (Exodus 20: 8-11) It contains God's seal or mark and is a sign. We are to "bind God's laws on our wrist and forehead". Beast gives a false mark or sign on the forehead and hand. (Revelation 13: 16, 17)

    The end time powers will attack all the commandments concerning the worship of God. They do this in order to set up their own worship.

    We see the Sign or Seal of God's ownership is replaced by the mark of the beast. Instead of God's word on our wrists and forehead, it is the mark of the beast on the hand and forehead.
    We see the Name of God replaced with the name of the beast.
    Worship of God is replaced by worship of the beast.
    A false idol, or image to the beast, is made to replace God.

    The Plagues Of Egypt And Revelation
    The Egyptian plagues are an attack on their gods.

    Plague Egypt The Crucifixion 7 Trumpets Plague Seven Last Plagues Creation
    Miracle Magician turned rods to snakes (Exodus 7: 9-10) Wicked generation seeks a miracle - - Performs miracles. Revelation 13: 13-14 -
    1 Blood in the Nile - - - - -
    2 Frogs from the Nile - - - - -
    3 Flies from the dust - - - - -
    The Seven Last Plagues
    4 Insects destroyed crops Beaten and mocked 1/3 Earth burned up 1 Malignant sore on the earth Earth
    5 Disease killed animals Died (spilled His blood) 1/3 Sea became blood 2 Sea became blood Sea
    6 Sores on the people Water and blood from his side. Bitter vinegar to drink. 1/3 rivers and springs bitter 3 Rivers and spring became blood Fresh Water
    7 Hail Sun was darkened at noon 1/3 Sun, moon, stars darkened 4 Sun scorched mankind Sun, moon, stars
    8 Locusts Darkness Locusts and darkness 5 Darkness over the throne of the beast Fish and birds
    9 Darkness Forsaken by God and friends 4 Angels from Euphrates 6 Euphrates dried up for the kings of the east Man and animals
    10 Death of first born It is finished! Mystery of God finished 7 It is done It is finished!

    At the crucifixion, Christ suffered the Second death for us. He suffered the abandonment and the wrath of God given in the seven last plagues.

    The seven last plagues are an attack on the false sanctuary at the end.
    The seven last plagues are also an undoing of creation.

    The Creation
    He creates then he fills. Before the creation, two things existed that were later on called "not good". These were the darkness and the sea. Revelation makes a point of stating that there will be no more darkness or sea in heaven.
    Darkness represents sin and evil. The sea represents troubled people. Neither will again arise in heaven.
    Day Created Day Filled Plagues
    1 Light 4 Sun, moon, stars Sun scorched, Darkness
    2 Sky and Sea 5 Birds and fish Sea to blood
    3 Earth and trees 6 Land animals and man Support of the world removed
    7 Sabbath God rested after he made the earth and filled the Sabbath with His presence.

    Comparison Of End Time Theories
    There are different theories concerning the events at the end of time. Particularly in the tribulation, rapture, millennium and second coming. These cannot be adequately represented in a table because there are many subtle differences in belief.
    The differences are centered around the time the righteous will be raptured (taken to heaven), when Christ will visibly appear on earth, and where each group of people will be located during the millennium.

    The Gap Theory Illustrated
    One theory that is central to these beliefs is the gap theory. In the vision of Daniel 9: 24-27 the Jews were given 70 prophetic weeks (490 years). In prophecy, 1 day = 1 year.
    The Gap Theory Explained 1000 Years

    Christ On Earth
    Age of Law Age of Grace Tribulation Great Tribulation
    Daniel 9: 25, 26 Christian Dispensation Daniel 9: 27
    69 weeks (483 years) The 2000+ Year Gap 1 week (Last 7 years on earth)
    7 Weeks
    (49 years)
    62 Weeks
    (434 years)

    - Rapture (3½ years)
    Secret rapture
    Antichrist (3½ years)
    Visible Rapture
    69 weeks (483 years) 1 week (7 years) No Gap Unknown Tribulation Period Visible Rapture Rapture
    457 BC 27 AD 31 34 AD The 70 weeks were continuous and ended with the crucifixion of Christ
    • The first 483 years extended from the time of the decree to the crucifixion.
    • A gap has existed since the crucifixion. This is the time for the Christian church to spread the gospel.
    • Some time in the future, during the last seven years the following events occur.
      • The Secret rapture, during the invisible Second Coming, starts the final 7 years. The righteous go to heaven to be with the Lord.
      • Tribulation
      • 3½ years later the Antichrist appears and the tribulation intensifies.
      • Battle of Armageddon
      • The visible Second Coming with the saints occurs at the end of the 7 year period.
      • Earth purged of evil.
      • Dead raised
    • Millennial Reign. This is followed by a 1000 year reign of peace and prosperity on earth with the Messiah ruling from Jerusalem with the Jews. We return to the times before the flood when people lived 1000 years.
      • Satan bound
      • Saints rewarded
      • People are given another chance to accept God. This is the time for the Jews to spread the gospel.
      There are variations on this part of the doctrine. The righteous from the secret rapture are still in heaven or returned here to earth.
    • Judgment
    • Eternal Hell Fire
    Rapture Possible points for the rapture.

    The One Week Prophecy Of Daniel 9
    Daniel 9 Historicist Theory Futurist (Gap Theory) Preterist Theory
    Who? Jesus ChristA future Antichrist Antiochus Epiphenes
    Confirms a covenant Jesus Christ came to ratify the eternal covenantMakes a peace treaty with Israel Hellenistic Jews
    One Week 29 A.D. to 34 A.D. Last seven years on earth 3595 BC to 3604 BC
    Cut off in the middle of the week Jesus Christ dies in 31 A.D. Antichrist breaks the treaty Antiochus Epiphenes
    Causes the sacrifices to end Jesus Christ does this by his one perfect sacrifice Stops sacrifice in the rebuilt temple Forbids worship and desecrates the temple
    Abomination Romans surround Jerusalem in 66 A.D. and enter the temple in 70 A.D. Starts a great persecution Sacrifices a pig on the altar and placed a statue of Zeus in the Holy Place.
    Desolation Romans destroy the temple in 70 A.D. Tribulation War of rebellion by the Maccabees
    Other Prophecies
    Prophecies of RevelationRome, Papacy, Europe, United StatesRome, future person and future events Rome
    AntichristPapacyFuture person Nero
    Interpretation proposed by Protestant leaders and the early churchFrancisco Riberia (1537-1591) Luis de Alcazar (1554-1613)
    This final week is interpreted in may ways by the three different groups.

    According to Daniel 9: 25 these are the actions of the Messiah:

    1. The Messiah is to appear after 69 weeks (verse 25).
    2. Then He would be "cut off" in the final week (verse 26).
    3. These actions would occur in the middle of the final week (verse 27). Because verse 26 also introduces a prince that shall come to destroy (Rome), verse 27 has been applied to either Christ or that prince (it is assumed that he is the Antichrist described in the New Testament).

    Daniel 9 Continuous Time Interpretation Gap Theory Interpretation
    He Christ Antichrist
    24: Finish the transgression Christ became the first human who did not sin. He ended the cycle of every human being falling into sin. He also became the solution for sin. His rejection also allowed the Jews to get the final curses. (Matthew 23: 32) The Antichrist will attempt to do these things by pretending to be a man of peace. He will be a religious and political leader. Christ did not fulfill all of these points according to the dispensationalists.
    24: Make an end of sin Christ put an end to sin by becoming the remedy for sin. (Hebrews 9: 26; 11-14; 10: 9-14)
    24: Make atonement for iniquity Christ made atonement for sin with His death (Romans 5: 8-11; Colossians 1: 20,21; 2 Corinthians 5: 17-20)
    24: Bring in everlasting righteousness Christ became our righteousness. (Romans 3: 21-26; 4: 13; 5: 17,18)
    24: Seal up vision and prophecy The prophecy of Daniel 9 would be fulfilled at this time
    24: Anoint the Most Holy Christ was "anointed" or baptized when He started His ministry. He also opened the way to the Most Holy Place (Heaven) and started His Continual ministry as the High Priest. A future Jewish temple that will be rebuilt
    27: Make a firm covenant with many for one week Christ came as the Messiah and preached for 3½ years. His disciples continued to preach for another 3½ years before the gospel was sent to the gentiles. Makes a peace treaty with Israel. Temple will be rebuilt and animal sacrifices started again.
    27: Will put a stop to sacrifice and grain offering in the middle of the week He was crucified after 3½ years. With His death, animal sacrifices, food and drink offerings were no longer necessary. Will break the treaty and stop the sacrifices
    27: Desolation will come because of abomination This desolation was the destruction of Jerusalem and the temple in 70 A.D. by the Roman general Titus.
    Jerusalem and the temple were destroyed according to the curse of Leviticus 26 for continually rejecting God and finally showing hostility to God and stoning Stephen to death 3½ years later.
    Terrible persecution which is also called the Great Tribulation
    It is the belief of this author that there is no basis for the splitting of this prophetic time. So far, I cannot find the Bible text used to prove this split.

    The reason a split is assumed is because they believe that Christ did not fulfill all six points of Daniel 9: 24. Therefore, the Jews have one more week (seven years) remaining of the time given to them. Therefore, the dispensationalist eschatology is filled with Jewish participation during this time.

    The gap theory has caused a different interpretation of Daniel 9: 24, 27. One group attributes this prophecy to Christ and the other to the Antichrist. Just in case you are thinking that the prophecies can mean anything, remember that the Antichrist is one who would attempt to place himself in the role of Christ so it is possible to misplace the prophecy.
    Since the person who is the subject of Daniel 9: 27 will cause the sacrifices to end. According to the gap theory interpretation of Daniel 27 - they believe that the temple must be rebuilt so that the Jews can offer sacrifices again.

    The End Time
    In each category there are many theories. I just summarized the Adventist perspective and the major Protestant (evangelical) viewpoint. Others see a 1000 year peace on earth caused by the evolution of man. Still others believe that Christ has already come in our hearts. Among the latter group there is no judgment, no heaven or hell.
    Group Tribulation Millennium Judgment Heaven and Hell
    1 Pre Tribulation rapture Seven years Jews - reign with Christ on earth
    Wicked - taught by Christ
    Righteous - in Heaven
    Judgment of all people Wicked burn in hell forever. Saints go to heaven
    2 Mid Tribulation Middle 3½ years rapture 3½ years
    Pre Wrath 3½ years rapture
    3½ years
    Multiple rapture rapture Seven rapture years
    3 Post Tribulation Seven Years rapture
    Adventist Unknown time 1 year?

    rapture Saints In Heaven Judgment of Satan and the Wicked Wicked and Satan are burned up.

    Saints and God live on a new earth
    Wicked Dead
    Satan Confined to the earth
    rapture Rapture occurs here.

    1. Participants.
    2. Tribulation. Many people believe that the tribulation will last only seven years. The second half of this period is called the great tribulation. This is based on the gap theory.
      Others believe that this is an unspecified length of time. At the end it includes at least one year for the 7 last plagues.
    3. The Coming of Christ. There are two issues involved in the coming of Christ. Is it visible or invisible? and How many times He will come back to earth.
    4. People.
    5. Millennium.
    6. The Battle of Armageddon.
    7. Judgment.
    8. Hell. Except for a few other religious groups, most Christians believe in an eternally burning hell that is now in operation. The difficulty that I have with the view that people go to either heaven or hell when they die is that during the millennial reign of Christ on earth to give people another chance, He will have to drag people from hell to do this.
      This also raises another issue concerning the rapture. When He comes to resurrect the dead saints and rapture the living the dead are supposed to be already in heaven. According to some explanations, He comes to resurrect their bodies. So I guess they are now in heaven in a form that does not include their physical bodies.

    Other Variations
    There are other views of the end time that I will mention in brief.

    1. Dominion Theology (Reconstructionism). Essentially hold the same end time views as the dispensationalists with one exception - the church is the new Israel of God. Therefore, all the roles assigned to the Jews during the seven year tribulation are assigned to the church.
    2. Manifest Sons of God. Dominion theology believers who think that these Christians are super human.
    3. Preterist. All the prophecies were fulfilled with the destruction of the temple in 70 A.D., and the Millennium started in that year. So we are already in a millennium that is almost 2000 years long! Well if the dispensationalists can make 490 years last for over 2450 years then the preterists can certainly do this!
    4. Liberal Theologians . There is no Second Coming or Millennium or hell or heaven. All these are just methaphors, we choose our own path.

    God causes all things to work together for good to those who love God.   Romans 8:28 Time: 60 minutes
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