Persecution Survival Strategies
(A Physical Survival Guide)
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Pray God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble. Therefore we will not fear, though the earth should change. Psalm 46: 1, 2
But when these things begin to take place, straighten up and lift up your heads, because your redemption is drawing near. Luke 21:28
Our first line of defence in surviving persecution is embracing what God has given us.

God's Gifts
The good news is that despite our personality and psychological makeup, we will have abilities and assistance in the last days to withstand these forces, no matter how strong or weak or broken we are.

During times of persecution, God provides the gift of martyrdom. He also admonishes us not to prepare ahead of time, because He will give us what we need. As you will learn, it is difficult to defeat these psychological pressures on our own.

Armor of God Fruits of the Spirit
Ephesians 6: 13-18Galatians 5: 22-23
Ephesians 5: 9-10
Loins Truth Truth
Breastplate RighteousnessGoodness, self control
Feet Gospel of peace Peace, gentleness, kindness
ShieldFaith Faithfulness
HelmetSalvation Love, Joy
Sword Word of GodTrying to learn what makes God happy
I have often heard people speak with fear about the persecution and I realize that they are evaluating the events based on their experience and personality. This is the same mistake that our persecutors will make. But God will provide the help to endure when we need it. He has already taught us the mental attitude we need to overcome - but common thinking looks at them as weak and useless.

God's help will not always be rescue from death or pain. In fact some of us will have to endure these things. But God will be with us - every step of the way. But it is our behavior and endurance that will cause the rest of the world to see the issues clearly.

God gives us many answers that we need to counteract the persecutor's interrogation. Ultimately, you will find that God's gifts to us are the personalities we will have for eternity. It is the method by which He now conquers sin - righteousness. Right living, right treatment of everyone, justice, mercy, goodness and faith. Believing in Him and His way of government. Our gifts are the permanent values He is trying so desperately to teach us.

Life Under the Radar: Avoiding the Evil
Even now Christians in many parts of the world are suffering from persecution. This is especially true for the Christians in Sudan. The strategy of "total war" used by the government has caused them to have their watering holes poisoned, taken as slaves, limbs amputated, starved, homeless, raped and tortured. Just because they are Christians. This long term persecution can only be handled by God and the work and prayers of their brothers and sisters around the world.
It has now become true for Christians in Iraq. Instead of the war being "a blessing from God to open up the Middle East to the Gospel", it has become a disaster for Christianity. The Christians are being driven out of the one Muslim country that used to protect them.
We can only pray that when the final persecution of the church comes that it will be short - although it will be very intense.

You must know what to expect in captivity, and what do you do if you have to run. Probably the best way to hide is in a large city. But we are instructed to leave the cities when a certain event happens because of what God will do there. However, here are some of the short and long term evasion tactics:

Outdoor Problems
• Keeping clean
• Finding water
• Food preparation
• Taking care of your feet
• Cut toe nails.
• Large groups
• Young children
• Hiding body heat
• Noise

Through your Social Security number (or other government Identification), bank records, income tax records, Vehicle tag number, and utility records the government will have the following information to use against you

As you see events unfolding, prepare your equipment and be ready to leave in 15 minutes. From my experience, a backpack weight of 40 pounds is ideal.

Survival In Persecution and Prolonged Disaster
Since the final Christian persecution will be the worst, it helps to know what will be needed to manage your personal needs if you are fortunate enough to be independent.
Emergency Survival Kit
Item Use
Water Three week supply
Bleach Disinfectant, water purification
2% iodine
Plastic Bottles Water storage
Bucket Toilet
Garbage Bags Toilet. Window cover
Duct Tape Repairs, bandage
Bandana Face mask
First Aid Injuries
Manual appliances Can opener, scissors
Food Crackers, honey, oats, powdered milk, dried fruit, nuts
Light Candles, batteries, flashlight
Blanket Warmth
Rotate into normal use and replace items with every sale

Portable Electricity
Emergency Appliances
Radio. News
Refrigerator. Food
Lamp. Light
Hot Plate. Cooking
You need electricity to operate emergency appliances and to learn how to use them efficiently. You should always have a system that can be recharged by sunlight in the day and can provide electricity for light and operating a small appliance like a hot plate or small oven and a radio to hear latest news and information. I do not know what exists, but this is my vision of what I would need in an emergency if I lived in an apartment. I will try to build or find one.

Plant Days
Soak Dark Harvest
Buckwheat 0 4 10
Sunflowers 1 4 10
Amaranth 0 ? ?
Arugula 0 ? 5
Spinach   ? 6
Chia 0 2-3 5-6
Alfalfa 8-12 hrs 3 6
Amaranth, Arugula, Beets, Basil, Cabbage, Celery, Chard, Chervil, Cilantro, Cress, Red Clover, Fennel, Kale, Mint, Mustard, Parsley, Peas, Radish, Sorrel

Food Microgreens: The Healthy Fast Food
Many who prepare for the end of time stock canned food in underground storage or move to the country where they have well established gardens. However, a hungry planet and malevolent neighbours means that your little paradise will be quickly taken over. The harshness of persecution means that we must grow food quickly anywhere and anytime in secret. We must be able to grow food indoors or out of sight in small places. Microgreens are the perfect solution.

» Sprouts. While microgreens are grown in soil, sprouts are grown in water completely in the dark and they have a higher risk of being contaminated by bacteria. The water is changed daily and the plant is exposed to sunlight on the final day. The entire plant is eaten, root, stem, leaves and seed.

Camping: Survival Strategies Outdoors

Foot Print Tracking and Trailing
Good Conditions
• Hot sun
• Strong wind
• Heavy rain and lightning
• Fog
• Hard ground: asphalt roads, rocks
• Running water
• Strong animal scent - skunks
• Cloudy, moonless nights
Best Practices
• Fire - no fires
• Shoe sole - no patterns
• Small groups - less than ten
• Camping rules - take out garbage
• Toilets - six inches deep for single use
• Silence - noise travels far
• Walk under trees
• Clothing color - no bright colors
• No perfumes or deodorant
• Bathe whenever possible. Keep dry.
• No running - increases odors
• Protect your feet and legs
• Under forty pounds in backpack
• Silk clothes
• Use bandana for a towel and many other uses
Evasion Tactics
• Walk on rocks or hard surfaces
• Backtrack
• Wear shoes backwards
• Walk backwards
• Tiptoe
• Walk on edge of foot
• Multiple trails
• Walk in stream and leave many exits
Evading Technology
• Walk under tree covers
• No fires, no cooking
• Camouflage colors
• Silence
• Hide body heat (caves, underground locations)
• No phones or electronic equipment
• Limit activities in the open
• Abandon vehicles
• Leaders should avoid public terminals
• Cash transactions only
Develop recipes that do not require cooking.
• Water
• Raw oats, Grapenut cereal. Total™ cereal.
• Powdered milk
• Raisins, dried fruit
• Nuts
• Candy bars
• Cereal bars
• Crackers (reduced salt)
• Nutritional Yeast
• Couscous

If you must cook. These require minimal cooking.
• Couscous (can cook in cold water)
• Presoaked lentils
Independent Living
If you are fortunate enough to have a hide away out in the country, invest in the following.
• Bicycle
Solar homes or emergency solar generator
Organic farming
• Well water or independent water system

Apartment and City Living.
• Bicycle
• Solar generator
• Farming in pots on balconies or near windows
• Water storage containers
Everyone imagines a time when we will be running for our lives in the woods or hiding in caves. Others believe that they will be safe living in their homes out in the "country".
It is probably impossible for several small groups with a grand total of even 3000 to escape undetected in the woods of any major country. Therefore, the only strategies that I can think of, is to alert you about the things that are not helpful to you. Beyond this, it is the work of God to protect hundreds of thousands of us and our children. In the past God has used weather conditions to stop the enemy. Expect this. Be grateful for poor weather conditions. Rain and lightning are some of the worst walking and camping conditions - but they are good for confusing tracking dogs and are a terrible inconvenience for the handlers. These techniques may not help to evade a well trained blood hound, but they could outsmart humans.

Foot Print Technology

Foot Print Scent Trails. These conditions are not good for tracking, because they help to leave or retain body scent that can be tracked by dogs.

Foot Print Eliminating Scent Trails. It is difficult to avoid a blood hound and by the time these events happen, we may have electronic sniffers to assist human trackers. The best options are still to mask or eliminate your scent.

Foot Print Visible Signs
These conditions are not good for tracking, because they leave visible signs of your presence that can be tracked.

River Crossing
  1. Point of entrance
  2. Real exits
    1. Cross diagonally
    2. Walk down center of stream
    3. Double back
  3. False exits
Foot Prints
Blue = walking backwards
Black = Normal prints

Foot Print Leaving A False Trail
On land the best way to hide tracks is on hard ground or rocks. Zig-zag, double back and disguise exits. The only other way to hide trails is to brush away footprints or to walk backwards in mud. Then disguise your trail when you find a water crossing or paved road.

Foot Print River Crossing. You have an opportunity to disguise your trail at any point where the terrain changes substantially. At these barriers you can change the point of entry and exit. These transition barriers include water, paved road or hard surface.

Foot Print False Water Trail
Before making your false trail change direction of travel and approach the stream at a 450 angle and use one of these methods to leave a false trail.

Foot Print Disguise Your Real Exit

Nuclear Nuclear Disaster
Many groups predict a nuclear war as a part of Armageddon. Since I believe that Armageddon is fought after the millennium and is only a threat during the sixth plague, I do not fear it as part of the period of persecution. However, I include it here as part of disaster preparation because every crazy nut will be unleased against each other and we will have to be navigating through them and their threats.
God wants to evangelize the world before the persecution begins, so I do not fear any mass extinction event before the gospel is preached. I do not rule out a limited asteroid strike or local nuclear disaster, but not mass extinction before the plagues.
In this case, the biggest problem after survival of the inital blast is inhalation or exposure to contaminated dust, water or food. Stay indoors, cover mouth, nose and eyes. Cover windows with plastic and duct tape. Use stored water. Turn off ventilation systems that do not have filters.
Remember that the world will not be destroyed by a nuclear weapon.
99% Radiation Reduction
Particles Material Thickness
Lead 4 (10 cm)
Steel 6.6 (17 cm)
Concrete 24 (60 cm)
Earth, brick 36 (90 cm)
Water 48 (121 cm)
Wood 76 (192 cm)
Beta Wood 2 (5 cm)
Alpha Clothing Most

Fallout Shelter Principles. Gamma or x-ray particles are invisible and penetrate solid objects easily. Alpha and beta particles are dangerous if ingested or inhaled or left on the skin but they do not penetrate solid objects easily. The concern is to stop them from entering your body through the eyes, nose, mouth and skin.
So, place as much mass between you and the radiation, away from ground floor or roof and windows for about two weeks. Use doors, stacks of books and news papers, fill tubs, canned goods, steel cabinets, steel hurricane shutters, furniture, refrigerator. Use iodine pills or iodine water purification methods to minimize absorption of radiactive iodine. Remove clothing worn outside.
After the first two weeks there is still danger from contaminated soil and dust and from the human tragedy and diseases that will occur.
Radiation Products
Element Half Life Safe
Plutonium (Pu) 24,000 Years 500,000 Years
(Cs 137)
30 Years 500? Years
Iodine (I) 8 Days 50 Days

Shelter Design
Mine, Cave, Underground
Dirt Roof or Floor Dirt
Column   Column
Stair, Inner Room, Basement
Upper Floor
- Books,
book shelf,
Tunnel, Overpass
Truck Truck Vehicles
Dirt ConcreteDirt
Trench, Car
- Dirt-
Natural Shelter. Any planned space or cavity underground. Exposed basements need shielding like sandbags at windows and shielding above. Home (Closet, Under Bed). Surround windowless inner room, closet, stair with furniture and boxes filled with books and other material. Fill tubs above this space with water or space with containers of water. Emergency Shelter. Under car, in a trench, bank vault, inner room, tunnel, under bridge.
Apartment Building. Middle floors, center room or hallway and basement. Do not go to first floor or top floors.
Facts Unless you have two days advance notice of a nuclear disaster. It will be impossible to build a good emergency shelter with available items. You will be lucky if you get one hour of advance notice.

Clothes. Wear layers of clothes and a mask when going outside. Cover clothes and shoes and hair with a disposable plactic cover. Wear long sleeves clothes inside.

Bathing. Bathe and wash hair.
Car, Under Bed
Boxes of Dirt
Boxes of Dirt Door or Metal SheetBoxes of Dirt
Buckets of Water Car RoofBuckets of Water
|| Person||
Side View
Boxes of Dirt or cans -
DirtBuckets of Water Dirt
H2OCarCarCar H2O
Person Dirt
Open door
To exit exit H2O
Car To exit
Buckets of Water
Boxes of Dirt To exit Bathroom
Top View of CarBuckets of Water
Boxes of Dirt
Supplies. Car 180x72x52 inches (LxWxH)
Doors. 2-3 Boxes. 250+50 Buckets. 126

Food and Water. Those kept in sealed containers are good for human consumption. Even the penetrating gamma and X-rays will not harm the food. Your only danger is radioactive dust that may have fallen on the exposed containers. But your garden soil and food growing in the garden are contaminated. Sealed and covered water containers can double as your shield and then be used as your remaining water supply after the first two or three weeks when the extra layers of shielding in no longer needed.

Roof. The problem with all emergency shelters and basements is the shielding in the roof. Your home may not be designed to give adequate shielding, so it must be added above the space. The problem with emergency shelters is to build a roof that will not collapse and that is waterproof.

Air. Close all vents. The major problem is keeping radioactive dust from entering the shelter. A damp sheet over the air intake vent will trap particles. The next problem is carbon dioxide build up inside the air tight shelter. The air will not become radioactive. But fine particles of radioactive dust will be in the air. If you can filter or trap this dust the air will be clean.

Automobiles. Cars provide no protection but they can hold your protection material. You can pack it with water, books, paper, supplies and all sorts of materials then place it over your trench to provide a thick layer of protection above. Use a door or other material against the side and pack earth against the door. Several vehicles can form a barrier at an overpass or bridge while the occupants stay under the bridge.

Emergency. Under a truck full of supplies, such as water, dirt, building material or metal. This gives shielding above. You just need to protect the open sides by parking it next to an object or surrounding it with other vehicles. It may be easy to fill boxes, strong plastic containers with dirt or water. The water should later serve as your emergency supply.

A Design. Keep a supply of boxes and clean, stackable industrial plastic containers as your emergency plan. Boxes may be hard to fill with dirt but buckets and garbage cans can be filled with water to create a confined space that is three feet high and three feet deep on the sides for a space for one person. Round cans should be staggered. The best design is to surround your car with these objects.
On the right is a proposed design based on box sizes 12x18x12 inches (LxWxH) and buckets 18 inch high and 12 inches round. It takes two rows of boxes and buckets to give the optimum shielding.
Who was there? You can use plywood sheets or cardboard instead of boxes to outline the walls to hold the dirt in a 18 inch space. Use one row of water on either side to hold up the wall.
Wall Design 1 Wall Design 2
9 inch Boxes of Dirt Buckets of Water 12 inch
9 inch Boxes of Dirt Plywood Walls
and Dirt
18 inch
12 inch Buckets of Water
12 inch Buckets of Water Buckets of Water 12 inch

Park in a garage to give extra shielding and security.

Home Design. Design your home with a basement or an inner, windowless space that is below a bathtub. When filled with water this raises the protection level. The walls around this space should be shielded by book cases or storage spaces like a pantry. One ideal spot is a hall way next to a bathroom, kitchen, pantry and the book cases of the living room.

Medicine and Protective Chemicals.

Time. If you are near ground zero you should maintain this level of vigilance and maintain isolation for at least 2-4 weeks after the initial event. However, radioactive dust that has fallen will be with you forever, so you need to wear protective masks and clothing as you leave the contaminated area.

Outdoors. Even after the first two weeks of greatest exposure, the outdoors should be treated as contaminated. Limit your exposure. Wear protective clothing and remove them before entering your shelter.
Safety Radiation Fallout Rate (RADS (REMS) per Hour)Exposure by Material (inches)
Time Amount Medical Effect Wood Concrete SteelDirt
3676121824 3.3 6.6 162436
Stay Indoors1 Hour 1000 1000-600 (Lethal) 100101005010 100 10 1004510
7 Hours 100 500-200 (Hospitalization) 1011051 10 1 104.51
Unsafe2 Days 10 < 200 - Treatment 1 .1 1.15.1
14 Days 1 Treatment . .1 .01 .1.05.01
Safe4 Weeks 0.33 None . .03 .003 .03.015.003
3 Months 0.1 None . .01 .001 .01.005.001
For every 7x increase in time, radiation falls 10 times. No treatment needed for total exposure of 100 rems.
Lifetime recommended accumulated dose is 5 rems.
Who was there? Radiation exposure danger still exists from wind or water borne particles, contaminated dust or earth. But the exposure to lethal gamma and X-Rays is reduced by ten every 14 days.

Resisting the Evil
God has given us a model for confronting evil and instructions for approaching the authorities in the last days. I confess that the instructions seem to leave us open to slaughter - unless you believe that God will eventually come charging on a white horse to our rescue.

God's Strategies - Our Secret Weapons
God's instructions are simple. Do not worry about food, clothes or about words to defend yourself. At first it may seem that we are sheep being led to the slaughter. But remember, this is not a battle for our individual survival. It is a battle for the soul. For the very ones who are persecuting and torturing you. Therefore, at all times we must never think that it is too late. We must always give encouragement and extend forgiveness in hopes that the people we come in contact with will turn to God.
Remember that these are not sterile lists of techniques that you must use to survive. These must define who you are so that they are a natural part of your behavior. So, if you think that these are weak or nice things to do in harmless situations - reexamine your beliefs.

  1. Trust God. They cannot capture our leader. We have already won.
  2. Bible Study. This is the only tangible preparation that you can make. Your faith will be ridiculed. You will be called to minister to someone. You must be prepared.
    » Daily Devotion. Develop a trusting relationship with God and a daily devotional life.
    » Memorize Bible Verses about God's protection and love.
  3. Christ is our Righteousness. Our sins do not define us. Our past cannot condemn us.
  4. Love. Love your enemies, do good to those who persecute you.
  5. Joy. Let the joy of the Lord remain in your hearts.
  6. Peace. He will keep you in perfect peace if you focus on him.
  7. Patience. In the end God proudly proclaims 'here are the patient saints'.
  8. Goodness. Show random acts of kindness to your persecutor.
  9. Faith. Always believe that God will keep you.
  10. Forgiveness. Truly forgive your enemy. He may respond to God because of your love.
  11. Prayer. Develop this daily communication with God now. Pray for yourselves and for your enemies. They have been deceived.
  12. Turning the Other Cheek. Do not fight back.
  13. Surrender to God. He will never lose what you have surrendered to him.
  14. No Preparation. God will give you your words, food and shelter.
  15. Keep Your Eyes Focused on the Prize. Forget your circumstances, it is only for a moment. You will be alive for trillions and trillions of years. Forever. So what is one hour, one day, one year or 30 years in the whole scheme of things.
    It is nothing!
  16. God Has His Plans. In all this evil activity God has His own plans to light the world with His Truth and His Glory. Pray that you can become a part of it.

Of course it would help if you prepared for the battle before with diligent Bible Study so that you will be assured of the truth when Satan attacks. But if you have not, do not focus on yourself and how bad you think you are. Focus on how magnificent God is. How gracious and forgiving. Never give up on God.

Our Model - Jesus Christ

Forbidden Activities
The final church cannot be built on violence.
Not by might, not by power, but by My Spirit says the Lord. (Zechariah 4: 6)
David could not build the temple because of his past violence in the service of God, but Solomon could. Some kinds of violence may have been permitted at some points in time. But you must recognize the times. The building of the last church must not be tainted with your violence. Allow God to fight for you.

  1. Use of Guns and Weapons. No one can convince me that in the fight to show the love of God to the world, to resist the devil and to triumph over the mark of the beast - that we will be found shooting our enemies for self defense. This is a spiritual war. Battling on human and physical terms is denying the power and ability of God to solve His problems His way. Do you think that if God says, do not even rehearse what you will say in self-defense in court, that He would resort to this type of violence? Think about it. If reviewing what you know and how you would counteract a particular argument seems to be reasonable and logical preparation, what could be wrong about this? But by telling you not do it, God is saying that every part of the battle - even the words you speak - is His to Win, because you cannot win it by your own power or intellect.
    » Training for Christian Warfare. No child of God will be found in a militia group practising for Armageddon and preparing to fight the government.
  2. Violent Demonstrations. We should never participate in, nor support demonstrations in which any participant supports any method that causes our opponent to be forced into any action. So even some forms of civil disobedience are wrong. Civil disobedience is based on the premise that people must suffer some inconvenience (not death or injury) so that they will take our arguments seriously. It also creates some controversy for the media so that the cause can get coverage.
    They are correct in that the news media feeds on controversy and that the message will not be heard if it is not broadcast. But it is still wrong to force others. We must trust that the goodness of our cause will eventually reach its audience no matter how long it takes. That God Himself is the one who will market our messages. No matter how long it takes or ineffectual we seem, always do the perfect thing in an imperfect society.

    I am also willing to say that even peaceful demonstrations may be wrong if it is an attempt to force or inconvenience others just to get publicity. What is right, however, is doing the right thing no matter what it costs you personally, or how ineffective it seems.
  3. Peaceful Demonstrations. After a while there is even hazard in these activities. Can you guarantee that the people who participate with you or the person who convinces you to participate in such activities is not a government agent or religious enemy whose sole task is to involve you in what you believe are peaceful protests so that they can commit acts of violence and tarnish your reputation and the reputation of your group or church?
    If the government wants to portray your group as violent it will command it own agents to commit violent actions and claim that your group did it. They can plant false evidence or infiltrate your group and have fake members or fake sympathizers perform acts that your group forbids. You cannot control who joins your group on the day of protest.
  4. Sabotage and Cyberwar. Under the new law such crimes could be classified as terrorist activity. and could be used as an excuse for you or your group to be detained. The Germans used the activities of one frustrated Jewish teenager to justify Kristallnacht.
    While I honestly believe that we are under no moral obligation to obey any unjust law or laws that disobey God's wishes and I believe non-violent retaliation is permissible yet you must think about the implications of your actions. Can you involve a whole group of people in your possible punishment without their consent?
    Let God send a solar flare. A sustained attack from nature itself is a more powerful psychological weapon than fear of small groups of persecuted people.
  5. Black Market. Like the Nazi ghettos, all sorts of criminal enterprises will develop to "support" you at very high prices. Resist them. Anyone who exploits the helpless is a tool of Satan. Die first! The first few of us might find some benefit but most of us will be trapped when they decide to obey their master.

Weapons Militia Groups
Militia groups are a growing number of citizens who are arming themselves for the war to come in the New World Order. Many of them are hate groups who rebel against the progress of minority groups. Most believe in violent resistance.
Pray No weapon that is formed against you will prosper. And every tongue that accuses you in judgment you will condemn. This is the heritage of the servants of the Lord, and their vindication is from Me, declares the Lord. Isaiah 54: 17

Do not get involved. Do not learn their ways. Do not take their advice. Do not support them by buying their materials.
Their violent methods are contrary to God's methods. Their methods will implant a mental attitude that is contrary to what God requires you to do. You must approach your persecutors with love and kindness - even at the risk of being caught. Use the sword of the Spirit (the word of God) not the sword of defense (gun). Finally, since God says we should not prepare, all their advice may be a violation of that command.

Although my advice seems like preparation also, what I am actually doing is to tell you about the things that will help you to physically adjust as quickly as possible so that you can concentrate on spiritual matters.

What Can You Do Now

  1. Defend The Helpless. Use all legal means now to defend our civil and religious liberties and those of others. Even sinners have basic rights. God rains on the just and the unjust.
  2. Civil And Religious Laws. Fight for the proper separation of church and state. We know it will eventually be undermined but fight for it anyway. The wicked are using this to take away the rights of Christians and enhance their agenda but we must not.
  3. Train Your Children. Teach your children at home to love and respect God and each other. Having been a Sabbath School teacher for many years, it became absolutely clear to me that if God was not a meaningful part of the home, then education in a Christian school and one hour of Sabbath school per week gives exposure but does not instill the correct values in the child. They see your attitude as hypocritical and this Christian exposure is tolerated only until they are old enough to make their own decisions. What usually keeps them in church as teenagers is just the desire to be with their friends not a love of God.
    » Practice. Give your children books, seed and dirt, not computers. When it is time to use a computer they will catch up quickly.
  4. Become Debt Free. This might give you more time and options and the ability to help others. Teach your children self control so that they will want what is good and necessary, not to have what everyone else has. Everything that is not necessary for life and love should be regarded as a privilege not a right. If you read the fine print on many loans, they state that the bank reserves the right to recall the debt at any time. This could be used to put financial pressure on you if you are a target.
    » Practice. Pay extra on the principal of your debts. Pay more than the minimum. Pay off your mortgage early. When your car is paid off wait for a few years to buy a new car. This allows you to reduce your insurance by dropping collision. It is cheaper to repair a well maintained car than to keep buying and leasing and insuring a debt-ridden car. Notice that the companies who were part of the TARP bailout worked to repay their debt quickly. They know that it is not good to carry debt although they try their best to convince you to take on debt.
  5. Wireless Communications. If you are actually on the run, discontinue use of all wireless devices and services. Even if service is discontinued, do not carry the devices, they still have a transceiver that uniquely identifies you. Do not use any electronic cards or bank accounts. And if your precious Fido has an implanted chip, send the dog to the pound.
    » Practice. This includes electronic toll both devices. Learn what you need to use cash only or learn alternate local routes. As you are learning, use the devices to get to work, but go wireless and local on the way home. If you think that you must have your phone for emergencies, then treat it as such. Do not answer your phone unless you are home. Learn to make the phone ring without answering it.
  6. Credit And Debit Cards. Prepare for the day when you have to live without electronic financial cards. It might give you a week of options, but you eventually have to go completely to God to supply all your needs. With proposed virtual cash where the card is refillable, businesses may not even use cash anymore.
    » Practice. At least one month or one week every year practice not using the credit card. See how easy it is to make critical purchases with cash and without identification. Learn to use public transportation even if it means doing so on weekends. Spend less. Buy less.
  7. Protect Your Identity. Do not expose your photographs and life on social networks. The more you are exposed, the more useless you will be in the end because your identity will compromise the rest of the group. Try to support your groups without becoming members of a list. Social networks like FaceBook, YouTube, MySpace and Twitter can sell all your personal information and preferences.
  8. Social Networking. Do not "Friend" others. This is an unfriendly and hostile act.
    You are creating a list of victims. These are potential friends, members of your hated organizations and people they can use to torture you by threatening their status and well being.
    When I wrote this 11 years ago, this capability did not exist. Religious information and connections were the one cruical set of information that I believed would be harder to accumulate. So, now, in 2012 after joining Facebook to see the extent of the damage, I am appalled at the information that is being freely given away. No wonder the post-911 secret agencies as sitting at the end of the internet spigot capturing bucket loads of private information to be used "to protect the Homeland".
  9. Antisocial Networking. Using my knowledge of databases, I have been pondering how one could disengage from these networks without leaving a trail of bread crumbs for the evil ones to follow.
  10. Passive Aggression. There are short-term ways to resist. Start a movement that wears a T-Shirt or a special color hat. People show their position by wearing their opinion in public. Encourage supporters to wear their attire every day and on special days. Supporters do not meet in a particular place like demonstrators, but on special days people go about their normal business en masse so that the demonstration is everywhere.
    This is like a dispersed flash mob, where participants meet everywhere.
    There are other ways to demonstrate that you have taken a certain position.
  11. Equipment. Buy some sensible hiking boots and break them in. Invest in thin lightweight sleeping bags that are rated for low temperatures. Buy a bicycle. Install solar. Plant a garden.
    » Practice. Go weekend hiking in a national park. If you slowly build a reputation as a nature lover then your wicked neighbours will not be overly suspicious of any newly acquired camping activities in the last days.
  12. Go Camping In The Rain. This is one of the worst experiences especially if you have a leaky tent. You might choose arrest and imprisonment over flight in the rain. If you have never spent a week in the woods under the best of conditions, life will be much worse during a period of crisis.
    » Practice. Set up your equipment on the deck or in the back yard on a rainy weekend.
    » Practice. Build a sukkah for Succos (Feast of Tabernacles). Live in it.

Covert Operations
In the persecution certain actions will have to be carried out like the organization of a spy network.
All electronic devices with a speaker or camera or GPS should not accompany you to your meetings. If they exist at the meeting place they should be removed from the room. Unplug televisions, cable boxes and phones. Remove batteries from cellular phones or leave them in your car or at home. Disconnect computers used during meetings from the internet. In fact, keep a virgin computer dedicated for such studies that will never be connected to the internet.

Private Bible Studies
You must continue to conduct bible studies at any cost. This is the one law that you must disobey if it is outlawed.
The government is in the process of penalizing and monitoring thought. On October 23, 2007 the congress passed the "H.R. 1955: Violent Radicalization and Homegrown Terrorism Prevention Act of 2007" by 404: 6. Interestingly it was written by businessmen. Section 899A, Part 2 defines "Violent radicalization as follows:

The term 'violent radicalization' means the process of adopting or promoting an extremist belief system for the purpose of facilitating ideologically based violence to advance political, religious, or social change.

This law gives them more right to go after any group. It is part of the same weird pattern of the government infiltrating pacifist environmental organizations soon after September 11 as a part of looking for "terrorists". They spent resources infiltrating a group of sixty year old women who were trying to preserve trees! Why use critical resources at such a critical time to promote a business agenda?
Somehow business interests that the public would normally scrutinize are being lumped into laws about terrorism. Businesses have also been known to infiltrate consumer organizations to gather information, intimidate members and produce or create evidence for law suits.

Although section 899F appears to guarantee civil rights and civil liberties, to be committed to neutrality and to monitor compliance, we see from the six years under the Patriot Act that such declarations are a farce and window dressing for the willfully blind. The fact is, that in Europe, Britain, Canada and some democratic Asian countries the definition of "facilitating", "promoting" and "preventing" has come to include the belief that anything that "might cause" violence or harm "is not inclusive" or "is divisive" should be criminalized. Therefore, you now cannot "insult" another person's belief or person. Violence is now being reinterpreted as "causing harm". This is not only physical harm, but any actual or perceived and subjective non-physical harm or potential harm. So now the emphasis is not on what you said or meant, the emphasis is on how your potential enemy interprets your actions. Whatever they feel is the basis for the criminal charge. Whaterever the government thinks "could lead to civil disturbance" is the basis for criminal charge. It is not your actions or even your intent.

In this twisted logic, promoting peace is harmful if their policy is war. The government is now penalizing any church that even mentions peace or any statement that remotely criticizes their policy of torture. At the same time they allow other churches to tell their congregations who to vote for and who tell their congregations to support all government activities, including torture. Your pastor may be unable to advise you. Your leaders may be unable to support you because of the rules under their tax exempt status. Therefore, as a private citizen it is up to you to start and support bible studies in your home. Make sure that it can only be said that you are a member of a particular church but that it can never be said that the church supports your activities even if the church believes in your religious teachings. People might actually join your group to get you focused on "peace" groups with a "moral agenda" whose sole purpose is to get you involved in activities or with a group that will discredit you by your innocent association.
Keeping in mind the fact that the government or businesses sends people to infiltrate your organization and that such people may even be the ones to propose or discuss radical ideas, you can minimize your exposure. Here is a set of policies you can use for your own personal bible studies. It protects you from being held responsible for any activities of the church and it protects the church from being blamed for any activities that might be connected to your group.

Captivity: In The Grasp Of The Evil
Avoiding or Surviving Arrest
Anyone can be arrested for charges such as "disorderly conduct", "inciting a riot", "disturbing the peace", "loitering" or "trespassing". Heaven does not credit your suffering as worthy if you deliberately try to instigate a confrontation to force the police to take more restrictive actions. In fact, you would have caused this person to sin by preying on his weakness or on the weakness in his system of justice.
We are assuming that any actions against you are the result of religious persecution. So you may be arrested in your home, church or at a peaceful, noncombative demonstration. So never cause a confrontation and pretend to be the innocent victim. Traditional civil disobedience strategies may be immoral for you. But, if you are ever unjustly attacked never do the following.

If you are captured, your options are limited. You will probably be given the gift of martyrdom This does not mean that you will die, but it does mean that you will be given the spirit of joy and courage. To survive, remember who you are and remember these principles and be happy that these are the last days.

Fighting Back in Captivity
Torturing the Religious
In 2005, years after writing this page, I learned that the government has commissioned a study on the effects of torture on a religious person. I laugh at this because this is a battle that they cannot win. They will resort to tactics that involve degradation, sexual humiliation, ritual uncleanliness and pain.

Just remember that in this place, "I have no friend but God. I have no friend but God. I have no friend but God."
Fighting back effectively requires you to be assured that it is God who is ultimately in charge.


Past Persecution
Let us take a look at past persecutions. You can see several military strategies at work. It is important to know that long before such a strategy comes out in the open, several defenses are being covertly deployed. There is legal problems, and media propaganda saturation and finally surveillance of the victim.

The Jews Under Nazi Germany - Modern Persecution
People will be eternally grateful to National Socialism, that I exterminated the Jews of Germany and Central Europe.
Adolph Hitler

Many tactics were used in the Nazi policy to destroy the Jews. The people claim that they did not know, but in public speeches, in marches, in their willingness to close their eyes and ears to the public harassment of the Jews, burn businesses, ban them from schools, allow the ghettos, harbor prejudice - they are without excuse.

The Cherokee Nation and the Trail where they cried
This is a lesson which shows that despite existing laws, if the citizens, courts and government do not intend to publicly support the law then a group that is being persecuted essentially has no legal rights.

I put this example in because sometimes people believe that this or that law must be changed in order for a particular prophecy to be fulfilled. I say that is not necessarily the case.
In times of great emotional and highly prejudicial situations, if the government and legislatures will not enforce the laws because of popular opinions and wishes, then you essentially have no rights, the law in effect has instantly been nullified without going through the proper legal process.

Before the tragedy of the Cherokee Trail of Tears, the Cherokee Nation living in the region of Georgia had assimilated many European-style customs and had beautiful plantation style homes. They lived on rich farmland, their children were educated, they even owned slaves and they had adopted the Christian religion. All this was of no value when the surrounding settlers desired their land. There were those in the legislature that did not believe they were equal citizens or that they deserved the land of their forefathers.

Case Studies: Use of Technology for Persecution

Traffic Control Signals
One country which was not known to be technologically advanced, was able to conduct an effective witch hunt with the minimum of technology. In a country with hundreds of millions of people with just simple means and the cooperation of citizens who by greed or ideology or by fear can become important pieces that are crucial to any persecuting system.

The cameras were sold as advanced traffic control systems by Siemens Plessey. After a public demonstration and a massacre of students, there followed a witch hunt when the authorities tortured and interrogated thousands in an effort to ferret out the subversives. The Scoot surveillance system with USA made Pelco camera was used to faithfully record the protests. The images were repeatedly broadcast over the television offering a reward for information, with the result that nearly all the protestors were identified.

The Mark of the Beast - My Analysis
Although certain religious groups see chip implants as the fulfillment of administering the mark of the beast, this cannot be a sinful system unless by its acceptance it is connected to an act of disobedience or treason against God. Therefore, it is simply a more sophisticated identification method that will be more efficient in the tracking and identification of people.

In waiting for the development and deployment of these systems, people fail to realize that right now (year 2001) and even as far back as the late 1980's to early 1990's we already had the systems and information networks in place to conduct the witch hunt envisioned in Revelation. It merely took the 1990s to have all these systems deployed to all merchants and point of sale terminals. It merely took the events of September 11, 2001 to openly put the legal system in place.

Even without the sophisticated laws and technology, other methods such as friends, associates, neighbors and a good monetary reward have been the best effective low technology method of identifying and capturing a person or group. And this requires no technology. The crusades and Inquisition have often used confiscated property as a reward for others to fight against the persecuted. Who among your friends and relatives and neighbors would be willing to own your home for just one phone call to the government? Many would. Some will rationalize that if they do not do it, strangers will get it and after all they will just 'hold' the property for you until you get rid of your strange beliefs.

Once identified, the financial network can be put in place to deny service until you surrender to whatever ungodly demands are required.

Primitive Technology: A Loyalty Test
Our current technological abilities are overkill. The prophecies can be easily fulfilled in a very short time. However, never underestimate the role of primitive methods, such as bribes, rewards, fear, neighborhood spies and mob rule.
We have already arrived at the point in time where the forces of evil are able to effectively cause a boycott and identify people for persecution. This group will be easy to identify, because like Daniel, they must obey God. Therefore, to capture the group a test must be given that assures that they will fail. In addition, that test must be given in a place where they must eventually go, whether they are hiding or not. In this society we must buy to survive, at some point we must visit a supermarket or do transaction with a bank. To test allegiance to the beast, one can simply require citizens to do something that was similar to Daniel's test - bow to the statue.

This scenario could happen again. The genius is that it is an instantaneous method that does not require technology. Under a time of religious fear, a modern version of this could be:

I have just described a method by which the economic boycott can be enforced. As soon as people run out of food they will be forced to come out of hiding to try to access what they need. As with the persecution of the Jews in Germany, there may be enough of an underground market to satisfy your needs - at the price of everything you have. One loaf of bread could be the price of a television set or a car. Very soon you will run of of time and options.

War Strategies
There are two positions to take in any conflict. Be mentally prepared to be persecuted with a strategy based on applying military warfare and terrorism tactics against you.

The Art of War. A Chinese philosopher devised several strategies based on the situation. They have some of these asset management techniques in common.

The Art of War by Sun Tzu
Strategy Technique
Situation: Superior Position
1 Cross the sea under camouflage Diversion
2 Besiege Wei to rescue Zhao Diversion
3 Kill with a borrowed knife Hoard
4 Wait at ease for the fatigued enemy Exploit
5 Loot a burning house Exploit
6 Make a feint in the east while attacking in the west Bait and switch
Situation: Confrontation
1 Create something out of nothing Lure
2 Advance to Chencang by a hidden path Diversion
3 Watch the fire burning across the river Exploit
4 Conceal a dagger in a smile Lure
5 Sacrifice plums for peaches Bait and switch
6 Lead away a goat in passing Exploit
Situation: Confusion
1 Take the fire from under the cauldron Exploit
2 Fish in troubled water Exploit
3 The cicada sheds his skin Diversion
4 Bolt the door to catch the thief Lure and trap
5 Befriend a distant state while attacking a neighbor Alliance
6 Borrow a route to conquer Guo Alliance
Strategy Technique
Situation: Attack
1 Beat the grass to startle the snake Diversion
2 Raise a corpse from the dead Hoard
3 Lure the tiger out of the mountain Lure
4 Let the enemy off in order to snare him Bait and switch
5 Cast a brick to attract a gem Bait and switch
6 To catch rebels snatch their leader first Asset Denial
Situation: Gaining Ground
1 Replace the beams and pillars with rotten timber Bait and switch
2 Point at the mulberry only to curse the locust Diversion
3 Feigning foolishness Lure
4 Cross the river and destroy the bridge Asset Denial
5 Put fake blossoms on the tree Lure
6 Host and guest reversed Infiltrate
Situation: Desperate Situation
1 Beauty trap Lure
2 Empty city ploy Lure
3 Sow discord in the enemy's camp Diversion
4 Inflict injury on yourself to win trust Lure
5 Interlocking stratagems Synergy
6 Retreat Hoard

See another list of strategies in The Art of War by Sun Tzu.

War: Warriors
Roman Soldiers
Formation Total Soldiers Commander
Legion 4000-6000 Legate
Cohort 480-360 infantry Tribune
Maniple 120 infantry -
Century 80-60 infantry Centurion
(tent group)
8 infantry -
Turmae 30 cavalry -
Phalanx. A formation of troops in battle used by the Greeks and Romans for level ground warfare. A close line of soldiers with their shields making an impenetrable wall. The long spears protruded at many angles.
Echelon. Arrangement of troops in a line
Military Specialties
Specialty Description
Cavalry Soldiers on horses
Infantry (Hoplite) Foot soldiers
Paratrooper Jumps from aeroplanes
Logistics Support Food, laundry, supplies
Navy Seal Amphibious specialist
United States Military
Army Formations Total Soldiers Commander
Region, theatre 2 army groups General, field marshall
Army Group 2 armies
Army 50,000-60,000
Corp 30,000 Lieutenant general
Division 10,000-20,000 Major general
Brigade 2,000-5,000 Brigadier general+
Regiment, group 2,000-3,000 Colonel
Battalion 300 - 1000 Lieutenant colonel
Company, squadron 60-250 Captain, major
Platoon, troop 30-40 1st-2nd Lieutenant
Section, patrol 8-12 Corporal, staff sergeant
Squad, crew 7-14
Fire team 4-5 Lance corporal, sergeant
Air Force Formations. Division, wing, air group, squadron, flight
Navy Formations. Marine Corp, division, squadron, naval unit, flotilla, fleet
Mercenary. A soldier for hire.
Hoplite. A Greek infantry group
Muhajadeen, Mujahideen. A struggler. Those who engage in Jihad (struggle, holy war).
Modern Military Forces
Division Terrain Transportation Specialties
Army Land Tanks, vehicles, ski, chariot, horses, elephants Infantry, cavalry
»National Guard Land Vehicles, construction National disasters
Airforce Air Airplanes, transport, fighter, bomber Pilot, paratrooper
Navy Water Ship, submarine, aircraft carrier Seal
»Marine Amphibious Land, water and amphibious vehicles -
Coast Guard National Waters Water vehicles Divers

War: Weapons of War
Delivery ProjectileTarget
People FireIncendiaryFirePeople Property
Vehicle ExplosionExplosiveBombPeople Property
Vehicle NuclearNuclearBombPeople Property
People NuclearRadiationDirty bombPeople
Heat (non lethal)
Air DiseasesBiohazardDiseasePeople
Vehicle PoisonChemicalGas, liquidPeople
Ship SoldiersArmed ForcesWarPeople
People GunPersonal armsBlunt, sharpPeople
PeopleAirwaves: radio, TV, speeches TerrorPsychologicalWords, terror People
PeopleAirwaves: radio, TV, speeches SatanSpiritualError, liesPeople
People PeaceWordsTruth, PeacePeople
A weapons system is constructed by using one or more projectiles that are delivered with enough force and accuracy to penetrate the target and cause damage. Weapons have certain components.

Small objects Weapons Production. A weapon is made by combining one or more deadly projectiles with a delivery system that will not destroy them. Then it delivers it to a distance and precision required across a specific environment that interacts with the target (land, sea, air, biological). The projectile must disrupt a human process that jeopardizes life. Breathing, intake and use of oxygen, blood chemistry, eating, reproduction, barrier penetration (skin, property), deadly disease, organ damage, food and property contamination or destruction. Even when a weapon is aimed at property, the reason is still to destroy something valuable to a human for the purpose of making them submit to your will.
Small objects Weapons of Mass Destruction. Any weapon that is attached to a delivery and dispersion system that can affect a large number of people in a short time. Nuclear, biological and chemical weapons.
Small objects Missile. A weapon that is thrown either by hand or with the use of a launcher.
Small objects Rocket. A device that has the power to launch a weapon by applying thrust or explosive force.
Weapon Description Defense Effect
ProjectilesSystem Damage
Small Objects Stone, pellets, nails, bullets, boomerang, sling Shield, vest Concussion, smash, break
Blunt Object Mace, battering ram, club, baton, night stick, catapult
Sharp Object Arrows, dart, nails, bolts, broken glass.
Blade (Cutting): knife, dagger, cutlass, axe
Pole arms (Stabbing): javelin, pike, spear, falx, halberd, rhomphaia
Skin penetration
Fire Alcohol, fuel, atoms, radioactivity, explosives, ray gun (heat) Retreat, fight Organ damage
Chemicals Deadly chemicals and gases. Nerve gas, sarin gas, cyanide, chlorine, mustard gas, binary bomb, common household products (hydrogen peroxide, acetone, ammonium nitrate, bleach, ammonia) Mask, shield, sensor Breathing, burns, blood chemistry
Biological Noise, anthrax, small pox, deadly virus and bacteria Vaccine, bleach Disease
Psychological Words, leaflets, commercials, altered pictures, lies, fear, torture, terror Knowledge, courage, faith Mental
Delivery System and ForceForce Dispersion
Physical Hand, humans, animals, post office, air, wind, water, food, dead bodies, children, wheel chair, strollers Sensors, control Near
Mechanical Bow, slingshot, atlatl, rubber band, rockets Deflection, interception Short range
Rockets, missiles, vehicles, aeroplane, train, boat, truck
Car, bus, bicycle, motorcycles, train, jet ski
Long distance
Chemical Explosives, corrosives, adhesives, aromatics, fog, gas Fortification Local
Biological Humans, animals, fish, birds, infected carrier, food Quarantine Local - wide range
Environmental Air, wind, water Quarantine Local - wide range
Nuclear Atomic (fusion, fission). Radioactive material (dirty bomb) Bunkers Regional
Psychological Radio, television, newspaper, advertising, sermons Knowledge Global
Guidance and Targeting SystemPrecision
Physical Eye, hand, manual delivery, post office, bus schedules Diversion, camouflage and blinding tactics Bad
Electronic Using computers to calculate location and direction Good
Targeting Locating a moving target. GPS, RADAR, heat seeking, homing device Better
Peace Talking and negotiating an agreement Best
Weapons Miles Km
Hezbollah Rocket Katyusha 15.5 25
Fajr 46.675
Zelzal 124.28200
Iranian Missile Shihab 3 800-1200 1287
Shahab 4 18002896
Shahab 5 3,500-4,300 km
Pakistan Shaheen II 1250 2000
North Korean Missile No-Dong-1 620 1000
No-Dong 1,350-1,500 km
Taepo-Dong-11240 2000
Taepo-Dong-23720 6000
Israel Jericho I 310 500
Jericho II 930 1500
Jericho III 2982 4800
Several direct and indirect means can be used to increase the range and accuracy of a weapon. Normally rockets are attached to a weapon. Guided rockets will increase accuracy. Unguided rockets are sufficient for a large target area. But if time is not a factor, there are several unconventional methods.
Post Office and Package Delivery: Distance and accuracy is increased by the address. Slow delivery. Accurate targeting.
Public Transportation: Increases distance.
Nature: Wind and water and seasonal opportunities.
Humans and Animals: Someone willing to be a suicide delivery system or an unsuspecting carrier. The weapon can be strapped to the body or inserted inside body cavities and wirelessly detonated.
Trojan Horse Invitation: Let the victims come to the site of destruction.
Trojan Horse Gift: Let the victims willingly take the object of destruction.
Electronic Viruses and Attacks: Use the internet to sabotage critical systems anywhere by targeting IP addresses.
Weapons Construction (Deadly Agents)
Projectile Physical Mechanical Chemical Nuclear
Small, Hard Objects
Stone, stick, club, baton, mace, ball bearings, bludgeon, pellets, BB, bullet.
Electronic. Taser, stun gun, stun baton
Gun, cannon, battering ram, catapult, trebuchet, perrier, mangon, mangonel CS gas, pepper spray Dirty bombs
Spiritual. Hail
Sharp Objects Flail, arrow, dagger, spear, pilum, pike, javelin, broken glass, cutlass, knife, war hammer, axe, tomahawk Bow, mine, blow gun, harpoon, ballista, hedgehog Rocket, grenade, rocket propelled grenade (RPG) Dirty needles
Spiritual. Bees, thorns, teeth (wild animals)
Fire Chemical:
(Fire, incendiary)
Molotov cocktail, alcohol soaked rags, gasoline, kerosene, oil, fire brands, matches. Diesel fuel and fertilizer Flame thrower, flaming arrow
Explosive. Mine, bomb, cluster bomb, grenade, torpedo, rocket, missile, mortar, howitzer, rocket propelled grenade (rpg)
C2, napalm, Greek fire, thermite, white phosphorous, nitroglycerine, binary bomb, ammonium nitrate, pitch, sulfur, dynamite, fire bomb War heads
Spiritual. Fireball, brimstone, heat, fog, darkness
Poison Chemical:
Mace, poison dart, suicide bomb Suicide vehicles Poison dart
Pulmonary Choking Agents: chloropicrin, chlorine, phosgene, diphosgene gas, ammonia.
Blood Agents: hydrogen cyanide or cyanogen gas. They block cells from using oxygen.
Blister Agents: mustard gas, sulfur gas and Lewisite. They burn and blister the skin.
Nerve Agents: Zyklon-B, Tabun, Sarin, Soman, cyclosarin. VE, VG,VM, VX. They block the transmission of nerve impulses to the muscles, heart, and diaphragm.
Hallucinogens: LSD
Herbicides: Agent orange
Diseases Biological Poison dart, arrow, suicide carrier Blow dart, suicide bomb Poison dart -
Bacteria: anthrax, plague, gas gangrene, brucellosis, and typhus
Virus: equine encephalitis, small pox
Fungus: rice blast, cereal rust, wheat smut, and potato blight
Toxin: poison oak, botulism, ricin, SEB, saxitoxin, and other mycotoxins
Ancient Methods: Rotting or diseased corpses, infect animals and people. Infected food, clothes, blankets. Venomous snakes, poisoned wells
Spiritual. Disease, famine, drought
Radioactive Radioactive "dirty bombs", food, aerosol "dirty bombs" "dirty bombs" Atomic, Hydrogen
Radiological Agent: Ce137, Co60, Am241, Es252, Ir192, U238 (Plutonium), Sr90, Ra226
Fission Bomb: Atomic bomb, boosted fission weapon, neutron bomb, salted bomb
Fusion Bomb: Hydrogen bomb, thermonuclear bomb, H-Bomb
Radiation Ray gun (heat), noise bomb, laser - - -
Physical Defense Plate armor, chain mail, bunkers, shield, night vision, gas mask, camouflage, bullet-proof vest
Fortification. City wall
Tanks, towers Fog, smoke screen, antibiotics, vaccine, bleach, hand washing Dusk mask, bunkers
Spiritual. Armor of God (shield), knowledge of God (fortification), accepting a culture (camouflage)
Strategic Defense Psychological operations (PSYOPS), propaganda, phalanx, terror, torture Siege, ambush, guerilla war - Star Wars
Spiritual. Fear, confusion, darkness (PSYOPS), astronomical signs.
Miracles, unity of the church (white propaganda), kindness
Unusual Weapons.
Greek Fire: Composition is unknown but it may have consisted of sulfur, naphtha, and quicklime.
Napalm: An incendiary sticky, gelly mixture of polystyrene, benzene, and gasoline that sticks.
Hedgehog: A wagon full of crossbows which are hooked on the same trigger.
Ballista: A big cross bow made like a box frame with two arms on the side that throws siege bolts.
Trebuchet (Perrier): A vertical arm that throws rocks using a counterweight of (rocks or people (Perrier)).
Catapult: A vertical arm that throws rocks using torsion for power.
Molotov Cocktail: A bottle filled with fuel, gas or alcohol, with a rag as a wick.
White Phosphorous (WP): A chemical, incendiary weapon. It is used as a smoke screen and anti-personnel weapon that causes serious burns down to the bone.
Binary Bomb: A bomb assembled by combining two or more inert products.
United States Military Ranks
RankGrade Army Air ForceMarine NavyCoast
Commissioned Officers
General, Air, or Flag OfficerSpecial Grade General of the Armies ("Six Star") - - Admiral of the Navy ("Six Star") -
General of the Army ("Five Star") General of the Air Force ("Five Star") -Fleet Admiral ("Five Star") -
O-10 General ("Four Star") Admiral ("Four Star")
O-9 Lieutenant General ("Three Star") Vice Admiral ("Three Star")
O-8 Major General ("Two Star") Rear Admiral ("Two Star")
O-7 Brigadier General ("One Star") Rear Admiral (Lower half). Commodore
Field or Senior Officer O-6 ColonelCaptain
O-5 Lieutenant ColonelCommander
O-4 MajorLieutenant Commander
Company grade or Junior Officer O-3 CaptainLieutenant
O-2 1st LieutenantLieutenant (Junior Grade)
O-1 2nd LieutenantEnsign
Student Cadet Cadet Midshipman (officer candidate) Cadet
Non-commissioned Officers (NCO)
NCOWO Warrant Officer - "Gunner" Warrant Officer
NCO Sergeant Chief Petty Officer
NCO Corporal Petty Officer
EnlistedE-9 Sergeant Major 2 Chief Master Sergeant Sergeant Major 2 Master Chief Petty Officer
E-8 Master Sergeant Senior Master Sergeant 1st Sergeant Senior Chief Petty Officer
E-7 Sergeant 1st class Master Sergeant Gunnery Sergeant Chief Petty Officer
E-6 Staff Sergeant Technical Sergeant Staff Sergeant Petty Officer 1st Class
E-5 Sergeant Staff Sergeant Sergeant Petty Officer 2nd Class
E-4 Corporal Senior Airman Corporal Petty Officer 3rd Class
E-3 Private 1st Class Airman 1st Class Lance Corporal Seaman
E-2 Private Airman Private 1st Class Seaman Apprentice
E-1 Private Airman Basic Private Seaman Recruit

War: Spiritual
Parts of an Armor Armor of God Rank
Helmet Head protection Armor of God Helmet of Salvation 1Christ
Chain mail Body protection -2Those who Love
Pauldron Shoulder protection -3Apostle
Cuirass and Tassets Breastplate, backplate, thigh plateBreastplate of righteousnessProphet
»Belt Groin protection Belt of truthTeacher
»Shield Mobile body protection Shield of faithMiracles
Gauntlet Metal gloves -Healing
»Sword Offensive weapon Word of God (Sword of the Spirit)Helps
Rerebrace, Vambrace, Couter Arm protection -Administration
»Shoes Foot protection Ephesians 6Gospel of peaceTongues

... And they will hammer their swords into plowshares and their spears into pruning hooks; Nation will not lift up sword against nation, and never again will they learn war. (Isaiah 2: 4)
... put your sword back. For he who lives by the sword will die by the sword. (Matthew 26: 52)
Rank. Christ is the head and we are the body. Rank is assigned through the gifts and those who love have the greatest gift. However, the chief among us must be the servant of the others.

The Spiritual Battle. Conventional human warfare is opposed by God. None of these methods will be learned or used or praised in heaven. It is a place of farmers and florists, not warriors.
But during our times when there is a mixture of righteous and unrighteous people and methods God uses several methods in war. These were by natural forces and psychological warfare or the physical and spiritual. He avoided any man made systems (mechanical and chemical) because they are corrupt and do not achieve the righteousness of God. God tricked the enemy into killing each other in the cover of night and He used fear to drive them to disaster. But God never used torture or cruelty.
Weapons of Spiritual Warfare
Method Nature Land Water Air
Physical Wild animals, locusts, hornets, bees, thorns Earthquake, war Floods Fire, hail, rain, sun
Covenant Famine, crop failure Exile, darkness Drought Fear
Spiritual Laws, kindness, goodness, truth, reconciliation Peace Holy Spirit Prayer, faith
The only offensive weapon we have is the "Sword of the Spirit" which is the "Word of God". It is an offensive weapon because it will be used as a witness against them in the judgment.

The Last Persecution
Many people worry about the brutality of the persecution, forgetting that this final exodus will be as victorious as the first. Many people are intimidated by the vast menu of sophisticated technological weapons and abilities that are available.
As the wicked attempt to destroy us, God will suddenly overwhelm them with an enormous amount of problems. They will be reduced to the level of caveman technology in order to fight us. God can accomplish this with the forces of nature. He can use solar flares, weather, diseases and other natural phenomenon to disable their technology or their personnel.

In the end, nobody can distance themselves from the brutal task for which they are responsible. Everyone will be personally involved. We cannot sit in comfortable offices while we drop weapons thousands of miles away and go home for lunch. God will make sure that we know what is happenning and what we are doing and allowing.
When God disables their satellites with solar flares, overwhelms them with data, decimates their workforce with fear and disease, disables their communications hubs and turns off their electricity what can they do?

The Real Time of Trouble
The truth is that when we are on the run we might have to leave without shelter, food or sleeping bags. God tells us not to prepare, for our defense in court (Luke 21: 14-15). In His laws are the elements of our preparation for persecution. So, the type of preparation that I am advocating is wisdom. The five wise virgins were also asleep, but they were prepared for the unexpected moment when the bridegroom appeared. Their bags were packed and they had oil in their lamps. If the time of trouble came, you must have the bare necessities and you must know how to use them.
If we observed the feast of Tabernacles and we took care of the plants and animals we would be learning the skills we need to survive. Here is what might really happen.

A Cosmic War
Is fast approaching
No liberty
Make no mistake about it. September 11 was not just about terrorists. We are in the grip of a cosmic war that is about to escalate to a new level in our world. This whole exercise is meant to rapidly deploy certain systems and laws - with your desperate approval.

On the cosmic level the installation of these systems is critical.

For another terror awaits - one which we will try to fight with prayer and sacrifice and charms and magic - then with bullets.
The Love of God for His Enemies
We can only survive and plant the seed of survival in others if we use God's most powerful weapon - love. Christ tells us to 'love others, do good for those who despise you, use you and persecute you'. He also asks how much better are you if you only love your family and friends, even the ungodly do that. But a child of God loves his enemy.

And in loving, what does this love do? According to I Corinthians 13, Love is patient and kind, is not arrogant, seeks the good of others. It does not remember a wrong suffered but forgives easily. Love bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things and endures all things. Love never fails.

So yes, I am telling you that if your persecutor tells you a suspicious story, believe it for his sake and be willing to endure the consequences of being tricked. If someone asks for Bible study, you cannot afford to consider if this is a trick. Go. Tell the words of life. The mission is not to survive at all costs. Christ won the victory over death. The threat of death means nothing to us. The opportunity to tell about the love of God means more. The mission is to provide a light to a dying world. To demonstrate the love of God in our care and compassion and, yes, our naiveté.

God causes all things to work together for good to those who love God.   Romans 8:28
For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against rulers, against the powers, against the world forces of this darkness, against the spiritual forces of wickedness in the heavenly places. Ephesians 6: 12
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