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Lesson Review
The lesson review is in a question and answer style. We will ask questions, and point to Bible texts and different areas of the WEB site for a review.

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God Jesus Christ Holy Spirit Evil Creation  
Salvation Sin Justification Faith and Works Covenant Death
Law 10 Commandments Sabbath Clean and Unclean Changing the Laws  
Prophecy Daniel 2 Beasts of Daniel Messiah AntiChrist Mark of the beast
Future Judgment Second Coming Rapture Millennium Hell

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Jesus Christ Lesson: Answers
  1. The nature of Christ. Is he God or human?
  2. What other name is He known by?
  3. What did He do during the creation?
  4. What is He doing for us now?
  5. What will He do in the future?
  6. Who or what is the trinity?
1 Jesus is God. He is one of the members of the Trinity. He became human to fulfill the covenant of God.
2 He is Michael the archangel. But He has other titles, the lamb of God and the king of kings.
3 He was the one who created the world.
4 He is our High Priest, continually ministering for us.
5 He will be the judge and he will be the King and Priest in heaven.
6 The Trinity consists of God the Father, son (Jesus Christ) and Holy Spirit. They are three persons of the godhead who behave as one.

Holy Spirit Lesson: Answers
  1. Who is the Holy Spirit?
  2. What does He do for humans?
  3. What are the fruits of the Holy Spirit?
  4. What is the unpardonable sin?
  5. To whom is the Holy Spirit given?
1 The Holy Spirit is God. He is one of the Trinity.
2 He prays with us, changes us by giving us a new heart and mind. He gives the church gifts to spread the gospel.
3 The fruits are permanent traits we develop as the Holy Spirit changes us. They are love, joy, peace, goodness, kindness and faithfulness.
4 Ignoring the Holy Spirit.
5 Those who obey Him.

The Existence of Evil Lesson: Answers
  1. Did God create evil?
  2. Why do bad things happen to good people?
  3. Who is Lucifer?
  4. When will evil be destroyed?
  5. What did God do to stop evil?
1 No, He created beings with free choice. Lucifer chose to do evil. In the New Earth no one will ever again chose evil.
2 We live in a world that is claimed by the good and evil forces and everyone has a choice. Because imperfection exists, evil men will do evil things and nature sometimes acts violently. God will not interfere with every decision and action made by free choice as long as humans continue to choose evil. But God believes that in the future every human will accept His plans for changing the world.
3 Lucifer is a created angel who was the chief of all angels. He rebelled against God, because he wanted to take over God's place.
4 After the final judgment at the third coming. Satan will be destroyed.
5 He sacrificed Himself for those who will trust Him.

Creation Lesson: Answers
  1. How long did it take to create the heavens and the earth?
  2. What proof exists that the rocks were formed in less than 3 minutes.
  3. Why is the evolution of male and female impossible?
  4. What recent observable process shows that the layers of rock formations occurred in hours and not millions of years?
  5. What event resulted in the rock layers we observe today?
  6. Which commandment tells us to remember the creator?
  7. Which of the 3 angel's message tells us to remember the creator?
  8. What is the current memorial of creation?
1 7 real days. 6 days of creation and 1 day of rest.
2 Pleochroic halos discovered by Dr. Robert Gentry showed that granite solidified before the radioactive polonium decayed - trapping the atom in the middle of the process. Polonium 218 decays in 3 minutes.
3 We do not see such large evolutionary changes in thousands of years, and we have not found any intermediate skeletons. However, reproduction requires such changes to occur in 2 separate beings within less than 30 years. Also, these same beings would have to have other large evolutionary changes in the body for the development of other systems. Also, the same miracle of male and female parallel development would have to occur in almost every other creature.
4 Turbidity currents. Show that layers can form rapidly if the land is submerged under water.
5 The flood.
6 The fourth commandment
7 The first angel's message Revelation 14: 7.
8 The Sabbath.

Sin Lesson: Answers
  1. What is the legal definition of sin?
  2. What is the moral and spiritual definition?
  3. Can we stop sinning?
  4. How do we receive forgiveness for sin?
  5. What tragic event has happened because of sin?
1 Sin is breaking the laws of God.
2 Refusing to love God or other human beings. Although the law tells us not to steal, it does not tell us give what is our own to the poor. Only love compels us to do these things. The law cannot tell love what to do. The list is too long.
3 No, Only God can help us.
4 Ask God in prayer.
5 Death

Justification Lesson: Answers
  1. What has God done to reverse the effects of sin??
  2. What is justification?
  3. Are we justified by good deeds?
  4. Can we go to heaven with good deeds?
  5. Can we go to heaven without good deeds?
1 The gift of God is eternal life.
2 If we accept the sacrifice of Christ, God pardons all our past sins so that we are perfect before Him. The life of Jesus Christ is accepted as our own life.
3 No, We are justified by the sacrifice and life of Jesus Christ.
4 Our good deeds cannot get us to heaven, only the life of Jesus Christ can do that. But because of the changes done in our hearts by the Holy Spirit, a Christian will naturally do good deeds because these are their new natural behavior.
5 There are true last minute confessions. The thief on the cross as one of them. He goes to heaven because he believed Christ. Therefore his sins were forgiven.

Faith and Works Lesson: Answers
  1. What is faith?
  2. Why is faith without good works impossible?
  3. Can anything we do get us to heaven?
  4. What is the purpose of good works.
  5. Can we do anything to keep us out of heaven?
1 Faith is believing God, no matter how circumstances appear.
2 A life changed by the Holy Spirit will begin to show the fruits of the Spirit. They will do good works because it is now second nature to them.
3 No, The only thing we can do is to accept God.
4 They are the result of changes in us. They show that we are becoming perfect. But they will not be good enough to get us to heaven.
5 Yes. We can chose to ignore the Holy Spirit. We can rebel and not repent.

The Covenant Lesson: Answers
  1. Did the sacrifice of lambs give forgiveness to the Hebrews?
  2. When did the terms of the New Covenant begin?
  3. What purpose was the Old Covenant?
  4. Are there separate covenants for Jews and Gentiles?
  5. How will the everlasting covenant prevent us from sinning?
1 No
2 Before the earth was created.
3 It was a teacher. It showed us what God would have to do to destroy sin.
4 No
5 God will create a new heart in us.

Baptism Lesson: Answers
  1. What method of baptism was used by the disciples?
  2. Is baptism necessary for salvation?
  3. What does baptism show?
  4. What ancient Israelite experience was a mass baptism?
  5. What part of the sanctuary shows the same symbolism as baptism?
1 Immersion. They were submerged under water, not sprinkled.
2 No. If you died unexpectedly without being baptized, you will be saved. However, you should be baptized if you have the opportunity. The symbolism is vital.
3 It is symbolic of our death to sin, burial of the old sinful person and resurrection to a new life. Only baptism by immersion demonstrates this symbolism. It also shows a cleansing from sin.
4 They were baptized in the Red Sea during their exodus from Egypt.
5 The laver symbolizes the cleansing.

Death Lesson: Answers
  1. Why do people die?
  2. Can we speak to the dead?
  3. Will Satan die?
  4. Who will be immortal?
  5. What is the gift of God?
1 Sin has caused death.
2 No, The dead are unconscious. And God tells us not to speak to anyone pretending to speak to the dead. We should not speak to anyone claiming to be a spirit of the dead.
3 Yes.
4 Only God is immortal.
5 The gift of God is eternal life through the sacrifice of Jesus Christ. But we will not be immortal.

The Christian Life Lesson: Answers
  1. Who sanctifies us?
  2. What ceremonies did Jesus leave us with.
  3. What should you do before you are baptized?
  4. What should you do if you sin again?
  5. How does God help us to do His work?
1 The Holy Spirit makes us perfect by gently teaching us to choose the good way.
2 Baptism and communion - but they are not necessary to go to heaven. If you died unexpectedly without getting the chance to do them, you will be saved. However, you should do them if you have the opportunity.
3 Study the Bible so that you have a reason for your beliefs.
4 Do not be discouraged. Pray for forgiveness and ask God to change you.
5 He gives us the gifts of the Holy Spirit.

Ten Commandments Lesson: Answers
  1. When were the 10 commandments formally given?
  2. Which prophecy predicted an attempt to change the laws?
  3. Which commandment was changed by man? Who did this?
  4. Which commandment has been removed from the Catholic cathecism?
  5. What are the 2 great laws on which the ten commandments are based?
1 They were given to Moses on Mt. Sinai after the Exodus.
2 Daniel 7:25 predicted that the little horn would think to change times and laws.
3 The Sabbath was changed from Saturday to Sunday. Emperor Constantine legally enforced the change.
4 The second commandment about worshipping idols. The tenth commandment was split in two so that there would still be a total of ten.
5 Love God with all your heart and love your neighbor as yourself.

Sabbath Lesson: Answers
  1. How is the weekly Sabbath different from the other Sabbaths?
  2. How is the Sabbath related to the covenant?
  3. Which day is the Sabbath day?
  4. Who kept the Sabbath and who will keep it?
  5. Who does not keep the Sabbath?
1 It is part of the ten commandments and it has existed since creation. The other Sabbaths are part of temporary ceremonial laws.
2 It is the sign of the everlasting covenant.
3 Saturday. It is actually from sunset Friday to sunset Saturday.
4 Jesus, apostles, everyone in the new earth, Jesus when he was dead, all the prophets, the Jews and Gentiles after the crucifixion and the Christian church in the first 100 years.
5 The church corrupted by paganism. Most Protestant churches who think it does not matter. They are honoring the day of the resurrection.

Other Laws Lesson: Answers
  1. What types of laws were given to Moses?
  2. Which law was kept in th Ark of the covenant?
  3. Which laws ended with the crucifixion?
  4. What proof exists that the disciples thought the dietary laws were not changed?
  5. Which is unclean - snake, duck, pork or shrimp?
1 Ten Commandments, health, sanitation, diet, sacrifices, feasts and ceremonial laws.
2 The ten commandments.
3 Laws concerning sacrifices.
4 Peters vision of the sheet full of animals. He still thought that unclean animals should not be eaten, but that the Gentiles were now equal to the Jews in God's eyes.
5 They are all unclean and not good to eat.

Changing the Laws Lesson: Answers
  1. Are the ten commandments still required?
  2. Is it wrong to steal or to commit adultery? How do we know this?
  3. Can we worship idols? How do we know this?
  4. Do we have the power or the right to change any commandment?
  5. If you continually celebrate your birthday on a day that is not your birthday does that make this new day your birthday? Would your age change on this new day?
1 Yes. It will always be wrong to do anything that it tells us not to do.
2 Stealing and adultery is wrong. The ten commandments tell us so.
3 Idol worship is wrong. The second commandment tells us this.
You shall not make for yourself any idols or any likeness of what is in Heaven above or earth beneath or in the water under the earth. You shall not worship them or serve them.
- Exodus 20: 4-6
4 No, Jesus Himself says that He did not come to change the laws. God says that He does not change.
5 No, Therefore, you cannot substitute Sunday for Saturday.

The Vision of Nebuchadnezzar's Statue Lesson: Answers
  1. What beast in Daniel 7 is the same as the head of gold in Daniel 2?
  2. What is the meaning of the chest of silver?
  3. What part of the image symbolized the Greek empire?
  4. What nation is the legs of iron.
  5. Why does the rock strike the image in the feet?
  6. What does this prophecy say about the nations of Europe?
  7. Who is known as the grandmother of Europe?
1 The lion with two wings.
2 It was inferior to Babylon, this was the Medo-Persian empire.
3 The belly and thighs of brass.
4 Rome
5 The Second Coming would occur during the time of the European nations.
6 They will not unite as one political nation as they did in ancient Rome. They would try to unite by marriage but this will not work.
7 Queen Victoria, many of her children and grand children married into most of the royal families of Europe. She believed that these marriages would strengthen the European Union.

The Beasts of Daniel 7 and 8 Lesson: Answers
  1. What part of the statue in Daniel 2 is equal to the leopard of Daniel 7.
  2. What attribute of the bear is similar to one horn of the ram being higher than the other?
  3. Who was the larger horn in the ram of Daniel 8.
  4. What are the three ribs in the mouth of the bear?
  5. Who is the notable horn on the goat of Daniel 8?
1 Greece - the chest and arms of silver?
2 One side was higher than the other. Persia was more powerful than the Medes.
3 Cyrus the great, king of the Persians.
4 Babylon, Lydia and Egypt - these are 3 of the nations that the Greeks conquered in their rise to power.
5 Alexander the great, king of Greece.

The Messiah Lesson: Answers
  1. How did the Old Testament predict that He would die?
  2. Predictions of his birth. When would he be on earth according to Daniel?
  3. What year was his anointing?
  4. What year was his death?
  5. When was he most likely born?
1 Psalms described crucifixion hundreds of years before the method was used. His hands and feet would be pierced, but His bones would not be broken.
2 Jesus would be on earth during the Roman empire in the reign of the caesar who raised taxes and the vile person who ruled after him.
3 He would be anointed or baptized in 27 A.D. ( 483 years after a commandment to rebuild Jerusalem).
4 He would be killed in 31 A.D. ( 3.5 years after his baptism).
5 He was probably born 30 years before he was baptized - in 4 B.C. during the feast of tabernacles.

The Sanctuary Lesson: Answers
  1. What long prophecy points to the cleansing of the sanctuary?
    When was it fulfilled?
  2. What Hebrew feast involved the cleansing of the sanctuary?
  3. What event in the prophecy of Daniel 2 points to the events of the cleansing?
  4. What does this cleansing mean?
  5. What sanctuary service pointed to the resurrection of Christ?
1 The prophecy of the 2300 days. It was fulfilled in 1844.
2 Yom Kippur - the day of atonement.
3 A rock was cut out of the mountain of God.
4 The judgment had begun.
5 The wave sheaf offering during the Passover. The first fruits from the dead earth were presented to God.

The AntiChrist Lesson: Answers
  1. What power is represented in Daniel 7 as the Antichrist.
  2. How long would he persecute the saints?
  3. What restrained this power during the time of the disciples?
  4. Who gave him power later and when?
  5. When was this power stopped?
  6. Will it rise again?
1 The little horn.
2 1260 years.
3 The Roman government under the caesars.
4 The Roman government in 329 A.D. moved their capital to Constantinople and Emperor Justinian allowed the Bishop of Rome to rule in the old capital.
5 In 1798, general Berthier of France imprisoned the pope.
6 Prophecy states that it would rise to power again and unite with the new power that was emerging. Together they would control the world. The new power that was rising in the eighteenth century was the United States.

The Mark of the Beast Lesson: Answers
  1. Where is the mark of the beast placed?
  2. Where is the seal of God placed.
  3. What object was placed on the same areas of the body in an Old Testament tradition?
  4. Is the mark of the beast a tattoo or a microchip?
  5. Who is the beast that gives this mark?
1 On the hand and forehead.
2 On the forehead.
3 The laws of God
4 No, But the technology could be used to identify the people of God during the persecution.
5 The combined church and state in the last days that controls the world. It will be the United States and the Catholic church.

The Future
Judgment Lesson: Answers
  1. What event starts the final judgment of the wicked?
  2. How will sinners be judged?
  3. How will the righteous be judged?
  4. When are the righteous judged?
  5. When will sinners be judged?
1 The Second Coming.
2 By the record of their own lives.
3 By the record of Christ's life.
4 Before the Second Coming.
5 During the millennium.

The Second Coming Lesson: Answers
  1. What severe punishment preceded the Second Coming?
  2. Will we have to see Christ on television at the Second Coming?
  3. Who comes at the second coming?
  4. What happens to sinners?
  5. How long will the Second Coming and the return to heaven take?
1 The seven last plagues.
2 No, we should be able to go outside and see Him in the sky. Hopefully, we will be rising up to meet Him.
3 God - the father, son and Holy Spirit and all the angels. Billions of mighty angels.
4 They will die.
5 About 8 days.

Rapture Lesson: Answers
  1. What is the rapture?
  2. What prominent theory is part of the belief in the secret rapture?
  3. Will the rapture be secret?
  4. What happens to the wicked dead?
  5. What happens to the righteous living?
1 It is the a process at the Second Coming that takes all the good people from the earth. The living will have their bodies changed and the dead will be resurrected with new bodies.
2 The gap theory.
3 No, it will be loud and destructive.
4 They will remain dead.
5 They will get new bodies and then rise up in the air to meet God.

The Millennium Lesson: Answers
  1. When does the millennium begin and end?
  2. What will the earth be like during the millennium?
  3. Where are the righteous during the millennium?
  4. Who will be on earth during the millennium?
  5. What work might the righteous be doing in heaven?
1 The millennium begins at the Second Coming and ends at the Third coming.
2 It will be chaotic, destroyed by the second coming.
3 They will be in heaven.
4 Satan will be alive and confined to the earth. All evil humans will be dead.
5 We will be looking at God's decisions. We will see why the people we know are not saved.

Hell Lesson: Answers
  1. Do we go straight to heaven or hell when we die?
  2. Will the fires of hell burn forever?
  3. Is hell burning now?
  4. Can God save everyone? Does He want to?
  5. Where will hell exist?
1 No, we wait on the grave in an unconscious state.
2 No, they will stop. But we do not know how long they will burn.
3 No, Hell does not exist now.
4 No, Some people refuse to live with God's rules. God wants to save everyone, but everyone does not want to be saved.
5 On earth. It does not exist now, but after the judgment this current earth will be burned up, then recreated.

The New Earth Lesson: Answers
  1. Where will the new earth be?
  2. What will we eat in the new earth?
  3. What current Jewish festival will be celebrated in the new earth?
  4. How big is the New Jerusalem?
  5. Will we build homes in the new earth?
1 The new earth will be here, after the old earth is burned up.
2 We will probably go back to the original diet of fruits and nuts. Since there will be no death, there will be no hamburgers. We will all be vegetarians.
3 We will celebrate the feast of tabernacles.
4 375 miles in length, width and height.
5 We will plant and build homes. We will go back to the original occupations.

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