Time Lines And Chronology
(Prophecy And History)

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World Religious History
The Everlasting Covenant
Before the flood
The Old Covenant Everlasting Covenant
Blessings and curses 2300 Years Judgment
490 Years 1810 Years
Jewish History Church
1335 Years
2083 BC - Abraham is called Slaves
in Egypt
1502 BC - Exodus Babylon
70 years

31 A.D. - Crucifixion
1290 Years Time of
the end
- 1260 Years
Egypt Canaan Babylon Persia Greece Rome Europe USA
Prophecy Lion Bear Leopard Terrible Beast Ten horns Lamb
Jubilees 20 10 36 4
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14
Last Days Second Coming 1000 years
1 2 3 4 5 6
Year 0 1656 2083 6230 Future
  1. Year 0 ( 4230 BC ) - Creation
  2. Year 1656 ( 2574 BC ) - Flood
  3. Salvation history
    1. Year 2083 (2147 BC) - Call of Abraham. Israel is chosen by God to witness to the world.
    2. Year 2728 (1502 BC) - Exodus from slavery in Egypt. Israel receives the ten commandments
    3. Year 2768 (1462 BC) - Israel enters the promised land
    4. Year 3625 (604/5 BC) 70 year rule by Babylon begins
    5. Year 3773 (457 BC) - Third Decree to restore and build Jerusalem. Medo-Persia conquers in 535 BC
    6. Year 3896 (334 BC) - Greek empire
    7. Year 4033 (197 BC) - Roman empire
    8. Year 4256 (27 A.D.) - Jesus is baptized
    9. Year 4260 (31 A.D.) - Crucifixion
    10. Year 4263 (34 A.D.) - Christianity is chosen to witness to the world
    11. Year 4299 (70 A.D.) - Fall of Jerusalem and the second temple
    12. Year 4697 (538 A.D.) - Beginning of the 1260 year time prophecy
    13. Year 6027 (1798 A.D.) - Pope imprisoned. Time of the end begins
    14. Year 6073 (1844) - Judgment
  4. Year 6230 (2001) - Current time
  5. Second Coming
  6. Millennium

Bible Chronology
UssherJewish Creation
Event Elapsed
4004 BC3761 BCE. Tishri 1 Sunday Creation. Day 1 (Physics, Chemistry, Electromagnetism). God introduced light 7 days
Monday Creation. Day 2 (Cosmology). God separated the sky and ocean
Tuesday Creation. Day 3 (Geology and Botany). God created land, trees and plants
Wednesday Creation. Day 4 (Astronomy). God created the sun, moon and stars
Thursday Creation. Day 5 (Biology). God created fish and birds
Friday Creation. Day 6 (Biology). God created animals, Adam and Eve
Saturday (Sabbath) Creation. Day 7 (Religion and Sociology). God rested and made the Sabbath day
4004 BC3761 BCE 04230 BCCreation. Jewish date is 3761 BCE1656
4001 BC4 04001Seven planets aligned. Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, Saturn, Sun, Moon and Earth
Prophecy = Prophecy
New Doctrines = New Doctrines
Inventions = Inventions
Persecution = Persecution
Diseases = Diseases
Messiah = Messiahs
74223 BCAdam and Eve sin. In the seventh year, the second month on the seventeenth day, the serpent came. Jubilees 3:15-17
--Birth of Cain
1304100 BCBirth of Seth (130-1042), Enos (235-1140), Cainan (325-1235), Mahalaleel (395-1290), Jared (460-1422)
6223608 BCBirth of Enoch (622-987 Raptured), Methuselah (687-1656), Lamech (874-1651)
9303300 BCDeath of Adam
9873243 BCEnoch Raptured
10563174 BCBirth of Noah
-3123 BCJune 29. Planisphere Cuneiform tablets in Nineveh. Sumerian astronomer's account of an half mile asteroid impact
-˜3000 BCInventions Wheel invented
*** Sins of the Ancients? *** Genetic engineering Ancient scientists are involved in transgenic experiments with animals and man
2852 BCThe Flood
Pangea map
-2852 BCChinese Emperor Fuxi (Fu Hsi or Fu Xi). First of the Three sovereigns. (2852 BC to 2205 BC)
Nüwa, his wife. They are the ancestors of humans after a devastating flood
2807 BC -2807 BCMay 10. A 3 mile wide comet hit the Indian ocean 900 miles south east of Madagascar producing a 18 mile crater, 600-900 ft tsunami and the flood legends, killing 50%
- -2737 BCChinese Emperor Shennong The third sovereign. Introduced agriculture. (2737-2699 BC)
- -2698 BCChinese Emperor Huang Di. The Yellow emperor, ancestor of the Han Chinese (2698-2599 BC)
2468 BC 15362694 BCNoah begins to preach for 120 years. He is 480 years old
- -2637 BCMarch 8. The Year the Chinese calendar began
- 16512569 BCLamech dies
2349 BC 16562574 BCArk Flood. Second Month, Day seventeen. Noah is 600 years old. Genesis 7: 11
Methuselah Dies. His name means "when he dies it shall come".
Flood2574 BCFlood. 99.99% of all living things die. Earth restructured. 100% of all species survive
GOE2400 MYAGreat Oxygenation Event and Huronian Glaciation (2400-2100 MYA). Anaerobic species die. Photosynthesis increased atmospheric oxygen decreased methane
O-S 440 MYAOrdovician-Silurian. Massive glaciations freeze water, drops sea levels
27% families, 57% genera and 60%-70% species. Marine species dies
Late D360 MYALate Devonian (375-360 MYA). 19% Families, 50% genera, 70% marine species extinct
P-T251 MYAPermian-Triassic. 90% Species dies
T-J200 MYATriassic-Jurassic. 23% families, 48% genera, 70%-75% species extinct
66 MYACretaceous–Paleogene and Chicxulub Crater. Dinosaurs extinct. 17% Families, 50% genera and 75% species extinct
Clovis Comet12900BCBlack Matte. Clovis artifacts and large land animals disappear in North America
12900BCYounger Dryas Event. 1000 year long cooling period begins
2345 BC -- Something happened to the tilt of the earth this year. Ancient observations deviate from theoretical calculations. Was it an asteroid impact that caused the flood?
2247 BC 17562474 BCTower of Babel migration. The earth was divided into many languages. (Genesis 10: 25) 427
- - ˜2491 BC Chinese Emperor Emperor Zhuanxu (2491-2413 BC). Led the Shi clan to migrate east to Shandong
Industrial Revolution Stone Age 5000 BC (5000-3000 BC). Stone age artifacts are probably after the flood
Industrial Revolution Bronze Age 3000 BC Begins in Egypt (3000-1500 BC). Bronze age artifacts are probably after the flood
Dates are harder to synchronize in this early period up to the Babylonian empire. Dates listed are from science calculations.
Problems. Often Archaeology dates items by comparison and what they expect.
Submersion under water changes carbon dating values.
Dinosaurs. They become extinct in this time.
Giants. The people are probably very tall.
˜3000 BC Tribes Clovis people settle in southwest America (15000-7000 BC)
˜3000-2300 BC Archaeology Ebla Tablets. 17,000-20,000 tablets. Mentions Siddim (Sodom) and many other Bible names and words that critics thought were Aramaic and came after 600 BC. Creation from nothing. An account closer to the Hebrew version. Discovered 1970s at Tell Mardikh
˜3000 BC Tribes Tuniit people (Dorset), described as timid giants, cross Bering Strait to Alaska
˜3000 BC (7500-250 BC) The Jomon culture in Japan
˜3000 BC The Minoans settle in Crete. Probably from Asia Minor
˜3050 BC Egyptian Dynasty Early Period. Dynasty 1-2. (3050-2890 BC)
˜2650 BC Egyptian Dynasty Old Kingdom. Dynasty 3-6. (2650-2184 BC). The age of the pyramid
˜2600 BC (2600-2030) Stonehenge built
˜2560 BC Great Pyramid of Giza. Built by Egyptian pharaoh Khufu 145.75 m (481 ft) high using 2 million blocks of stone, 2 tons
˜2413 BC Chinese Emperor Emperor Ku (2413-2343 BC)
˜2400 BC Comet Comet Hale-Bopp. Next appearance: 1996-1997 A.D.
˜2350 BCEarthquake Possible earthquake on the New Madrid fault
2334 BC- 18962334 BC Sargon the Great of Akkad (2334-2279). Mesopotamian king
2250 BC- -2250 BC Ebla civilization in Syria and south east Turkey, thriving in 2500 BC, was conquered by the Akkadians (Sargon or his grandson Naram-Sin)
1996 BC- 19482282 BC Abraham is born when his father is 70 (Genesis 11: 10-26).
He was born 292 years after the flood. 2+35+30+34+30+32+30+29+70 = 292 years
2224 BC- 20062224 BC Noah dies at age 950. 350 years after the flood. Genesis 9: 28-29
2197 BC- 20332197 BC Akkadian empire falls
-- 20192183 BC Chinese Dynasty 1 Xia Dynasty (2183-1752 BC) Henan province (431 Years)
2150 BC- 20802150 BC Egyptian Dynasty First Intermediate Period. Dynasty 7-10. (2150-2060 BC). Troubled period
1921 BC1614 *20832147 BC Israel Judaism began. Abraham is chosen at age 75. Genesis 12:4
Israel (The Covenant)-The covenant with Abraham. Genesis 15 215
1910 BC- *20942136 BCThe birth of Ishmael when Abraham is 86. Genesis 16: 16. He lived 137 years
-- 20962134 BCTotal eclipse October 22. Total eclipse of the sun
1898 BC- *21072123 BCAbraham is circumsized at age 99. Genesis 17: 11. He lived 175 years
-- *21072123 BCFire and brimstone The destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah. Genesis 18-19
-- -˜2450-2350 BC Archaeology Sodom, Gomorrah, Zoar (Bab edh-Drha, Numeria, es-Safi). Cities destroyed by fire and covered in ash up to 7 feet. (Genesis 14). Discovered near Dead Sea region excavated in 1924, 1965, 1967, 1973 and may be these ancient cities
1897 BC- *21082122 BCThe birth of Isaac when Abraham is 100. Genesis 21: 5. He lived 180 years
1884 BC- *21202110 BCAbraham attempts to sacrifice Isaac when He was still a child (2110-2100)
-- -˜2100 BC Archaeology Sumerian King List. Mentions the flood and has a list of kings who ruled before and after the flood. The group living before the flood had long ages and the others a much shorter life span. Discovered at Nippur 1890-93
1837 BC- *21682062 BCThe birth of Jacob and Esau when Isaac is 60. Genesis 25: 26. Jacob lived 147 years
-- 20512055 BC Egyptian Dynasty Middle Kingdom. Dynasty 11-12. (2055-1759 BC)
-- -˜2050 BC Archaeology Epic of Gilgamesh. A Chaldean account of the flood story. Discovered in Nineveh on baked clay tablets at Ashurbanipal's palace (1872)
Knowledge Knowledge Symbol2020 BCJacob makes a spotted and striped stick that changes a baby's physical features (DNA)
-- 21062000 BC The Indo-Iranians split into Persians (west) and Indians (East)
-- 21062000 BC The Minoans built cities and traded with other nations
-1920 22271991 BCPharaoh 12th dynasty. Amenemhet 1 (1991-1962)
1729 BC1961 *22681950 BC Joseph sold as a slave in Egypt (1950-1930)
-1967 22741956 BCPharaoh King Senusret 1. (1956-1911). The Pharaoh of the famine
-1969 22761954 BCTotal eclipse June 27. Lunar eclipse
1706 BC1829 *22981932 BCIsrael Nisan 15. Israel (Jacob) enters Egypt at age 130. Genesis 46-47; Exodus 12: 41430 Years in Egypt
1689 BC1836 *23151915 BC Jacob dies at age 147 and blesses his sons (Genesis 47: 28)
-1840 23191911 BCPharaoh Amenemhet II (1911-1877). He might have enslaved the Jews
-1874 23531877 BCPharaoh Senusret II /Sesostris (1877 - 1870). Candidate pharoah of the 7 Years of plenty
-1915 23941836 BCPharaoh Senusret III /Sesostris (1836 - 1817). Candidate pharoah of the 7 Years of famine
Hebrews Existed!˜1800 BC Archaeology Mari Tablets. 20,000 tablets found in 1933 (Tell Hariri, Syria). Records of King Zimri-Lim which mention the city of Nahor and the nomadic "Habiru" people (Hebrews) and mentions customs of those times
-2111 24011792 BC (1792-1750 BC). Hammurabi rules Babylon in 1728 and develops a code of laws
-1978 24431783 BC Egyptian Dynasty Second Intermediate Period. 13-17. Dynasty (1783-1539 BC). Hyksos invade
Writing Existed Before Moses!˜ 1780 BC Archaeology Black Stele of Hammurabi. It contained the written laws of Hammurabi and proves that writing existed before the time of Moses. Elamites carried it to Susa in 1157 B.C. when they defeated Babylon. Discovered 1902 at Susa
-2110 25751751 BC Chinese Dynasty 2Shang (Yin) Dynasty (1751-1027 BC). 724 Years. Writing developed
-2111 25761750 BC (1750-1200 BC). The Hittite empire
Hittites Existed!˜1750-1200 BC Archaeology Hittite Civilization. Scholars said they did not exist. But the Bible records them from the time of Abraham (Genesis 15: 20) to Solomon (1 Kings 10: 29) (2100 BC-1000 BC). The capital city of Hattusha, 5 temples and thousands of clay tablets were discovered in Bogazkoy, Turkey in 1876-1906
Industrial Revolution Iron Age 1587 BC Begins in Asia Minor (1500-300 BC)
1571 BC2179 *26481582 BCMoses is born
-2222 26911539 BC Egyptian Dynasty New Kingdom. Dynasty 18-20 (1539-1069 BC). Prosperous. Building projects.
Ahmoses (1539-1514) defeats the Hyksos and starts building projects at Karnak
-2247 27161514 BCPharaoh King Amenhotep 1. (1514-1493) and Thutmose 1 (1493-1481) 18th dynasty
1491 BC2259 *27281502 BCIsrael Nisan 15. Exodus (1500 BC). Moses is 80. Map of Tribes. Map of Exodus 490
1491 BC2259 *27281502 BCTen Commandments and Mishkan sanctuary pattern given in the third month on Shavout (Pentecost)
Knowledge Knowledge Symbol1502 BCThe Mishkan is a 3-D model of the Periodic Table of chemistry
Knowledge Knowledge Symbol1502 BCThe Mishkan is a complete unified model of particle physics properties of hydrogen
Knowledge Knowledge Symbol1502 BCThe Mishkan is a model of human DNA and epigenes
Knowledge Knowledge Symbol1502 BCThe Tefillin is a model of the optic chiasma, sella turcica and the pituitary gland
1491 BC2259 *27281502 BCIsrael 17th Tammuz. Moses returns after 40 days to see Israel worshipping a golden calf. He broke the two tables of the commandments
1490 BC2260 *27291501 BCIsrael 9th Av. 12 spies return after 40 days. God makes Israel wander in the desert 40 years
-- -˜1500 BC Archaeology Nuzi Tablets. Thousands of tablets which mention many bible customs. Discovered at Euphrates River
The first earthquake might have occurred during the exodus. Moses called it a "new thing".
Numbers 16: 28-35
2726˜1500 BC religion Hinduism began in India
2726˜1500 BCEarthquake Earthquake in Crete
2726˜1500 BCVolcano The Thera eruption. Volcano erupted on Strongphyle and fragmented the island
27351491 BCPharaoh King Thutmose II. (1491-1479) 18th dynasty
27571473 BCPharaoh Queen Hatshepsut. (1473-1458) 18th dynasty
27651459 BCTotal eclipse May 16. Total eclipse of the sun
1450 BC2298 *27671461 BCBible Written Moses completes the Torah around 1460BC (1500-1461 BC)
1451 BC2299 *27681462 BCIsrael The Israelites enter Canaan 40 years after the exodus. Moses dies at age 120
The City of Jericho1462 BCArchaeology Book of Joshua (~1400 BCE) Jericho by walking around it with the Ark of the Covenant for seven days, then circled the walls seven times on the final day. The Israelites under Joshua's command blew trumpets of rams' horns and shouted to make the walls fall down, facing outward flat, adbandon the possessions (Joshua 6:14-15).
1444 BC2306 *2775˜1455 BCJoshua commands the sun and moon to stand still. Joshua 10: 12-15
1432 BC2338 *28071432 BCJoshua subdues land 5 years, lives another 25 years and dies at age 110
1432 BC2338 *28071432 BCThe period of the Judges of Israel
Hebrews and Jerusalem
"Habiru and Urusalim"
˜1400 BC Archaeology Amarna Tablets. About 300 tablets correspondence to Amenhotep IV from a Canaanite king named Abdi-Heba for help against an invading "Habiru" or "Apiru" (Hebrew). Jerusalem is mentioned as Urusalim. Found in 1887 in Egypt
-2461 29301350 BC (1530-1350 BC) The Mitanni empire collapsed because of the Hittites
-2436 29051325 BCPharaoh King Tutankhamun dies. (1334-1325) 18th dynasty
-2449 29181312 BCTotal eclipse 24 June. Total eclipse. Hittite king, Mursili's II eclipse. "Omen of the sun" in the 10th year of his reign. Other candidate event is 13 April 1308 BC annular eclipse
1302 BC2459 29281302 BCTotal eclipse June 5. Total eclipse of the sun. Early Chinese eclipse
Egypt Declines
Map of Egypt
2466 29351295 BCPharaoh Ramesses 1. (1295-1294) 19th dynasty
2497 29661260 BC1260-1150. Trojan war. 1250-750 Greek dark ages
2557 30261200 BC 1200 BC. Philistines arrive in Caanan in a great migration due to the Trojan war
Israel˜ 1200 BC Archaeology Israel Stele (Merneptah Stela). A stone slab with the name "Israel" inscribed in heiroglyphics ("Israel is laid waste, its seed is not"). It proves their existance during the reign of Merneptah, son of Ramses II (1213-1203BC). Discovered 1896 at Thebes
2557 30261200 BCTribes 1200-600BC. Olmec civilization in central America. Map of American tribes
2657 31261100 BCChinese Dynasty 3 Western Zhou Dynasty. (1100-771 BC) 331 Years
2655 31241096 BCSaul becomes king of Israel and reigns for 40 years
˜2675 ˜3144˜1076 BCDavid kills Goliath. (1 Samuel 17)
2691 31601070 BC Egyptian Dynasty Third Intermediate Period. Dynasty 20-24 (1070-715 BC). Capital moved 6 times
[1] Siege of Jebus˜ 1000 BCIsrael The Siege of Jebus (Jerusalem's Capital) by David for a united kingdom
1048 BC 31641056 BCIsrael David becomes king of Israel and reigns for 40 years (33 in Jerusalem). 1 Kings 2: 11
2702 31711049 BCIsrael David captures Jerusalem
1012 BC2739 * *32081022 BCTemple begun 480 years after exodus in Solomon's fourth year. 1 Kings 6: 1, 37
1005 BC2746 *32151015 BCTemple completed in Solomon's eleventh year in 7½ years. 1 Kings 6: 38
1002 BC2749 *32181012 BCIsrael Temple dedicated 490 years after the exodus at the feast of Tabernacles. (489+ yrs)
990 BC2737 32061000 BCTribes Inuit civilization in North America
957 BC2776 3245985/922 BCIsrael Division of the kingdom of Israel. North (Jeroboam). South (Rehoboam) 406
House of David ˜950 BC Archaeology House of David Inscription. A stone tablet written in Aramaic that mentions the "House of David". Scholars said David did not exist. Discovered 1993 at Tell Dan
[2] The Sack Of Jerusalem
10th C BC (1 Kings 14: 25-26)
˜931 BC Archaeology Temple of Amun Inscription. On the walls of the Temple of Amun in Thebes, Egypt is Pharaoh Shishak's invasion Israel in the reign of Jeroboam
-- -˜930 BC Archaeology Moabite Stone (Mesha Stele). Records the revolt of the Moabites after the death of King Ahab in 2 Kings 3. Discovered in Dobon
899 BC2835 3304899 BCTotal eclipse April 20. Annular eclipse of the sun at sunrise. Chinese "double dawn" eclipse
Obadiah841 BCJehoram's reign (853-841). Edom helped Philistines and Arabs who invaded Jerusalem
-˜841 BC Archaeology Black Obelisk of Shalmaneser. A monument about the conquests of king Shalmaneser of Assyria, (2 Kings 9-10) showing King Jehu giving tribute to him. Discovered in the palace of Nimrud in 1846
Axial Age
Map of Ancient Civilizations

Joel (825-809)
3406800 BC(800-400 BC). A simultaneous development of philosophy and culture in China, India and Greece without any mutual contact. Egyptian civilization declines
800 BC2985 3406800 BCFamine drove the Etruscans from Lydia to Northern Italy
Olympiad 1
3454776 BCThe first Olympic games begin in Olympia, Greece with the sprint. Discus, javelin, wrestling and broad jump were added later
Jonah goes to Nineveh, 772BC771 BC Chinese Dynasty 3 Eastern Zhou Dynasty. (770-221 BC) 551 Years. Era of moral laxity
763 BC2998 3467˜763 BCEarthquake Earthquake in the reign of Uzziah and Jeroboam. Amos 1: 1
Amos (767-755)763 BCTotal eclipse June 15, 11:59AM (7:59 UT). Total eclipse of the sun. Assyrian eclipse. Amos 8: 8
Hosea (755-714 BC)753 BCApril 12. Rome founded by Romulus
747 BC3014 3483747 BC Egyptian Dynasty Late Kingdom. Dynasty 25-30. (747-380 BC). The last Egyptian born Pharaoh
Isaiah (739-681 BC)
Micah (733-701 BC)
727 BCHezekiah becomes king of Judah. He destroys Moses' bronze serpent because it was being worshipped. 2 Kings 18:4

Assyrian Empire
Map of Assyria

Nahum preached to Nineveh about 672 BC

Zephaniah (640-609) in Josiah's reign

Habakuk preached around (621-609)
3509721 BCIsrael Assyrian invasion of the northern kingdom (722 BCE). Siege began in 724
3518712 BC Isaiah brings the shadow of the sun ten degrees back. 2 Kings 20:11
[3] Siege
˜701 BC Archaeology Sennacherib's Prism (Taylor Prism). Sennacherib's account of the siege of Jerusalem in 701 BC. 2 Kings 18-19, Isaiah 36-37. Discovered in Nineveh
3530700 BCInventions Steel invented
3541689 BCSennacherib, king of Assyria destroyed Babylon. He was murdered in 681 by his sons
3541 689 BCEsarhaddon (681-669 BC). king of Assyria after 6 months of civil war with his older brothers
3541 689 BCSennacherib destroyed Babylon and turned it into a swamp and a desert. The walls, temples and palaces were razed, and the rubble was thrown into the Arakhtu sea in the south
3549 681 BCEsarhaddon influenced by his Babylonian mother, Queen Nakija, began to rebuild Babylon. He rebuilt the Tower of Babel structures - the Esagila and the Ekur at Nippur. He restored and returned the statues of the Babylon gods to the city
3551 679 BCEsarhaddon defeated the Cimmerians and the inhabitants of Hilakku
3553 677 BCEsarhaddon leads the Assyrian army against rebellious Arab tribes
3553 677 BCEsarhaddon defeated the Sidonians
3554 676 BCCimmerians, Scythians and Urartuans destroy the kingdom of Phrygia
3555 675 BCEsarhaddon rebuilds Babylon
3559 671 BCEsarhaddon conquered Egypt and called himself "king of Egypt, Patros and Kush"
3561 669 BCEsarhaddon died and the kingdom split between 2 sons who ruled over Assyria and Babylon
3562668 BCAssurbanipal (Sardanapalus, Osnapper) (668-627) King of Assyria.
Assurbanipal's Library. 20,000-30,000 cuneiform tablets on 1,200 topics
3562 668 BC Nineveh, capital of Assyria surpasses Thebes, Egypt as the largest city in the world
-˜650 BC Jewish exiles flee to the island of Elephantine during the reign of Manasseh and form a military community allied with Egypt
3580 650 BC A climate change affects all Europe with colder and wetter climate, and tribes from the Scandinavian Nordic cultures are pushed downwards into the European continent
3589 641 BC Josiah becomes king of Judah
3605625 BCNeo-Babylonian kingdom (Late Babylonian) Nabopolassar made himself king of Chaldea. Sin Shar-Iskhun made himself king of Assyria. Civil war begins
3612618 BCreligion Zoroastrianism started in Persia by Zoroaster (660-583) or possibly in 1500 BC
3615615 BCTen years of civil war between Babylon and Assyria ends
3616614 BCMedes besiege Assur, sacked the city and took prisoners
3618612 BCNineveh, capital of Assyria fell after a two month siege by the Medes and Babylon
3618612 BC Babylon, capital of Babylonia surpasses Nineveh as the largest city in the world
Babylonian Empire
Map of Babylon

Jeremiah (627-574)

Daniel (605-536)

Ezekiel (593-559)
3621609 BCFall of Josiah in the battle of Meggido. Judah loses its independence and is under the protection of Babylon. Seventy year captivity of the southern kingdom in Babylon begins 70
3625605 BC Prophecy (604/605) Nebuchadnezzar II succeeds Nabopolassar. Battle of Carchemish. Babylon rules this region and Judah is no longer independent.
Israel Jews Exiled. Daniel and noblemen taken. Other exiles were taken in 597 and 586 BC
-˜6th BC Archaeology Lachish Letters. 21 military letters on pottery fragments written during Nebuchadnezzar's siege of Lachish (Jeremiah 34:6-7). Discovered
3630˜600 BC The Hanging Gardens of Babylon. Built on the east bank of the Euphrates
3630600 BC(600-300 BC). Scandinavia gets colder. People move south
[4] Siege of Jerusalem597 BCIsrael First Babylonian exile, 11 years before Jerusalem falls. (Ezekiel 40: 1) Ezekiel taken
596 BC31553654596 BCRebellion broke out in 10th year of his reign. The gold statue of Daniel 3 may have happened
[5] Siege of Jerusalem587 BCIsrael Second Siege by Nebuchadnezzar II
586 BC31653644586 BCIsrael Second Babylonian exile. The first temple is destroyed by the Babylonians on 9th Av after Nebuchadnezzar breached the walls of Jerusalem on 17th Tammuz
585 BC3166 3645585 BCTotal eclipse May 28. Total eclipse of the sun. Occurred during a battle between the Medes and the Lydians, ending a six year war
573 BC31523659573 BCNebuchadnezzar destroys Tyre after a 13 year siege. The survivors flee to an island half mile away and rebuild
572 BC31513658572 BCEzekiel 40. He has a vision of the city of God 14 years after the fall of the city
*** Ancient Spiritualism *** 550 BCSpiritualism Table Writing. Pythagoras encourage students to use of a table which worked like a talking board to get revelations
550 BC31213600550 BC Temple of Artemis at Ephesus. Burnt down 356 BC by Herostratus. Restored in 323 BC. Destroyed by the Goths in AD 262 and torn down by St John Chrysostom in AD 401
-˜6th BC Archaeology Nebuchadnezzar Chronicle. Babylonian account of the siege of Jerusalem in 597 BC, appointment of Zedekiah and the Jewish exile. 2 Kings 24. Discovered
Belshazzar Exists!˜6th BC Archaeology Nabonidus Cylinder. A clay cylinder names Belshazzar as son of Babylonian King Nabonidus (Daniel 5: 29-30). Scholars did not believe that Belshazzar was real because no other ancient documents mentioned his name. Discovered 18?? in Ur
546 BC31253604546 BCMedes and Lydia conquered by Persia as the empire expands
Persian Empire
Map of Persia

Haggai (520 BC)

Zechariah (520-519 BC)

Malachi (433 BC)
3729539 BCProphecy Persian empire overthrows Babylon (October 12 (Tishri 16))
-˜539 BC Archaeology Cyrus Cylinder. Records Cyrus' conquest of Babylon in 539 BC (Daniel 5:30; 6:28) and his new religious policy of tolerance (Ezra 1:1-3). Discovered at Babylon in 1879
3695535 BCreligion Buddhism started in China by Siddhartha Guatama Buddha
3695535 BCFirst decree by Cyrus the Great. Seventy year Babylonian captivity ends
3685525 BC Cambyses II conquers Egypt78
3710520 BCSecond decree by Darius (ruled 521-486)
3710520 BCreligion Confucianism. Code of ethics written in China by K'ung Fu Tzu (Confucius 551-479)
3706516 BCIsrael The second temple was dedicated (Ezra, Nehemiah, Zerubabbel)
3722500 BCreligion Shintoism started in Japan
-˜495-399 BC Archaeology Elephantine Papyri. Aramaic documents written by Jewish exiles who fled around 650 BC. Discovered on the island of Elephantine
Greco-Persian Wars
490 BCBattle of Marathon (490 BC). Darius I defeated by smaller Greek forces
486 BCQueen Esther, wife of Ahasuerus (Xerxes) ruled 486-423
480 BCSeptember 28. Battle of Salamis. 2,000,000 army of Xerxes I defeated by the Greeks. Peace treaty in 449
3773457 BCProphecy Third decree by Artaxerxes builds Jerusalem. Ezra 6:14. 2300 day prophecy begins 490
3780450-440 BC Statue of Zeus at Olympia. Temple built in 450 and statue 440 BC. Base 6.5 m (20 ft) by 1.0 meter (3 ft) and 13 m (40 ft) high. Destroyed by a fire in AD 462
3787443 BCBible Written All 39 books of the Hebrew manuscript complete and arranged by topic
3790440 BCreligion Taoism started in China by Lao-Tzu
3799431 BCTotal eclipse August 3. Total eclipse of the sun. Peloponnesian war
3799431 BCPeloponnesian wars. Greek civil wars between Athens and Sparta (431-404)
3798430 BCPlague 430-426, Athenian Plague
3804424 BCTotal eclipse March 21. Total eclipse of the sun. Eighth year of Peloponnesian war
3808420 BCreligion Jainism started in India by Mahavira
3822406 BC Total eclipse April 15. Total eclipse of the Moon. Fire in the temple of Athena
3880356 BC21 July. Alexander the Great was born. Temple of Artemis at Ephesus was burnt down
3876352 BCStar Chinese documented a supernova
3878350 BC Chinese Dynasty 4 Qin (Tsin) Dynasty (350-206 BC). 5000 km Great Wall built by Chihoang-Ti (236)
3878350 BC Mausoleum at Halicarnassus. A tomb for king Mausollos of Caria. Base 40 m (120 ft) by 30 m (100 ft), height 45 m (140 ft). Damaged by earthquake 1600 years later, stones used by Crusaders to build a castle 1494-1522
3885343 BC Egyptian Dynasty Second Persian. Dynasty 31. (343-332 BC) Darius III Codomannus (335-332)
Greek Empire
Map of Greek empire
Map of divided empire
3892334 BCProphecy Greek empire
3896334 BCWar Battle of Granicus. Alexander crosses the Hellespont and invades Asia
3897333 BCWar Battle of Issus
3917˜333 BCETevet 25 or 21 Kislev. Alexander the Great meets the high priest Shimon HaTzaddik
3898332 BC Egyptian Dynasty Greco-Roman Period. Dynasty (332-395 A.D.). Macedonian kings (332-304), Ptolemaic dynasty (323-30 BC), Roman Emperors (30 BC - 14 A.D.)
3898332 BCAlexander uses the rubble, timber and stones of the old mainland Tyre destroyed by Nebuchadnezzar to build a road in the sea out to the island city, fulfilling Ezekiel 26: 12
3898332 BCJanuary-July. The island city of Tyre is destroyed after a 7 month siege by Alexander
3899331 BCTotal eclipse September 20. Total eclipse of the Moon before the battle of Arbela
3899331 BCWar October 1. Battle of Arbela (Gaugamela). 1 million Persians, 50,000 Greeks
3904326 BCBattle of Hydaspes. The last battle of Alexander against King Porus and an Indian elephant corp
323 BCJune 11. Alexander dies without a competent heir. His generals fight for the kingdom
323 BCPerdiccas becomes regent for the unborn Alexander IV and the fool Phillip III
322-320 War Diadochi War 1. Perdiccas against Ptolemy. Perdiccas murdered by his soldiers. Antipater became regent. Antigonus ruled Asia
319-315 War Diadochi War 2. The rise of Antigonus. Polyperchon, Eumenes, Alexander IV, Philip III Arridaeus Vs Cassander, Ptolemy, Antigonus, Demetrius and Seleucus
315-311 War Diadochi War 3. Ptolemy, Cassander and Lysimachus ally against Antigonus. Seleucus defeats Antigonus
312 BCRome built the Via Appia road, 132 miles long. It connected Rome to Brindisi in south east Italy
310 Cassander killed Alexander IV and his mother Roxana because the child was now 13 and king. He also executed Alexander's mother Olympias in 316 and his half brother Philip in 317 and Heracles, an illegitimate son of Alexander, in 309
307-306 War Diadochi War 4. Antigonus and Demetrius defeat Ptolemy. Seleucus and Lysimachus defeat and kill Antigonus in the Battle of Ipsus
304 BCSeleucus peace treaty with the Indian king Chandragupta Maurya who controlled the Indus valley
301 BCWar Battle of Ipsus. Antigonus defeated by Lysimachus
˜300 BC-70 AD Archaeology Bible Written Dead Sea Scrolls Written. Parchment documents containing over 40000 fragments with parts of all the books of Old Testament except Esther. Discovered 1947 at caves in Qumran
300 BCGreat Library of Alexandria is built by Ptolemy 1. 700,000 books. Destroyed by 391 AD
290 BC Lighthouse of Alexandria (Pharos Lighthouse). Built by Ptolemy Soter 117 m (384 ft) high. Destroyed by two strong earthquakes (1303 and 1323). Stone and marble used to build a fort in AD 1480
288 BCLysimachus allied with Pyrrhus of Epirus and invaded Macedonia. He expelled Pyrrhus in 285. Now he controlled Greece, Macedonia, Thrace and Asia Minor
282 BC Colossus of Rhodes. Residents of Rhodes erect a 33 m (110 ft) high statue of their sun god, Helios at the entrance to the harbor. Destroyed by an earthquake in 226 BC. The ruins were there for over 1000 years until the Arabs disassembled it in AD 654
281 BCWar Battle of Corupedion. Lysimachus was defeated by Seleucus 1 Nicantor
281 BCSeleucus 1 Nicantor was murdered by Ptolemy Keraunos/Ceraunus
3801217 BCBattle of Raphia/Gaza. Ptolemy IV defeats Antiochus III
3980250 BC Parthian empire begins. Lasts for 475 years
3980250 BC (250 BC - 250 AD) The Yayoi culture in Japan on the island of Kyushu
3980250-200Bible Written Septuagint Greek version of Hebrew bible. 39 old testament books, 14 apochrypha
4004226 BCEarthquake Earthquake destroys the Colossus of Rhodes built in 280 BC. It broke at the knees
4018212 BCGreek Conquest: Claudius Marcellus conquers Syracuse. Archimedes died in the siege
4024206 BCChinese Dynasty 5 Han Dynasty (206 BC-220 A.D.) 426 Years
-200 BC Archaeology Nash Papyrus. Contains the ten Commandments and the Shema. Acquired in Cairo in 1898
Roman Empire

Map of Rome
4033197 BCProphecy Roman empire begins
-195 BC Archaeology Rosetta Stone. A black basalt slab with a decree of Ptolemy V in three different languages (Greek, demotic and hieroglyphics). Discovered at Rosetta in 1799 by French soldiers
4062168 BCTotal eclipse June 21. Total eclipse of the Moon. Gallus before battle
4062 168 BCGreek Conquest: Anicius Gallus conquers Epirus
4062168 BCWar Battle of Pydna. Romans defeat the Greeks. Perseus of Macedonia defeated by Aemilius Paullus
4062168 BC167 BCE. Kislev 25. Antiochus IV Epiphanes, Seleucid empire, desecrates temple with swine's blood and statue of Zeus. Maccabeans revolt
4063 167 BC Messiah candidate Maccabean revolt. Judas Maccabe was a possible Messiah candidate, died 160 BC
4065 165 BC Israel 164 BCE. Kislev 25. The first Hannukah. Jerusalem recaptured and temple dedicated
4040 150-63BC Pirates common in the Mediterrranean provided slaves to the Romans for the Italian plantations and no action was taken against them. Baleares, Crete and Western Cilicia became pirates' nests until Pompey defeated them and rose to power
4191 133 BCGreek Conquest: Attalus III wills the kingdom of Pergamon to Rome
4122108 BCThe armies of Chinese emperor Wu-Tin occupied Manchuria and northern Korea and established Lo-lang colony
4144 86 BCGreek Conquest: Sulla defeats Athens
4151 79 BCJulius Caesar kidnapped by pirates and ransomed for 25 talents of silver (500 kg)
4155 75 BCJulius Caesar captured by Cicilian pirates for a ransom of 20 talents and he offered to pay them 50. He returned and captured and crucified them
4157 73 BC73-71BC (Third Servile war). Slave revolt led by Spartacus. 6000 crucified on 270 miles
4159 71 BCThe Romans introduced the four pointed cross
[6] Siege 63 BCIsrael Pompeii (Pompey) conquers Jerusalem and Syria. Maccabean period ends
4167 63 BCGreek Conquest: Pompey ends rebellion in Asia Minor
417260 BCFirst Triumvirate (60-53 BC). Julius Caesar (100–44 BC), Pompeius Magnus ("Pompey the Great") (106–48 BC), Marcus Crassus (died 53BC)
418349 BCGreat Roman Civil War (49-45BC). Julius Caesar Vs Pompey. Caesar defeats Pompey at the Battle of Munda and becomes permanent dictator
4182 48 BCWar August 9. Battle of Pharsalus ends civil war (49-48). Julius Caesar defeated Pompey after he crossed the Rubicon on 10 January 49 B.C. and marched on Rome
418248 BCGreat Library of Alexandria burned by accident as a besieged Caesar burned his ships
418843 BCSecond Triumvirate (43-33BC). Octavian (Augustus), Mark Antony, and Marcus Aemilius Lepidus ends the Roman republic
418446 BCSosigenes calendar reform. The longest year on record was 445 days long to correct the seasons. Julian calendar was 365 days/ year and 366 days every 4 years
418644 BCgun March 15 (Ides). Julius Caesar is assassinated by Brutus and Cassius
418644 BCMeteor March 15-22. The Great Comet visible for 7 days after Caesar died. A red comet was seen. Mount Vesuvius was also erupting.
419140 BCKing Herod (40-1BC). Herod appointed ruler by Caesar in 40 BC
[7] Siege37 BCIsrael Siege And Fall of Jerusalem (37BC). Herod finally overthrows the Hasmoneans and gets control of Jerusalem
Roman Empire
4199 31 BCWarSeptember 2. Battle of Actium. Cleopatra and Mark Anthony are defeated by Augustus (Octavian)
4199 31 BCEarthquake September 2. Major earthquake in Judea
4202 28 BCAugustus Caesar Census #1: 4,063,000 citizens. In his consulship, with Marcus Agrippa
421020 BCIsrael Temple Remodeled (20/19 BC-63 AD). Herod begins to remodel the second temple
4222 8 BCAugustus Caesar Census #2: 4,230,000 citizens. Consuls: Gaius Censorinus and Gaius Asinus

Astronomical Signs
(Birth Of Christ)
Astronomical events near the birth of Christ would have affected their beliefs in astrology.
Jupiter (king planet), Regulus (King Star), Venus (mother), Leo (Royal Constellation)
4224 7 BCMay 29, September 29 and December 4. Triple conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter in the constellation of Pisces.
4225 6 BCStar February. Mars, Jupiter and Saturn moved in close proximity in Pisces
4225 6 BCStar The Star in the East? April 17-December 19. The Moon eclipsed Jupiter. Appeared stationary on December 19
4226 5 BCSupernova February 20. Two conjunctions in Pisces between Jupiter - Moon and Mars - Saturn
4226 5 BCSupernova March 10 to April 27. Super Nova. A new star in Capricorn reported by Chinese
4226 5 BCMeteor March 5. Comet with a tail visible for 70 days in Capricorn
4226 5 BCTotal eclipse Total Lunar eclipse. March 23
4226 5 BCeclipse Total Lunar eclipse. September 15. Herod was alive in Jericho but ill
4227 4 BCeclipse Partial Lunar eclipse. March 13 at 4:04 AM
4227 4 BCMeteor Nova or Comet without a tail
4227 4 BCMessiah candidate Jesus Christ, the Messiah is born on Tishri 15 (Feast of Tabernacles)
4228 3 BCEStar May 19. Saturn and Mercury in close conjunction
4228 3 BCEStar June 12. Saturn and Venus in close conjunction
4228 3 BCEStar August 12. Jupiter in conjuction with Venus at sunrise
4228 3 BCEStar August 31. Mercury in conjuction with Venus in Leo. Jupiter enters Leo. Sun in Virgo
4228 3 BCEStar September 14. The first of the three conjunctions of Jupiter and Regulus
4229 2 BCEStar February 17. The second conjunction of Jupiter and Regulus. The Moon came between Jupiter and Regulus, covering up Regulus
4229 2 BCEStar May 8-9. The third conjunction of Jupiter and Regulus. The Moon came between Jupiter and Regulus, covering up Regulus
4229 2 BCEStar June 17. Jupiter and Venus form a double star in the west. The full moon in the east
4229 2 BCSword Herod slaughters children under 2 in Bethlehem
4229 2 BCEStar August 26-27. Conjunction of Jupiter, Mars, Venus and Mercury. All primary planets except Saturn near each other in Leo. Moon in Leo. The sun in Virgo
4229 2 BCStar August 30. A new star appeared in the constellation Virgo
4226 1 BCTotal eclipse Total Lunar eclipse. January 10 at 1:35 AM. King Herod dies in the spring?
Roman Empire
(The Rise of Christianity)

Four Horsemen: The White Horse
The White Horse

Church: Ephesus
Church of Ephesus
4230 1 A.D.Start of the Gregorian calendar. No year zero. Actually created in 1582
4236 6 A.D.Jerusalem becomes part of Roman province of Judea
4238 4 A.D.Tiberius Caesar adopted by Augustus
4243 13 A.D.Senate approves Tiberius as proconsul, princeps and coemperor with Augustus
4244 14 A.D.Augustus Caesar Census #3: 4,937,000 Roman citizens. Consuls: Sextus Pompeius and Sextus Appuleius
4244 14 A.D. Death of Augustus (27 BC to 19 August 14 A.D.) after uncontrollable diaharrea
4244 14 A.D. Tiberius Caesar begins to rule until 37 A.D. Confirmed by the senate on September 18
-˜1st AD Archaeology Pilate Inscription. A limestone slab on a building dedicated to Tiberius with the name of Pontius Pilate. Discovered at Caesarea
424414 Total eclipse September 27, 8:19AM (4:19 UT). Total eclipse of the Moon
4257 27 A.D.Prophecy Messiah is baptized in the fifteenth year of Tiberius Caesar
4261 31 A.D.Crucifixion Passover. Messiah is crucified. Christianity begins. Full moon total eclipse miracle.
If Passover had been postponed 1 month, there would have been a partial lunar eclipse on Passover (April 25) and tabernacles (October 19) Julian dates
4261 31 A.D.Former rain Pentecost. The former rain. The Holy Spirit comes. 3000 converted
Feasts32-33Total eclipseTotal eclipse Total lunar eclipse on Passover (14 Apr 32) and Tabernacles (17 Oct 32)
Partial lunar eclipse on Passover (3 April 33) and Tabernacles (27 Sept 33) Julian dates
426333 Total eclipse March 19 (Julian). Total eclipse of the sun over Israel on Adar 28, just before Nisan 1
426434 Total eclipse Total solar eclipse on Nisan 1. Julian dates
Total eclipse Penumbral lunar eclipses on Nisan 15 (March 23) and Tabernacles (Sept 16)
4264 34 A.D.Prophecy Stephen stoned. Saul persecutes the church. Gentiles called to spread the Gospel
426939Caligula declares himself to be a god 36
427646 Total eclipse Lunar eclipse. A large island suddenly appears near Thera in the Aegean sea
429060Bible Written (40-90) New Testament. Eyewitnesses writings and letters written in Greek
429161Barbarian Druid revolts in Britain
4294 64 A.D.Great Fire Of Rome July 18-19. Nero burns Rome and blames the Christians, accusing them of hatred of humanity. It burned for 6 days, destroying half the city.
Nero commits suicide in 68.
November. He covers Christians with wild animal skins, feeds them to the Lions and uses them as human torches
4296 66-70 A.D.First Jewish revolt after the Romans robbed the temple. Christians obeying prophetic signs of Matthew 24: 15-16 escape Roman siege of Jerusalem when Cestius retreats
Roman Empire
(Persecution of Christians)

Four Horsemen: The Red Horse
The Red Horse

Church: Smyrna
Church of Smyrna
Martyr 67 A.D. (67 - 313) Ten Roman Persecutions
167 A.D.Martyr (64-68) Nero persecuted the Christians. Peter and Paul martyred
4298 68 A.D.Nero Commits Suicide after the senate declared hm an enemy of the state. Vesasian abandons the siege of Jerusalem leaving TItus in charge
4298 69 A.D.Year Of The Four Emperors. (June 68-December 69) Brief civil war after Nero's death. Galba (68-69 murder), Otho (69) suicide, Vitellius (69 executed and the temple of Jupiter was burned down), and Vespasian (69-79)
[8] Siege
(134 Days)
70 A.D.Israel The first Jewish revolt ends. Romans destroy Jerusalem and the second temple. 1,100,000 killed. Siege for 134 days, April 14 - September 7 (Passover to Yom kippur).
Titus breached the walls of Jerusalem on 17th Tammuz.
Temple on fire August 2. Tisha B'av (9th Av) until the 10th
430171The Romans cut down every tree and salted the land in Israel to punish the Jews 468
430171 Total eclipse March 4. Partial eclipse of the Moon. Two eclipses in 15 days. Pliny
430171 Total eclipse March 20. Hybrid eclipse of the Sun. Plutarch's eclipse
430373900 Jews flee to a fortress in Masada. Zealots commit suicide when Rome laid seige
430777Barbarian 77-84AD Conquest of Britain. Wales (77), Scotland (80), and the British in the Battle of Mons Graupius (84)
430879Comet seen before the death of Vespasian
430879August 24. Mount Vesuvius erupts destroying Pompeii and Herculaneum. 3600 killed
430980Fire Burns Rome.
430980John exiled on Patmos. Boiled in oil
281Martyr (81-96) Domitian Persecution. Ordered Jews and Christians killed
431383Barbarian Roman army crossed the Rhine River to attack the Germans
432090-95Bible Written Israel Jewish Council of Jamnia revises canon. Selects original canon of 39 books
Heresy100Gnostic Heresy. Many doctrines. Dualism (matter is evil, spirit is good). The universe was created out of flawed matter. Old Testament law is from an evil God and should be broken. Docetism (The Christ Spirit in the man Jesus did not die). Emanation of spirits
4329100Tribes 100-650AD Aztec civilization emerges in Mexico
4329100Tribes 100-1150AD Hopewell civilization in upper Mississippi (Ohio and Illinois)
3108Martyr (98-117-138) Trajan and Hadrian Persecution. Christians thrown to wild beasts. Christianity outlawed
4332113 (113-117) Parthian War (Persia)
Israel Kitos War (115-117). Jews against Trajan
4334105Inventions Paper invented
4347120Easter Controversy. Christians beginning to have diverse practices. Rome and Alexandria were diverging from the Jewish custom
4349122Hadrian's Wall built. "to separate Romans from Barbarians (Brigantes, Picts, Caledonians)". 80 Roman miles. (73.5 miles, 117km)
Sabbath Change130Rome and Alexandria keep Sunday as exceptions to the general rule. Barnabas of Alexandria advocates Sunday
4361132Israel Messiah candidate Bar Kokaba Revolt (132-135). Second Jewish revolt when Rome tried to build a temple to Jupiter on the temple mount. He was once believed to be the Messiah, supported by Rabbi Akiva. Jerusalem destroyed. Jews exiled by Hadrian
Sabbath Change135Israel Hadrian outlaws circumcision and Sabbath keeping
4364135Israel The Romans captured Beitar the stronghold of the Bar Kochba Revolt on 9th Av
4365136Israel On 9th Av, Jerusalem was plowed under and rebuilt by Hadrian and renamed "Aelia Capitolina". The land of Israel was renamed Palestine. Jews excluded from Jerusalem until the fourth century.
"It is forbidden for all circumcised persons to enter or stay within the territory of Aelia Capitolina; any person contravening this prohibition shall be put to death.
By the middle of the third century Jews had permission to go to the Mount of Olives to mourn the Temple from afar.
Heresy140Marcionite Heresy. Marcion tried to strip all Judaism out of Christianity, even by changing its gospels. Gnostic beliefs. The inferior creator God of the Old Testament Vs the unknown true God who sent Christ, matter is evil. Many strange gospels emerged after this.
Heresy140-Modalism (Monarchian/Sabellian) Heresy. Noetus of Smyrna and Sabellius. Father, Son, and Spirit are three names or manifestations of one person
Sabbath Change150Justin Martyr in Rome advocates Sunday keeping
Heresy150Adoptionism Heresy. Paul of Samasota. Jesus the man became Christ at his baptism, when God indwelt him. Christ was the son of God by nature, but in his humanity by adoption only
Revival153-Montanist (Phrygians) Revival/Heresy. Montanus, Prisca, Maximilla. A revival movement labelled as heretics. Advocated fasting, celibacy, no second marriages, asceticism (no worldly pleasures). Second Coming, prophets with new revelations. Millennium expectations were less popular by this time. Women in leadership positions. In 177 they were excommunicated. Tertullian was a leader. Justinian 1 (527-565) outlawed them
4162Martyr (161-180) Marcus Aurelius Antoninus Persecution. Polycarp martyred
Feasts162-3Total eclipseTotal eclipse 4 Blood moons eclipses on Passover (16 April 162 and 5 April 163) and Tabernacles (10 Oct 162 and 29 Sept 163) Gregorian dates
4434165-180Plague Antonine Plague (Plague of Galen). Killed 5 million. Devastated the Roman Army
4439170 Israel The Mishnah. The oral tradition is written down by Rabbi Judah, the prince
4454185Star December 7 to (July 5 - August 2, 186) Supernova "guest star" recorded by Chinese
5192Martyr (202-210) Septimus Severus Persecution. Alarmed at the growth of Christianity. Perpetua martyred
4464195Easter Controversy: Quartodecimanism. Christians in Asia kept Passover on Nisan 14 were threatened with excommunication by Pope Victor I
4469200 Bible Written Greek bible translated to Latin, Coptic and Syriac
4469200Tribes Tuniit people leave Greenland
4489220Chinese Dynasty 5 Era of Disunity (220-589 A.D.) 371 Years
4495226Zoroastrianism regains popularity
4495226Parthian empire falls
6235Martyr (235-238) Maximus and Thracian Persecution
7245Martyr (249-251) Decius Persecution. Alarmed at the growth of Christianity. Public sacrifices to Pagan gods required
4519250-270Plague Plague of Cyprian. Killed 5000/day at its height. Devastated the Roman Army
4519250Tribes 250-900AD Height of Mayan civilization in Mexico
4520251Novatianist Schism. Novatian. Divided the church among the "Confessors" who held their faith but were not martyred and the lapsed who denied their faith during persecution
8257Martyr (257-260) Valerian Persecution. Three and a half years. Forced to sacrifice to Jupiter. Cyprian of Carthage and Sixtus II of Rome martyred
4528259Barbarian (259-270) Romans yield territory to German invaders
9274Martyr (270-275) Aurelian Persecution
Sabbath Change274Sun Worship. Imported in 219 A.D., the cult of Deus Sol is popular in Rome. Dies Natali Invicti was celebrated on December 25, the birthday of the sun
4554285Emperor Diocletian divided the empire and moved his capital to Byzantium
4569˜300 Earthquake Possible earthquake on the New Madrid fault
Heresy300Arianism Heresy. Arius. Christ is a created being. Accepted by the Goths
10303Martyr (303-324) Diocletian and Galerius severe Persecution. 303-313 were the worst years
4539306Constantine made Byzantium the capital of Rome and renamed it Constantinople
Roman Empire
(Christian Apostasy)

By 300 AD, 25% of the population was Christian.
Rome makes Christianity the official religion of the state in 313.

Four Horsemen: The Black Horse
The Black Horse

Church: Pergamos
Church of Pergamos

4541312Constantine accepts Christianity
4542313Edict of Milan. Christianity becomes an official religion. His mother Helena finds relics
4550321Sunday law March 7. Constantine makes a Sunday Law
Heresy310-390Apollinarianism. Apollinarius. Christ had no human spirit. The Word (Logos) replaced it
4553324Jerusalem under Byzantine rule
Ecumenical Council325First Ecumenical Council. Nicea, Asia Minor. Formulated the First Part of the Nicene Creed. Affirming the divinity of the Son of God
325First Council of Nicaea. Easter is on a Sunday and is not connected to a phase of the moon in the Jewish Calendar. Christians at Rome and Alexandria made their own rules. Christians in Antioch, Syria kept it on the Sunday after Passover
4555326 Queen Helena (mother of Byzantine Emperor Constantine) visits Jerusalem and begins building major churches, including the church of the Holy Sepulchre
4559330Prophecy May 11. Constantinople became the new capital of Rome
4563334Constantine gives the city of Rome as a gift to Pope Sylvester 1, bishop of Rome
4565336Emperor Constantine completes the building of the church of Holy Sepulcher
4579350 Israel The Jerusalem Talmud was written by Rav Muna and Rav Yossi in Israel
4579350Pope Julius 1 declared that Christ was born on December 25
4588359Israel Rabbi Hillel II establishes the modern Hebrew calendar
4591362Julian the Apostate allows Jews to resettle in Jerusalem
4592363Earthquake Galilee Earthquake. Tzippori damaged. Emperor Julian attempts to rebuild the temple. Stopped by earthquake and fireballs
4593364Sunday law Council of Laodicea in canon 29 reversed the fourth commandment by telling people to work. He requires Christians not to be idle on the Saturday Sabbath.
"Christians shall not Judaize and be idle on Saturday, but shall work on that day; but the Lord's day they shall especially honor"
4600371Zoroastrianism: Husheder, the first messiah comes this year
Heresy375-454Eutycheanism. Eutyches. The human nature of Christ was absorbed by the Logos. Christ had one nature
4604375Doctrine Use of images in worship. Veneration of angels and the dead
4604375Barbarian The Huns defeat the Goths and start a migration of homeless Germanic tribes
4607378Barbarian Battle of Adrianople. Goths kill Emperor Valens and half the army
Ecumenical Council381Second Ecumenical Council. Constantinople I. Formulated the Second Part of the Nicene Creed, defining the divinity of the Holy Spirit. Condemned Apollinarianism which denies Jesus' humanity
4611382 Emperors give the title "Pontus Maximus" or "leader of the church" to the church
4612383Israel Tekhelet (Sacred Blue Dye). Edict gives death penalty to Jews who wear blue. Only Caesar could wear expensive blue and purple garments
Sabbath Change386Theodosius 1 and Gratian Valentinian legislation adds restriction on Sunday work
4619390Bible Written Jerome's Latin Vulgate. 80 books (39 old testament, 27 new, 14 Apochrypa)
4620391Paganism was made illegal by an edict of the Emperor Theodosius I. The temples of Alexandria were closed and destroyed by Patriarch Theophilus of Alexandria.
700 year old Great Library of Alexandria (Serapeum) destroyed by religious fanatics
4623394Doctrine The daily mass
4623394Byzantine emperor Theodosius abolished the Olympic games
Roman Empire

Barbarian Barbarian Invasion triggered when the Huns drove them out of their lands. They move south and west into Roman territory.
Attila was called "the Scourge of God".

Map: Invading Tribes
Map: Divided empire
4624395Theodosius splits the Roman empire into west and east (Byzantine empire)
4625396Barbarian (396-410) Visigoth revolt against Roman oppression, led by Alaric
4626397Bible Written Synod of Carthage official canon of new testament 27 books
Sabbath Change400sBoth days were observed everywhere. But Alexandria and Rome observe Sunday only
4629400Tribes Zapotec civilization in South Mexico
4635406Barbarian Vandals, Alans, Suevi and Burgundians overran Gaul
4639410Barbarian August 24. Visigoths and Alaric sacked Rome. He dies of fever at the age of 40
4647418Barbarian Visigoths settle in Aquitaine
4656427Barbarian Vandals cross the straits of Gibraltar to Africa. Led by Gensenric
4658429Barbarian Rome abandoned Britain by 410 and withdraws as the Picts and Scots invade
Ecumenical Council431Third Ecumenical Council. Ephesus, Asia Minor. Defined Christ as the Incarnate Word of God and Mary as Theotokos (The Mother of God)
4660431Marian Dogma Marian Dogma 1. Council of Ephesus - Mary is the mother of God (Theotokos)
4666437Barbarian (437-481) Franks move to northern Gaul
4672443Barbarian The Burgundi settle in Savoy
4676447Barbarian (447-453) Attila and the Huns rule the Balkans (Black Sea to the Mediterranean)
4677448Barbarian Saxon leaders Hengest and Horsa, take Britain from the Celts
Heresy451Nestorianism. Nestorius. The Logos indwelt the person of Jesus, making Christ a God-bearing man not the God-man
Ecumenical Council451Fourth Ecumenical Council. Chalcedon, Asia Minor. Defined Christ as Perfect God and Perfect God and Perfect Man in One Person. Condemned monophysitism (Jesus had one nature, divine not human)
4680451Barbarian June 20. The Battle of Chalons. Rome defeats the Huns who came to Gaul in 450 with 50000 men
4680451Marian Dogma Marian Dogma 2. Leo 1, Perpetual Virginity, the eternal Spouse of the Holy Spirit and the New Eve. Mary's salvation role as the Ark of the New Covenant
4681452Barbarian Attila the Hun invades Italy, but is stopped by malaria or the pope. He dies in 453
4684455Barbarian Vandals burn Rome. Led by Gaiseric
European Medieval Period Begins
"The Dark Ages"
4705476September 4. Western Roman empire ends. Odoacer and German tribes (Heruli) invade Italy and depose the last western Roman emperor, Romulus Augustulus
4722493Barbarian Ostrogoths led by Theodoric occupy Italy
4725496conversion of the Franks to Catholicism
4726497Barbarian Clovis (the Franks) establishes the first Christian kingdom in France
4729500 Israel (219-500) The Babylonian Talmud written by Ravina and Rav Ashi, two leaders of the Babylonian Jewish community
Creed500 Athanasian Creed (Quicunque) created around this time
4730501Earthquake Earthquake in Israel destroys an area from Acre to Jerusalem
4735506Armenian Orthodox Church separated after the Council of Chalcedon condemned monophysitism
4680506Syriac Orthodox Church and the Coptic Orthodox Church separated after the Council of Chalcedon condemned monophysitism
4759508Prophecy 1290 and 1335 year time prophecy begins.
Clovis the king of France converts to Catholicism and is named "the eldest son of the church". He goes to war against the Goths to hand the west over to the Papacy
4777526Doctrine Extreme unction (last rites) and prayers for the sick
4758529First Justinian Code (Corpus Juris Civilis) completed after a 14 month effort to codify Roman law. Expanded and completed in 534 to include the code, the Digest (Pandects) which included common law and the institute. Included church and state legislation.

» Pope of Rome should have first rank and Archbishop of Constantinople second rank.
» Decisions of the first four ecumenical councils added as civil laws.
"We desire that all peoples subject to Our benign Empire shall live under the same religion that the Divine Peter, the Apostle, gave to the Romans, and which the said religion declares was introduced by himself ...
We order all those who follow this law to assume the name of Catholic Christians, and considering others as demented and insane, We order that they shall bear the infamy of heresy; and when the Divine vengeance which they merit has been appeased, they shall afterwards be punished in accordance with Our resentment, which we have acquired from the judgment of Heaven."
4761532January 13-20. Nika Riots. Fire destroyed much of Constantinople and the Hagia Sophia church after a week long revolt began at the Hippodrome and the rebels assaulted the palace next door. Justinian had 30,000 killed by generals Belisarius and Mundus
4763534Barbarian General Belisarius conquers the Vandals in southern Spain and north Africa
*Days of Darkness*
Four Horsemen: The Grey Horse
The Pale Horse

Trumpet: 1
First Trumpet
Dark535-536February 535. 18 months of global darkness followed two huge explosions that rocked the world. The island of Java was split in two, forming Sumatra when Krakatau erupted. The most dense and persistent "dry fog" and "dust veil" appears. Source was volcanic ash in the upper atmosphere. Also known as the year without a summer
Dark536The darkest year. No stars for 3 months. The dim sun, with a bluish color, shone for only four hours each day with a feeble light appearing like the moon
4765536Barbarian Summer. Belisarius takes Naples by violence after a month long siege ended when they entered under the city walls through an aqueduct. Other cities gave up peacefully.
December 9. Belisarius enters Rome with 5000 troops and Theodatus was killed when he tried to escape to Ravenna with 4000 Goths.
4766537Barbarian 537 March 2. Goths, led by Vittigis, return to besiege Rome and attacked on March 21. 30,000 were killed. Goths cut aqueducts, so Belisarius blocked them in March. Siege ended in March 538 after one year and 9 days after Goths were weakened by hunger and plague
Famine535-546Global drought, famine, plague, red rain, yellow dust, severe cold, snow
Cities535-546Collapse of civilizations. Constantinople, Rome, Teotihuacan in Mexico, Yemen
Death535-54650% of global population may have died. Many plants and animals died
Roman Empire

Church: Thyatira
Church of Thyatira
4767538Prophecy 1260 year time prophecy begins. Papacy controls Rome 1260
4767538 Total eclipse February 16. Total eclipse of the sun over Europe
Sabbath Change538The Third Synod of Orleans deplored Jewish Sabbatarianism, and forbid "field labours" on Sunday. The penalty was death for repeat offenders
4769540Disaster A possible meteor with global environmental effects around this year (see year 535)
4771542Plague 542-662, Justinian's Plague killed 70,000 in two years. Killed 25 million
4771542Legendary King Arthur dies after his kingdom becomes a wasteland with famine

Civilizations Collapsed

Drought, Famine, Plague, Revolt and Mass Migration
4776547Celts. Celtic civilization collapses as plague reaches the western border by Roman trade. German and Scandinavian Anglosaxons invaders from the east conquer Celts
4779550Mayan Mayans. Teotihuacan civilization of central Mexico collapses between 550 - 750 AD from a peak of 125,000 in 500 AD. Cities were suddenly abandoned
4781552Avars. Turks conquer Avars who were weakened by the plague
Heresy553Monophysitism. Egyptian church groups. Christ had one nature
Ecumenical Council553Fifth Ecumenical Council. Constantinople II. Reconfirmed the doctrines of the Trinity and Christ
4789560Romans. Slavs and Avars migrate and invade the Balkans from Mongolia and China to avoid starvation. They attacked and destabilized the Roman empire
4797568Barbarian Ostrogoths. The Lombards, led by Alboin replaced the Ostrogoths in Italy
4798569Total eclipse November 24. Total eclipse preceding the birth of Mohammad
Sabbath Change585The Second Synod of Macon stipulated strict Sunday observance
Sabbath Change589The Council of Narbonne stipulated strict Sunday observance
4818589Chinese Dynasty 6 Sui Dynasty (589-617 A.D.) Great Wall rebuilt or extended
Sabbath Change590-604Gregory 1 forbid men "to yoke oxen or to perform any other work, except for approved reasons"
4819590England. Divided among several kingdoms (Kent, Northumbria, Mercia, Wessex ...)
4821593Doctrine The doctrine of purgatory introduced by (Pope Gregory I)
--Arabian. Drought famine and plague reached Arabia. Yemen people migrate to Mecca and Medina causing a power shift
4829600Doctrine Prayers to the virgin, the queen of heaven
4839610Islam religion Islam started by Mohammed. The archangel Gabriel teaches the Quran to Mahammad in a cave near Makkah at age 40. He lived 570-632
[9] Siege614Khosru (Chosroes II) of Persia conquers Syria, sacked Jerusalem. Massacred 90,000 Christians. The Avars sacked cities in Greece
4845616Persian conquest of Egypt
46224378 4847618 Chinese Dynasty 7 Tang Dynasty (618-907 A.D.) 290 Years
46244330 4849620Persian conquest of Asia Minor
46264382 4851622Islam The Hegira (Hijrah). Muhammad flees 200 miles from Mecca to Medina. Calendar begins
46324388 4857628Islam February. Chosroes II (Khosru), King of Persia is murdered. Muhammad conquers the region and sends the major governments a letter to convert. (2 superpowers: Eastern Rome and Persia. Egypt, Abyssinia, Yemen, Bahrain)
46334389 4858629Jerusalem retaken by Byzantines
463443904859630Islam The religion of Islam was started by Mahomet who returned to Mecca as a conqueror and prophet in this year. He received his vision around 610
46414391[10] Siege637Siege of Jerusalem. Khalid ibn al-Walid (Rashidun general) under Umar the Great, capturing the city from the Byzantine Empire
46424398 4867638Israel Islam Caliph Omar Ben Hatav captures Jerusalem and places it under Arab Muslim rule
46424398 4867638Israel Tekhelet (Sacred Blue Dye). Techniques lost for 1300 years after Arab conquest
46424398 Heresy638Monothelitism. Heretic. Christ had no human will, just the one divine will
46574413Ecumenical Council653Tariff Penance. introduced by the Council of Chalon-sur-Saone (644-655) (Canon 8)
46844440Ecumenical Council680Sixth Ecumenical Council. Constantinople III. Affirmed the humanity of Christ in His human will and action
46844440 4909680 Islam Ashura. Husayn and 72 others martyred in the battle of Karbala. Sunni and Shia split
46924448 4917688-691Islam Dome of the Rock (Mosque of Omar) built by Caliph Abdel-Malik on the top of the ruins of the Jewish Temple
46964452Ecumenical Council692Qinisext Council (Trullo). Constantinople IV. Completed fifth and sixth ecumenical councils
46964452Creed692Apostle's Creed was in use by now. It was not created on Pentecost by the apostles
46854441 4910692
Islam Al Aqsa (El Aksa) mosque built by Caliph al-Walid on top of the Temple mount. Muhammad flew from Mecca to this place on a winged horse and ascended to heaven on this spot. It is the third most holy site to Muslims
46954451 Sabbath Change715-731Pope Gregory II said: "We decree that all Sundays be observed from vespers to vespers and that all unlawful work be abstained from ..."
47134469 4938709Doctrine Kissing the feet of the pope (Pope Constantine)
47154471 4940711Islam Islamic Conquest of Hispania (Battle on the Rio Barbate). The Visigoth kingdom fell to Muslim Berbers (Umayyad Caliphate)
47264482 4951722Leo III forced conversion of Jews and "new Christians"
47364492 4961732Battle of Tours. Charles "the Hammer" Martel defeats the invading Muslim who were trying to conquer western Rome
47444500 4969740Israel Khazars (700-1259). The medieval Jewish kingdom in the "Pale of Settlement" from the Crimea to the Baltic
47524508 4977748 Seventh Earthquake. Series of earthquakes destroyed Tiberias, Beit She'an
47534509 4978749 Golan Earthquake. Beit She'an and Pella destroyed
47544510 4979750Doctrine Temporal power of pope. He speaks for God on earth
47594515 4984755Barbarian Papal States. Pepin III defeats the Lombards giving civil power to Pope Stephen III
First Iconoclast Period (730-787)Ecumenical Council787** Idolatry ** Seventh Ecumenical Council. Second Council of Nicea, Asia Minor. Empress Irene presiding. Affirmed the use of icons as genuine expressions of Christian faith and restored the use and veneration of icons
47924548 5017788Doctrine Worship of idols, images, relics and cross
47924548 Sabbath Change788Charlemagne decreed that all ordinary labor on the Lord's Day be forbidden, since it was against the fourth commandment
47974553 5022793 790-1100 Viking period. Vikings raided a monastery in Britian on Linisfarne
47974553 Feasts795-6Total eclipseTotal eclipse 4 Blood moons eclipses on Passover (13 April 795, 1 April 796) and Tabernacles (7 Oct 795, 26 Sept 796)?? Gregorian Dates
48044560 5029800 Feudal system begins among the Franks and spreads across Europe (850-1000 AD)
48044560 5029800Prophecy Uniting Europe Charlemagne (768-814) creates the German Holy Roman Empire. First Reich
Pope Leo III crowned him Imperator Romanorum ("Emperor of the Romans") in Saint Peter's Basilica on Christmas day, nullifying Constantinople and creating two separate empires for Rome
48044560 Satanic Doctrine800 Pascal 1 (817-824) and Pope John VIII (872-882) Doctrine of Indulgences
48044560 5029800Islam Druze (Druse) in Lebanon break away from Islam
48144570 5039810Golden gate of the Jewish Temple sealed by the Arabs
48244580 5049~820Israel Bible Written Codex Orientales 4445. contains Genesis-Deuteronomy 1:33 (less Numbers 7:47–73 and Numbers 9:12–10:18)
48254581 5050821 Tibet and China sign a treaty that established their borders after 200 years of fighting
48314587 5056827 Egbert creates the kingdom of Britain
48464602 5071842Abbasid Caliphate's power declines with semi-independent emirates. Byzantine power rises
48464602 Feasts842-3Total eclipseTotal eclipse 4 Blood moons eclipses on Passover (3 April 842, 23 March 843) and Tabernacles (27 Sept 842, 16 Sept 843)?? Gregorian dates
Second Iconoclast Period (814-842)Ecumenical Council843** Idolatry ** Empress Theodora presided over the restoration of icon veneration in 843
48474603 5072843 Treaty Of Verdun-Carolinigian Empire. Separated Germany from the Frankish (French) empire
48504606 5075846Arab Sack of Rome outside the Aurelian Wall. Vatican, Old St. Peter's and St. Paul's
48544610 5079850Doctrine Holy water, blessed by a priest
48594615 5084855 Emperor Louis II (Italy) said no Jew should remain in his kingdom. Setting a policy of sparse Jewish populations between the 7th-13th century
48604616 5085856Earthquake Earthquake, December 22: Damghan, Iran. 200,000 dead
48644620Feasts860-1Total eclipseTotal eclipse 4 Blood moons eclipses on Passover (13 April 860, 3 April 861) and Tabernacles (7 Oct 860, 26 Sept 861)?? Gregorian dates
48654621 5090861Bulgars convert to Christianity
48664622 5091862Kievan Rus Dynasty (Tsars of RUssia). Rurik Dynasty. 862-1598 (Time of Troubles). Succeeded by the Romanovs (1613)
48674623 5092863Battle of Lalakaon (Poson). Arab invasion stopped in eastern Europe by the Byzantines ending Arab incursions for a century, altering the strategic balance in the region
48684624 5093864Byzantines invaded Bulgaria stopping Boris from negotiating with the pope and Louis the German for converting from Paganism to Catholicism in favor of Eastern Orthodox
48944650 5119890Doctrine Veneration of St. Joseph
48974653 5122893Earthquake Earthquake, March 23: Ardabil, Iran. 150,000 dead
48994655 5124895Israel Bible Written Codex Prophetarum Cairensis. Oldest Hebrew manuscript containing the complete text of the Hebrew Bible Nevi'im (prophets).
49044660 5129˜900 Earthquake Possible earthquake on the New Madrid fault
49204676 5145916Chinese Dynasty 8 Liao Dynasty (916-1125 A.D.) North
49304686 5155~930Israel Bible Written Aleppo Codex. Oldest incomplete manuscript of the Hebrew Bible in Hebrew
49344690 5159934Eldgja eruption Iceland
49644720 5189960Chinese Dynasty 9 Sung Dynasty. North (960-1127 A.D.) South (1127-1279 A.D.)
49664722 5191962Prophecy Uniting Europe Otto the Great tries to unite Europe (962-973)
49934749 5218989Christianity comes to Russia with the conversion of Vladimir
49994755 5224995Doctrine Canonisation of dead saints (Pope John XV)
50024758 5227998Doctrine Observance of Lent and Good Friday, fasting on Fridays and during Lent began
** Medieval Warm Period **10001000-1250. The European population and economy exploded
50044760 52291000Inventions Gunpowder invented
50044760 52291000Tribes Thule civilization in Alaska moves east to Greenland and displaces the giant Tuniit
50044760 52291000Vikings move to Greenland. They starve by 1500 in the little ice age
50104766 52351006Star May 1 - Supernova SN1006 observed between Lupus and Centaurus for 3 months and then for 18 months. Bright as quarter moon as bright as Venus seen in midday
50124768 52371008Israel Bible Written Leningrad Codex. Oldest complete manuscript of the Hebrew Bible in Hebrew
50134769 52381009(1009-10) Caliph Hakim orders destruction of churches and synagogues
50204776 52451016Earthquake Earthquake causes structural damage on the Temple Mount
50424798 52671038 Chinese Dynasty 10 Western Xia Dynasty (1038-1227 A.D.)
50544810 52791050Doctrine Mass
50544810 52791050Doctrine The mass declared to be a sacrifice of Christ
Curses: Schism Eastern Orthodox Schism 1054Eastern Orthodox church separates with mutual excommunications over the issueof the primacy of the bishop of Rome (Catholic) over the bishop of Constantinople (Orthodox)
50584814 52831054Star July 4-5. The Crab Nebula supernova remnant observed by the Chinese in Taurus
50704826 52951066William the Conqueror. Normans conquer the Anglo-Saxons uniting England and Normandy. Norwegian king Harald Hardradde, invaded England to claim the throne of Edward the Confessor. He is killed at the battle of Stamford Bridge by Harold Godwinson of England, who is defeated at the battle of Hastings by William of Normandy
50814837 53061077Henry, Emperor of Germany waits barefoot in winter outside the papal palace
50814837 53061077Turks capture Jerusalem
50834839 53081079Doctrine Celibacy of the priesthood and nuns
50944850 53191090Doctrine Rosary introduced by Peter the Hermit
Curses: War ** Crusades Begin **1095Martyr 1095 - 1272. Nine Crusades and a Children's crusade
50994855 53241095War 1095 First Crusade and first Jewish holocaust in the Rhineland
51044859[11] Siege 1099Siege of Jerusalem during the first crusade
*** Ancient Spiritualism *** 1100Spiritualism Automatic Writing (Fuji). (960-1297) Evidence of its use in China
51194875 53441115 Chinese Dynasty 11 Jin Dynasty (1115-1234 A.D.) Great Wall rebuilt or extended
51424898 53671138Earthquake Earthquake, August 9: Aleppo, Syria. 230,000 dead
51484904 53731144 Zengid leads 30000 Muslims to besiege and capture Edessa
51514907 53761147 War 1147-49 Second Crusade failed to recapture Edessa and enlarge the empire
51514907 53761147Martyr Waldensian persecution
51544910 53791150 Tribes The Anasazi abandon their homes in the south west. Drought may be the cause
51594915 53841155Israel Bible Written Bologna Torah Scrolls (1155-1225). Oldest complete extant Torah Scroll
51724928 53971168Tribes August 6. The beginning of the 52 year Toltec cycles
51854941 54101181Star August 6. Supernova in Cassiopeia. It is now a pulsar
51884944 54131184(1184-1230) Medieval or Episcopal Inquisition
51914947 [12] Siege1187October. Fall of Jerusalem. Saladin (Salah al-Din) defeats a crusader army (Battle of Hattin). He arranged a sharing arrangement between the Christians (Armenian, Greek and Catholic) and allowed Jews to return
51934949 54181189War May 1189-1192. Third Crusade to recapture Jerusalem by Richard 1 (the Lion Heart). He massacred the Muslim prisoners taken at Acre. But he abandoned Jerusalem
51944950 54191190Prophecy Uniting Europe Henry VI (1190-1197) fails to unite Europe
51944950 54191190Doctrine Selling indulgences
51964952 54211192January 15. Great Aurora seen over Europe. Fiery red skies
52044960 54291200Tribes Cahokia civilization in Illinois with massive mounds, cities of over 10,000 people
52044960 54291200(1200-1202) Famine in Egypt. Rain shortage stopped the annual flooding of the Nile. Crops failed. 110000 dead
52044960 54291200Money Fibonacci convinced western nations to use Arabic numerals in financing
52064962 54311202 Earthquake Syria Earthquake (7.2). May 20. 1,100,000 dead from quake and famine when the Nile did not flood. Damage Mount Lebanon, Tyre, Acre, Baalbek, Beit Jann, Al-Samyra, Nablus, Banyas, Damascus, Hauran, Tripoli and Hama
52064962 54311202 War 1202-04 Fourth Crusade
52124968 54371208Martyr Albigensian persecution
52124968 54371208 March 23. England under interdict for 6 years. King John excommunicated
52164972 54411212 War 1212 Children's Crusade
52164972 54411212Martyr Strassburg Germany. At least 80 heretics burned
52194975 54441215 Magna Charta (June 15). The barons force king John I Lackland of England to sign the Magna Carta constitution at Runnymede. It recognizes rights of the nobility, clergy and people and makes the king subject to the law of the land
52194975 54441215 Genghis Khan and the Mongols conquer the Sung Dynasty in 1215
52194975 54441215Doctrine Confession to priests, doctrine of transubstantiation introduced in 831, now official
52214977 54461217 War 1217-21 Fifth Crusade
52224978[13] Siege 1218Siege of Jerusalem during the fifth crusade
52244980 54491220Prophecy Uniting Europe Friedrich II (1220-1250) fails to unite Europe
52314987 54561227Martyr Pope Gregory IX establishes inquisition courts
52324988 54571228War 1228-29 Sixth Crusade
52334989 54581229Doctrine Council of Valencia. Bible placed on the Index of Forbidden Books. Interpretation of Bible forbidden to laity
52334989 54581229Doctrine Laity forbidden to interpret bible
52344990 54591230 Total eclipse May 14. Total eclipse in Europe
52354991 54601231Martyr Papal Inquisition
52235004[14] Siege 1244The Khwarezmians, recaptured Jerusalem from the Christians returned by treaty
52525008 54261248War 1248-54 Seventh Crusade
52555011 54291251Martyr Pope Innocent IV authorizes the use of torture
52725028 54461268Earthquake Earthquake, Silicia, Asia Minor. 60,000 dead
52745030 54481270War 1270 Eighth Crusade
52755031 54491271War 1271-72 Ninth Crusade. In 1291 Acre, the last Christian outpost, fell to the Muslims
52835039 54571279 Kublai Khan and mongols complete the conquest of the Sung Dynasty
52835039 54571279 Chinese Dynasty 12 Yuan Dynasty (1279-1368 A.D.) Genghis Khan and Mongols conquer China, Russia, Korea, Iran, Iraq
52915047 54651287Doctrine Scapular declared a charm against dangers
52945050 54681290Earthquake Earthquake, September: Chihli, China. 100,000 dead
52985054 54721294Prophecy Uniting Europe1294-1328. Charles IV tries to unite Europe
53035059 54771299Islam July 29. Ottoman Turks Begin. Grew strong by joining with Paphlagonia bandits, defeated the Romans in a battle near Nicomedia
53045060 54781300Islam 1291-1516. Slave army officers from Egypt, Mamelukes (Mamluk) rule
53095065 548313051305-1377. Papal palace moved to Avignon, France
53155071 54891311Doctrine Council of Ravenna allows baptism by sprinkling and pouring
Curses: Famine Great Famine of Europe1315Famine (1315-1317). Five years of extreme rainfall caused cereal crop failures. Cannibalism. 10-25% or millions died
Curses: Disease Great Dying of the Beasts 1319-27Plague Disease killed the animals (sheep, cattle) of Europe
Curses: Cold The Little Ice Age Begins 13201320-1850. Worst years 1645-1715 (Maunder Minimum)
53285084 55021324Reformer John Wyclif (1324-1384). The morning star of the reformation. Teacher at Oxford, England. Translated the bible into English. He was dug up and burned as a heretic in 1425. Followers called Lollards
53295085 55031325Tribes Aztecs founded the city of Tenochtitlan on Lake Tetzcoco and built El Templo Mayor
53455101 551913411311-1341. Mongol extermination of Chinese. 35 million dead
53455101 55191341Zoroastrianism: Aushedar-Mah, the second messiah comes this year
53495105 55231345Economics Global economic collapse peaks. Bardi and Peruzzi banking families in Florence
Curses: Death *** The Black Death ***1347-51Plague 1347-1665, The plague killed 33% of Europe. 75 million die during 1347-51
53725128 55971368 Chinese Dynasty 13 Ming Dynasty (1368-1644 A.D.) Drives out Mongols. Great Wall rebuilt or extended
Curses: Schism Papal Schism13771377-1417. Two sets of popes. One at Rome, the other at Avignon, France
53885134 56131384Bible Written John Wycliffe finishes the first translation of the entire Bible into English
53945140 56191390Money Modern Banking. Medici Bank begins credit, interest and currency trading
54055161 56301401Martyr England authorized the burning of Lollards at the stake. Followers of John Wycliffe
54065162 56311402Mongol leader, Timor, defeats the Ottoman Turks. He dies in 1405
54185174 56431414Doctrine Communion under one kind (bread alone). The cup forbidden by Council of Constance
54195175 56441415Martyr John Huss (1369-1415) Reformer, University of Prague, Bohemia. Burned at the stake in Constance
54375193 56621433Martyr Hussite persecution
54435199 56681439Doctrine Purgatory dogma official (Council of Florence)
54435199 56681439Doctrine Seven sacraments or signs of the sacred declared (Baptism, Eucharist, Penance, Confirmation, Marriage, Holy Orders (Ordination), Anointing the sick)
54485204 56731444Slavery Slaves brought to Portugal from Mauritania
54535209 56781449Islam Ottoman Turks Dominate. The last king of the Greek empire, Constantine, was crowned and surrendered independence to the Turks
54545210 5679˜1450 Earthquake Possible earthquake on the New Madrid fault
54545210 56791450Gospel advancesInventions Printing press and moveable type
54545210 56791450Gospel advances Bible Written (1450-55) Gutenberg Bible. First Bible printed in Germany. 300 copies 1282 pages
54565212 56811452Slavery Dum Diversas. 18 June 1452. Papal Bull by Pope Nicholas V authorizing Spain and Portugal to make "perpetual slaves" of Muslims and Africans (Saracens and Pagans) and all unbelievers
Industrial RevolutionRenaissance 1453 The period of enlightenment begins in Europe
54575213 56821453 Total eclipse May 22. Partial eclipse of the Moon. Fall of Constantinople
54575213 56821453Islam May 29. Ottoman Turks, led by Sultan Mehmet II conquer Constantinople (Byzantine empire) and renamed it Istanbul. Siege April 6, 1453 to May 14, 1454
54595215 56841455Slavery Romanus Pontifex. January 8. Pope Nicholas V papal bull to Portugal giving permission to enslave people and forbidding other nations the right to trade and colonize these nations
54605216 56851456Slavery Etsi Cuncti. Papal Bull by Pope Calixtus III reaffirming the authorization of slavery
54805236 Satanic Doctrine1476Pope Sixtus IV applied indulgences to souls in purgatory
54685228 56931464Money Bonds. Florence finances wars with public debt
54845240 57091480Martyr Pope Sixtus IV issued a papal bull to create the Spanish Inquisition (1478-1834)
54845240 57091480Martyr (1480-1524) 14,344 burned at the stake
54855241 57101481Slavery Pope Sixtus IV renewed the 1452 bull that authorized slavery
54855241 57101481Codex Vaticanus B (Greek). Found in a Vatican library after it was "lost". Dated "palaeographically" to the fourth century (300-325 AD)
54885248 57131484December 5. Pope Innocent VIII, papal bull "Summis Desiderantes" blames the foul weather on witches. Authorizes tracking, torturing and executing Satan worshippers
54945250 57191490 Disaster An asteroid breaks over the Chinese city of Chiling-Yang killing 10,000
54965252 57211492July 30. Spanish Army of king Ferdinand and queen Isabella defeats the Muslim forces in Granada
54965252 57211492July 31 (Tisha B'Av). All Jews must leave Spain (the Alhambra Decree of March 31)
Spanish Colonization of the American Continent1492October 12. Columbus lands in America. He was searching for new territory for Spain
1492Disaster November 7. Giant fireball Meteor strikes Ensisheim France
1492One million Muslims and Jews expelled from Spain
1493Tordesillas Line. Inter Caetera is papal bull issued on 4 May by Pope Alexander VI divided the world between Spain (West) and Portugal (East) for trading monopolies. The Tordesillas was signed on 7 June 1494
54975253 Feasts1493-4Total eclipseTotal eclipse 4 Blood moons eclipses on Passover (11 April 1493, 31 March 1494) and Tabernacles (4 Oct 1493, 24 Sept 1494)
55025258 57271498Martyr Jerome Savonarola (1452-1498) hanged and burned in Florence
55025258 57271498Martyr 10,200 burned. 97,000 perpetual imprisonment. (1420-1498) by Torquemada of Spain. (1481-1808) 100,000 martyrs. 1,500,000 banished
55045260 57291500Tribes Machu Piccu city built by Incas on high ridge above the Urubamba river in Peru
55045260 57291500Islam 1500-1922. Ottoman Empire
55045260 57291500Tribes Portuguese fishermen meet the Inuit in Canada
55065262 57311502Tribes Montezuma II (Moctezuma II) became leader of the Aztecs
˜ 3000 Years since the Exodus (36 Months) 1508Reformer Martin Luther (1483-1546) realized that "the just shall live by faith". Became a priest in 1505. Excommunicated in 1520
55125288 57371508Doctrine Superstitions of the Ave Maria "Hail Mary" prayer (Pope Sextus V), 1508-1558
55135289 57381509Tribes Fearful signs and omens appeared in the sky to the Aztecs
55145290 57391510Slavery Slaves shipped to Spanish colonies from Spain
55185294 57411514Slavery Precelse Denotionis. Pope Leo X renewed the 1452 bull authorizing slavery
55205276 57451516Reformer Zwingli (1484-1531) Switzerland. Zurich accepted his teachings in 1525
*** Roots Of Counter-Reformation ***1512-17 No LightError Fifth Lateran Council. Forbid publishing a book without prior church censorship. Prohibited preaching about antichrist. Advocated ban or burn all Bibles, heretical books, and the heretics that owned or preached from them
55215277 57461517 John Tetzel in Germany selling certificates of indulgences for pardon of sin
Curses: Schism Protestant Schism1517Gospel advances October 31. The Protestant reformation begins.
Martin Luther nails 95 theses on the church door in Wittenberg
55235279 57481519Tribes Aztec prophecy. Quetzalcoatl would return around this year
55235279 57481519Tribes February. Cortes landed in Mexico to conquer the Aztecs and Mayans
55255281 57501521Tribes August 13. Cortes captures the Aztec city of Tenochtitlan
55265282 57511522Ferdinand Magellan was the first to circumnavigate the globe
55275283 57521523Martyr August. Jean Vallière. First Protestant martyr in Paris, France
55285284 57531524Martyr John Clark. Melden, France. Beaten, nose and right hand cut off, tortured, burned
55285284 57531524Tribes Verrazano searches for gold in North East America
55295285 57541525Bible Written William Tyndale's New Testament. (Latin vulgate, Erasmus Greek, original Greek)
55315287 575615271469-1527 Niccolo Machiavelli. "The end justifies the means" and ethics play no role
55335289 57581529Treaty of Saragossa (22 April 1529). Extended the Tordesillas Line and divided the other half of the world between Spain and Portugal
Curses: Schism Anglican Schism1529Church of England separates. King Henry VIII wanted a divorce
55345290 57591530 religion Sikhism started by Nanak in India
55355291 57601531Catholic Visions December 12. Catholic Visions (Juan Diego) Our Lady of Guadalupe in Mexico
55365292 57611532Tribes 1532-1533. Francisco Pizarro destroys the Inca empire in Peru
55375293 57621533Reformer Anabaptists During the Middle Ages they worked in Germany, Holland, Switzerland
55395295 57641535Martyr Death by fire for Anabaptists. Netherlands 100,000 Protestants massacred by Charles V and Philip II (1566-1598)
55395295 57641535Bible Written Myles Coverdale Bible. Student of Tyndale. 80 books
55405296 57651536 Lutheran is the state religion. Denmark (1536), Sweden (1539), Norway (1540)
55405296 57651536 (1536) Portuguese Inquisition and was established by the King of Portugal, Joao III
55405296 57651536Martyr October 6. William Tyndale strangled and burned at the stake for heresy. Translated the New Testament in 1534
55415297 57661537Bible Written Matthews Bible. (Tyndale's and Coverdale's translation). Henry VIII authorized sale in Britain
55415297 57661537Slavery Sublimus Dei. June 2. Pope Paul III forbids the enslavement of native Americans. But he sanctioned slavery after this in other places
55435299 57681539Tribes Coronado's troops arrive at the Pueblos
55445300 57691540Tribes Desoto searches for gold in North East America
55445300 57691540Jesuit Order approved by Pope Paul III. It was founded in 1534
** Counter-Reformation **
1542Martyr Roman Inquisition. Paul III authorizes the Roman Inquisition and forms the Holy Office as the final court of appeals in all trials of heresy
1545 Doctrine Tradition is infallible authority
1545Council of Trent (1545-1564) began the counter reformation. Rejected "sola scriptura"
51944950 54191546Doctrine Apocryphal books added to the Bible
55505306 57751546Martyr July 16. Anne Askew, Protestant leader, burned at the stake by queen Mary Tudor for denying transsubstantiation
** The Burning Times **1550Reformer (1550-1650) The height of burning heterics and witches
55585314 57831554 Ivan IV, the Terrible becomes "Tsar of All the Russias"
** Reign of Terror **1555Martyr August 18. Roman Inquisition. Paul IV "Father of the Roman Inquisition" escalates the inquisition with a reign of terror and brings torture and the inquisition to Italy
55595315 57841555Martyr Fires of Smithfield (1555-1558) by bloody queen Mary. 288 marytrs including John Rogers, Saunders, Hooper, Taylor, Thomas Cranmer and Bradford. Nicholas Ridley, Bishop of London. Hugh Latimer, Bishop of Worcester
55595315 57841555Israel Pope Paul IV papal bull. No tolerance for Jews. They must wear yellow hats and arm bands and live in locked ghettos in Rome and Ancona. Copies of the Talmud are burned
55595315 57841555 Peace of Augsburg between German Lutherans and Catholics. Each state chooses the state religion
55605316 57851556Earthquake 8.0 Earthquake, January 23. Shansi China. 830,000 dead
55605316 57851556 The inquisition has a new method of torture: boiled alive in oil, tar and turpentine
55615317 57861557Israel Jews are not allowed to own anything except the Old Testament
55635319 57881559(1559-1966) Index of forbidden books ("Index Librorum Prohibitorum"). Includes the Bible in the language of the people
55635319 57881559August 18. Wicked Pope Paul IV dies. The people react with joy. They burn the inquisition palace, behead his statue, free captives
55645320 57891560Reformer John Knox (1515-1572) Scotland. Established the Reformed church in 1560
55645320 57891560Bible Written Geneva Bible. First translation based on original Hebrew and Greek
55665322 57911562Martyr Huguenot persecution and Massacre of the Protestant congregation at Vassy
55685324 57931564Reformer John Calvin (1509-1564) French man driven to Geneva. Calvinist
55695325 57941565-66November. Lyons, France. Battle of the Catholic and Protestant exorcists. Nicole claims to be possessed by Beelzebub who said "The Huguenots are mine"
56245380 58491568Bible Written Bishops Bible. Archbishop of Canterbury revises the Geneva Bible
55765332 58011572Martyr August 24, Saint Bartholomew's Day Massacre ordered by Catherine de Medici
55765332 58011572Star Tycho's star. A supernova in Cassiopeia
55815337 58061577Sir Francis Drake circumnavigated the globe 1577-1580
55865342 58111582Thursday October 4 followed by Friday October 15
Gregorian calendar adopted in Catholic states. 10 days were added
*** Roots Of Futurism *** 1585-90 No LightError Francisco Ribera (Futurism). Spanish Jesuit published a book with the theory that the first few chapters of Revelation were fulfilled by Pagan Rome and the rest will be fulfilled by the Antichrist in a future 3.5 years before the Second Coming
*** Roots Of Futurism *** 1581-93 No LightError Cardinal Robert Bellarmine. Reign of Antichrist in a future 3.5 year period
55565348 58171588May 19 - October. The Invincible Spanish Armada. 130 ships, 2,500 guns, 30,000 men leaves Lisbon to attack Protestant England and Holland and install a Catholic monarch. Destroyed by a relentless storm and British forces
55665358 58271598April 13. Edict of Nantes. Huguenot given religious tolerance by Henry IV
55665358 58271598Rurik Dynasty Ends. Feodor Ivanovich dies. Time of Troubles. Romanov dynasty (1613- 15 March 1917). Czar Nicholas II abdicated after the February Revolution
55695361 58301601Russia: Time of Troubles (1601-1603). Volcanic eruption caused a Russian Famine killing about 2 million or one-third of the population
56065362 58311602Money United Dutch East India Charter Company. Stock markets in Amsterdam
56085364 58331604Star Kepler's star a supernova in Serpens/ Ophiuchus seen until early 1606
56115367 58361607Governments May 14. 214 members of the Virginia Company explorers landed in Jamestown, Virginia to establish the first permanent British settlement
56135369 58381609 Netherlands splits into Protestant Holland and Catholic Belgium
56135369 58381609 September 12. Henry Hudson sails up the Hudson River under the Dutch flag to find a short cut to Asia
56135369 58381609Bible Written Rheims-Douay Bible. First Complete English Catholic Bible
52144970 58391610Money Trading shares allowed in Amsterdam 3 years after citizens invest (1607)
Church: Sardis
Church of Sardis
58391610Sunday law New England colonies make a Sunday Law with the death penalty
56155371 58401611Bible Written King James Version. It is a retranslation of the Bishop's Bible
56165372 58411612British trading post in Gujarat, India. Madras (1640), Bombay (1668), Calcutta (1690)
56185374 58431614Tribes April 5. Pocahontas (Matoaka), daughter of Powhatan (chief of the Algonquian Indians) married John Rolfe
*** Roots Of Preterism *** 1614 No LightError Luis de Alcazar (Praetorist). Spanish Jesuit published a book with the theory that Antichrist was Nero and all of Revelation except chapter 20-22 was fulfilled by the 6th century and the last 3 chapters are in the future
56225378 58471618Comet 3 bright comets
56235379 58481619Slavery A Dutch slave trader exchanges african indentured servants for food in Jamestown
56235379 58481619Martyr (1619-1648) Thirty years war ends with the Peace of Westphalia. 7.5 million killed
The Pilgrims Come to America1620Prophecy Governments A new land opens up since the 1500s. The Pilgrims came to the United States to avoid persecution. Mayflower lands on November 11. December 21, lands at Plymouth Rock with 102 forefathers
56265382 58511622Tribes Opechancanough leads the Powatans to kill 350 colonists in Virginia
56295385 58541625Dutch colony of New Amsterdam (New York) founded near Wall Street
56325388 58571628Governments The Puritans founded the Massachusetts Bay colony. 700 settlers arrived in 1630
56355391 58601631Volcano Volcano, December 15-16: Vesuvius erupts killing 3,500
56375393 58621633June 22. Galileo was forced to kneel in front of the Inquisition and recant his belief in the Copernican planetary system. The earth revolves around the sun
56405396 58651636Reformer Roger Williams. Driven out of Massachusetts and founded Rhode Island. Separation of church and state
56465402 58711642Israel First Jewish colony in the New World was established in Recife, Brazil
56465402 58711642Plague Flood. Haifeng, China. 300,000 dead
56475403 58721643Prophecy Uniting Europe1643-1715. Louis XIV (or Ludwig XIV, "The Sun King") tries to unite Europe
56485404 58731644 Chinese Dynasty 14 Quing (Manchu) Dynasty (1644-1911 A.D.)
56495405 58741645Plague Plague. Seville Spain. 80,000 dead
Curses: Famine ** Famine and Cold ** 1645Famine 1645-1750. Worst years of the little ice age (1320-1850). Massive global famine
56515407 58761647Quaker ("Society of Friends"). Founder George Fox separated from Church of England began preaching publicly
56585414 58831654Israel Jews emigrate to New Amsterdam (New York). Build first synagogue in 1730.
56685424 58931664English take over Dutch holdings in New England
56695425 58941665Messiah candidate Shabbetai Zvi, a Turkish Jew who was once believed to be the Messiah
56695425 58941665Plague 1347-1665, The great plague of London. It killed 17,440 of a population of 93,000
*** London Destroyed ***1666September 2-9. The great fire of London
Knowledge Knowledge Increases.1666-Sir Isaac Newton has many discoveries in mathematics and physics likely inspired by God
Rainbow Discovered the mathematics of the rainbow and its relationship to white light
56715427 58961667Earthquake Earthquake, November: Shemakha, Caucasia. 80,000 dead
56735429 58981669Volcano March 24. Volcano: Mt. Etna, Sicily. 20,000 dead
56845440 59091680Plague Plague. 1663-1668, Europe. It killed 50 million
56855441 59101681Dragonnades (soldiers) live in Protestant homes and forced conversions by terrorism
56865442 59111682Tribes William Penn treaty with the Delaware Indians
56875443 59121683Seventh Day Baptists start a church in London
56875443 59121683Amish emigration to Pennsylvania after a schism among Swiss Mennonites
56895445 59141685October 18. Edict of Nantes revoked by Louis XIV. Protestants lose freedom
56895445 59141685Martyr Louis XIV slaughters Huguenots. 500,000 killed
56905446 59151686Martyr January 31. Louis XIV forced the Duke of Savoy to persecute the Waldenses (Vaudois)
56935449 59181689 Slavery Code Noir. Louis XIV allows full use of slaves in the colonies. Partial permission was given in 1629
56965452 59211692Salem witch hunt trials, 150 accused, 19 executed
56965452 59211692 Earthquake Earthquake, June 7: Port Royal, Jamaica. 2,000 dead. The wickedest city on earth
56975453 59221693 Earthquake Earthquake, January 11: Sicily, Italy. 30 - 60,000 dead
The Seven Seals: The Martyrs The Fifth Seal 59291700'sMartyrs Martyrs
Great General Council

Satan holds an important meeting to discuss the new emerging sciences believing that Daniel 12: 4 was being fulfilled. He focused on atheism, hypnotism (Franz Mesmer) and evolution (Charles Darwin and Thomas Henry Huxley), taking control of the project and personally tutored Darwin
57045460 59291700Earthquake January 26. 9.0+ Cascadia earthquake. Tsunami in Japan on January 28
52204976 54451716Money Printed Bank Notes. Mississippi Company for public banking and trading. John Law, president
Great Awakening #1 1720The first Great awakening (1730-1745)
57245480 59491720Money Mississippi Company Bubble. First stock market crash
57245480 59491720Money The South Sea Bubble (1719-1720). British stock market crash
57315487 59561727Earthquake Earthquake, November 18: Tabriz, Iran. 77,000 dead
*** First Book Of Atheism ***
1729Atheist Atheism. French Catholic priest Jean Meslier (1664–1729), rejects the concept of god, the soul, miracles and theology. Posthumously published an essay
(Thoughts and Feelings of Jean Meslier ... Clear and Evident Demonstrations of the Vanity and Falsity of All the Religions of the World")
57405496 59451736 Major Amish emigration to America
57445500 59491740Slavery Negro Act. Passed after the 1739 Stono Rebellion. Slaves not allowed to grow their own food, assemble in groups, earn money, learn to read or travel without passes
57485504 59731744Money Scottish Minister's Widows Fund. Robert Wallace and Alexander Webster from Scotland began the first true insurance fund
57485504 59731744Comet November 29. Great comet, visible in the day
*** Ancient Spiritualism *** 1750Spiritualism Tarot Cards. First use in Bologne, Italy
57565512 59811752Wednesday September 2 followed by Thursday September 14.
Britain and her colonies switch to the Gregorian calendar. 11 days were added
The Seven Seals: The Grey Horse The Sixth Seal 59841755Prophecy Earthquake November 1, The Great Lisbon earthquake (8.7). 70,000 dead
57635519 59881759 Near East Earthquake. November. Damaged the ruins of Baalbek.
Industrial Revolution Industrial Age 1769 Europe and North America. Steel, transportation, mining, banking, oil corporations
57745530 59991770James Cook took possession of Australia for Great Britain. A commonwealth in 1901
The American Revolution.

American war for independence against King George III of England
1765Stamp Act. Takes effect November 1. It taxes all printed material.
Quartering Act. Colonists must house and feed British soldiers
1773December 16. Boston Tea Party. Colonists disguised as Mohawk indians dump 342 containers of tea
1774September 5 - October 26. 56 delegates of the First Continental Congress meet in Philadelphia to promote strategies for self rule
1774 Mesmerism or Animal Magmetism. Franz Mesmer Hypnotism (1843), Spiritualism, New Thought, "magnetic healing", and Parapsychology branched from his theories
1775May 2. King Louis XVI of France commits one million in arms and support
1775May 10. Second Continental Congress elects George Washington as commander of the new continental army
1775April 19. The shot heard around the world that started the American revolution. 70 armed Massachusetts militiamen confront the British on Lexington Green
1775Flood 1775-1782. Small Pox epidemic in North America. 130,000 killed
1776USA July 4. Declaration of Independence by the Continental Congress for the 13 colonies
1778February 6. French treaties officially recognizes the United States. Britian declares war
57835539 60061779Tribes Shawnee indians migrate west, pushed off their land
57835539 60061779Shakers ("United Society of Believers in Christ's Second Appearing"). Pacifists who promoted equality of the sexes and branched off from Quakers in England and moved to New York. Era of Manifestations (1837 to the mid 1850s) included visions, speaking in tongues and spiritual phenomena. Mother Ann Lee preached to the public soon after the 1780 "Dark Day"
57845540 60071780May 18. The sun and moon glowed red
57845540 60071780Prophecy May 19, The unexplained dark day. An unpredicted, long solar eclipse, Blood moon lunar eclipse
57845540 60071780October 10. The deadliest Atlantic hurricane hits the Caribbean. Kills 20,000-30,000
57835541 60081781November 29-December 1. 133 slaves thrown overboard the slave ship Zong and claimed as insurance loss, not murder. 132 died
57875543 60101783Slavery Quakers set up committee to publish literature against slavery
57875543 60101783Earthquake Earthquake, February 4: Calabria, Italy. 50,000 dead
57875543 601017831783, April 11. Congress officially declares and end to the revolutionary war. Britain officially ended on February 4
57875543 60101783Volcano June-January. Volcano: Laki, Iceland. 9,350 dead from starvation (21%) and 80% sheep and 50% of other animals. No summer in Europe and severe weather for years after and changed history
57875543 60101783September 3. Treaty of Paris. Ratified January 14, 1784. Formally ends the revolution. Britain recognizes the USA
57915547 60141787Slavery Committee of Twelve. Anti-slavery movement includes six Quakers. Opposed by powerful financial forces. Slave trade peaks in 1780's
57915547 60141787November 28. Edict of Tolerance. Religious tolerance given to all by Louis XVI
USA president George Washington #1 (1789-97)1789USA March 4. Constitution adopted. Ratified in 11 states
57935549 60161789May 12. William Wilberforce's first speech against slavery in the House of Commons
Trumpet: 2
Second Trumpet

French Revolution
60161789ProphecyJuly 14. French Revolution. The storming of the Bastille.
Cold winter in France causes famine.
August 14. Feudalism ends as fearful nobles and clergy denounce their privileges.
August. Declaration of the Rights of Man and of Citizen
57955451 6018 1791 No LightError Manuel De Lacunza. A Jesuit from Chile who pretended to be a Jewish Protestant so that the futurism theories would be accepted among Protestants
57955451 60181791USA United States Bill of Rights. Ratified on 15 December 1791. Adopted by the house August 21, 1789
57955451 60181791Slave uprising in Haiti led by Toussaint L'Ouverture
57965452 60191792Volcano Volcano: Unzen, Japan. 14,300 dead from a tsunami
***Atheist Reign Of Terror***
1792-94Atheist Atheism. The culte de la Raison in France developed during the Reign of Terror. Several Parisian churches were transformed into Temples of Reason, notably the Church of Saint-Paul Saint-Louis in the Marais. The churches were closed in May 1793
France's Christian calendar was abolished, monasteries, convents and church properties were seized and monks and nuns expelled. Historic churches were dismantled
1793King Louis XVI and Queen Marie Antoinette are executed. The reign of terror.
24 November 1793, the Catholic Mass was forbidden.
November 24, 1793 to December 31, 1805. French revolutionary calendar introduced. Year one is September 22, 1792
57975553 60221793Inventions Cotton Gin patented by Eli Whitney. Slavery became more profitable
57985554 60231794Slavery France abolishes slavery. Napoleon reinstitutes it in 1802
57985554 60231794Many meteors fell 1790's-early 1800s and were witnessed. Scientists theorized that they came from volcanoes until 1803 when they believed that rocks could fall from space.
» June 19, 1794 in Siena, Tuscany, Italy 200 meteorite fell.
» December 13, 1795. Wold Newton, England.
» December 19, 1795. A shower of stones fell in Benares, India.
» April 26, 1803. Over 3000 meteorites fell on L'Aigle in Normandy, France.
» December 14, 1807. Wentham, Massachusetts. The new world's first fall witnessed
57985554 60231794Barbary Coast Pirates. October 11. Attack USA merchant vessels in the Mediterannean, holding ships and people for huge ransoms amounting to 17% of annual USA budget. Tripoli (Libya), Algeris, Morocco and Tunis
Evolution 1794Ape "Zoonomia". A book published by Erasmus Darwin, grandfather of Charles Darwin
57995555 60241795Prophecy Uniting Europe1795-1812. Napoleon tries to unite Europe
USA president John Adams #2 (1797-1801)1796Israel Napoleon liberates the Italian Jews after over 240 years in the ghetto
58005556 60251796(1796-1804) White Lotus Rebellion in China
58025558 60271798Alien and Sedition Acts. Prohibits criticism of government, congress and the president
58025558 60271798The slave trading company, United Dutch East India Company (VOC), went bankrupt from corruption
58025558 60271798United States Department of Navy forms in response to piracy in the Mediterranean
58025558 60271798ProphecyJuly 21. Battle of the Pyramids. Napoleon conquers Egypt
Trumpet: 2
Third Trumpet
60271798ProphecyFeb 12. General Berthier takes the pope Pius VI prisoner. 1260 year time prophecy ends
60271798Time Of The End. Papacy falls 2520 years (2 x 1260) after Assyria took the 10 northern tribes 722 BCE
58035559 60281799Meteor shower November 12, The Leonid meteor shower over Great Britain and America 46
USA president Thomas Jefferson #3 (1801-09) 1801First Barbary Coast War (Tripolitan War) 1801-1805. Tripoli, Libya declares war on the USA to force them to pay tribute to prevent piracy
1802Slavery Napoleon reestablishes slavery in France
58075563 60061803 April 26. Over 3000 meteorites bombarded L'Aigle in Normandy, France
** Louisiana Purchase **1803 Governments April 30 - December 20. Louisiana Purchase (Map). France sells 530 million acres between the Mississippi River and the Rocky Mountains, doubles USA. $15 million
Louis and Clark Expedition 1804 May 14, 1804 to September 23, 1806. Merriweather Lewis and William Clark 8000 mile, 28 months expedition with $2,500 and 40 men called the Corp of Discovery. 4162 miles from St. Louis to the Pacific Ocean 18 November 1805 (Reached the bay 7 November).
Return Trip. 23 March 1806 to 23 September 1806
58085564 60071804March 7. British And Foreign Bible Society. The inspiration to distrubute bibles in foreign languages began with the inspirational story of the little Welsh girl - Mary Jones. The society asked Mohawk chief John Norton to translate the gospel of John in the Mohawk language
58085564 60071804Slavery Danes pass laws against slave trade. Haiti independent
58085564 60071800s65 million bison roam north America. 1091 existed in 1889. 1500 in 1954. 3500 in 1996
58105566 60991806Total eclipse June 16. Tecumseh's eclipse. Predicted by his brother, helps an alliance of tribes
58115567 61001807SlaveryMarch 25. The Abolition of the Slave Trade Act in Britain. Ownership still allowed
USA president James Madison #4 (1809-17)1808SlaveryUSA Congress abolished the importation of slaves from Africa
New Madrid Earthquake
December 16-February 7
3 Major Quakes, 2000 Aftershocks
1811-12Earthquake New Madrid Missouri earthquake. 8.6, 8.4 and 8.8 magnitude with 2000 aftershocks for 5 months. December 16. 2AM, 7AM, 11AM reversed the flow of the Mississippi 30 foot high wall of water, floods, sand blows, sulfur vapors, rocks flash lights, massive fissures. Felt in Montreal, Boston, New York, rang church bells in South Carolina. January 23, 1812 another shock. February 7, the biggest shock forms Real Foot Lake
58155571 61041811-12Ancient Babylon Excavations. First archaeological excavations done by Claudius James Rich
58165572 61051812-14War of 1812 (June 18) between Britain and USA for fair trade. America invades Canada. Britain sacked Washington DC. Ends December 24, 1814 in the Treaty of Ghent
58175573 61061813Tribes October 5. Tecumseh, a Shawnee indian dies in the battle of Tippecanoe. America takes the North West Territories between the Great Lakes, the Mississippi and Ohio rivers
58185574 61071814Tribes Andrew Jackson defeats the Creek
58185574 61071814Slavery Dutch pass laws against slave trade
58185574 61071814August 24. British burn the white house and the capitol and a strong rain saves the rest of Washington DC
58185574 61071814Money January 11. Rothschild were official British war financiers, lending to British Government to defeat Napoleon.
58195575 60441815Second Barbary Coast War (Algerian War with USA) 3 March - 3 July. Pirates fought Britain in 1816 ending on September 24
British Colonialism 1815-01UK Ceylon (1815), Arabia (1839), Natal colony of Boers in South Africa (1843), South Africa (1877), Borneo (1880), Uganda (1894), Sudan (1898), Nigeria (1901)
58195575 61081815Slavery French prohibit slave trading but not slave ownership
58195575 61081815Slavery Congress of Vienna. European statesmen condemn slavery
Trumpet: 4
Fourth Trumpet

USA president James Monroe #5 (1817-25)
61081815June 12-15. The Battle of Waterloo ends the Napoleonic empire
61081815Volcano April 10-15. Volcano: Tambora Indonesia. 92,000-177,000 dead mostly of starvation
61091816The year without a summer. Red and brown snow in July. Crops failed two years
61111818William Miller came to the conclusion about the meaning of the 2300 day prophecy
61121819 Money 1819-1824. Panic caused by conservative credit policies of the Second Bank of the United States. They recalled loans, other banks failed, depositors wiped out
61121819 USA Adams-Onis treaty. Spain cedes Florida. It is purchased from Spain for $5 million
61131820Slavery Missouri Compromise. Half of the states were free, half could own slaves
61131820Joseph Smith had a vision. He was told not to go to any other churches
61131820First Chinese immigrants arrive. Less than 1000 men emigrate before th 1848 gold rush
61151822Volcano Volcano, October 8 : Galunggung, Indonesia. 4,011 dead
61161823Joseph Smith was visited by the angel Moroni and told the location of golden plates
Great Awakening #2
USA president John Quincy Adams #6 (1825-1829)
20-30'sThe second great awakening. The Advent movement, temperance, abolitionist, women
58315587 60561827The Great Separation. Hicksite Quakers, liberal to fundamentalist beliefs, rejected formal creeds and chose the authority of the Inner Light over that of the Bible. The Hicksites separated from the Orthodox Quakers who tried to impose a formal doctrine of faith, or creed
58315587 60561827France, Britain and Russia help the Greek uprising against the Ottomans, the fleet of the Ottomans and of Mehemet Ali is sunk at Navarino, and the expansion of Ali's Egyptian empire is halted
The Birth of Atheism and Secularism 60591830'sAugust 27, 1770-November 13, 1831. W. F. Hegel. German philosopher and atheist
1744-1829. Jean Baptiste Lamark. Evolution by acquired changes theory
60591809-1882. Charles Darwin. September 1838 began doubting. Theory of evolution proceeds
60591830's Birth of Karl Marx and Atheism. Born May 5, 1818. Died March 14, 1883
USA president Andrew Jackson #7 (29-37)1830'sEngland becomes a drug trafficking organization. Opium grown in India, sold to China
58345590 60591830Algiers becomes a French colony
58345590 60591830March 28. The modern speaking in "tongues" started with Mary Campbell
58345590 60591830Joseph Smith publishes the Book of Mormon
58345590 60591830Apparition of the virgin Mary appears in Paris to Sister Catherine Laboure
58345590 60591830Visions: Margaret MacDonald
*** Roots Of Futurism *** 1830 No LightError Margaret MacDonald. 15 year old Scottish Girl had visions about a Secret Rapture of believers before the appearance of the Antichrist and the two stage coming of Christ. She told her pastor, Edward Irving
1830 No LightError Powerscourt Castle Conference. Bible Prophecy meetings in Dublin Ireland attended by John Nelson Darby and Edward Irving
1830 No LightError Edward Irving. Futurism was a Catholic interpretation for 220 years until he translated Lacunza's work from Spanish into English. Promoted futurism and the Secret Rapture at Powerscourt
1830 No LightError John Nelson Darby. A minister of the church of Ireland added the "Gap theory", popularized secret rapture, Christ coming in 2 stages with a secret rapture and a visible Second Coming at the end of 7 years. He spread this in America
58345590 60591830Tribes The Indian Removal Act ended Federal protection for the Indians and forced their removal from the South to Oklahoma along the "Trail of Tears" in 1838-39
58345590 60591830Catholic Visions July. Catholic Visions, Catherine Labourne. Our lady of the miraculous medal
58345590 60591830Comet March - May. Great comet of 1830
58355591 60601831Comet January. Great comet of 1831
Church: Philadelphia
Church of Philadelphia
1831Advent Movement. William Miller started preaching after twelve years of studying
58355591 60601831April 21. Nat Turner led a slave revolt. 200 blacks and 55 whites killed. A vision on May 12, 1828 "to fight the serpent. It is time for the first to be last and the last to be first"
58375593 60621833SlaveryAugust. The Emancipation Act freed slaves in Britain. Owners were paid £20 million for "lost property"
58375593 60621833SlaveryAmerican Anti-Slavery Society forms when 60 abolitionists meet in Philadelphia
58375593 60621833Meteor shower Prophecy November 12-13. 240,000 stars fell per hour in the great Leonid meteor storm
58385594[15] Siege 1834Siege of Jerusalem (May 21-June 7) during the Peasants' revolt on 2,000 Egyptian soldiers
58385594 1834 May 26. 2 Earthquakes and aftershocks. Outer enclosure of al-Aqsa mosque, tops of miniarets and houses fell
58395595 60641835Tripoli returns to Ottoman control
58405596 60651836China makes opium illegal and closes opium dens. Asks England to stop drug trade
58405596 60651836Tribes 1836-1840. Height of Creek migration west. They are driven out to Oklahoma
USA president Martin Van Buren #8 (37-41)1837Money 1837-1843. Panic caused when banks restricted credit and recalled loans after the Treasury refused to accept paper currency for land purchases
58415697 60661837 Galilee or Safed Earthquake. 7.0. January 1. 3036 dead. Damaging Lubya, Joseph's well, Safad, Beirut, Jish, Tiberias
58425698 60671838Slavery Underground railroad began. Slaves flee to the north to Canada, "New Canaan"
58425698 60671838Tribes1838-39. Cherokee deported on the trail of tears. Many died
58445600 60691840Inventions May 24. Morse Code. First telegraph message between cities (Washington to Baltimore) - "What hath God wrought?"
58445600 60691840Islam August 11. The Ottoman Empire falls
Trumpet: 5
Fifth Trumpet

Satanic Theories
60701841Karl Marx writes about religion being the "opiate of the people"
58455601 60701841Captain John Bartleson leads first wagon train of settlers across Utah to California
USA president William Harrison #9 (1841)
USA president John Tyler #10 (1841-45)
1842Tribes Guerilla war with Seminole Indians of Florida. 2000 troops killed $20 million cost
58465602 60711842 Opium Wars (November 1839-1842). China made opium illegal in 1836 to stop the British trade in the drug and to end the rampant heroin addiction in China.
UK Treaty of Nanjing. China cedes Hong Kong
˜ 3333 Years since the Exodus (40 Months)1843Comet February 18-March 25. Great March comet. Tail is 200 million miles long. Could be seen in daylight
58465602 60711842Archaeology Nineveh Found. French Consul General, Paul-Emile Botta investigated mounds near the junction of the Tigris and Khosr Rivers leading to the discovery of the palace of Assyrian King Sargon II
58475603 60721843 April. Etna Carinae nebulae outburst reachest its greatest magnitude and becomes the second brightest star
58475603 60721843 On three occasions a perihelia or halo is seen around the sun
58475603 60721843 B'nai B'rith organized
58485604 60731844Ape Evolution. "Vestiges of the Natural History of Creation". Book by Robert Chambers
58485604 60731844Spiritualism Andrew Jackson Davis predicts that the dead will communicate with the living
58485604 60731844Comet Great comet
Church: Laodicea
Church of Laodicea
1844Prophecy October 22. 2300 day prophecy ends. The Millerites wait for the Second Coming
58485604 60731844 December. Ellen Harmon (White) receives her first vision. Christ leads the people to the city of God
Knowledge Knowledge Increases.1844The church begins to understand the significance of the sanctuary and its services
Knowledge Knowledge Increases.1844Many inventions as scientific knowledge increases over the past 50 years
58485604 60731844Devotions to the "Holy Face of Jesus" and the "golden arrow" prayer started by the nun Marie of St. Peter who had visions from Mary about "the veil of Veronica". Mary told her that "Those who will contemplate the wounds on My Face here on earth, shall contemplate it radiant in heaven."
58485604 607318441844-1900 Friedrich Nietzsche is born. Said "God is dead". Man is the ruler of his own destiny. Called himself the antichrist
58485604 60731844 Codex Sinaiticus. Tischendorf "found" Greek texts in the bible in 3 visits (1844, 1853, 1859) dated to 325 AD, at St. Catherine's Monastery at Mt. Sinai in Egypt. Found 43 pages of the Old Testaments in a trash bin and given New Testament text in 1859
58485604 60731844
THE FOUNDATIONS OF THE ORIGIN OF SPECIES. Darwin wrote an essay and later published the book in 1859
USA president James Polk #11 (1845-49)1846 Mexican war, April 23, 1846 to February 2, 1848. USA annexed Texas on March 1,1846 85
58505606 60751846 Plague 1846-1850, Potato fungus caused the Irish Potato Famine. It killed 1.5 million
58505606 60751846June. Bear Flag Rebellion. John Freemont and settlers against Mexican army in CA
58505606 60751846Catholic Visions September 19. Catholic Visions (Melanie Calvat, Maximim Giraud). Our Lady of All Nations. La Salette, France
58505606 60751846Rachel Oakes Preston, a Seventh Day Baptist, taught the Adventists about the Sabbath.
There are 50 Seventh Day Adventists
58515607 60761847 USA United States stretches from sea to sea with the surrender of California
58515607 60761847 First United States postage stamp. Average salary is $300 per year
58525608 60771848 1848-1914. The height of secularism
*** Atheism ***
1848Atheist Atheism. February 21. Communist Manifesto by Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels is published in Brussels
58525608 60771848 January 24. California gold rush. James Marshall discovers gold at Sutter's Mill. $60 million per year average yield in gold.
Chinese laborers emigrate as miners and other menial task workers
*** Modern Spiritualism *** 1848Spiritualism March 1. Fox sisters of Hydesdale, New York hold seances to talk to the dead
58525608 60771848 4 July 1848 - 6 December 1884. Washington Monument built. 36000 blocks of stone. 90,854 tons. Cost $1,187,710. 555 feet high 55x55 feet base. Opened 9 October 1888
USA president Zachary Taylor #12 (1849-50)1848Slavery France abolishes slavery for the second time
58535609 60781849Archaeology Nineveh Found. British adventurer Sir Austen Henry Layard unearthed the lost palace of Sennacherib and the famous library of Ashurbanipal with 22,000 cunieform tablets
USA president Millard Filmore #13 (1850-53)1850 December 1850 - June 1864. China. Taiping Rebellion led by Hung Hsiu-ch'uan who tried to establish a Christian theocracy. 30 million dead. 60 million from future famine
58485604 60731850An 8 year old slave girl is valued at $475 in a will
*** Modern Spiritualism *** 1850sSpiritualism Ouija Board. Psychographs, alphabet boards, witchboard, table writing and levitation used in seances for communicating with the dead
58495605 60741851Tribes Sioux (Dakota) signed away their land and went to live on the reservation
USA president Franklin Pierce #14 (1853-57)1853 1853-1856. Crimean war. Britain, France, Ottoman Empire against Russia
*** Modern Spiritualism *** 1853Spiritualism1876 Planchette. Detachable indicator for Spirit board or Talking board for communicating with the dead
58585614 60831854Marian Dogma Marian Dogma 3. Pope Pius IX : Immaculate Conception, Mary was preserved from the stain of original sin from the moment of Her conception
58605616 60851856May 6, 1856-1939 Sigmund Freud, the founder of the "sexual revolution" and atheist. Committed suicide
USA president James Buchanan #15 (57-61)1857Money August 24-October 14. USA economic panic after Ohio life insurance company collapses. Panic and depression spreads to Europe, South America, Far East
58615617 60861857Persia surrenders all rights over Afghanistan to Britain
58615617 60861857Money September 12. SS Central America. 30,000 pounds of gold and 425 people lost at sea. Panic worsens
58625618 60871858Catholic Visions February 11. Catholic Visions. Mary (Our Lady of Lourdes) appeared 18 times to Bernadette Soubirous. France. By 2011 4-6 million pilgrims go to Lourdes every year. About 30 miracles per year
58625618 60871858February. The 2 hour "Great Controversy" vision was repeated to Ellen White at Lovett's Grove Ohio. The vision had been given ten years earlier. Book written in September
58625618 60871858Israel Tekhelet (Sacred Blue Dye). Henri de Lacaze Duthiers discovered 3 dye producing Murex snails in the Mediterranean
58635619 60881859September 1-2. Carrington Event. A solar flare in a geomagnetic storm caused red, green, and purple auroras reaching Cuba, the Bahamas, Jamaica, El Salvador, and Hawaii and disrupting telegraph systems
58635619 60881859Ape 24 November. Evolution. Charles Darwin publishes the "Origin of the Species by Means of Natural Selection, or the Preservation of Favoured Races in the Struggle for Life"
*** Oil Boom Begins ***
Standard Oil Monopoly
1859-1911August 28. First oil well in Titusville Pennsylvania. 35 barrels per day and $40 per barrel. It makes kerosene at 5-10¢ per gallon replacing whale oil at $5 per gallon
58635619 60881859 4 February. Tischendorf given complete Greek New Testament copy by the monks
58635619 60881859April 25-Nov 17, 1869. Suez canal built for $100,000,000. One million dollars per mile
58635619 60881859October. John Brown tries to start a slave rebellion, raids Harper's Ferry
58645620 60891860 April 3-13 - October 24. Pony express from St. Joseph, Missouri to Sacramento, CA
58645620 60891860 The name "Seventh Day Adventist" was chosen. The publishing work began
58645620 60891860
February. Essays and Reviews. 7 liberal theologians from the church of England argue for evolution. Baden Powell flatly denied the possibility of miracles and praised evolution. Rowland Williams denies the predictive character of Old Testament prophecies. Other authors were Frederick Temple, Henry Bristow Wilson, Charles Wycliffe Goodwin, Mark Pattison and Benjamin Jowett.
Westcott and Hort. Praised Darwin and admired these theologians. Rewrote Greek Bible in 1881
58645620 60891860
30 June. Oxford Evolution Debate. Thomas Henry Huxley "Darwin's bulldog" gained wider acceptance for evolution
58645620 60891860 October. Transcontinental telegraph
58645620 60891860Spiritualism "The Coming Race", a book by Bulmer-Lytton makes occult practices popular
USA president Abraham Lincoln #16 (61-65)
The Confederate States of America
1861 January. Seven slave states secede after Lincoln is elected. SC MS FL AL GA LA TX
1861 February 9. They form a southern government with Jefferson Davis as president
*** The American Civil War ***
April 12, 1861- April 9, 1865
1861SlaveryApril 12. Confederate states attack Fort Sumter.
April-May, AK TN NC VA secede

» Opponents. The 23 northern Union states and 7 territories Vs 11 southern confederate slave states (SC MS FL AL GA LA TX. AK TN NC VA)
» Border States. MD DE KY MO. Had slaves but did not secede.
» Goals: National unity (March 1861), end expansion of slavery, abolition of slavery (1862), preserving democracy (1863).
» Casualties: 970,000 dead (3% of the population), including 620,000 soldiers.
» Bloodiest Battle. Battle of Antietam
1861July 21. First battle of Bull run. The south unexpectedly defeats the north
1862Tribes Little Crow leads the Dakota Sioux rebellion in Minnesota. 700 whites killed
1862SlaveryApril. The abolition of slavery became a goal in the civil war
1862SlaveryApril 16. Slavery abolished in Washington D.C. and owners are paid $993,407 for their lost property
1862April 27. Habeas Corpus and Civil liberties suspended by Lincoln. He arrested Copperhead Democrats who criticized him for violating the constitution
1862Money Cotton Famine Ends. Fall of New Orleans on April 28 ends cotton embargo on British colonies. Cotton prices fall and devalues cotton-backed bonds which were used by the south to finance the war
1862May. Stonewall Jackson defeats Union forces who rush to defend Washington
1862September 17. Battle of Antietam. McClellan vs Lee. Union (2108 dead. 9,549 wounded). Confederates (2,700 dead. 9,029 wounded)
1862December 14-15. The Northern lights seen far south at sunset as red and white streamers at the battle of Fredericksburg
1862UK British Colonialism. India becomes a British colony after Bahadur Shah II dies, ending the Mogul dynasty
1863March. The first draft. Service is avoided by paying a fee or finding a substitute
1863Slavery January 1. The Emancipation Proclamation freed slaves in the confederate states
1863 May 21. The General Conference of Seventh Day Adventists organized. 3500 members
1863 June 20. West Virginia joins the Union after splitting from Virginia in June 1861
1863 November 19. Gettysburg Address. Lincoln dedicates a cemetary for civil war soldiers. "Fourscore and seven years ago our fathers brought forth upon this continent a new nation: conceived in liberty, and dedicated to the proposition that all men are created equal"
1864 The Geneva Convention is created and prohibits torture
1864National Parks June 30. Yosemite State Park. 60 square miles. Sierra Nevada mountains, California's Yosemite Valley and Mariposa Grove of giant sequoyas.
Yellowstone National Park. (1906) The Yosemite valley and Mariposa transferred to the federal government
1864October 5. Tropical Cyclone. Calcutta, India. 70,000 killed
1864Martyr Pope Pius X, papal Encyclical reasserts these rights of the pope. To deny freedom of religion, use force, control public schools, to require the state to deny freedom of expression of opinion, to control world leaders and jurisdiction over temporal affairs
58685624 60931864Israel Tekhelet (Sacred Blue Dye). 1200 BCE ancient dye industry discovered in Sidon with mounds of Murex Trunculus
Knowledge Knowledge Increases.1865February 16. Dimitri Mendeleev had a dream and saw the Periodic Table of Chemistry. The 65 known elements were arranged in a table. He organized the model by atomic mass
** American Civil War Ends ** 1865SlaveryApril 9. General Lee surrenders to General Grant at Appomattox Courthouse
USA president Andrew Johnson #17 (65-69)1865gun April 14-15. President Abraham Lincoln is assassinated by John Wilkes Booth
Reconstruction Era
1865Slavery Black Codes. Laws passed in former slaves states regulate the freedom of former black slaves or Freedmen. They were free but not citizens. Officially ended in 2000
» Reunion. of the country
» Free Slaves. Civil, voting rights
» Redemption. White revolt
1865Slavery December 6. The Thirteenth Amendment abolished slavery in the United States
1865-1874Slavery December 24. Pulaski, Tennessee. First Ku Klux Klan (KKK) formed by 6 veterans of the confederate army. It was against blacks
1866Slavery Convict Lease System. Freed slaves arrested for any reason and leased as free labor through a profitable privatized prison system. Lasts 30 years
58705626 6095 1866Prophecy Uniting Europe1819-1901. Queen Victoria, grandmother of Europe. Union by marriage
58705626 60951866Meteor shower November 13-14, Leonid meteor shower. 8,000 stars per hour fell over Europe
58705626 60951866Famine (1866-68) Finland famine, "The Great Hunger Years". 150,000 killed
58715627 60961867USA October 18. Seward's Folly. Alaska purchased from Russia for $7.2 million
58715627 60961867Tribes Medicine Lodge Treaty with the Arapaho
58725629 60971868Tribes April 29. Fort Laramie Treaty with the Lakota (Sioux). They own the sacred Black Hills (Paha Sapa)
58725629 60971868Earthquake 7.0 Earthquake. October 21. San Francisco California
58725629 60971868Genetic Engineering DNA discovered by Friedrich Meischer
58725629 60971868Slavery The Fourteenth Amendment. Citizenship and federal civil rights to all born or naturalized
USA president Ulysses S. Grant #18 (69-77)1869Slavery Portugal abolishes slavery
58735629 60981869Inventions Plastic. April 6. Patent awarded. In consumer products by 1907
58735629 60981869Gospel advances May 10. Transcontinental Railroad completed. Central Pacific (690 miles east from Sacramento) and Union Pacific (1086 miles west from Omaha) meet at Promontory Summit in Utah. It reduced land travel from over four months to one week
58745630 60991870Slavery The Fifteenth Amendment. The right to vote could not be denied by race, color
58745630 60991870Doctrine Infallibility of the pope
58745630 60991870 Papal states annexed by Victor Immanuel, king of Italy. Pope loses temporal power
*** Chicago Destroyed ***1871October 8. The great Chicago fire started in Patrick O'Leary's cow barn. 300 dead. 10,000 homeless. $200 million damage
58755631 61001871October 8. The Peshtigo, Wisconsin fire. 2500 killed
58755631 61001871Prophecy Uniting Europe1866-1871. Bismark unites Germany. Hohenzollern Second Reich (1871-1918)
58765632 61011872National Parks March 1. Yellowstone National Park (Wonderland). 3000 square miles (2 million acres). Grand Canyon, death valley, Old Faithful geysers, and a few hundred wild Buffalo which once numbered tens of millions in the mid 1880's
58775633 61021873 Money Autumn. Started in Europe and affected America when the investment banking company, Jay Cooke and Company failed
58785634 61031874John Nevins Andrews, the first Seventh Day Adventist missionary went to Switzerland
58785634 61031874Money First Hedge Fund (Futures Market). Chicago futures exchange company to hedge commodities
*** Modern Spiritualism *** 1875Spiritualism Helena Blavatsky (Von Hahn) introduced Theosophy and publishes her occult version of the history of the world influencing modern Buddhism and Hinduism
58805636 61051876October. Tropical Cyclone.Ganges Delta, Bangladesh. 215,000 killed
Hittites Found! (1876-1906)1876 Archaeology 5 temples and thousands of clay tablets were discovered in Bogazkoy, Turkey
** End of Reconstruction **187773-77. Redemption. White supremacists "Redeemers" take control of the south
** Lynching (1877-1950) **1877 Hanging of African-Americans without punishment of whites. Strange Fruit hanging from a tree
USA president Rutherford B. Hayes #19 (77-81)1877Inventions First telephone switchboard
58815637 61061877Tribes February 28. Congress passes the Black Hills Act and legitimized settlers who illegally came for logging and gold. Unilaterally takes the Black Hills away from the Lakota who refused to sell their sacred grounds
58815637 61061877Tribes Nez Perce Chief Joseph. "From where the sun stands I will fight no more forever"
58825638 61071878 Black tide in the Gulf of Mexico caused fish and coral deaths
58825638 61071878 Good Friday. Charles Taze Russell and followers wait for the dawn of the millennium at the Sixth Street bridge in Pittsburgh
58835639 61081879Catholic Visions August 21. Catholic Visions (15 people) Our Lady of Knock. Ireland
58835639 61081879Inventions Movie Camera
58835639 61081879Inventions Light bulb (Edison)
58835639 61081879Inventions December. Electricity demonstration in Menlo Park
58835639 61081879Inventions Telephone installed in the White House
USA president James Garfield #20 (81)1881gun July 2-September 19. President James Garfield assassinated by Charles Guiteau
USA president Chester Arthur #21 (81-85)1881Tropical Cyclone. Haiphong, Vietnam. 300,000 killed
58855646 61101881Tunis becomes a French colony
58855646 61101881Westcott and Hort. Developed "Textual Criticism" using Coded Vaticanus. Wrote a Greek Bible deleting parts of the bible and "myths" of the bible they did not believe
*** Atheism ***
1882Atheist Atheism. Friedrich Nietzsche, a prominent philosopher/atheist, coined the aphorism "God is dead" ("Gott ist tot")
58865642 61111882Chinese Exclusion Act. Bans Chinese immigration for 10 years and prevents others from becoming citizens
58865642 61111882June 6. Tropical Cyclone. Bombay, India. 100,000 killed
58865642 61111882Comet September 1-7. Super comet. Visible in daylight
58865642 61111882Gospel Advances September 4. First commercial use of electricity
58865642 61111882 British occupy Egypt. Egypt's share of the Suez canal was bought in 1875
58875643 61121883Volcano Volcano August 26-27: Krakatau. 36,417 dead. 135 foot tsumami (41 m). Sound heard 3000 miles (4776 km) away on Rodriguez Island and 2000 miles (3184 km) away in Perth, Australia
58885644 61131884An international "meridian" conference divides the Earth into 24 time zones
USA president Grover Cleveland #22 (85-89)1885June 17. Statue of Liberty arrives in USA
Habiru People and Urusalim1887 Archaeology Amarna Tablets. Found in Egypt. Dated ˜1400 BC. About 300 tablets
58915647 61161887Flood The Yellow river (Huang He) floods. 900,000-2,000,000 killed
58925648 61171888Volcano 13 March 1888. Ritter island volcanic eruption and tsunami. 95% of the volcano fell
USA president Benjamin Harrison #23 (89-93)1889Money Panama canal company went bankrupt. 22,189 workers died during (1880-1889)
58935649 611818891091 bison remain after mass slaughters in the 1870's killed over 60 million
Flood Mentioned1890-93 Archaeology Sumerian King List. Discovered at Nippur. Dated 2100 BC. Mentions the flood and has a list of kings who ruled before (long age) and after the flood (short ages)
58945650 61191890Plague 1890-1900, The Asian plague. It killed 22 million
58945650 61191890Tribes Wanagi Wacipi ("Ghost Dance"). A new religion began by a Paiute named Wokova, preached by Kicking Bear. God would soon destroy the whites and revive the old ways by restoring the buffalo and raising the dead. They did the ghost dance to ensure the coming of the new world. The whites saw it as an impending Sioux rebellion and ordered it to stop
58945650 61191890National Parks October 1. Yosemite National Park. 1500 square miles (900,000 acres). High valley above Yosemite added to the state park with the efforts of John Muir.
3. General Grant National Park and 4. Sequoia National Park also created, protecting groves of redwood and sequoyas
58945650 61191890Tribes December 29-January 16, 1891. Wounded Knee Massacre. Chief Big Foot and 299 Sioux killed in the last major Indian battle fought in the United States (7th cavalry). Only 4 Sioux men and 47 women and children survived
*** Modern Spiritualism *** 1890Spiritualism Ouija Board. 28 May 1890. Elijah J. Bond files patent number 446,054
*** Modern Spiritualism *** 1890Spiritualism Ouija Board. Kennard Novelty Company Factory opens in Baltimore MD
*** Modern Spiritualism *** 1892Spiritualism Ouija Board. Willian Fuld took over factory and renamed it Ouija Novelty Company dominating the market for 35 years
USA president Grover Cleveland #24 (93-97)1893 Money 1893-1897. 27 June 1893 Stock Market crash. Panic started in America and spread to Europe with the failure of the Reading railroad
58975653 61221893 Category 2 hurricane destroyed Hog Island, New York
58975653 61221893Public Health Nursing. Lilian Wald, financed by Jacob Schiff. Lower east side, New York
58985654 61231894Israel The Dreyfus Affair. October 15. A Jew is falsely accused of treason in France and French mobs shout "Kill the Jews". It started the Zionist movement, a search for a Jewish homeland
Israel Existed!1896 Archaeology Israel Stele (Merneptah Stela). Discovered at Thebes. Dated 1200 BC
59005656 61251896Earthquake 7.2 on June 15. Tsunami in Honshu, Japan. 100ft (30.5m) waves. 27000 killed
59005656 61251896 The modern Olympic games begin in Athens, Greece
USA president William McKinley #25 (97-01) 1897May 12: Battle at Thessalie. Turkish army defeats Greece
59025658 61271898 USA Hawaii becomes a territory. Becomes a state 21 August 1959
59025658 61271898April 24-December 10. Spanish-American War ends with the Treaty of Paris. Spain declares war when USA demands they withdraw from Cuba. In the end Cuba gains independence. Spain cedes the Philippines, Guam and Puerto Rico
59035659 61281899UK Boer Wars. Britain the Transvaal and the Orange Free State in South Africa.
General Kitchener creates "concentration camps" for the families of the Boer rebels (26,000 prisoners die)
59045660 61291900 June 13. The Boxer Rebellion against colonial powers in China (Europe, America)
59045660 61291900 September 8. Galveston Hurricane. 8,000 dead. Deadliest United States hurricane
59045660 61291900Famine India famine. 3,000,000 killed
** Texas Oil Fields: Big Hill ** 1901January 10. Beaumont. Spindletop "Gusher". 100,000 barrels per day by Patillo Higgins
USA president Theodore Roosevelt #26 (01-09) 1901gun September 6-14. President William McKinley is assassinated by Leon Czolgosz
59065662 61311902Gospel advancesInventions Radio. The first transatlantic radiotelegraph message was the letter "S"
59065662 61311902Volcano May 8. Volcano: Mt. Pelee, Martinique. 29,025 dead
59075663 61321903Israel Zionist Movement. British Colonial Secretary Joseph Chamberlain offered refuge to the Jews of resettlement in Uganda on 5,000 square miles on the Mau Plateau
59075663 61321903Inventions Flight. December 17. (Orville and Wilbur Wright) at Kitty Hawk NC
59075663 61321903National Parks Florida Everglades. Protects cypress swamps, sawgrass marsh, snowy egrets and other shore birds. 90% were being killed for bird feathers for hats. The "Lacy Bird and Game act" of 1900 reduced plume hunting
59085664 61331904-5Welsh revival by Evan Roberts. 100,000 converts
59095665 61341905Inventions World year of physics. Einstein introduces many theories. Relativity, E=MC2, quantum physics, light particles, quantum mechanics
59095665 61341905Earthquake 8.6 Earthquake, April 4: Kangra, India. 19,000 dead
** San Francisco Destroyed **1906Earthquake 7.8-8.2 Earthquake and fire, April 18: San Francisco California. 3,000 dead
59105666 61351906National Parks June 29. Mesa Verde National Park. Colorado cliff dwellings at Mesa Verde canyon deserted 1000 years ago by the Pueblo indians (Anasazi).
March 11, 1907. Chaco Canyon national monument
59105666 61351906Earthquake 8.2 Earthquake, August 17: Valparaiso, Chile. 20,000 dead
59105666 613519061906 - 1913, Pentecostal movement - Azuza street revival
59115667 61361907Britain and Russia negotiate the status of Persia, Tibet and Afghanistan
59115667 61361907Money October. Panic started with the failure of Knickerbocker Trust and Westinghouse Electric Company
59115667 61361907Famine China famine. 24,000,000 killed
59125668 61371908Disaster June 30. Tunguska event, Siberia. 2,000 square miles destroyed by 50m asteroid
59125668 61371908Slavery Chain Gang replaces the Convict Lease System in every state except Rhode Island. In 1932 a white convict wrote "I am a fugitive from a Georgia chain gang"! In 1961 federal law prohibits them until Arizona brought them back in 1995
59125668 61371908Earthquake 7.5 Earthquake, December 28: Messina, Italy. 70 - 100,000 dead
*** Middle East Oil Fields ***1908Crude oil discovered in Iran
Knowledge Knowledge Confirmed1909Ernest Rutherford Atomic Theory. The structure of the atom (Proton, neutron, electron)
USA president William Taft #27 (1909-13) 1909 December 11. Colored moving pictures demonstrated at Madison Square Gardens
*** Roots Of Futurism *** 1909 No LightError Scofield Reference Bible. John Darby influenced Cyrus Scofield who advocated dispensationalism, premillennialism, gap theory and futurism. Used Ussher's chronology
59145670 61391910Comet January 13-17. Great comet
59145670 61391910March 1. Avalanche in the Cascade mountains buries 2 Great Northern trains. 96 dead
59145670 61391910April 20. Halley's comet returns. Mark Twain dies the next day. Born November 30, 1835
59145670 61391910Union of South Africa. Transvaal, Orange Free State, Natal and Cape unite
59155671 61401911Flood China Yangtze river (Yellow) floods. 100,000 killed
59155671 61401911March 25. Triangle Waist Co. factory fire. 146 died. 62 jumped to their deaths
59155676 61401911Tripoli becomes an Italian colony
59165672 61411912April 15. The Titanic collides with an iceberg and sinks. 2224 dead
59165672 61411912Ape Evolution. Piltdown Man (Eoanthropus dawsoni ("Dawson's dawn-man"). A hoax exposed in 1953 as the combination of lower jawbone of an orangutan, human cranium and filed down chimpanzee teeth. Used as evidence of the Missing Link in the Scopes Monkey Trial
USA president Woodrow Wilson #28 (13-21) 1913February 25. 16th Amendment ratified. Authorized 1% Federal income tax by March 1
59175673 61421913December 23. Federal Reserve Act. Private organizations control banking and credit
Knowledge Knowledge Confirmed1913Henry Moseley organized the Periodic table by atomic number to get the model we now have
59095665 61341914UK Cyprus is annexed by Britain after four centuries of Ottoman rule
59095665 61341914UK Egypt becomes a British protectorate. Occupies German colonies of West Africa
*** Roots Of Futurism *** 1914 No LightError Moody Bible Institute. Scofield started a correspondence school which was taken over by the institute. Moody Press supplied lessons to the Pentecostals (Assembly of God) introducing them to futurism and the secret rapture
59185674 61431914Prophecy Uniting Europe1914. Kaiser Wilhelm tries to unite Europe
*** World War 1 Begins *** 19141914 - 1918, Germany, Austria, Turkey, Bulgaria against the world. It ended with the Treaty of Versailles. 8.5 million dead, 21 million wounded, 7.7 million missing and POW
1914 October 22. Hoover relief saved 7 million starving Belgians blockaded by the British and occupied by the German army
1915Earthquake 7.5 Earthquake, January 13: Avezzano, Italy. 29,980 dead
19151915-18 Genocide. Armenians killed in Turkey. 1,500,000
1914-1923. The Genocide of 1.5 million Ottoman Greeks by Turks in Anatolia by ethnic cleansing
1914-1923. 3.5+ million Christians (Greeks, Armenians, and Assyrians) were killed under the regimes of the Young Turks and Mustafa Kemal
Second Klan 1915-1944
5 million members in 1925
1915Stone Mountain, Georgia. William J. Simmons organizes the Second Ku Klux Klan after the film "The Birth of a Nation". It portrays the Klan as heroes and blacks as viscious animals. It was against blacks, Jews, Catholics, immigrants
World War 1 Casualties: 37,000,000

Allied Forces: 22,000,000
Central Forces: 15,000,000
» Russia: 9,150,000
» Germany: 7,100,000
» Austria: 7,000,000
» Turkey: 975,000
» France: 6,100,000
» Great Britain: 3,100,000
» Italy: 2,100,000
» United States: 350,000
1915McMahon-Hussein Correspondence. Britain and Germany attempted to gain Arab sympathy with promises of independence. The Ottomans were reluctant to support Arab nationalism
1916Sykes Picot Agreement. Divided the Middle East into areas of influence. France controlled Syria and Lebanon. Great Britain controlled Iraq and Transjordan
1916Jewish scientist Chaim Weizmann "the father of industrial fermentation" invented the ABE process after isolating the Clostridium acetobutylicum bacteria as another method to produce acetone (controlled by Germany) which was used to make cordite, a smokeless propellant used in weapons. Britainwas helped in the war
1917Catholic Visions May 13 - October 13. Catholic Visions (Lucia, Francisco, Jacinta) Our Lady of Fatima. Fatima, Portugal
1917October 25. Communists seize power in Russia and establish an atheistic state
1917Red Scare and Palmer raids. Dissident views punished by president Wilson
1917Plague 1917-18, Spanish Flu kills 25 - 40 million world wide. 500,000 in the USA
1917Balfour Declaration. Arthur Balfour and Chaim Weizmann worked out this statement saying the Brisitsh government "views with favour the establishment in Palestine of a national home for the Jewish people ... it being clearly understood...". This letter sent to Lord Rothschild made public the British support for a Jewish homeland in Palestine
[16] Siege
UK Israel Balfour Treaty: November 2. British general Allenby defeat the Turks and take Jerusalem by the Michmash pass and rides through the Jaffa Gate on a white horse on December 9. Jews return after 1800 years.
Islam Ottoman rule ends. British Mandate begins and lasts 30 years (1917-1948)
The Ottoman Turks sided with the Germans in World War 1 and their empire fell after 617 years
59125668 61371917UK Britain conquers Iraq
*** Russian Communism ***1917October 26-November 15. October Revolution. Bolsheviks led by Lenin, overthrow Alexander Kerensky's government and take Moscow
59135669 61381918July 16. Nicholas II, Tsar of Russia, his family, servants and pets killed by Bolsheviks
59135669 61381918UK Britain conquers Syria and Palestine
World War 1 Ends 1918Prophecy Treaty of Versailles ends World War 1. Decline of monarchies (1917-1918)
1918Civil war. Bolsheviks Red Army versus the Mensheviks (Britain and USA help)
1919League of Nations (United Nations) formed to prevent more wars
59145670 61391919UK Afghanistan gains independence from Britain
*** Facist Atheism ***
1919Atheist Atheism. Atheist Benito Mussolini made violent pronouncements against the Church. The first Fascist programme called for the secularization of Church property in Italy
59245680 61401920UK Palestine becomes a British protectorate
59245680 61491920Earthquake 8.6 Earthquake, December 16: Gansu, China. 200,000 dead
USA president Warren Harding #29 (21-23) 1921Famine 1921-23. Ukraine famine 7-10 million killed
** Evolution Hoax? **1920ape Peking Man. Cannibalized bones in a cave with thousands of animal bones found in China. Claims to be lost. Hoax
** Father Of The New Age **1920ape Idol Pierre Teilhard de Chardin (1881-1955). A French Jesuit priest, paleontoligst who was involved in the "Peking Man" hoax. He accepted Buddhist ideas and conceived the idea of the Omega Point/ man that we are evolving to become god ("unification of consciousness"). His works were prohibited by the church in 1955 but the Spanish Jesuits published it. Pius XII endorsed evolution in 1950. Pope Benedict XVI endorsed him. Pope Francis quoted him in 2015 for his contribution to theology.
59255681 61411921UK Abdullah, son of Sharif Hussein, establishes the principality of Transjordan under British protectorate
59265682 61421922Ape Evolution. Nebraska Man (Hesperopithecus haroldcookii). The tooth of a pig identified a human ancestor origin. Retracted in 1927, Used as evidence of the Missing Link in the 1925 Scopes Monkey Trial
59265682 61421922UK Palestinian Mandate. July 24. The League of Nations gives the United Kingdom temporary administrative control of Palestine based on the Balfour declaration
59265682 61421922UK Egypt declares its independence from Britain
59265682 61421922UK Faysal, son of Sharif Hussein, establishes the kingdom of Iraq as British protectorate
*** Communist Russian Atheism ***
Atheist Atheism. The Soviet leaders Vladimir Lenin and Joseph Stalin persecuted the Church and was only stopped by the Nazi invasion in 1941. Many priests were killed and imprisoned. Thousands of churches were closed, some turned into temples of atheism.
Lenin wrote that every religious idea and every idea of God "is unutterable vileness ... of the most dangerous kind, 'contagion of the most abominable kind"
1922AtheistThe Soviet regime arrested the Patriarch of the Russian Orthodox Church
1925AtheistThe government founded the League of Militant Atheists to intensify the persecution
*** First Sexual Revolution ***
1920sImmoral Roaring Twenties. The Crazy Years. Wealth, new technology, Jazz, dancing, traditions cast aside in the major cities of USA, Canada and Britain. New Orleans, Los Angeles, New York City, Philadelphia, Chicago, Paris, Berlin, London
USA president Calvin Coolidge #30 (23-29) Unprecedented Prosperity1923Earthquake 8.3 Earthquake, September 1. Kwanto (Kanto), Japan. 143000 dead. Great Tokyo fire
Knowledge Knowledge Confirmed1923The work of Bohr, Pauli (1924) and Stoner produced a model of the hydrogen atom
*** Roots Of Futurism *** 1924 No LightError Dallas Theological Seminary. Lewis Sperry Chafer a student of Scofield founded the seminary which taught many influential futurist preachers
59295685 61541925January 27-February 2. 674 mile Iditarod dog sled relay delivered diphtheria drugs from Nenane to Nome and stopped an epidemic
59295685 61541925
July 10 - July 25. Dayton, Tennessee. Scopes Monkey Trial used Nebraska man and Piltdown man as evidence. One was the tooth of a pig the other a hoax. Theory of Evolution now taught in schools instead of creation
Second Ku Klux Klan
Height and Decline
1925 August 8. 40,000 Ku Klux Klan men march on Washington. 5 million members
1925 Stephenson Affair. David C. Stephenson, Grand Dragon of the Realm of Indiana, kidnapped, raped, "chewed like a cannibal" and murdered Madge Oberholtzer
*** Middle East Oil Fields ***1925 October 15. Crude oil discovered in Baba Gurgur near Kirkuk, Iraq
59305686 61551926January 8. The Saudi family seizes the country and renames it Saudi Arabia
59305686 61551926religion September 26. Caodaism (Dao Cao Dai) started in VietNam by 247 disciples of Ngo Van Chieu who received messages from a spirit called Duc Cao Dai in 1923. Combines all religions and spiritualism, seance and idolatry
59315687 61561927Gospel advancesInventions Television invented
59315687 61561927Earthquake 8.3 Earthquake, May 22: Xining, China. 200,000 dead
59315687 61561927 Jericho Earthquake. 6.3. July 11. 250-500 dead. Destroyed Nablus, the domes of the Church of the Holy Sepulchre and the al-Aqsa Mosque
59315687 61561927Comet December 18. Great comet Skjellerup-Maristany
59315687 615619271 January-August. Great Mississippi River Flood following heavy rains in summer 2006. Reached 60 miles (97 km) wide in May 2007. 246 dead. 900,000 people housed and fed for months. Flooded 27,000 square miles (70,000 km2). $400 million in damages
59315687 61561927December 27. Stalin wins control of the Soviet Communist Party over Trotsky
59325688 61571928Inventions Sliced bread invented
59325688 61571928October 2. Opus Dei, "Work of God", by a vision to saint Jose Maria Escriva
59325688 61571928Famine China famine. 3,000,000 killed
USA president Herbert Hoover #31 (29-33) 1929Prophecy February 11. The Lateran Treaty heals the wounded papacy. It sets up the independent Vatican state 19
59335689 61581929Gospel advancesInventions October 19. The Voice of Prophecy. The oldest, continuous religious broadcast
*** The Great Depression ***
1929 Money October 24-29. The Stock market crash and the Great Depression. $26 billion loss
59335689 61581920s-30sBad Heart Risk Factor: Diet and Exercise. New consumer products and cars lead to a change in diet and a sedentary life style
59335689 61581929 Creation November 18. Grand Banks Earthquake. 7.2 earthquake in the Atlantic Ocean off the south coast of Newfoundland caused turbidity currents to occur under sea building up layers of silt over 500 miles in 13 hours
*** Texas Oil Fields *** 1930October 3. The Black Giant in east Texas 500,000 barrels per day. Found by Dad Joiner
*** Oil Discovered in The Gulf of Mexico ***

The Dust Bowl
1931-40Drought in the Great Plains region of the USA stretched from the east to the west coast, peaked in 1934, 36, 39 and 40. In 1934 over 65% of the USA and 97 million acres. 300,000 to 1 million refugees. 15% of Oklahoma were refugees "Oakies".
Black Blizzards. Dust storms 1 mile high from 1934-37
Black Sunday. April 14, 1935. 20 dust storms 3000 feet high
British Colonies Independent 1901-31UK Australia (1901), New Zealand (1907), Nepal (23), Canada (31)
59355691 61601931Flood China's sorrow. The Yellow river floods. 3.7 million killed. 80 million homeless
59355691 61601931 Doctrine Mary is the mother of god
59365692 61611932-33Genocide. Stalin's forced famine to stop Ukrainian independence. 7,000,000 dead
59365692 61611932May 29. Bonus Army Marchers. 25000 veterans of WW1 came to get their bonus due in 1945 early. Camped across the Anacostia. Macarthur burned their camps. 25% of federal budget went to paying veterans.
58365692 61611932-72Tuskeegee syphilis experiment. Black men infected without their knowledge
58365692 61611932Earthquake 7.6 Earthquake, December 25: Gansu, China. 70,000 dead
"Habiru" People (Hebrews)1933 ArchaeologyMari Tablets. 20,000 tablets found at Tell Hariri, Syria. Dated 1800 BC
58375693 61621933Prophecy Uniting Europe 1933-45. Adolph Hitler becomes chancellor of Germany. The Third Reich
USA president Franklin Roosevelt #32 (33-45) 1933March 4. Franklin Roosevelt's New Deal economic reforms
» March 1-13. Bank holidays prevented run on banks.
New Deal Reforms March 9-June 16 (1933-38)
» Banks closed, credit froze.
» 25% unemployment rate.
» Farm prices fall by 50%
» Mortgages foreclosures
1933 » Glass-Steagall Act (the Bank Act of 1933) banned banks from stocks. Separated regular banks from investment banks. Allowed the Federal Reserve to extend credit.
» April 19-June 5. Gold was no longer the standard.
» 16 June. Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) insured $2500 deposits
» July 12. Fair Labor Standards Act established 40 hours work week and a minimum wage of 33 cents/hour and outlawed most forms of child labor
» Securities Act. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) regulated the stock market
58375693 61621933Earthquake 7.5 Earthquake, August 25: Sichuan, China. 9,300+ dead
58375693 61621933December 5. Prohibition ended in the U.S. as 36th state ratified 21st Amendment
59385694 61631934Apartheid introduced to South Africa
New Deal Reforms 1934 Federal Credit Union Act (June 26). US Federal Savings and Loan Association (June 27)
1935August 14. Social Security act 1935. Social Security System financial assists elderly and handicapped began paying out in 1942
58395695 61641935Earthquake 7.5 Earthquake, May 30: Quetta, Pakistan. 50,000 dead
59395695 61641935Flood China Yangtze river (Yellow) floods. 145,000 killed
59405696 61651936Famine China famine. 5,000,000 killed
59415697 61661937 Disaster 1 Km wide Asteroid Hermes misses earth by 600,000 miles
59415697 616619371937-45 Genocide. 10 million Chinese killed by the Japanese. 100,000 in Manila
59415697 616619371937-38 The Rape of Nanking. 300,000 Chinese killed by the Japanese
59415697 61661937Catholic Visions Catholic Visions (Saint Faustina) Poland
*** Modern Spiritualism *** 1938?Spiritualism Alcoholics Anonymous. Bill Williams, founder of AA channeled parts of the AA Manual with a Ouija board
New Deal Reforms 1938 Federal National Mortgage Association (Fannie Mae) to expand the flow of money to mortgage lenders
*** Middle East Oil Fields ***1938Standard Oil company finds oil in Saudi Arabia and Kuwait
59425698 61671938Israel Nazi Holocaust. 1933-45 Genocide. 12,000,000 people murdered. 6,000,000 were Jews (2/3 of European Jews), 1.1 to 1.5 million Jewish children. Only 600 Jews out of 80,000 survived in Vilna, Poland
59425698 61671938House of Unamerican Activities (HUAC) investigates people for unpatriotic behavior
59425698 61671938September 18. Siberian Darkness
59425698 61671938Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act. Certifies safety of drugs after 107 patients died of kidney failure after taking the Elixir Sulfanilamide which was contaminated with DEG
59425698 61671938September 21. New England Hurricane. 700 dead. 60000 homeless. 2 billion trees
59425698 61671938October 30. "War of the Worlds" Martian invasion radio broadcast by Orson Welles
59425698 61671938Flood The Huang He (Yellow river) floods. 900,000 killed
59435699 61681939Earthquake 8.3 Earthquake, January 25: Chillan, Chile. 28,000 dead
*** Nazi Atheism ***
1939-1945Atheist Atheism. Hitler persecuted various religious groups (Jews, Christians and Jehovah's Witnesses) ultimately intended to eradicate Christianity from Germany
** World War 2 Casualties **
Allied Forces: 18,587,000
Axis Forces: 24,517,000
» Civilian: 30,497,000

Axis Forces: Germany, Austria, Italy, Rumania, Hungary, Bulgaria, Finland, Japan
1939May 22. The Pact of Steel. Germany and Italy ally to form the Axis powers.
September 1. War began. Germans and USSR had a secret nonaggression pact.
60+ million die in World War 2 (1939-1945). 61 countries and 110 million soldiers fought
1939Earthquake 7.8 Earthquake, December 26: Erzincan, Turkey. 30,000 dead
1940Inventions Color television
1941September 29-30. Massacre at Babi Yar, Kiev Ukraine. 33,771 Jews shot by the Nazis
1941June 22. Hitler declared war on Soviet Union and reniged on nonaggression pact
1941December 7. USA enters World War 2 when Japan bombs Pearl Harbor. 2,403 died
1941Famine China famine caused by drought. 3,000,000 killed
1942February 19. Executive order 9066 sends 120,000 Japanese to 10 Internment camps in 7 states from March 21
Industrial Revolution Nuclear Age 1942 Begins in North America
59465702 61711942Inventions Atomic bomb created
59475703 61721943Famine Bengal, India famine. 1.5-3,000,000 killed
59475703 61721943 Income tax withholding authorized June 9 and began July 1
59485704 61731944Famine Dutch famine, "The Hunger Winter" (Hongerwinter). 30,000 killed
59485704 61731944June 6. D-Day. Liberation of Europe. 150,000 troops invade the beaches of Normandy
USA president Harry S. Truman #33 (45-53)1945February 14. Dresden, Germany is fire bombed by allied forces. 200,000 killed
59495705 61741945February 19. U.S. marines land on Iwo Jima. 6,000 killed. 17,200 wounded. 22,000 Japanese killed
59495705 61741945May 8-9. VE Day. Germany surrenders. World War 2 ends in Europe. 27 million Russians killed
59495705 61741945May 8-9. 2400 Days. 100 years after the 2300 days prophecy (40 x 30 x 2)
59495705 61741945July 16. "The Gadget". The first nuclear test explosion in a desert in New Mexico
59495705 61741945May. Desmond T. Doss, a medical corpman and conscientious objector, Seventh Day Adventist from "B" Company would receive the congressional medal of honor for many acts of bravery in Okinawa Japan during this month, including lowering 75 wounded men to safety during 12 hours of being under fire
59495705 61741945August 6. "Enola Gay" B29 Bomber drops the first atomic bomb "Little Boy" on Hiroshima. 140,000 died
59495705 61741945August 9. "Bockscar" B29 Bomber drops the atomic bomb "Fat Man" on Nagasaki. 100,000 died
59495705 61741945August 15. VJ Day. Japan surrenders. World War 2 ends in the Far East
59495705 61741945August 17. Japan had planned to attack San Francisco with Nuclear weapons
*** Cold War Begins *** 1945 United States and Soviet Union develop nuclear weapons with German scientists
59495705 61741945UNESCO. Headquartered in Place de Fontenoy, Paris, France. It pursues its global education objectives through five major programs: education, natural sciences, social/human sciences, culture, and communication/information
59495705 61741945Prophecy Uniting Europe EUROPA. Jean Monnet, Robert Schumann, Konrad Adenauer, Alcide de Gasperi, Joseph Retinger. Catholics became founding Fathers of the European Union
59495705 61741945November 20. Nuremberg war trials international tribunal. 24 nazi war criminals tried
59495705 61741945Gospel advancesInventions Computer
59495705 61741945Money December 27. IMF and World Bank. The International Monetary Fund and the International Bank For Reconstruction and Development (World Bank) are created after negotiations by 44 countries in 1944 at Bretton Woods, NH. 28 nations agreed.
59505706 61761946Britain and the Soviet Union withdraw from Iran
59505706 61751946March 5. Churchill delivers his "Iron Curtain" speech at Westminster College, Missouri.
"From Stettin in the Baltic to Trieste in the Adriatic, an iron curtain has descended across the Continent."
British Colonies Independent 1932-60UK Iraq (32), Ceylon (48), Burma (48), Sudan (56), Malaysia (57), Cyprus (60)
59515707 61761947UKAugust 15. India and Pakistan partitioned and gain independence from Britain.
By the end of 1948, ethnic cleansing killed 1 to 2 million people as Hindus moved from Pakistan and Muslims moved from India
59515707 61761947Ecumenism Church of South India. Merger of (Anglican, Methodist, Presbyterian, Lutheran, Reformed, Congregational)
59515707 61761947Central Intelligence Agency and Department of Defence created to fight cold war
59515707 61761947HUAC questions Hollywood industry to "name names" of communist sympathizers
59515707 61761947Inventions Palomar Observatory. The Hale Telescope completed. Dedicated June 3, 1948
*** Offshore Oil Fields ***1947October 4. Kerr-Mcghee found Oil in the Gulf of Mexico
Truman Doctrine 1947$400 million Political plan to save Greece and Turkey from communist invasion
Marshall Plan 1947Ratified 4 April 1948. $15 billion economic aid to rebuild war torn, starving Europe
59515707 61761947Money First Welfare State. Japan devised a system to eliminate future risk, guaranteeing free education, retirement
59515707 61761947Israel Bible Written 1947-56 Dead Sea Scrolls discovered in 11 caves at Qumran. Dated to about 22 BC
59525708 61771946-
The United Nations. It was the third attempt formed to "stop all wars" after the end of the Second World War on 20 April 1946 when the League of Nations disbanded.
59525708 61771948Israel May 14, State of Israel created. 4000 years after the birth of Jacob (Israel).
760,000 of the total Palestinian population of 1.4 million became refugees
59525708 61771948Ecumenism World Council of Churches
59525708 61771948ape Idol Robert Muller (1923-2010). French Catholic and international civil servant with the United Nations for 40 years in charge of revamping education into Buddhism. Started the "World Core Curriculum" breaking children away from their parents in schools, becoming world citizens. Started the University for peace
60075763 57081948General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade (GATT)
59525708 61771948Bad Heart Risk Factor: Smoking. After WW2 soldiers returned home as smokers because the military distributed free cigarettes at enlistment. In this year women began to smoke and they stayed in the workforce after joining during the war
194814 May 1948 - 20 July 1949. Arab armies (Egypt, Jordan, Syria, Lebanon) invade Israel
1949. Jerusalem is divided under Israeli and Jordanian rule
59525708 61771948Earthquake 7.3 Earthquake, October 5: Ashgabat, Turkmenistan. 110,000 dead
59525708 61771948Bad Heart Framingham Heart Study. Analyzed the epidemic in heart disease using 5209 volunteers from Massachusetts to identify life style factors of risk in coronary heart disease. Smoking, fat, high cholesterol, lack of exercise, diet, high blood pressure
59535709 61781949North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) formed
*** Communist Atheism ***
1949Atheist Atheism. October 1. Mao Zedong proclaimed the establishment of the People's Republic of China. Under the leadership of the Communist Party Mao repressed religion and established state atheism
59535709 Feasts1949-50Total eclipseTotal eclipse 4 Blood moons eclipses on Passover (13 April 1949, 2 April 1950) and Tabernacles (7 Oct 1949, 26 Sept 1950) and the Feast of Trumpets total solar eclipse (12 Sept 1950)
59545710 61791950February 9. McCarthyism. Joseph McCarthy and J. Edgar Hoover begin four years of congressional hearings to hunt down communist sympathizers
3,000,000 Dead
37,000 US Soldiers Dead
1950-53June 24. Korean war. North Korea invades South Korea. Reached Seoul June 27. American ground forces approved June 30. Chinese entered war November 24
59545710 61791950
Pope Humani Generis. August 12. Pope Pius XII endorses evolution as creating the body but God gave it a soul
59545710 61791950Marian Dogma November 1. Marian Dogma 4. The Assumption. She went to heaven without corruption of body
59555711 61801951 Uniting Europe April 18. European Coal and Steel Community (ECSC) (Germany, France, Italy, Belgium, The Netherlands, Luxembourg)
59565712 61811952December 4. Deadliest Smog kills 4,700 in London
USA president Dwight Eisenhower #34 (53-61)1953January 31. North sea overflows dikes. Floods Holland. 1800 dead. 100000 homeless
Knowledge Knowledge Confirmed1953Genetic Engineering James Watson and Francis Crick discover the double helix shape of DNA
59585714 61831954April 26. "Polio Pioneers". 500,000 children volunteer for vaccine test of Jonas Salk
59585714 61831954religion Unification Church started by Sun Myung Moon
59585714 618319541954-1962. Algerian war. French at war with the Muslims. 200,000+ dead
Bikini Atoll Broken Arrow.
Nuclear Weapons Accident
1954Nuclear Bomb March 1. Marshall Islands. USA first hydrogen bomb test detonation contaminated people and sailors over 7000 square miles. Scientists were unaware of the dangers
59585714 61831954Flood China Yangtze (Yellow) river floods. 30,000 killed
59595715 61841955religion Church of Scientology started by L. Ron Hubbard
59595715 61841955December 1. Civil Rights Movement Begins. Rosa Parks, a seamstress in Montgomery, Alabama refused to give up her bus seat to a white passenger
59605716 61851956Inventions May 21, Hydrogen bomb
59605716 61851956 First subliminal messages at the Fort Lee N.J. movie theater during the movie "Picnic". Every 5 seconds "Drink Coca-Cola" and "Hungry? Eat Popcorn" were shown for 1/3000th of a second
59605716 61851956July 26. Nasser nationalized the Suez canal. Britain and France invade and withdraw. Arab nationalism rises. British empire declines
Lakenheath Broken Arrow.
Nuclear Weapons Accident
1956Nuclear BombJuly 27. B-47 bomber crashed at Lakenheath Airbase in Suffolk, England. It hit a storage facility and damaged three U.S. Mark VI nuclear bombs
59605716 61851956December. The first thalidomide baby is born. It affects thousands of children in 46 nations. Drug banned in 1961
Methodist Church1956Women's Ordination (May 4, 1956) Gay Clergy (2015) Same-Sex Marriage (2015) Decline (2012 lost 4.5 million)
59615717 61861957Uniting Europe March 25. "Treaties of Rome" creates the European Economic Community (EEC)
59615717 61861957Inventions October 4. First satellite in space - Sputnik
59615717 61861957Ecumenism United Church of Christ. Merger of Reformed, Evangelical and Congregational
59615717 61861957Famine Flu pandemic. 1-4 million dead worldwide. 700,000 in the USA
59615717 61861957Health Reader's Digest article links smoking to lung cancer
59615717 61861957Treaty of Rome (Signed 25 March 1957). Effective 1 January 1958. Officially the Treaty establishing the European Economic Community (TEEC)
Savannah Broken Arrow.
Nuclear Weapons Accident
1958Nuclear Bomb B-47 collides with F-86 after war games off the coast of Savannah, Georgia. MK-15 hydrogen bomb is still missing
59625718 61871958July 14. The Baath party overthrows the British supported government of King Faisal II
59625718 61871958"The Great Leap Forward". Mao's attempt to modernize China's economy (industry and agriculture) by 1988. 700 million people were placed into 26,578 communes. It failed, causing an economic depression, and was abandoned in 1960
Presbyterian Church (USA)1959Women's Ordination (1959) Gay Clergy (2010) Same-Sex Marriage (Y) Decline (55%)
59635719 61881959Islamic Jihad FATAH formed in Kuwait by Yasir Arafat
59635719 61881959March. Tibetan Uprising against Chinese occupation
59635719 61881959March 15-31. The Dalai Lama and 87,652 Tibetans flee to exile in India
59635719 61881959-61Famine China famine. Drought caused crop failure. 30 million killed
*** Second Sexual Revolution ***
1960-1980Immoral The Sixties. Rebellion went mainstream to middle class, middle aged America and western Europe
Africa Gains Independence from Britain 1960-66UK South Africa (31), Nigeria (60), Uganda (62), Kenya (63), Zambia (64), Rhodesia (65), Botswana (66)
59645720 61891960Charismatic movement started April 3
59645720 61891960May 9. The contraceptive pill for married women. Legal for unmarried women in 1965
Industrial Revolution Space Age 1960 Begins in Russia and North America
59645720 61891960Gospel advancesInventions Satellites. Echo 1 (Balloon reflects radio signal). Tiros 1 (First weather satellite)
59645720 61891960Earthquake 9.5 Largest Earthquake, May 22: Chile 2,000 dead. 1,000,000 homeless
59645720 61891960religion Transcendental Meditation started by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi
59645720 618919601960- January 27, 1973 (Treaty of Paris). Vietnam War. 1-2 million dead
Goldsboro Broken Arrow.
Nuclear Weapons Accident
1961Nuclear BombJanuary 24. B-52 crashed with two 20 megaton bombs. One broke apart, nearly detonated, and the radioactive core has never been found
USA president John F. Kennedy #35 (61-63)1961Sunday law March 21. USA Supreme Court says Sunday "Blue" Laws are constitutional
59655721 61901961April 12. Russian Yuri Gagarin is first man in outer space. American Alan Shepard, May 5
59655721 61901961April 17. Unsuccessful Bay of Pigs invasion of Cuba by the USA. 1200 captured
59655721 61901961Catholic Visions June 18. Catholic Visions (4 people) Garabandal Spain
59655721 61901961 August 12. Berlin wall construction begins. About 200 people died crossing the wall
59655721 61901961Ecumenism May 11, Unitarian Universalist. Merger of Unitarian and Universalist church
59655721 61911961Kuwait becomes independent under the protection of Britain
59665722 61911962Total eclipse February 4. Total eclipse of the sun and 7 planets aligned
59665722 61911962Gospel advancesInventions July 10. Telstar, first international communications satellite demonstration
59665722 61911962 Ecumenism 1962-1966. Vatican II ecumenical council. Humanitas Vitae
59665722 61911962 October 18-29, The Cuban missile crisis. The Soviet Union attempts to build secret missile bases in Cuba
59665722 61911962 Average price of gasoline is $0.31 per gallon
Nuclear Accident1963Nuclear Bomb April 10. USS Thresher (SSN-593) nuclear submarine lost at sea near New England with 129 men
USA president Lyndon B. Johnson #36 (63-69)1963 June 17, 1963. Murray vs. Curlett and Abington v. Schempp. Prayer and bible reading out of public school. Suit brought in 1959 by Madalyn Murray (O'Hair) against Baltimore public schools
59675723 61921963 August 28. Martin Luther's speech: "I have a dream" ...
59675723 61921963 Creation November 14. Surtsey island born from a volcano and mature in months
59675723 61921963gun November 22. President John F. Kennedy is assassinated by Lee Harvey Oswald
Broken Arrow. 1964Nuclear Bomb B58 explodes on the runway with nuclear weapons on board
59685724 61931964Islamic Jihad Palestine Liberation Organization formed in West Bank and Gaza by Arab States. Yasir Arafat became president in 1969
59685724 61931964Texaco drills in Ecuador with substandard methods that destroy the rain forests and pollutes the drinking water and environment
59685724 61931964April 6. Holy See (Vatican). Permanent member status in the United Nations
59685724 61931964July 2. Civil Rights Act. Ended segregation in public places and schools
59695725 61941965August 6. Voting Rights Act. Forbids states to deny voting rights based on literacy tests and poll taxes
59695725 61941965December 7. Mutual excommunication by Catholic and Eastern Orthodox church ends
59695725 61941965November 9. The North East blackout. 30 million affected
59695725 61941965Gospel advancesInventions April 6. Intelsat 1 (Early Bird). First commercial communications satellite
59695725 61941965Famine (1965-67) India famine caused by drought. 1,500,000 killed
59695725 61941965Comet October 21. Great comet Ikeya-Seki
59695725 61941965 Ecumenism Vatican II ecumenical council. The Latin mass or tridentine mass is abolished
Palomares Broken Arrow.
Nuclear Weapons Accident
1966Nuclear Bomb January 16. B-52 mid air refuelling accident over Spain. Four Hydrogen bombs fall on southern Spain. One falls in the sea, 3 on land. Radioactive core of 2 bombs dispersed. Contaminated fields and soil buried in Savannah Georgia
*** Modern Spiritualism *** 196?Spiritualism The Seth Material. Jane Roberts of Elmira New York use the ouija board to get messages dictated by San entity named eth
*** Modern Spiritualism *** 1966Spiritualism Ouija Board. Parker Brothers buys the factory and markets to children
59705726 61951966American drug crisis. Heroin, LSD, marijuana and other drugs
59705726 61951966religion Church of Satan started by Anton LaVey
59705726 61951966August 1, 1966 First mass shooting in Austin Texas 16 killed
59705726 61951966Meteor shower November 17, Leonid meteor shower. 144,000 stars per hour fell over America
Gospel5726 61951966Amazing Facts Radio program in Baltimore MD. Joe Crews speaker
59705726 61951966-76August 1966. Chinese Cultural revolution
59705726 61951966December. The British secretly lease Diego Garcia in the Chagos Islands to the USA military for 50 years then expel the 1500 natives by trickery and force
59705726 61961966UK The British withdraw from Aden and marxists take over (South Yemen)
59715727 61961967(1967-69) Famine in Biafra (Nigeria) from civil war. 1 million dead. 3.5 million starved
59715727 61961967Charismatic movement embraced by the Catholic church
59715727 [18] Mini-Siege1967Israel June 5. Six day war. Israel captures West Bank, Gaza, Sinai and the Golan
59715727 1967Israel Encirclement of Jerusalem completed with the Battle of Ammunition Hill.
Jerusalem and Temple Mount ruled by Israel
*** Communist Atheism ***
1967Atheist Atheism. Albania under Enver Hoxha became the first and only formally declared atheist state, completely prohibiting religious observance, and systematically repressing and persecuting adherents. Religious rights were restored in the fall of communism in 1991
59715727 Feasts1967-8Total eclipseTotal eclipse 4 Blood moons eclipses on Passover (24 Apr 1967, 13 Apr 1968) and Tabernacles (18 Oct 1967, 6 Oct 1968)
59725728 61981968UK The British withdraw from the Gulf and the United Arab Emirates are created
Thule Broken Arrow.
Nuclear Weapons Accident
1968Nuclear Bomb January 17. Thule AFB, Greenland. B-52 fire causes crash. 4 bombs disperse radioactive material on ice and snow that was buried in Texas. One missing until 1979
*** Alaska Oil Fields ***1968Oil found in Prudhoe Bay on the north shores of Alaska
59725728 61971968March 16. My Lai massacre of 500 unarmed Vietnamese citizens by American soldiers
59725728 61971968Catholic Visions April 2. Catholic visions seen by thousands. St Mary's Coptic church in Zeitun, Egypt
59725728 61971968gun April 4. Martin Luther King Jr. is assassinated in Memphis
59725728 61971968May 11. Humanae Vitae (On human life). Papal encyclical banning birth control
59725728 61971968religion Hare Krishna started in the USA by Swami Prabhupada
59725728 61971968Plague Hong Kong Flu pandemic. 1,000,000 killed
Nuclear Accident1968Nuclear Bomb June 5. USS Scorpion (SSN-589) nuclear submarine lost at sea
USA president Richard M. Nixon #37 (69-74)1969June 22. The polluted Cuyahoga river in Ohio is on fire and burns for twenty minutes
59735729 61981969July 20. Apollo 11. Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin and Michael Collins.
Man lands on the moon in the Sea of Tranquility. Map
59735729 61981969November 10. Sesame Street children's muppet program begins
Industrial Revolution Digital Age 1970 The Information Age began in North America (1970 - Present)
59745730 61991970Inventions Internet (Arpanet) begins
59745730 61991970Earthquake 7.9 Earthquake, May 31: Peru. 66,000 dead
59745730 61991970November 13. Cyclone Bhola. Ganges Delta, East Pakistan. 500,000-1,000,000 dead
59745730 61991970's-80's Medellin Colombian Drug Cartel organizes under Pablo Escobar, Jose Gonzalo Rodriquez Gacha, Ochoa brothers (Jorge, Juan David and Fabio), Carlos Lehder
Evangelical Lutheran Church1970Women's Ordination (1970) Gay Clergy (2010) Same-Sex Marriage (Y) Decline (30-40%)
Episcopal Church USA 1970Women's Ordination (1970) Gay Clergy (2009) Same-Sex Marriage (2009) Decline (23% and 73% Pittsburgh)
59755731 62001971Ape Evolution Hoax (June 1971). Tasaday tribe of the rain forests of Mindanao, Phillipines. Called a lost, primitive stone age tribe living in caves, dressed in leaves. Hoax uncovered in 1986
59755731 62001971March. Daniel Ellsberg releases the Pentagon Papers to the New York Times. They are top secret documents which showed how the government lied about the Vietnam war
59755731 62001971 Oil production peaks in the United States. Oil discovery peaked in 1930's
59755731 62001971June 17. Five men caught breaking into the office of the Democratic National Committee in the Watergate Building
59755731 62001971Flood North Vietnam floods. 100,000 killed
59755731 62001971Health Cigarette ads banned from television
59765732 62011972Total eclipse July 10, Nova Scotia and North Atlantic. Total eclipse of the sun
59765732 62011972September 5-6. Munich Massacre. 11 Israeli athletes killed at the Olympics
59765732 62011972Genetic Engineering Gene splicing technique developed by Herbert Boyer and Stanley Cohen
59775733 62021973Uniting Europe January 1. Europe of the Nine. Denmark, Ireland, United Kingdom join
59775733 62021973January 22. Roe Vs Wade. Abortion legalized in America
59775733 62021973American Psychiatric Association claimed that homosexuality is not a mental disorder
59775733 62021973Genetic Engineering Genetic engineering begins. Frog gene placed in E. Coli bacteria
59775733 62021973Catholic Visions June 6. Catholic Visions (Agnes Sasagawa). Akita, Japan
59775733 62021973Total eclipse June 30, Caribbean and West Africa. Total eclipse of the sun
59775733 62021973Israel October 6. Yom Kippur War. Egypt and Syria invade. Nixon helps Golda Mier
59775733 62021973October 17 to 18 March 1974. OPEC nations oil embargo on nations who support Israel. Oil prices quadrupled to $12 per barrel. Shortage creates gas lines
59785734 62031974 August 9. Richard Nixon resigns as president because of the Watergate scandal
USA president Gerald Ford #38 (74-77)1974Islamic Jihad FATAH formed in Lebanon, West Bank and Gaza by Abu Nidal
59785734 62031974April 3. 148 tornadoes in USA killed 330, injured 5484. Biggest outbreak
59795735 62041975March 27 - May 31, 1977. 800 mile Alaska pipeline built from Prudhoe Bay to Valdez
59795735 62041975April 29-30. North Vietnamese army marches into Saigon. The Vietnam War is officially over (1955-75). 47,413 USA soldiers killed. 4 million Vietnamese killed
*** Cambodian Genocide ***
Purge Of Religion (1975-1979)
Atheist Atheism - Cambodian Genocide of 2,000,000. Pol Pot and the Communist Party of Kampuchea (Khmer Rouge) instigated a purge of religion killing 1.5 to 3 million people
59795735 620419751975-92 Lebanon civil war
59795735 62041975Flood Banqiao Dam failure in China. 231,000 killed
59805736 62051976Ebola virus
59805736 62051976Gospel advances Personal computers and desktop publishing applications
59805736 62051976Earthquake 7.5 Earthquake, February 4: Guatemala "class quake". 23,000 dead. Mostly poor
59695736 62051976Comet February 25. Great comet West
59805736 62051976Earthquake 7.5 Earthquake, July 27: Tangshan, China. 255 - 655,000 dead
USA president James Carter #39 (77-81) 1977 July 13-14, New York City blackout. Looting and rioting
59815737 62061977Total eclipse October 12, Central America. Total eclipse of the sun
59825738 62071978February 22. Navstar 1 is launched. The first satellite in the Navstar Global Positioning System (GPS). The full 24 satellite constellation was completed on March 9, 1994
59825738 62071978June 9. Mormon church priesthood ban lifted for blacks who have the curse of Ham and the curse of Cain
59825738 62071978Earthquake 7.8 Earthquake, September 16: Iran. 15,000-25,000 dead
59825738 62071978Total eclipse Total eclipse seen in Iran 3½ hours after the earthquake
59825738 62071978Israel September 18. Camp David Peace Conference. Israel and Egypt. Israel withdraws from the Sinai peninsula when Egypt recognizes Israel
59825738 62071978Genetic Engineering Genentech, first company to use GMO technology creates E. Coli that makes insulin
59835739 62081979Money Personal Retirement Account. Private pension plans were introduced in Chile by Milton Friedman, the "Chicago Boys", Jose Pinera and Augusto Pinochet
59835739 62081979Moral Majority formed by Jerry Falwell. Influences 1980 elections
59835739 62081979China: One Child Policy. Started by Deng Xiaoping to limit population growth, using even forced abortions
59835739 62081979Total eclipse February 26, United States. Total eclipse of the sun. Next one due in 2017
59835739 62081979March 28. A nuclear reactor meltdown at Three Mile Island nuclear facility in Harrisburg Pennsylvania
59835739 620819793 June - 23 March 1980. Gulf of Mexico. Ixtoc, Mexico oil well leak. 182,400,000 gallon
59835739 62081979July 19. Trinidad and Tobago. Atlantic Express. 88,396,000 gallon
59835739 62081979October 12. Japan. Typhoon Tip, largest cyclone. 1350 miles (2170 km) wide. Winds of 190 mph (305 km/h). 870 millibars
59835739 62081979November 4. Iranian Revolution. 52 U.S. hostages held in embassy. Shah flees
59845740 62091980-85Bad Heart Risk Factor: Obesity. Children start gaining weight. HFC sweetner usage increases
Damascus Broken Arrow
Nuclear Weapons Accident
1980Nuclear Bomb Damascus, Arkansas. Titan 2 silo explosion and fire after a wrench was dropped.
30 broken arrows officially announced by 1980. None admitted since then
59845740 62091980Creation May 18, 8:32 AM. Mount St. Helens erupts after 123 years. 57 killed. 160,000 acres destroyed for 18 miles. March 20, first signs. April 12, a bulge. May 18, 5.2 earthquake. Building stratified layers, canyons, badlands, river systems, coal beds and aged forests.
It occurred 200 years after the unexplained dark day
59845740 62091980April. Failed attempt to free hostages in Iran. 8 die in helicopter crash
59845740 62091980July. Israel annexes East Jerusalem and claims all Jerusalem
59845740 62091980September 22, 1980-1988. Iran-Iraq war. Iraq invaded Iran
59845740 62091980Israel Tekhelet (Sacred Blue Dye). Otto Elsner discovered the secret of producing a pure blue color from the Murex trunculus snail when he accidentally exposed it to sunlight
religionBabylon the Greatreligion
USA president Ronald W. Reagan #40
1981Prophecy Babylon returns after 2520 years. See the prophecy 10
1981 Uniting Europe January 1. Europe of the Ten. Greece joins
1981 January 20. Iran released 52 American hostages after 444 days. Reagan inaugurated
1981 Council for National Policy formed to get government to promote religion
1981gun Failed assassination. March 30, Ronald Reagan by John Hinckley Jr
1981gun Failed assassination. May 13. Pope John Paul II by Mehmet Ali Agca
1981Eternal World Television Network (EWTN) Catholic television, formed by Rita Rizzo (sister Angelica)
59855741 62101981Inventions April 24. IBM introduces their first personal computer
59855741 62101981June 7. Israel destroys Iraqi atomic reactor at Osiraq
59855741 62101981Plague June 5. (AIDS) Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome disease is recognized.
Year 2001. 40 million infected. None cured. 12 million dead
Year 2002. 45 million infected. None cured. 15.1 million dead. 50% are now women
Year 2003. 60 million infected. None cured. 20 million dead. 6 million dead children
Year 2005. 65 million infected. None cured. 25 million dead
59855741 62101981Catholic Visions June 25. Catholic Visions (6 people each have 10 secrets) Medjugorje, Bosnia
59855741 62101981Inventions April 12. Columbia, first space shuttle. Astronauts: John Young, Robert Crippen
59855741 62101981Bad August 1. MTV goes on the air with the video, "Kill the radio star"
59855741 62101981"Crack" cocaine goes on sale
59855741 62101981gunOctober 6. Egyptian president Anwar Sadat is assassinated
59855741 62101981November 25. Joseph Ratzinger becomes head of the old office of inquisition
59855741 62101981Israel December 14, Israel annexes the Golan Heights
59855741 62101981Bomb First suicide bombing. Iraqi embassy in Beirut
Knowledge Knowledge Confirmed19811981-1993. Super Proton Synchroton particle accelerator. UA1 and UA2 high energy physics experiments
59865742 62111982Money Financial Deregulation. Savings and Loans get more money to lend by offering higher interest on savings
59865742 62111982United States and Vatican full diplomatic relations. Britain and Vatican (January 16)
59865742 62111982March 10. The Jupiter Effect. Nine planets aligned
59865742 62111982Total eclipse Rare event. Three total lunar eclipses in one year. January 9, July 6, December 30
59865742 62111982Israel June 6. Israel invades Lebanon in "Operation Peace for Galilee". After terrorist invasions since March 1978
59865742 62111982Islamic Jihad Hezbollah is formed in Lebanon by sheikh Hassan Nazrallah
59865742 62111982Governments (June) Secret alliance between Pope John Paul II and Ronald Reagan
Knowledge Knowledge Confirmed1983January. W and Z bosons seen by SPS particle accelerator at CERN. Predicted in 1973
59875743 62121983February 4. Persian Gulf. Nowruz Field platform. 80,080,000 gallon
59875743 62121983March. Star Wars. Reagan introduces the Strategic Defense Initiative (SDI). A missile defense shield in space
59875743 62121983Bomb April 18. U.S. Embassy in Lebanon. First suicide bombing against USA kills 63
59875743 62121983August 6. Saldanha Bay, South Africa. Castillo de Bellver. 77,616,000 gallon
** Ecumenism **1983Ecumenism United Presbyterian church in the U.S.A. (UPCUSA).
Union of Presbyterian churches (PCUSA and UPCNA)
59875743 62121983Bomb October 23. Suicide bombing kills 241 at the U.S. marine barracks in Lebanon
59875743 62121983October 25. Operation Urgent Fury. The United States invades Grenada
59885744 62131984Several serial killers emerged. An uncommon occurrence would now be common
Gospel5744 62131984November 23. 3ABN
59885744 62131984The United Nations passes laws against torture
59885744 62131984Union Carbide Cyanide disaster in Bophal India. 3800 killed. 200,000 injured
59885744 62131984Famine Ethiopia famine. 1,000,000 killed
Southern Baptists1984Women's Ordination (N) Gay Clergy (N) Same-Sex Marriage (N) Increased 16 million
59895745 62141985Hole in the ozone layer discovered
59895745 62141985Volcano November 13. Volcano: Nevado del Ruiz, Colombia. 25,000 dead from mud flows
59895745 62141985Israel Tekhelet (Sacred Blue Dye). Rabbi Eliyahu Tavger became the first to create the dye according to the religious process after the technique was lost for 1300 years
59905746 62151986 Uniting Europe January 1. Europe of the Twelve. Portugal and Spain join
59905746 62151986April 25-26. Chernobyl nuclear disaster. Radiation leaks from a damaged reactor
59905746 62151986January 28. Challenger shuttle explodes after lift off, killing seven astronauts
59905746 62151986Red tide in the Texas Gulf. 22 million fish die in 4 months
59905746 62151986Inventions Cow cloned from an embryo
59905746 62151986November. Iran-Contra scandal. A clandestine operation by the contras in Nicaragua purchased guns with money obtained from illegal Iranian arms sales and cocaine traffiking
59915747 62161987Star February 23. Supernova in the southern hemisphere in the large cloud of Magellan
59915747 62161987Money October 19 (Black Monday). The stock market dropped 22.6%. 508 points
59915747 62161987October. Great Storm brought down power lines in southern England. Blackouts
59915747 62161987Over 39 Virgin Mary appearances in 19 countries from 1987-98
59915747 62161987Soviet Union leaves Afghanistan
59915747 62161987Islamic Jihad Hamas is formed in Gaza by Sheikh Ahmad Yassin and Mahmoud Al-Zahar
59915747 62161987December 9. Wide spread violence (the Intifada) begins in Israel
59915747 62161987Genetic Engineering Gene gun splicing technique developed
ape5747 62161987August. Edwards v. Aguillard, 482 U.S. 578. Evolution cannot be taught in USA schools
Gospel5747 62161987Amazing Facts Television. Joe Crews speaker
59925748 62171988Islamic Jihad March. Al Qaeda is formed in Afghanistan by Osama Bin Laden
59925748 62171988 "America's Most Wanted" show premieres
** Ecumenism **1988Ecumenism Evangelical Lutheran Church in America. Merger of several Lutheran churches
59925748 62171988Earthquake 6.8 Earthquake, December 7: Spitak, Armenia. 25,000 dead
USA president George H. W. Bush #41 (89-93) 1989March 13. Power failure in Quebec caused by a geomagnetic storm. 6 million affected
59935749 62181989March 24. Prince William Sound, Alaska. Exxon Valdez. 11,396,000 gallon
59935749 62181989 Money April 28. "Know Your Customer" regulations proposed in Paris to phase in 1999-2004
59935749 62181989 Money Savings and Loan crisis follows deregulation of the industry in 1982 and fraudulent mortgage deals. About 500 S&L's collapsed losing $153 billion. Resolution Trust Group (RTG), a new government agency, buys back all bad debt
59935749 62181989Money Argentina Hyper-Inflation. In Feburary inflation is 10% per month, in June it is 100% and the government started printed money until it ran out of paper
59935749 62181989Islamic Jihad Seeds of Al-Qaeda began in the Philippines
59935749 62181989June 4. China's Tiananmen Square killing of students in Beijing
59935749 62181989Disaster March 23. 0.5 mile (800 m) asteroid missed by 700,000 miles (1,145,200 Km)
*** Fall of Communism ***
1989November 9. Berlin wall falls after 28 years. 96 miles long, 12 feet high (154.5 km, 3.66 m)
1989December 22. Romanian Revolt. Nikolae Ceausescu tried and executed in 2 hours
59935749 62181989December 19. Operation Just Cause. The United States invades Panama
59945750 62191990Genetic Engineering Human genome project. Mapping the genes of humans for genetic engineering
59945750 62191990February 11. Nelson Mandela is released from the Victor Verster prison at age 72. He becomes president of South Africa on 10 May 1994
59945750 62191990April 24. Hubble telescope is launched on the shuttle Discovery. Orbits at 380 miles
59945750 62191990Earthquake 7.7 Earthquake, June 20: Iran. 50,000 dead
59945750 62191990August 2. Iraq invades Kuwait
59945750 62191990'sSlavery Slavery has returned to supply the sex and garment industry with women and children. Legal slavery in Sudan
Time of Trouble
Trumpet: 6
Sixth Trumpet
1991Global religious fanaticism, war, natural disasters, climate changes, political problems 10
1991Prophecy January 17-February 28. Operation Desert Storm. 45 day Persian Gulf War, USA military strength and ability to gather nations. We are Babylon because we control Iraq
1991Prophecy Governments The Soviet Union collapses. United States is the only remaining super power
59955751 6220199129 April. Bangladesh. Category 5 cyclone Gorky kills 143000, 10 million homeless
59955751 62201991Volcano June 15. Mt. Pinatubo, Luzon Island, Philippines volcano erupted. 800 dead
59955751 62201991January 23. Persian Gulf. 240,240,000-462,000,000 gallon
59955751 62201991Gospel advances Internet commercialized
59955751 62201991Mexico. Many UFO sightings including one during a military parade on September 16
*** Modern Spiritualism *** 1991Spiritualism Ouija Board. Hasbro buys Parker Brothers
59955751 62201991Israel October 30. Madrid Peace Conference. Middle East peace conference in Madrid discusses land for peace
59955751 62201991October 30. Perfect storm. 1500 miles wide. Hurricane Grace merges with noreaster
59955751 622019911961-1991. Eritrea gains independence from Ethiopia after a 30 year war
59955751 62201991December 25. Mikhail Gorbachev dissolves the Soviet Union
59965752 62211992Prophecy 1992-94. United States marines land in Somalia in Operation Restore Hope
59965752 62211992March 2. Uzbekistan. Fergana Valley. 87,780,000 gallon
59965752 62211992August 24. Hurricane Andrew. 175 mph wind. 12 ft waves.
6 lion fish escaped into the Atlantic and are destroying the ecosystem. They became millions in 2009 because females lay 30000 eggs per week.
USA president William J. Clinton #42 (93-01) 1993Bomb February 26. Al-Qaeda attacks World Trade center with a truck bomb. 6 killed
59975753 62221993April 19. Waco Texas tragedy. 85 killed in federal siege of Branch Davidians
59975753 62221993Israel August 20. Oslo Accord. Palestine recognizes Israel and gets autonomy in Gaza and West Bank
59975753 62221993May-September. Midwest floods. $20 billion damage. 50000 homes destroyed. 50 dead
59975753 62221993Pope Scope. Jesuit priests begin operation of Vatican Observatory in Arizona
59975753 62221993Sunday law European Union passes Sunday law as labor laws. There is a ten year transition period with a review every five years
59975753 62221993Israel September 13. Oslo Peace Accords. Yitzhak Rabin and Yasser Arafat
59975753 62221993October 3-4. Black Hawk down (The First Battle of Mogadishu). 2 helicopters shot down in Somalia killing 18 USA soldiers
59975753 62221993Uniting Europe November 1. Maastricht Treaty (Treaty on European Union) for economic, monetary and political union
59985754 62231994Earthquake 6.7 Earthquake, January 18: Northridge, California. 72 dead. $40 billion damage
59985754 62231994Earthquake 8.3 Deep Earthquake. June 8: 640 km below Bolivia. Caused the earth to contract and expand every 20 minutes for months
59985754 62231994 Disaster July 19-20. Shoemaker-Levy comet hits Jupiter
59985754 62231994 Disaster December 9. 0.75 mile (1200 m) asteroid missed by 64,181 miles (105,000 Km)
** Ecumenism **1994Ecumenism March 29. Evangelicals and Catholic together. An informal agreement to stop "sheep stealing" and work against secularism
59985754 62231994 April 6-July 100 days. Rwanda genocide. 800,000 Tutsis killed by majority Hutus
59985754 62231994Bomb April 6. First suicide bombing in Israel. 8 killed on a bus in Afula
59985754 62231994Genetic Engineering May. Calgene Inc sells Flavr Savr tomato. First genetically engineered whole food
59985754 62231994-95WWCOG Christmas Eve Sermon. The 1 million member World Wide Church of God was disbanded in one day, with the help of Joseph Tkach Sr and their staff. They stopped preaching prophecy, cut the staff, stopped taking donations, closed the college and handed the church over to a Sunday church. A teped sermon was delivered 7 January 1995
60075763 0019951 January. World Trade Organiation (WTO). Marrakech Agreement, signed by 123 nations on 15 April 1994
Natural Disasters 1995 A trend of severe weather begins with 19 named storms in the Atlantic
59995755 62241995 Uniting Europe January 1. Europe of the Fifteen. Finland, Sweden, Austria
59995755 62241995Earthquake 7.1 January 17. Kobe Japan. 5502 killed. 26,800 injured. $100 billion damage
59995755 62241995Bomb April 19. Oklahoma City. Murrah federal building bombing. 168 killed (19 children)
59995755 62241995 July 11, Srebrenica Massacre. 8000 Moslem Serbs massacred in a refugee camp
59995755 62241995 Summer. Heat wave kills 700+ in Chicago, USA
59995755 62241995Total eclipse October 24, Asia. Total eclipse of the sun
59995755 62241995Famine (1995-98) North Korea famine. 1,200,000 killed
59995755 62241995 November 10. Ken Saro-Wiwa and 8 Ogoni colleagues executed in Nigeria for their nonviolent campaign against the pollution and devastation of the Niger Delta region by Shell and Chevron oil companies
59995755 62241995 November 27-28. Barcelona Process. A conference of Ministers of Foreign Affairs construct a framework of political, economic and social relations between the EU and partners of the Southern Mediterranean
60005756 62251996Israel April 17. Israel against Hezbollah in "Operation Grapes of Wrath"
60005756 62251996Genetic Engineering Dolly the sheep first cloned from an adult cell. Died of lung cancer in 2003
60005756 62251996Euphrates river drying up. Turkey completes the Ataturk dam and diverts the water
60005756 62251996Ape 22 October. The pope declares the theory of evolution to be accurate. Does God know it?
60005756 62251996John Ashcroft introduces Charitable Choice in the Welfare Reform Act. It allows churches to get government funding for charities
60005756 62251996Disaster May 19. 0.75 mile (1200 m) asteroid missed earth by 279,000 miles (456,444 Km). It was discovered only four days before
60015757 62261997Money Asian economies collapse. Al-Qaeda network grows
60015757 62261997Comet July 1996-October 1997. Hale-Bopp (Great Comet of 1997). Last appeared 2400BC
60015757 62261997Genetic Engineering Documented use of human genes in animals
60015757 6226199739 members of the Heaven's Gate cult commit suicide so that they can reach the space ship behind the Hale-Bopp comet
** Ecumenism **1997Ecumenism March 29. Evangelicals and Catholic together: the Gift of Salvation. Agreement on the doctrine of salvation
** Ecumenism **1997Ecumenism Full communion (Lutheran, Presbyterian, United Church of Christ, Reformed)
60015757 62261997 Uniting Europe October 2. Amsterdam Treaty gives more power to European parliament
Natural Disasters Increase.
In 1998, economic losses from weather related disasters exceeded those for the previous decade
1998Bad The first Harry Potter book. Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's stone
1998Sunday law Papal encyclical - " Dies Dominii " promotes Sunday worship through civil laws. He issues this statement before the first scheduled five year review of the Sunday laws in August
1998Future persecution law Corpus Juris was introduced in a secret meeting in Spain in 1997. It is a European Union law based on the Inquisition model
1998 Disaster May 30. 0.75 mile (1.2 Km) asteroid missed earth by 3 million miles (5 million Km)
1998Future persecution law July 17, final version of the statutes of the International Criminal Court proposed by the United nations in 1991
1998Total eclipse February 26, Caribbean. Total eclipse of the sun
1998Genetic Engineering March 3. Delta and Pine company (Monsanto) awarded patent on terminator seed
1998Bomb August 7. USA Embassy car bombing in Nairobi Kenya and Tanzania. 224 killed. 5000+ injured
1998First "snowflake baby" is born. They are from frozen, donated and adopted embryos
60025758 62271998 Average price of gasoline is $1.19 per gallon
*** Communist Atheism ***
1999Atheist Atheism. In 1999, the Communist Party launched a three-year drive to promote atheism in Tibet, saying atheism plays an extremely important role in promoting economic construction, social advancement and socialist spiritual civilization in the region
60035759 62281999Total eclipse August 11. Total eclipse of the sun
60035759 62281999 Earthquake 7.6 Earthquake, August 17: Turkey. 17,118 dead
** Ecumenism **1999Ecumenism Full communion (Lutheran, Episcopal, Moravian)
** Ecumenism **1999Ecumenism October 11. Catholics and Lutheran World Federation sign a joint accord on justification called the Joint Declaration on the Doctrine of Justification (JDDJ). Wisconsin and Missouri synod dissented
60035759 62281999Genetic Engineering First time human cloning experiments admitted
Tower of Babel
(Unfinished Tower)
1999Louise Weiss Building, Strasburg Inaugurated (14 December). EU parliament built to look like unfinished tower of Babel based on a painting by Pieter Bruegel (1563)
Gospel5760 62292000Amazing Facts Television Center Of Evangelism (AFCOE)
60045760 62292000Israel May 24. Israel withdraws from Lebanon by U.N. Security Council Resolution 425
(** 5995)
62292000Marian Dogma Marian Dogma 5? Our Mother The Lady of All Nations: Coredemptrix, Mediatrix, and Advocate could be the next official dogma
60045760 62292000 The European Union makes a significant commitment and converts to one currency
60045760 62292000Euphrates river dries up by 40%. Turkey completes a second dam, the Belkis
60045760 62292000Catholic jubilee year. Indulgences reestablished
60045760 62292000Pope and Arab Alliance
60045760 62292000March 15. The Earth Charter. Blueprint for a one world government
60045760 62292000May 15. Seven planets aligned. Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, Saturn, Sun, Moon, Earth
** Ecumenism **2000Ecumenism June 26. United Religions Initiative. Blueprint for a one world religion
** Ecumenism **2000Ecumenism June 26. Pope becomes head of the one world church
60045760 62292000July 25. A column of red spring water burst from the ground in Spain
60045760 62292000September 5. Twice in a week millions of dead fish surfaced in the Gulf of Oman
60045760 62292000Bomb October 12. Terrorists bomb USS Cole navy ship in Yemen. 17 killed
60045760 62292000November 7. George Bush wins presidental elections against Al Gore without the popular vote in a contested election
60045760 62292000In a 5-4 decision, the United States supreme court stopped all recounts of the Florida vote. Florida certified Bush the winner by a margin of 537 votes
USA president George W. Bush #43 (01-08)2001January 20. George Bush takes the oath of office 8
Latter rain
60055761 62302001Earthquake7.7 Earthquake, January 26: India 20,023 dead. 166836 injured. 600000 homeless
60055761 62302001 Disaster January 7. A 0.75 (1.2 Km) mile asteroid missed earth by 367,000 miles (600,000 Km). It was discovered only three days after
60055761 62302001January 26. Bush meets with Catholic bishops to discuss Office of Faith Based Initiative
60055761 62302001January 29. Office of Faith Based Initiative. Church and State legislation. Faith based initiative and school vouchers support church institutions and schools. June 25, 2007 supreme court rules in favor of it 5:4 majority by dismissing the case
60055761 62302001February. Before September 11, the government tried to get phone records from Qwest without a warrant. Bribing the company with lucrative contracts
60055761 62302001Genetic Engineering Human cloning officially proposed
*** Al Qaeda Attacks USA ***2001Prophecy September 11. Al-Qaeda attacks. 15 Muslim terrorists hijack 4 planes, crash into Pentagon, World Trade Center. 2976 dead.
Stock markets opened on September 17 and fell -684 points
60055761 62302001October 1. Teachinghearts.org available on the internet. (;-)
* USA Invades Afghanistan *2001Prophecy October 7. War in Afghanistan removes Taliban
** Civil Rights Terminated **2001Future persecution law October 25. USA Patriot Act passed. This is the anti-terrorism law
2001NSA listening post begins at Fort Gordon in Augusta, Georgia. Phone calls from military, journalists, Red Cross and aid workers from the Middle East to America intercepted and transcribed
Creating False Documents2001October. Italian government secret service create false Niger documents
60055761 62302001Osama Bin Laden escaped from USA forces in Tora Bora
*** Modern Satanism ***
Saint Death (Santa Muerte)
2001Spiritualism All Saints Day. Enriqueta Romero (Doña Queta) publicly displays her effigy of Santa Muerte in Mexico City, transforming the once hidden cult to popularality with millions of proud followers
60065762 62312002 Disaster March 8. 2002EM7, a 130-260 feet (40-80 m) asteroid missed by 298,400 miles (480,200 Km)
60065762 62312002March. Joe Wilson briefed CIA and State Department. Niger did not sell uranium to Iraq
60065762 62312002 Disaster June 14. 2002MN .75 mile (1.2 Km) asteroid missed by 75,000 miles (120,000 Km)
60065762 62312002Black water mystery in the Florida Keys and the gulf of Mexico. A massive dead zone. Red tide annually affects the area
60065762 62312002 High winds from two storms destroy 300 million trees in France
60065762 62312002Coup to overthrow Hugo Chavez of Venezuela. Led by CIA, military and business men
** War Mongering **
Falsifying the case for war against Iraq
62312002 July 23. Downing Street Memo written. Intelligence created to justify war in Iraq
62312002September 12 and October 7. Bush speech. "Saddam is trying to purchase aluminium tubes to enrich uranium"
62312002October 8. Bush speech. "We cannot wait for final proof, ... the smoking gun that could come in the form of a mushroom cloud"
62312002October 9. George Tenet testifies falsely before congress about Iraq's link to Al-Qaeda and WMD
62312002October 10. Congress votes for war. The House of Representatives passed the resolution (H.J. Res. 114) by a vote of 296-133. Senate approval vote was 77-23
62312002Crude oil price: October: $20.04/ barrel
62312002Future persecution Agency November 25, Homeland Security Act of 2002, signed into law by President Bush.
November 19. Department of Homeland Security created (Public Law 107-296)
62312002December 3-9. 65 wildfires around Sydney, over 296,000 acres. $56 million in damages
62312002Total eclipse December 4. Africa. Total eclipse of the sun
62312002Genetic Engineering United States genetically engineered crops: 34% corn. 71% cotton, 75% soybean
62322003January 28. Bush state of the union speech. "The British report that Saddam is trying to acquire uranium from Africa"
62322003February 1. Space shuttle Columbia breaks up on reentry, killing seven astronauts
62322003February 5. Colin Powell makes the case for war with Iraq to the U.N. with false evidence
62322003February 22. Bush talks with Spanish prime minister, "we are going to take him out with or without a UN resolution"
62322003March 6. Bush to the American public, "I have not made up my mind"
62322003March 7. Hans Blix told the UN security council that there is no evidence of mobile biological labs, revived nuclear weapons programs and that the Niger documents about Uranium purchase are not authentic
62322003March 8. Bush to the American public, "We are doing everything we can to avoid war"
62322003March 16. Dick Cheney on MEET THE PRESS. "My belief is that we will, in fact, be greeted as liberators"
*** USA Invades Iraq ***
Woefully Unprepared
2003Prophecy Governments March 20, 2003. The USA invades and occupies Iraq. It is physically Babylon.
148,000 troops, 235 armored hummers because the war "will be swift and the people welcoming". IEDs caused 60% deaths and 60% injuries. Estimated cost $2 billion
60075763 62322003April 9. Baghdad falls. Saddam's statue toppled. Widespread looting
60075763 62322003Prophecy May 1, 2003. "Mission Accomplished". President announces end of war
60075763 62322003May 22 and June 4. Two mars expedition rover landings (Spirit and Opportunity). Map
60075763 62322003June 22. Saddam's sons killed (Uday and Quasay)
60075763 62322003July 6. "What I Didn't Find in Africa". Joe Wilson's New York Times article said that Iraq did not buy yellowcake uranium from Niger
60075763 62322003Sunday law August 2003. Second five year compliance review of the European Sunday laws
60075763 62322003Prophecy August 5. Sodom and Gomorrah. Churches have homosexual clergy and perform homosexual marriages. The Anglican church elected Gene Robinson the first openly homosexual clergy in the USA. The Presbyterian church already does this since 1999
60075763 62322003United States discusses 15 mega ton mini nuclear bombs to fight terrorists
60075763 62322003American researcher merges female and male. Allows clone to live for a few days
60075763 62322003August 14, Chinese announce that they have cloned a rabbit with a human
60075763 62322003» August 14. 4:00PM. Tree caused power outage for 50 million from New York to Canada
» August 28, London and south east England blackout affected 55 million.
» September 23, blackout for 5 million in Denmark and Southern Sweden
» September 27-28, blackout for 58 million in Italy. It ended an all night party in Rome
60075763 62322003Bomb August 19. United Nations embassy in Baghdad bombed. 22 killed
60075763 62322003Prophecy September 8. Sodom and Gomorrah. Harvey Milk school for homosexuals, bisexuals and transgenders opens in New York. It is the first in the world
60075763 62322003Prophecy September 18. Canada makes it illegal to say anything negative about homosexuality. Five year prison sentence. It is now illegal to use parts of the bible
Gospel5763 62322003October 10. HOPE TV begins broadcasting
60075763 62322003Cedar Fires. October 21-November 3. 13 California wildfires. 4800 buildings destroyed. 989,000 acres. 22 people killed. 80,000 people evacuated
60075763 62322003November. Massachusetts supreme court allows same sex marriages
60075763 62322003Earthquake 6.7 Earthquake, December 26: Bam, Iran. 41,000 dead. 90% of the city destroyed
60075763 62322003December 14. Saddam captured in a hole in the ground
60075763 62322003 Prophecy December 19. Libya surrenders to the United States
60075763 62322003The price of crude oil was $25 per barrel
60075763 623220032003-2013. Canada Supreme Court. Bible as hate speech. Unanimously ruled that citizens are NOT free to quote the Bible regarding the sin of homosexual behavior
60085764 62332004Workers Seventh Day Adventist Church, year of world evangelism
60085764 62332004January. Major General Antonio Taguba asked to investigate Abu Ghraib from October-December 2003 after a soldier complained and photographs were being circulated. Report completed in February. Issued in March
60085764 62332004A 30 second advertisement on the superbowl costs $2.3 million
60085764 62332004Same sex marriages done in many states. Constitutional amendment proposed.
Massachusetts was the state first to legally allow same sex marriage on May 17, 2004
60085764 62332004 Disaster March 18. 2004FH, 100 ft (10 m) asteroid missed us by 26,000 miles (40,000 Km)
60085764 62332004March 2004. Horse farm and riding academy in Lithuania becomes CIA torture site owned by front company Elite L.L.C. Lithuania allowed to join NATO
60085764 62332004March 10. Gonzalez tries to get Ashcroft to reapprove illegal wiretapping which expires
60085764 62332004March 11. President approves illegal wiretapping without the attorney general's approval
60085764 62332004March 23. Reverend Sun Myung Moon crowned the new Messiah by 81 congressmen
60085764 62332004April 28. New Yorker magazine prints images of torture at Abu Ghraib
60085764 62332004May 6. Major General Antonio Taguba briefed Rumsfeld on a classified report about the "sadistic, blatant and wanton criminal abuses" at Abu Ghraib. Reassigned May 7. Asked to retire by January 2007
60085764 62332004May 7. Donald Rumsfeld testifies that he did not know about Abu Ghraib. Rumsfeld, Wolfowitz and senior aides knew by at least January 2004
60085764 62332004Bomb May 11. Spain terrorist train bombings. 191 killed. 1500+ injured
60085764 62332004June 5. Ronald Reagan dies
60085764 62332004June 28. 2.26 AM ET. Iraq. Ayad Allawi takes over government from the CPA (Coalition Provisional Authority)
60085764 62332004July 1. Holy See (Vatican). All full membership rights except voting and putting forward candidates
60085764 62332004September 3. Beslan Russia. School hostage ends. 343 dead. Most are children
60085764 62332004October 16. FDA approves VeriChip microchip for human implant and identification
The Word According to George Bush2004October 22. "I'm invested with a divine mission to promote the biblical world view in the policy carried out by the United States of America"
60085764 62332004 Uniting Europe October 29. European Union Constitution signed before the statue of Innocent X
*** The Year of Calamity *** 2004Natural Disaster: United States. A record 1800 tornadoes. Over 540 in May
2004Natural Disaster: Japan. September-November. 10 Typhoons, several strong earthquakes and 2 volcanic eruptions
2004Natural Disaster: United States. September-October. 4 Hurricanes
2004Islamic Jihad October. Al-Qaeda in Iraq. Zarquawi officially joins Osama Bin Laden
2004Prophecy Bomb October 7. Taba, Egypt bombings. 34 killed
2004November 2. George Bush wins presidental elections for second term
2004Future persecution law November 23. Britain's Identity Cards Bill. National database linked to Biometric ID
2004Earthquake December 26. 9.3 Earthquake near Sumatra. Tsunamis in Asia. 227,754+ dead. Five million homeless in 11 countries
60085764 62332004November 11. 3:30AM. Yasir Arafat. Born in Cairo in 1929 dies in Paris
60095765 62342005 February. A secret memo authorizing torture. Despite Bush's denials
60095765 62342005 February. A spiritual paradigm shift. God takes control
60095765 62342005Earthquake March 28. 8.7 Earthquake in Asia. Over 600 dead. 80% of Nias destroyed
60095765 62342005 April 2. John Paul II dies after 26 years as pope #264. Sainthood expected in 2013
60095765 62342005 April 19. Benedict XVI. Joseph Ratzinger elected as pope #265
60095765 62342005Prophecy April 26. Cedar Revolution. Syria leaves Lebanon after 29 years of occupation
60095765 62342005April. Crude oil price, $53 per barrel. Doubles in less than 2 years. June price, $60.54
60095765 62342005Future persecution law May 11. Real-ID Driver's License. USA National identification signed into law
60095765 62342005May 17. Mr. Galloway goes to Washington and defends himself in a modern inquisition
** Ecumenism **2005Ecumenism May. Christian Churches Together. Union of churches under common goals
60095765 62342005Prophecy Uniting Europe May 29. French and Dutch voters reject the European Union constitution
60095765 62342005Future persecution Agency June 29. The president created the National Security Service domestic spy agency
60095765 62342005June 28 and July 20. Same sex marriage and adoptions legalized in Canada
60095765 62342005June 29. Same sex marriage and adoptions legalized in Spain
60095765 62342005June. The war in Iraq now costs $314 billion. $120 billion per year
(** 6000)
62342005Bomb July 7. London. The first suicide bomb in Europe. Terrorists bomb 3 trains and 1 bus. 56+ killed. 700+ injured. 5 attempted bombings occurred again on July 21
60095765 62342005Prophecy Bomb July 22. Sharm El-Sheikh Egypt. 88+ killed. 200+ injured by bombings
60095765 62342005August 10. Iran breaks United Nations seals and opens nuclear facility at Isfahan
60095765 62342005Israel August 15. Israel unilaterally withdraws from Gaza after 38 years. 8500 settlers leave
60095765 62342005August 22-25. Loss of freedom. Iraq creates a constitution based on Islamic law
** New Orleans Destroyed **2005August 29. Hurricane Katrina. Worst natural disaster in USA. 1836+ dead. 3000 missing.
August 29. Levees failed and flooded the city
60095765 62342005August 31. 953+ Iraqis killed in a stampede
60095765 62342005Prophecy August 31. U.S. Military base in Israel completed
60095765 62342005Bomb September 28. The first female suicide bomber in Iraq. Civil war
60095765 62342005September 28. Scientists warn that the polar ice caps are melting rapidly
60095765 62342005September 29. John Roberts, is the 17th chief justice of the supreme court. Vote 78:22
60095765 62342005Earthquake October 8. 7.6 Earthquake in Pakistan, India. 87,000 dead. 4 million homeless
60095765 62342005Islamic Jihad October 26. Ahmadinejad, president of Iran says Israel must be "wiped off the map"
60095765 62342005Bomb November 9. Worst terrorism in Jordan. Bombs 3 American hotels. 57 dead
60095765 62342005December 5. Same sex unions legalized in Britain. Implemented December 21
60095765 62342005Exxon-Mobil makes a record profit of $36 billion, up 40%. Sales were $100 billion
60105766 62352006 Money December. Deregulation. New laws written by bankers for bankers, screws people
60105766 62352006January 10. Iran breaks international seals and begins nuclear research
60105766 62352006Islamic Jihad January 25. Hamas wins the Palestinian elections in a landslide, defeating Fatah
60105766 62352006January 31. Samuel Alito on the Supreme court. Vote 58:42. Coretta Scott King dies
60105766 62352006January 31. Bird flu death on January 17 in Iraq confirmed
60105766 62352006The United States president reasserts his right to torture. He exempts himself from laws against torture
60105766 62352006Mid February. The Second Battle of Mogadishu
60105766 62352006February. Bird flu reaches Africa. Deadly strain found in Nigeria
60105766 62352006February 7-14. Bird flu reaches Europe. Italy, Greece, Bulgaria, Germany, Austria, India
60105766 62352006Bomb February 22. Iraq civil war intensifies. Gold Dome mosque in Samarra destroyed
60105766 62352006Total eclipse March 29. Europe, Asia. Total eclipse of the sun
60105766 62352006April 21. Crude oil price, $75.17 per barrel. Triples in 3 years
60105766 62352006May 24. Bird flu spreads from human to human. 6 members of a family die
60105766 62352006Earthquake May 27. 6.3 Earthquake Java. 5800+ dead. 600,000+ homeless. Volcano erupting
60105766 62352006June 7. Abu Musab al-Zarqawi is killed. He succeeded in starting a civil war in Iraq
60105766 62352006July 4. North Korea fires seven missiles into the sea of Japan including one long range
60105766 62352006Israel July 12. 33 day war. Israel at war in Gaza and Lebanon against HAMAS and Hezbollah 34 days. 1200 Lebanese killed. Hezballah gets stronger
** Ecumenism **2006Ecumenism July 23. Methodists adopt JDDJ with Catholics and Lutherans
60105766 62352006Star September 18. Supernova 2006GY, the brightest ever recorded. 240 million light years in the constellation Perseus
60105766 62352006November 14. South Africa allows same sex marriages
60105766 62352006Prophecy December 23. USA backed Ethiopia attacks Islamic forces in Somalia
60105766 62352006December 29. Saddam Hussein is executed by hanging at 6:05 AM (10:05 PM ET)
60105766 62352006December. "Colony Collapse Disorder". Millions of bees begin to disappear in USA, Germany, Switzerland, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Greece, England
60105766 62352006Rumors of War. Is there war with Iran?
601157676236 2007 Money United States borrowed $800 billion from foreigners. Money flows from the east for the first time. The 2000-2007 China-USA financial relationship hyper inflates the global economy
60115767 62362007Comet January 12-21 Great comet McNaught. Seen in daylight
60115767 62362007Oil production peaks in the world. Oil discovery peaked in 1963
60115767 62362007The Iraq war now costs $90 billion per month or $1080 billion per year
60115767 62362007March. 10-12 acre glacial lake, 100 feet deep in southern Andes, Chile disappears
60115767 62362007May 6. Nicholas Sarkozy proposes a Mediterranean Union (South and east old Roman empire nations). Schedules a June 2008 meeting to lay plans
60115767 62362007Bomb June 13. Gold Dome mosque in Samarra bombed destroying two miniarets
60115767 62362007June 14. HAMAS defeats FATAH and takes Gaza. They won elections in January 2006
60115767 62362007Catholic June 7. The Latin mass or tridentine mass is restored by Pope Benedict
60115767 62362007Catholic July 12. Pope reasserts the supremacy of the Catholic church, calls others defective
60115767 62362007Money August 9. The mortgage problems in the USA begins to cause problems in financial markets worldwide
60115767 62362007Israel September 6. Israel bombs a suspected nuclear facility in Dayr az-Zwar, Syria. Nuclear shipment was tracked from North Korea and arrived on September 3. Syria denies both the raid and nuclear assets
60115767 62362007September 26. Lieberman-Kyl Amendment. By a vote of 76 to 22 the senate declared Iran's Quds Force and the Revolutionary guard (the Iranian Army) a terrorist organization
60115767 62362007September 26. Federalism in Iraq. A vote of 75 to 23. A non-binding resolution to partition Iraq into three (Sunni, Shi'ite and Kurdish regions)
60115767 62362007Crude oil price: May: $66.07. October 19: $90.07 October 29: $93.20 November 7: $98.62
60115767 62362007Prophecy Uniting Europe October 19. Lisbon Treaty. Agreement reached for the 27 members. Signed December 13. Bypasses national referendum. Tony Blair as the first president in 2009
60115767 62362007California Burning. October 21-31+. 23 wild fires. 950,000+ evacuated. 410,000 acres burned. 1500+ homes destroyed
˜ 3500 Years since the Exodus (42 Months)2007October 23. H.R. 1955: Violent Radicalization and Homegrown Terrorism Prevention Act of 2007. Passes 404 to 6
60115767 62362007November 3. State of emergency in Pakistan. Constitution suspended. Opposition members, supreme Court and hundreds of lawyers arrested on fears that the court might not certify his 98% win in the elections. The USA gives Pakistan $80 million per month
60115767 62362007November 15: Bangladesh. Cyclone Sidr kills over 3100 possibly 10,000
601157676236 2007December 27 (6:16 PM): Rawalpindi, Pakistan. Benazir Bhutto assassinated at a political rally after a suicide bomb. She was shot in her neck in her bullet proof car
60125768 62372008Genetic Engineering British scientists clone a human with a cow. Legislation passed May 2?, 2008
60125768 62372008Somali pirates begin to plague the Gulf of Aden on the horn of Africa
60125768 62372008April 16. Crude oil prices $114.83 per barrel
60125768 62372008May 3. Cyclone Nargis kills 84,500-134,000 in Myanmar. 2 million homeless
60125768 62372008Earthquake 7.9 Earthquake, May 12. Sichuan China. 80,000+ dead. 5 million homeless
60125768 62372008Crude oil price: May 21: $130.+ May 22. $135.09 (doubles in 1 year). June 26: $140.05
60125768 62372008June 30. Oil companies return to Iraq with no bid contracts. Exxon-Mobil, Shell, BP, Total
60125768 62372008July 8-9. Iran test fires 9 medium and long range missiles. Sahab 3 range is 1200 miles

**Money** Economic Crisis **Money**
** Wall Street Blues**

Mortgage failures and record foreclosures prompt a global down turn and the collapse of major banks and investment institutions.
33% of homes on sale are in foreclosure. 1.5 million this year.
$1 trillion in deficits

Greece is half a trillion dollars in debt exposed by crisis. Heading for default.
PIIGS. Portugal, Ireland, Italy, Greece and Spain in debt
2008Money May. Home prices drop by 15.8% Thousands of home owners lost their homes
2008Money March 10-16. Bear-Stearns fell unexpectedly. Price is $2 per share. High $171.51
2008Money July. The United States dollar has lost half its value over the past 7 years
2008Money July 11. Indymac mortgage bank became the third largest bank failure in USA after investors withdrew $1.3 trillion. 90-300 banks at risk of failure in the next 3 years
2008Money July 14. Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, two largest mortgage finance companies (50% of USA mortgages $5.3 trillion) rescued by the federal government after value dropped 40% last week. Taken over September 8, may cost $200 billion
2008Money September 7-14. Stock prices fall. Lehman Brothers is bankrupt (97%↓), Washington Mutual (36%↓), AIG (45%↓) and Merrill Lynch (36%↓)
September 14. Lehman Brothers files for bankruptcy when government finds no buyers.
September 15. Black Monday. Stocks drop 504 points, losing $700 billion in value. World markets lost $3 trillion.
September 19. A government bailout plan is proposed.
September 26, WaMu files largest bankruptcy in USA history. Ten times larger than Enron
2008Money Gold. January ($880) a record high. March ($1000). July 14. Gold is $147 per ounce
2008Money September 29. Emergency Economic Stabilization Act drafted. The bailout plan. Government buys $700 billion in bad debt under the new TARP agency. Vote failed in the house and stocks dropped -777.68 (6.8%).
Failing Wachovia bank bought by Citigroup for $2.1 billion
2008Money October 9. Stock average is 8579.19 down 39.52% from its record high 14,184.93 October 9, 2007
60125768 62372008August 5-23. Tropical storm Fay makes landfall on Florida 4 times. Massive flooding from 30 inches (76 cm) of rain in 2 days. $246 million in damages
60125768 62372008September 1. Hurricane Gustav category 3 hits Louisiana. 2 million evacuated.
September 13. Hurricane Ike (category 2) hits Texas with $12 billion in damages. There are rumors that these hurricanes triggered the collapse of AIG
60125768 62372008October 1. Africom. A new command formed to cover Africa because of oil and the interest of China and Russia
60125768 62372008Crude oil price per barrel. November 13: $56.16. October 22: $66.75. October 27: $63.22. July 11: $147.27
60125768 62372008October 21. Large hadron collider (LHC) particle accelerator built from 1998-2008 was officially inaugurated to search for particles causing mass, gravity and dark matter. First operated September 10
60125768 62372008October 21. Atheist bus ads in Britain and USA. Billboard ads came in January 2009
USA president Barack Obama #44 (09-)2008November 4. First African-American president of the United States elected
60125768 62372008December 14. Iraqi journalist threw his shoes at President Bush at a press conference in Baghdad.
60125768 62372008December 18. Gay Rights launched and passed between Dec 1 and 18 in the UN
** ape Idol **
Evolution - New Age Pagans
2008Canadian Ethics and Religion course (ERC) taught in all schools is compulsory, even private. Teaches pluralism in all religions
Knowledge Knowledge Increases
Bible Science
2008December 21-? (Hanukkah). Bible Science. The Periodic Table of Chemistry, a unified model of particle physics, DNA structure and replication revealed supernaturally in the Bible Mishkan sanctuary. Led to discovery of source of mass, gravity and dark matter
7 Months (7 x 30 Years)2008Year, Month, Day and Hour. 210 years after the French Revolution
60135769 62382009 Oklahoma. In 2009 there were 2 magniude 3.0+ earthquakes per year. In 2015 there were 907. Oil and gas production caused man-made earthquakes from the injection of waste salt water disposal. 2
Latter rain
60135769 62382009February 17. The United States switches from analog to digital television broadcasting
60135769 62382009July 7. Pope calls for a "world political authority" to govern global economy
60135769 62382009August 21. Lutheran church voted to allow sexually active homosexual priests in a committed relationship to serve
60135769 62382009October 14. Gold sold at $1070 per ounce. November 11. $1119. 3 grams of gold per ton of ore mined
60145770 62382010Earthquake 7.0 Earthquake, January 12 at 4:53PM. Port-au-Prince, Haiti. 316,000+ dead, 250,000 injured, 2 million homeless
60145770 62382010Earthquake 8.8 Earthquake, February 27 at 3:??AM. Concepcion, Chile. 8000+ dead. Tsunami. Conception moved 10 feet (307 cm). The axis moved 3 inches (7.6 cm)
60145770 62382010March 3. The state of Massachusetts introduces a law against circumcision for any reason
60145770 62382010Earthquake 6.0 Earthquake, March 8. Elazig, Turkey. 51+ dead
60145770 62382010Earthquake 7.2 Earthquake, April 4 Easter Sunday, on a dormant fault line. Mexicali, Mexico. 2+ dead. Earth's axis moved 10 feet (307 cm)
60145770 62382010Earthquake 6.9 Earthquake, April 14. China. 95% buildings destroyed. 2000+ killed. 12000+ injured
60145770 62382010Volcano April 15. Ashes from Eyjafjallajokull, Iceland disrupt global air traffic to Europe for 1 week costing $10 billion and 2 million travellers stranded
Earthquakes and Floods
Worst Year For Disasters
2010Earthquake 5.0 Earthquake, April 20. Australia, gold mining region. Many buildings damaged.
7.1 Indonesia June 16. 5.7 Southern Quebec, Canada, June 23. 6.5 Ixtapa, Mexico June 30.
5.4 California July 8, Anchorage AK. 6.2 Chile July 11. 3.2 DC July 16. 5.8 Iran July 20.
60145770 62382010April 20-September 19. Gulf of Mexico BP Oil Spil. 205 million gallon oil leak (4.9 million barrels) from Deepwater Horizon drill explosion. Relief well finished on September 17. By 23 February 2011 baby dolphins were dying in the gulf of Mexico at a rate 10 times normal.
60145770 62382010September. Earthquake. Arkansas and Oklahoma begin experiencing hundreds of micro tremors
60145770 62382010November 30. Senate Bill S-510. Food Safety bill passes senate. Passed house earlier
60145770 62382010December 1. Terror Watch List. All 197 airlines flying to the USA now collect full name, gender and birthdate
Islamic Revolutions
Middle East and North Africa Uprisings.
2011January-March. Tunisia (10 December 2010-Feb 27), Egypt (Jan 25-March 8), Jordan (Jan 28-March 15), Syria (February 4-March 15) civil war continues over a year later, Kuwait (Feb 6), Yemen (Feb 11- ?), Iran (Feb 14-), Algeria (January-Feb 19), Bahrain (Feb 14), Iraq (Feb 16-27), Libya (Feb 16-March 19 USA air strikes, 112-124 tomohawk missiles. Morocco (Feb 20-March 9), Lebanon (Feb 28), Sudan voted to split the country into two.
Earthquakes and Floods2011Earthquake 6.3 Christchurch, New Zealand, February 21. 7.2 Japan, March 8.
9.0 Japan, March 11. 18,000+ dead. It was followed by a 23ft-77ft (7m-23m) tsunami and the partial meltdown of 4 nuclear reactors. $235 billion in damages
6.8 Myanmmar, March 24.
60155771 62392011 March 15. to present Syrian Civil War. As of June 2014: 232,402 killed, 4.5 – 5.1 million internally displaced, 3,000,000 refugees, 130,000 missing /detained
60155771 62392011November 1. The Jefferson Bible. published by the Smithsonian in color. Went on display November 11. Conceived in 1798-99. Published in 1804 as "The Philosophy of Jesus of Nazareth". Created an expanded version in 1820 "The Life and Morals of Jesus of Nazareth." Acquired by the Smithsonian in 1895. Published in 1904 and given to new members of congress since.
A Bible acceptable to all religions. It removed all references to miracles, resurrection, angels, geneology, Trinity, deity of Jesus, prophecy and corrected the "errors" of the Gospel writers.
60155771 62392011December 15-31. Iraq War Ends. All military troops will leave by 31st. Cost $801.9 billion. 4,487 dead. 32,000 injured. Estimated 106,348 - 654,965 civilians dead
60165772 62402012July 3-4. God Particle. Scientist think they may have observed evidence of the Higgs Boson
60165772 62402012July 30-?. Blackout. Largest power grid failure on the planet affects 600 million in India
60165772 62402012October 29. Hurricane Sandy. Devastates the north east coast of USA-New York, New Jersey
60175773 62412013 January 16. Germany Recalls Gold ($36 Billion). 674 tons of gold from USA, London, France
60175773 62412013 February 11-28. Pope Resigns. Benedict XVI will resign February 28 at 20:00 GMT (8:00 PM)
Asteroid A series of asteroid encounters2013 February 15. Meteor Strikes (0320 GMT). 11 tons meteor strikes Chelyabinsk Russia. 725 injured, buildings damaged
2013 February 15. Asteroid Flyby 2012 DA14. It is the closest approach to earth ever by a dangerous object at 17,200 miles, 130,000 metric tons, 150 feet
2013 March 4. Asteroid Flyby 2013 EC. 33 feet (10m) 230,000 miles
2013 March 9. Asteroid Flyby 2013 ECO. 9-40 feet (3-10m) passed 169,000 km (106,000 miles)
2013 March 9. Asteroid Flyby 2013 ET. 460 ft (140m) long passes by 950,000km (600,000 miles). Only detected March 3
60175773 62412013 March 13. Pope Elected (#266). Francis I. Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio, a Jesuit archbishop of Argentina, first pope outside Europe
60175773 62412013 July 4. Egypt Military Coup. General Sisi ousts the Muslim Brotherhood and President Morsi
2013The new manual on mental illness classified pedophelia as a sexual orientation and pedophilic disorder as those who act on their sexuality
** Ecumenism **2014Ecumenism February 18. Catholics and Charismatics at Kenneth Copeland Ministries Pentecostal conference call for unity addressed by the pope by Video
60185774 62422014 April 27. Popes Canonized. John Paul II and John XXIII became saints. It was the fastest path to sainthood in history for John Paul
60185774 62422014Ape October 27. Speaking at the Pontifical Academy of Sciences, Pope Francis declares the theory of evolution and the Big Bang to be accurate, saying about Genesi 1 "God is not a magician with a magic wand"
59535709 Feasts2014-15 Total eclipseTotal eclipse 4 blood moons and 2 solar eclipses on Passover, tabernacles, feast of trumpets
Lunar eclipse Passover (15 Apr 2014) Lunar eclipse Sukkot (8 Oct 2014)         Solar eclipse Nisan 1 New Year (20 Mar 2015)
Lunar eclipse Passover (4 Apr 2015)   Solar eclipse Trumpets (13 Sep 2015) Lunar eclipse Sukkot (28 Sep 2015)
Climate Change Article2014(18 september) Scientists turn to Pope Francis and world’s religions to save the planet
Interview: La Vanguardia
2014June 9. Pope Francis said, "A fundamentalist group, although it may not kill anyone, although it may not strike anyone, is violent. The mental structure of fundamentalists is violence in the name of God"
Same Sex Marriage 2015USA Federal Law: 26 June 2015
Climate Change Speech2015Pope Francis: US Congress (24 Sept 2015). United Nations (25 Sept 2015)
7 Days (7 x 1 Years)2015Year, Month, Day and Hour. 217 years after the French Revolution
SDA Church Taken Over2015. An LGBT, atheist, occult infestation has taken over the church. Rapidly deploying their plans in September 2015 soon after the GC Conference in June-July. Our church leaders are complicit. It is what happened to the WWCOG in 1994-95
60205776 62442016 14 January 2014. Kenneth Copeland Ministry Conference. Pope "We preach the same Gospel now". The Protest is over".
7 Hours (7 x 15 Days)2016Year, Month, Day and Hour. 217 years and 105 Days after the French Revolution
60205776 62442016 Google CEO (Eric Schmidt) Jan 12 (I want to work with you to make these points. We will make it happen").Apple CEO (Tim Cook) Jan 22 at the Vatican.
2 February 2016. Google to point extremist searches towards anti-radicalism website.
2 pilot programs launched this year. Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, NGOs are part of this
60205776 62442016 Russian Orthodox (Francis and Kirill). February 12, meet in Cuba to sign an agreement because of the Christian persecution
60205776 62442016 Japan (Kyushu) Earthquake (7.0). April 15. 9 dead
60205776 62442016 Ecuador (Muisne) Earthquake (7.8). April 16. 400+ dead
60205776 62442016 European Union. (23 July) After 40 years Britain has voted to leave the European Union.
Daniel 2: 43 They shall not cleave to each other ... iron and clay do not mix
60215777 62452017 Lutheran. 31 October 1517- 31 October 2017. 500 years after the Protestant reformation. Plot to return to Rome and announce the Death of Protestantism
NowNowNowNow Prophecy The Three Angel's Message is preached ?
Latter rain
Revolution Spiritual Age NowLatter rain The Latter Rain. Prophets of God and teachers sent to the world
NowFirst Angel's Message. Worship the Creator who made the heavens, earth, seas and the springs of water
NowSecond Angel's Message. Babylon is fallen.Get out quickly
NowThird Angel's Message. Do not receive the plagues
NowProphecy The time of trouble such as never was
Revolution Dark Ages 2
World infrastructure.
Sunday law - Sunday Laws.
Future persecution law - Persecution laws.
Governments - Final powers organized.
Ecumenism - Ecumenism
July 2006Prophecy Israel is threatened by the surrounding nations
Future Prophecy Catholic church in Jerusalem
Future Prophecy Global persecution as religion is being forced on the world
The Paradigm Shift
An event that causes global fear will cause the government to install religion by force.
Disaster - Asteroid threat?
Martyr - Persecution.

Church infrastructure.
Gospel advances - Gospel technology.
Workers - People.
These are the major prophecies remaining as of April 2005 ?
Latter rain
NowProphecy War in Palestine is lost? 14 years+. Events get worse at the end of the war
FutureProphecy Jerusalem controlled by the Vatican or the USA
FutureProphecy Jerusalem surrounded by enemies
FutureProphecy Sunday law National Sunday Law in the United States enforced
Future Disaster Earth changing natural disaster or threat that causes the world to turn to religion
X - 4 Prophecy God plants the final movement
?Prophecy Daily Taken And Abomination Of Desolation (1335 Days). to the blessed event (Latter Rain or Second Coming). People no longer serve God and establish idolatry.
?Prophecy Daily Taken (1290 Days). From the daily to Abomination of Desolation ...
?Prophecy Scattering the People (1260 Days). ... to the blessed event or Second Coming
FutureProphecy Satan impersonates the Second Coming
FutureProphecy Martyr Mark of the beast persecution. Saints phone home!
Trumpet: 6
Sixth Trumpet Ends
X - 1 Prophecy Plague The seven last plagues occur in one year 1
X - 1 Prophecy Money Global economic collapse, starting in the United States
X - 1 Prophecy Governments United States and Vatican collapse when United Nations and Europe revolt
Trumpet: 7
Seventh Trumpet
XProphecy The Second Coming. Teachinghearts.org ceases operations. I go home
XProphecy Millennium 1000
X+1000Prophecy Third Coming Forever
X+1000Prophecy Judgment of the wicked. Battle of Armageddon. Hell
EternityProphecy God creates a new earth

Secular Predictions Secular Predictions
Made by scientists, experts, News Media, government, statisticians

End of Planetary Resources.
» Glaciers.
» Fresh Water.
» Fossil Fuel.
» Tropical Forests.
2010Costa Rica and Sri Lanka will lose their tropical forests Secular Predictions
2012 December 21. Mayan doomsday. Sun aligns with the Great Rift or black hole in the center of the milky way. 26000 year rare earth wobble cycle completed
2007-12Environment: Food. We consumed more food than we produced
2015Global warming is irreversible. Unexpected methane gas release rising
2018 Medicare becomes insolvent. 2014 Universal healthcare changes this
2020 Glaciers of Mt. Kilimanjaro will be gone. They have melted 80% since 1912
2027 Zugspitze, Germany's last glacier will melt. Melted 50% in 100 years. Rivers will dry
2027 The glaciers in Mexico will melt between 2027-2037
2029Friday, April 13. Asteroid Apophis will strike or come close to the earth, below satellites
2033Medical experts warn the rise of resistant bacteria will cause 'Antibiotic Apocalypse'
December 2013: United States government will ban use of antibiotics in animal feed by 2016 on a voluntary basis. Europe banned them in 2006
2035Over 70 million elderly in the USA
2035All bees will be gone if Colony Collapse Disorder is not solved
2036April 13. Asteroid Apophis may strike the earth if it misses in 2029
2039Environment: Soil. Food Production. 20 million acres /year degraded not suitable for farming
2039Environment: Water. Ogallala aquifer in the Great Plains (America's bread basket) depleted
2039Environment: Ocean. Fisheries collapse. Billions rely on this for food
20??Environment: Ocean. Getting more hospitable for slime
2040All summer ice is gone from the Arctic
2042The Social Security system will become insolvent
2050Fossil fuel energy sources depleted
2050Global population reaches 9.3 billion
2050All glaciers melted in Glacier National Park. There were 150 in 1850, 15 in 2010
2060Water supply reaches a critical stage even in the United States
2100Kalahari desert doubles in size because of global warming
Estimates of the date of Creation
  • Archbishop Ussher calculated his chronology in 1654 A.D. and published it in the book "The Annales Veteris et Novi Testamenti". It is based on the masoretic text. The date of creation was calculated as Sunday, October 23, 4004 BC.
    The Ussher dates were used before the birth of Christ. The bold dates are the exact dates found, I calculated the others. After this date I entered the number of elapsed years since creation according to the Ussher chronology.
  • The Hebrew calendar estimates the day of Creation as Sunday, September 6, 3761 BC (Tishri 1). The dating comes from the compilers of the Seder Haddoroth. There is a discrepancy of about 240 years. I cannot explain why they are so many years behind. Some have speculated that they wanted to place the year 4000 during the time of the Bar Kokaba revolt in 132. But this cannot be correct because the math does not accommodate this explanation.

    ** Other sources say that the date of 3761 BC is the date of the origin of the calendar (235 years after Adam). The date of creation is therefore 3996 BC and the year 2005 is 6000 years since creation.
  • Year in the Mayan calendar is August 11 or August 13, 3114 BC.
  • The Big Bang theory estimates the origin of the universe as 13.7 ± 0.2 billion years ago.
  • 9600 BC Zoroastrianism says that the world will last 12,000 years. It will end in 2400 A.D.
  • March 20-26, 4001 BC. Eugene Faulstich, of the Chronology-History Research Institute used the fact that biblical months always began on the evening of a new moon, and that years began on a vernal equinox. So he calculated moon phases and vernal equinoxes, eclipses and compared these to the bible and historical lists of kings and astronomical data. An unusual alignment of planets occurred in 4001 BC. I have not seen the work but the methodology sounds like an accurate method of calculating elapsed time since the creation. Since astronomical events occur often, there is still a chance that an historical event can be assigned to the wrong year.
EventElapsed Time Calculation
Creation to the Flood1656 1 Genesis 5 600 + 182 + 187 + 65 + 162 + 65 + 70 + 90 + 105 + 130 = 1656.
Ten generations, error range is one to ten years
The flood to the call of Abraham427 1 Genesis 11 Nine generations, error range is one to nine years
Abraham to the Exodus645 1 Galatians 3: 17 Call of Abraham to the ten commandments
Abraham to Egypt2151 Genesis This time is included in the 430 years in some chronologies
Slavery in Egypt4302 Genesis 15: 13 430 years spent in Egypt
Exodus to Solomon's fourth year480 2 1 Kings 6 480 years to beginning of construction 1 Kings 6: 1
Solomon's fourth year to captivity406 3 1 and 2 KingsBabylonian captivity of the kings of Judah
Captivity to second temple1285 Daniel, Ezra 70 years were spent as punishment for disobedience
Second temple to Stephen stoned4904 Daniel 9: 25-27 Commandment to rebuild to the end of the call of the Jews
Gentiles called to the papacy4685 None Modern time
The dark ages12605 None The rise and fall of the papacy
Papacy falls to communism falls 1935 None The papacy rises to power again and defeats all rivals
Communism falls to the plagues12+5 None The United States is the last power
Seven last plagues14 Revelation 18: 8 The punishment of the new Babylon
Second Coming to the Third 10004 Revelation 20 The future millennium
After the Third ComingForever4 Revelation 22 The future of the righteous
Age of Father at Birth of Son
Father HebrewSeptuagint Samaritan
Age BirthLife BirthLife BirthLife
1 Adam 130930 230*930 130930
2 Seth 105912 205*912 105912
3 Enos 90905 190*905 90905
4 Cainan 70910 170*910 70910
5 Mahalaleel 65895 165*895 65895
6 Jared 162962 162962 62*947*
7 Enoch 65365 165*365 65365
8 Methuselah 187969 187969 67*720
9 Lamech 182*777 188*753 53*653
10 Noah 600950 -- --
Adam - Flood 16562262 1307
Arphaxad - Terah 2201000 870
Terah - Abraham 13070 72
The source of these dates are from three texts. There is some variation among them. The Hebrew text is assumed to be the most accurate because of the reputation of the Hebrew scribes.

The Septuagint (which was translated from the Hebrew) appears to have a consistent error of 100 years for the age at birth.
Method of Calculation.
I calculated these dates by myself before comparing them to other chronologies.
  1. Birth Records. Adding the ages of fathers at the birth of their sons using the bible records. The problem is the number of months that are not recorded as the age of the father when he had the son. The cumulative effect would be a longer period. For each generation a significant time of half year to almost a year could be added. The error would therefore range from a lower limit multiplied by the number of generation and a higher limit of eleven multiplied by the total generations. That is ten years from Adam to Noah.
  2. Elapsed Time. Bible records of elapsed time between major events of the exodus.

    430 years lived in Egypt. Now the time that the sons of Israel lived in Egypt was four hundred and thirty years. (Exodus 12: 40)

    430 years: The Ten Commandments. What I am saying is this: the Law, which came four hundred and thirty years later, does not invalidate a covenant previously ratified by God, so as to nullify the promise. (Galatians 3: 17)
    The Ten Commandments were given about 50 days after the Exodus.

    400 years of Slavery in Egypt. God said to Abram, Know for certain that your descendants will be strangers in a land that is not theirs, where they will be enslaved and oppressed four hundred years. (Genesis 15: 13)

    After the Fourth Generation. Then in the fourth generation they will return here, for the iniquity of the Amorite is not yet complete. (Genesis 15: 16)
    We find the following genealogy in Exodus 6: 16-20.
    1. Jacob (Israel). He lived to be 147 years old. He entered Egypt at age 130. (Genesis 47: 28)
    2. Levi. He lived to be 137 years old. They entered Egypt during his life.
    3. Kohath. He lived to be 133 years old.
    4. Amram. He lived to be 137 years old.
    5. Moses. The fourth generation and the youngest child. He lived to be 120 years old. And the exodus occurred when he was 80.
    It is obvious that at these ages the fifth, sixth and probably seventh generations were alive. But the reference to the fourth generation probably means that all twelve tribes had a fourth generation at the time of the Exodus.
    Jacob (147 Years) Free Slaves Exodus
    47 Years 43 Years JosephSold Slave/Prisoner FoodFamine Egypt 13 Years 400 Years
    - - 17 YearsSlave 13 Years Governor10 YearsEgypt 17 Years 13 Years 400 Years
    Single 10 Sons Joseph (110 Years) Genesis 47: 28 Israel
    • 17 Years Old. Joseph sold into slavery by his ten older brothers. (Genesis 37: 2)
    • 28 Years Old. He was in jail at least 2 more years after interpreting dreams. (Genesis 41: 1)
    • 30 Years Old. Joseph becomes governor of Egypt. (Genesis 41: 46)
    • 37 Years Old. After seven years of plenty. (Genesis 41: 53)
    • 39-40 Years Old. Early years of famine. Joseph reunited with his brothers and father who was 130. (Genesis 47: 28)
    • 110 Years Old. Joseph dies. (Genesis 50: 26)
    It is possible that the four hundred and thirty years of slavery includes the years spent by Joseph as a slave. The four hundred years of slavery of the twelve tribes began after Joseph died at the age of 110 (Genesis 50: 26 and Exodus 1: 6-14) or after they came to Egypt.

    Jacob ran away from home after the age of forty, because years earlier his twin brother married heathen women at the age of forty (Genesis 26: 34). He worked for seven years before He got married after the age of 47. Leah had six sons and one daughter before Rachel. The two concubines had a total of four sons also. So it took a minimum of ten years before Joseph was born. Joseph was the eleventh son who was born when His father was about 90 years old. Then Joseph was sold into slavery when he was a young boy, about 17 years old. (Genesis 37: 2) He was old enough to travel by himself but not old enough to be with his brothers as a shepherd. He became governor at age 30 (Genesis 41: 46) and met his brothers after the seven years of famine began (Genesis 41: 53). He was finally reunited with his father at about age 39-40. Jacob went to Egypt when he was 130 years old and died at 147 (Genesis 47: 28). Since Joseph was about 40 when he met his father and Israel was 130, then he had this "son of his old age" at 90 years old.

    430 Years 50 Days 480 Years 7½ Years
    30 Years 400 Years Exodus
    30 Yearsabout 450 Years Temple Construction
    Free Men Slaves Desert (40 Years) Clear Land (Judges)Kings

    450 years to clear the Land of Canaan. When He had destroyed seven nations in the land of Canaan, He distributed their land as an inheritance - all of which took about four hundred and fifty years. (Acts 13: 19)

    480 years: First temple started. Now it came about in the four hundred and eightieth year after the sons of Israel came out of the land of Egypt, in the fourth year of Solomon's reign over Israel, in the month of Ziv which is the second month, that he began to build the house of the Lord. (1 Kings 6: 1)

    7½ Years: Temple construction finished. In the fourth year the foundation of the house of the Lord was built, in the month of Ziv. In the eleventh year, in the month of Bul, which is the eighth month, the house was finished throughout all its parts according to all its plans. So he was seven years in building it. (1 Kings 6: 37-38)
    From the second month of Ziv in the fourth year to the eighth month of Bul in the eleventh year is actually seven and a half years. This reference to only seven years shows that they rounded dates.

    1+ Year: Temple dedicated. During the feast of Tabernacles. And all the men of Israel assembled themselves unto king Solomon at the feast in the month Ethanim, which is the seventh month. (1 Kings 8: 2)
    Therefore, if rounding was used, the total time from the exodus to the dedication was probably 490 years.
  3. The Reign of Kings. The problem with this is back dating. When I first calculated these dates I ended up with extra years, until I learned about accession years. The last year of a king and the first year of the next king were included in each summary. This causes an extra year to be added. So I concluded that the maximum number of years in my margin of error would be equal to the number of kings.
    In a list of kings, the accession year is supposed to complete the year for the last king and since the new king officially rules on the first day of the new year theoretically no extra time should be added.
  4. Prophecy Time Periods. Used to verify major end points.
  5. Modern History Records. After calculating elapsed time since creation, I finally matched one biblical event with a date assumed by modern historians. This was the date of the Assyrian captivity. Using that date, I went backwards and reconciled the "BC" dates to the elapsed time dates. The problem is that the dates in ancient documents may refer to a different calendar system. Also, dates before 1000 BC, I used but tended to suspect because they cannot be connected to a clear connected history.
    Assyrian Invasion (721 BC). The first date that was found that I could correlate to a biblical event was the Assyrian invasion in 721 BC. This date became an anchor point. Ancient Astronomy. I also try to find the dates of eclipses and meteor showers because the bible says that the sun, moon and stars will be used to signs. One error they consistently make is to assume that astronomical miracles in the bible must occur at a scheduled eclipse that can be calculated. The assumption is that the dark day at the crucifixion and the miracle of Joshua commanding the sun to stand still occurred on a scheduled solar eclipse. Joshua's miracle was dated June 15, 763 BC and this is probably why some date the crucifixion in 33 A.D.
    I do not make these assumptions for these two incidents because we have had a dark day across North America that no one can explain. There is one major reason why these could not be natural eclipses.
    • Timing. A natural solar eclipse can only occur during the new moon, around the first of the month. Jesus was crucified on Nisan 14, at a full moon in the middle of the month. So the darkness during the crucifixion was a miracle not a natural eclipse.
    Ancient History. For interesting historical events before 721 BC, I placed them in the sequence just as a point of interest to see what events were occurring around the same time. I cannot verify that these dates are correct, nor do I know how they estimated the dates other than through calculating possible astronomical dates and matching them to references of astronomical sightings.
    However, for some events a discrepancy occurred.
    • Egyptian Early Kingdom. For events like the early Egyptian dynasties which are dated before the flood, I used the estimated dates but placed them sequentially after the flood.
    • The Pharaoh Of The Exodus. There are no records to verify who was this Pharaoh or when the exodus occurred. The bible does not mention the names. Historians estimate dates by records of ancient astronomical dates. Historians only have three dates given by the ancient Egyptians. One is the seventh year of Senwosret III. My chronology places the entry of Joseph during the twelfth dynasty and the exodus during the eighteenth dynastry. Surprisingly, this fits the evidence.
      Pharaoh Amenhotep 1. My chronology also places the exodus during the period of the new kingdom. This was a time of extreme prosperity and great building projects. That made sense if the Jewish slaves built them. So this does sounds reasonable. This would make Amenhotep 1, the Pharaoh of the exodus, not his son Thutmoses 1.
      Pharaoh Tutmoses 1. Some scholars place the exodus in the era of the son of Amenhotep 1. Tutmoses 1, and his daughter Nefure was supposed to be the one who rescued Moses. Nefure become Queen Hatshepsut. Moses is supposed to be the infant named Senmut who assumed the title Tutmoses II. Moses was the Egyptian name given to him by the princess and these names do sound the same. So it is reasonable that Moses was born during the eighteenth dynasty. So either father or son are the best candidates for the exodus, with the great uncertainties of dating and only a 80 year difference either one is possible.
      Pharaoh Ramses. Others, notably Hollywood, claim that Ramses (Ramesses 1) was the Pharaoh of the exodus. This is too late.
Disputed Time.
There are two major blocks of disputed time when I compared my list to others.
  1. The Call of Abraham to the Exodus.
    This is a problem with the interpretation of Exodus 12: 40 and Galatians 3: 17.
    The assumption is that the 430 years started with the call of Abraham at age 75. This is because this is the time the covenant was first given. Ussher uses this assumption and dates the 430 years from 1921-1491 BC.
    However, they were not in Egypt until 215 years later. Before I knew that there was a problem I had this difference of 215 years. And it seems like an enormous coincidence that this is the length of time from the call to his moving to Egypt. They were slaves for over 400 years, not 215 years.
    Years Event
    25 The call at age 75 to the birth of Isaac at age 100
    60 The birth of Isaac to the birth of Jacob
    130 The age of Jacob when he moved to Egypt
    215 Total time
    • 215 Years
      25 + 60 + 130 = 215. This is the amount of time from the call until the birth of Isaac (25).
      From the time Abraham was called until the time Israel moved to Egypt with his 66 descendants was 215 years. The time discrepancy with other chronologies occurs because this time is taken as part of the 430 years mentioned in Galatians 3: 17 and Exodus 12: 40.

      My assumption is that they spent 430 years in Egypt as Exodus 12: 40 says. Thirty years as free people and 400 years of oppression because Genesis 15: 12 says they will be slaves for 400 years. And that this 215 years was not a part of the 430 years because that would give only 215 years as slaves.
    • The Time in Egypt and in Egyptian Slavery
      215CanaanAbraham to Jacob going to Egypt
      30EgyptCovenant repeated before they enter Egypt
      12 tribes go to Egypt as honored guests
      400Egypt12 tribes oppressed and enslaved
      645 Total time
      In Genesis 26: 2-5, 24 Israel was told not to go to Egypt when he was suffering from famine. This is probably because it was not his time to live in Egypt. They must live as strangers in the Promised Land.

      The only time that they had entered Egypt was in the time of Abraham before Isaac was born. After that God made sure that they stayed in the Promised Land.
    • The Time the Covenant was given
      The covenant was repeated many times with each generation. Galatians 3: 17 could have referred to the last time that the covenant was repeated before all twelve tribes entered Egypt.
      1. Genesis 12: 1-3, 7. Abraham was called at age 75.
      2. Genesis 13: 14-17. The promise was repeated when Lot separated from him.
      3. Genesis 15: 4-18. This was the most formal repetition of the promise. It included an elaborate ceremony and sacrifices.
      4. Genesis 17: 1. When he was 99, the promise was repeated and circumcision was introduced.
      5. Genesis 28: 13-15. God repeated the covenant to Jacob at Bethel when he had the dream about a ladder to heaven.
      6. Genesis 35: 10-15. God repeated the covenant to Jacob and gave him the new name of Israel at Bethel.
      7. Genesis 46: 3. Israel was told not to be afraid to go to Egypt.
      Note that the commandments and the exodus came 430 years after the covenant. Therefore the covenant and their entrance into Egypt occurred at the same time. So God must have used the last time that the covenant was given to Israel. And the reference covenant must have been one of the two given after his name was changed. The previous covenants were with Abraham and Jacob. This covenant was with Israel.
    The Reign of Judges
    YearJudgeReign Tribe EnemyReign
    1462Joshua30 Ephraim7 nations -
    1422Othniel40 JudahMesopotamia 8
    1364Ehud80 BenjaminMoab 18
    -Shamgar- -Philistines -
    1264Deborah40 EphraimCaanan 20
    1217Gideon40 ManassehMidian 7
    1174Abimelech3 ManassehAbimelech -
    1176Tola23 Issachar- -
    1151Jair22 Gad- -
    Total:Judges278 years Enemies 53
    About 300 years had elapsed (Judges 11: 26)
    1129Jephthah6 GadAmmon 18
    1123Ibzan7 Judah- -
    1116Elon10 Zebulun- -
    1106Abdon8 Ephraim- -
    1098Samson20 DanPhilistines 40
    1078Samuel12 LeviPhilistines -
    Total:Judges341 years Enemies 111
    1095Saul32 BenjaminPhilistines -

  2. The Exodus to the Destruction of the first temple. This included the time of the Judges and the kings.
    • The Reign of the Judges (364-450 Years)
      We get an accurate count of the time of the judges with the account in 1 Kings 6: 1. The temple construction began 480 years after the exodus in the fourth year of Solomon's reign.
      364 = (480 - 40 (in the wilderness) - 32 (Saul) - 40 (David) - 4 (Solomon).
      So the judges ruled 364 years according to that calculation up to a maximum of 450 years to clear the land (Acts 13: 19).
      If you added the total reign of the judges (341 years) and the reign of their enemies (111 years) that total is 452 years.
      According to Judges 11: 26, about 300 years had elapsed from Joshua to Jephtah. In our calculation it was 278 years under the judges and 53 years under their enemies. That is 331 years.
    • The Reign of the Kings (512 Years)
      Starting with Solomon's fourth year in 1022 BC and Nebuchadnezzar's nineteenth year in 586 BC This chronology worked very well. There was a seven year difference which can be attributed to a combination of overlapping months and the way they dated the reign of kings. I placed these years in the years of the long reigns. This results in a total of 406 years. This is close to the Gemara which states that the temple stood 410 years.
    • The Seventy Year Captivity Began in 605 BC. Although Judah was not taken into captivity, they were controlled by Babylon and the city was under siege. This is the beginning of their seventy year captivity.
450JudgesMoses to Saul
112UnitedKings Saul, David and Solomon
265Israel (North)Death of Solomon about 985 BC to the Assyrian captivity in 721 BC
400Judah (South)Death of Solomon about 985 BC to the Babylonian captivity in 586 BC
962 Total time
The traditional date for Saul's ascension to the throne is 1095 BC.
The Reign of Kings
YearKings of Judah (South)Reign Kings of Israel (North) Reign Comment Prophet
1502YHWH 40 The wandering in the desert Moses
1462The Judges 364 The time of the judges Joshua
1098Saul 32 Saul United kingdom under Saul, David and Solomon Samuel
1066David40 David Samuel
1022Solomon 4 SolomonTemple construction began in the fourth year. 1 Kings 6:1 Ahijah
1021 36 Solomon reigned 40 years, then the kingdom divided.
985Rehoboam17 Jeroboam 22 1 Kings 14: 25. Shishak king of Egypt invades. Shemaiah
967Abijah (Abijam)3 1 Kings 15: 21
964Good King Asa41 Nadab (assassinated) 2 1 Kings 15: 10
Baasha24 1 Kings 15: 33 Azariah
Elah (assassinated)2 1 Kings 16: 10
Zimri7 days 1 Kings 16: 15
Omri12 1 Kings 16: 23
Ahab22 1 Kings 16: 29 Elijah
922Good King Jehoshaphat25 1 Kings 15: 24
896Jehoram (Joram)8 Ahaziah2 2 Kings 8: 15 Elisha
888Ahaziah (Azariah, Jehoahaz)1 Jehoram (Joram) 12 2 Kings 3: 1
887Athaliah (assassinated)6 (Woman) Jehu28 2 Kings 10: 36Obadiah
881Good King Joash (Jehoash) (good - evil) (assassinated)40 2 Kings 12: 1 Joel
Jehoahaz17 2 Kings 13: 1 -
840Good King Amaziah (good - evil)29 Joash (Jehoash) 16 2 Kings 14: 1
811Jeroboam41 2 Kings 15: 2 Jonah
811Good King Uzziah (Azariah)52 Isaiah
758Good King Jotham16 Anarchy - 4 kings.
(3 assassinated)
12 years
7 months
Zechariah (6 months), Shallum (1 month),
Menahem (10 years), Pekahiah (2 years)
742Ahaz16 Pekah (assassinated)20 2 Kings 16: 2
727Good King Hezekiah6 Hoshea9 Fall of Samaria in Hezekiah's 6th year Isaiah
721 23 Israel captured by Assyria in 721 BC
Their land was occupied by Babylonians. This was the 6th year of Hezekiah and the 9th year of Hoshea. The siege began in 724. 2 Kings 18
Hezekiah ruled 29 years
697Manasseh55 2 Kings 21: 1 Nahum
642Amon (assassinated)2 2 Kings 21: 19
640Good King Josiah31 2 Kings 22: 1 Huldah
608Jehoahaz (Shallum)3 months
First 19 Years of Nebuchadnezzar
DateYearKing of JudahReign
2 Kings 23: 31
608Jehoiakim (Eliakim)11 Siege in the third year Daniel
605 4 Nebuchadnezzar's first year is Jehoiakim's fourth yearEzekiel
597Jehoiachin (Coniah, Jeconiah)3 months First Babylonian exile. The Jewish kings are replaced with Babylonian kings. Daniel
597Zedekiah (Mattaniah)11 Uncle of Nebuchadnezzar. Siege in 9th year month 10 until the 11th year. Daniel
586Nebuchadnezzar19 Month 5, Day 7 in his 19th year. Second Babylonian captivity. Temple destroyed Daniel
535Medo-Persian Kings 201 Cyrus, Darius, Cambyses,
Darius 1, Ahasuerus (Xerxes)
Daniel 7 Haggai
ArtaxerxesEsther was married to king Ahasuerus (Xerxes 486-465) Malachi
Good King Only eight kings of Judah were good. All the kings of Israel were evil and each line was generally replaced by assassination.
  • Timeline. The timeline was first established from calculating the age of fathers and sons, then the reign of kings and matching it to a point in history to join the biblical timeline to the modern calendar.
  • Topics. Dates for inventions, history (wars, disasters, disease), archaeology, astronomy are those accepted.
  • Bible Support. Topics were chosen to support events related to prophecy, civilizations and events mentioned in the Bible.
  • Future Date. It lists dates of important events estimated by experts and the order of unfulfilled prophecy

Six Thousand Years
I started these calculations just to see when the year 6000 would start. I am probably incorrect. The principle that the earth will last for 6000 years and then we will have a Sabbath millennium in heaven is a sound one. This theory has been around for centuries, and, as far as I can tell it is based on the cycle of the weekly Sabbath. But it is not stated explicitly in the Bible. But in my own research I used other Bible principles and I accepted this idea because of Leviticus:

  1. The Final Curse And The Rest For The Land. In Leviticus 26, God promises to exile the disobedient and give the land all the Sabbath rest that the people had refused to celebrate. This was the basis of the seventy year captivity by Babylon. This means that some time during the reign of Solomon, they had stopped keeping the Sabbaths. It also means that God can keep His covenant with the earth by giving back all the missed Sabbaths at one time.
    One thousand years is the exact amount of land Sabbaths that would accumulate in 6000 years.

    Sabbath Exile In The Millennium. One thousand years is also the amount of weekly Sabbaths that would accumulate in 6000 years. If God gives the land all the rest that it could not take, then it is reasonable to believe that he could do the same for people.
    These two points are the basis of the argument that I propose from my study of Leviticus 26: 34-35.

    The missed Sabbaths did not begin with creation or before sin. The start of the six thousand years would begin with the start of sin before the birth of Cain.
  2. Sabbath Rest Of The Millennium. 2 Peter 3:8 states that one thousand years is like a day with God. This is combined with the millennium to speculate that the world will last six thousand years. The righteous rest in heaven and the wicked rest in their graves. This is the millennial week argument used by all other sources that I have found.
    Six Thousand Years 1000
    SinHuman History Second
    Adam Seth Noah ...Ark...Israel Cross34SanctuaryVolcano136 ...Christians1798 Remnant Rock
    [1] 1656 Years ...[2] 1636 Years [3] 1764 Years [4] Time Of The End
    1656 Years ...1500BC-136 AD 34AD-538-1798AD The End
    Deaths Rain 8 Saved Deaths Rain 3000+ Saved Deaths Rain Billions Saved
    Since none will remain to continue for several generations, they do not need to die and be rescued. God is coming to pick fruit and that is when He will take all the billions.
  3. The Remnant. God always acts in the third to fourth generation. If the covenant lasts with each set of generations then it is likely that the covenant has passed from the Christians to the time of the fourth group by at least 1798. It takes about 1600 to 2000 years to resolve the issues. God always picks His fruit in the third and fourth generation. He sends rain to ripen the earth. Some will be saved others will be washed away.
    1. Adam To Noah (8 Saved). Only Enoch was translated to heaven before the final generation preached. After Noah 120 years of intense building and evangelism ended in destruction of the wicked. Most of the righteous were laid to rest and only a few were left to continue. All the previous righteous patriarchs began dying in the time of Lamech until the last year of the ark. All of them must have preached righeousness when the last three or four generations had arrived.
      » Destruction At The End. The earth was destroyed, a strong force broke up the earth and the people were separated.
    2. Abraham to Jesus (3000+ Saved). Elijah was translated to heaven. Moses was resurrected. After Christ (27-136 AD) 109 years of evangelism but only one was found righteous. One was taken to heaven with several unknown others in a resurrection. 12 disciples continued to spread the message, 3000 responded the first time.
      From the time of Christ, no transfer or renewal of the covenant has occurred. No renewal of the covenant occurred until Noah. The renewal of the covenant occurred with Abraham, then with Isaac, Jacob and the 12 tribes of Israel.
      » Destruction At The End. The sanctuary was destroyed (70 AD), a mountain (Vesuvius) destroyed the Romans who participated in the destruction of Israel (79 AD) and the people were exiled (136 AD).
    3. Church - Second Coming (Billions Saved). None were translated to heaven. All will be translated at the end with all the righteous who have died over the past 6000 years.
      » The Righteous Generation. The rescue of the fourth group who are part of this third group, can be likened to the work of Noah and Christ as they prepare the world for the exodus as the wicked perish. The events after Christ are related to the events that will happen to us.
      » Destruction At The End. The evil sanctuary and false religion will be destroyed, a mountain destroys the earth and the people will be separated and exiled.
  4. The Times Of The End. It is useful to see the change from one group of generations to another at their "time of the end". It is a short period which was concluded by the third or fourth generation producing a righteous group in a 120+/- years span.
    1. Noah (120 Years) 0-1536. Noah lived for 500 years until he had his first son. So he had the benefit of the company of all the patriarchs except Adam and Seth, who started dying while his father was alive. Methuselah died in the year of the flood when the fourth Generation was here. Shem was 98 years old.
    2. Jesus (109 Years) 27-136 AD. The prophecy about the Messiah started 490 years before He was anointed for 3.5 years of service and produced another set of 12 disciples who baptized 3000. The fourth generation for Caiaphas saw the destruction of the temple in 70 AD. The fourth generation of a child could have seen the exile and destruction of Jerusalem in 136 AD.
    3. Reformers (120 Years) 1730-1844. Two Great Awakenings began from 1730-1844. 500 years after John Wyclif (1324-1384) during the Great Awakening, the Advent movement began and a remnant was born between 1824-1884. It was by 1950 that evolution began to take root in the Catholic and Protestant churches after 120 years of fervor. The first and second Great Awakenings lasted from 1730 - 1844
    4. 144,000 (? Years). We know that there will be this many preachers of righteousness and the power of the Holy Spirit in the Latter Rain and I expect billions to respond. They will show up in the last generation. Like the days of Elijah when the prophets were hidden, I expect that these will be hidden or preserved in their suffering as Jezebel tried to destroy them.

Chronology Problems
Problems: This Chronology
There are many such charts with many different dates. Over the span of 6000 years rounding errors could change the number of years because events do not start and stop on the same date.
I agree with most calendars up to the year Israel entered Egypt (2298 years after the creation). However, I differ slightly in the way I calculate the number of years spent in Egypt. Most people use a different date for the exodus (2513). But Exodus 12: 40, 41 says the Israelites spent 430 years in Egypt. Genesis 15: 13 said that they would be enslaved 400 years. So, I concluded that they spent the first 30 years as free people. But after the death of Joseph they were oppressed and eventually became slaves for the next 400 years.

2298 + 430 = 2728 not 2513. This is a difference of 215 years. I need more wisdom on this topic.
This extra 215 years is the time from the call of Abraham to the move to Egypt.

Using this chronology, notice that the year 6000 occurs around the period called the time of the end. It seems to have been inaugurated with the great celestial signs - the dark day, moon turned blood red and the stars falling.
If this chronology is off by 215 years, notice that the year 6000 occurs now. Even if the chronology is correct, God may have started counting the years given to this earth at the time of the sin of Adam not from creation, and we do not know when that occurred. We only know that it occurred before the birth of Cain (a maximum of 130 years before). Since Seth was born after the murder of Abel, and both Cain and Abel were adults - then the entrance of sin might have occurred 110 to 130 years before.

Problems: Other Chronologies
Other chronologies attempt to do the impossible and make decisions that are not based in scripture.

History of the Church
Church History
The New (Everlasting) Covenant
Old Covenant The New Covenant
Jews People of faith (Jews and gentiles)
Roman empire Eastern Orthodox Church
Western (Roman Catholic) Church Lateran Treaty
Catholic Church Church of England

Roman persecution Schism Crusades, Inquisition Protestant reformation
Advent awakening
27 31 34 67-313 313 1054 1095 1517 1529 1798 1830's 1929
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12
The history of the church had the following highlights
  1. 27 A.D. - Jesus Christ was baptized and anointed by the Holy Spirit.
  2. 31 A.D. - The crucifixion ended the old covenant and inaugurated the everlasting covenant.
  3. 34 A.D. - With the stoning of Stephen, the nation of Israel no longer served as the people of faith who will bring the light of God to the world. This time it is the Holy spirit working through those of faith who are the true church. The true nation of the true Israel were not those from birth, but those who have faith in God like Abraham did.
  4. Roman Persecutions
    1 - Nero 67 A.D.
    2 - Domitian 81 A.D.
    3 - Trajan 108 A.D.
    4 - Marcus Aurelius Antoninus 162 A.D.
    5 - Severus 192 A.D.
    6 - Maximus 235 A.D.
    7 - Decius 249 A.D.
    8 - Valerian 257 A.D.
    9 - Aurelian 274 A.D.
    10 - Diocletian 303 - 313 A.D.
  5. 313 A.D. Constantine converts to Christianity and end the years of persecution under the Romans. Soon pagan religion is outlawed in favor of Christianity.
  6. 1054 A.D. The great schism occurs and the Eastern orthodox church officially splits from the western church (Roman Catholic Church).
  7. 1095 - 1291 A.D. - The crusades.
  8. 1517 - The Protestant reformation begins when Martin Luther nails his theses to the door of the church. This is sometimes called the first great awakening.
  9. 1529 - The Church of England splits from the Roman Catholic Church.
  10. 1798 - General Berthier of France takes the pope prisoner, ending 1260 years of papal domination
  11. 1830's - 1840's - The second great awakening or the "Advent awakening" Many people believed the coming of Christ was imminent. Out of this movement many evangelical and charismatic churches arose, mostly in North America.
  12. 1929 - The Lateran Treaty is signed, giving back the pope some of the original lands and his political autonomy.
  13. 1960's Ecumenical Movement grows
  14. 1982 - Catholic church and United States join forces to end communism. By this action they formed the seventh head of the beast in prophecy. They would defeat the sixth head from 1989 to 1991.

1981 - A Prophetic Year

1991 - A Prophetic Year
The period since 1991 involved many events which could be regarded as direct fulfillment of prophecies and the establishment of systems that will be used to fulfill other major prophecies in the future. The events were probably precipitated by the 1982 alliance of the United States and the Catholic church. Simultaneously, the Protestant churches made a decision to influence politicians and demonic activity increased. The church is influenced by messages from demons pretending to be "Mary".

2003 and Beyond
In the past, authority was transferred to the final powers. The church gained unprecedented international respect and influence. The political, legal systems and a working infrastructure were created, funded and staffed. The United States even has the organizational structure to support a network of citizen spies. Neighbor against neighbor. Europe organized so that they can be controlled.

What is missing? The infrastructure of the church and the hearts and minds of the people willing to give the final warning. For the first time, the Second Coming is not dependent on the fulfillment of events in the world. It is now dependent on the actions of the church.

In the future, these systems will be turned against the people of God. It is possible that some catastrophic event will precipitate the acceptance of a government mandated religious solution by the general public.

These are the events that remain to be fulfilled and the capabilities required.

World Leaders And Prophetic Time
Several world leaders have appeared at crucial times when God requires prophecy to proceed. Some have been called, most have been forced by circumstances beyond their control to act in an extraordinary manner. These actions either caused them to catapult others to the front or forced them in the position that God required.

God causes all things to work together for good to those who love God. Romans 8: 28 Time: 120 minutes
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