Kids Zone Games - Treasure Hunt All Ages
Level: Normal Hard Torture     Hidden Hazards

Fruit $200
Ladder $900
Medicine $400
Snake bite
Free Gift : Fruit Ladder Medicine

  • Change the difficulty level of the game.
    Check the "Hidden" box if you want the black hole and one snake hidden.
    Press "New Game" to get a new design. Look at the design and choose one free item that will help you the best.
    Press "Play" to start playing.
  • Go from start to finish and collect all the treasure you can. You have a minimum of 20 chances. After that you will begin to lose money. You will lose if you run out of money, fall in the black hole or have a snake bite without the medicine. Unused turns, fruit, potion and ladder will be converted to cash at the end. Treasure increases $500 for each level and $1000 for hidden hazards.
    • Bible - $8000.
    • Pearl - $4000.
    • Jewels - $2000.
  • Click on a block next to your current location where you want to move. You cannot move diagonally. You cannot cross over walls.
    Get a free fruit, ladder or snake bite medicine to start
  • Use the help to get over the obstacles
    • Snake Bite Medicine - Get the snake bite kit to recover from the sting of disobedience
    • Ladder - Use the ladder to cross over the black hole of death
    • Fruit - Eat a fruit and jump over the rocks and problems in the path
    • Boulders - You cannot cross over boulders (unless you eat a fruit).
    • Black Hole - Falling in will end the game. It is hidden.
    • Snake - Bite will end the game. One snake is hidden
    • Wall - You cannot cross a wall (thick black lines).
Snake bite
Black hole of sin

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Where your treasure is, there will your heart be also.   Matthew 6: 21
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