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Certain events are occurring in a pattern, not simply as a list of unrelated disasters. Since 2001, there have been signs from heaven that this generation will experience major disasters in a pattern of events that are related to the signs of the Second Coming.
God sent many prophets to Israel just before the occupation by Babylon in 586 BC. Normally, there was only one or two prophets. This time there were about twelve named prophets. During the time of the prophets, God made them act out the judgments to come. He made poor Isaiah walk around naked and barefoot for three years. Jeremiah was digging into the walls and hiding his underwear. Ezekiel was told to defile himself by cooking his food over human feces. Hosea was told to marry a prostitute.
Jonah simply ran away. Wouldn't you?
Fortunately, we have the word of God in print so God does not have to resort to acting prophets. I hope.

These staged performances are God's subliminal messages. Little pictures of the judgment to come. They are designed to make you think about the possibility that the prophecies are true. They do not occur in a vacuum. They are accompanied with many signs that the real prophecy is about to be fulfilled during that generation.

The Purpose of Signs
I will demonstrate the purpose of signs by examining the signs that one should see when traveling from Washington DC to New York or from Babylon to Egypt.

Prophetic Clues And Messages
Now learn the parable from the fig tree; when its branch has already become tender and puts forth its leaves, you know that summer is near. So, you too, when you see all these things, recognize that He is near, right at the door. (Matthew 24: 32-33)
Have you ever wondered if God gives the world sufficient, clear warnings about His intentions?
He does.
Do you think that the years preceding the end of the world will be filled by spectacular warnings and coincidences?
It will.
The modern society is virtually immune to signs in the heavens, natural disasters, prophets of doom ringing their door bells or sermons on hell fire and brimstone from the Church of the Holy Ghost Warriors Toe to Toe Mighty Battle with Satan.
But a series of coincidences might make them listen to the prophets so that they will make a decision for God without any overwhelming pressure.
Since the prophetic time cycles are so long, it appears that God prepares people for the fulfillment of great prophecies. This happens when the prophecy is extended into the distant future or is very important to the world. Instead of only sending prophets who would be rejected, He controls revolutionary events in a short period of time that mimics the requirements of the prophecies. These similar patterns awaken our mental connections to the real prophecies and cause us to study these great messages. This is what happened in the late eighteenth century. After the long sleep in the dark ages, students of the Bible studied the prophecies and all came to the conclusion that the papacy was an important institution.

Dating Prophecies By The Elements Of The Covenant
Since events in history develop and resolve over time how do we determine when find the dates that begin and end a prophecy. In very long prophecies it would seem reasonable to allow for a range of dates near the beginning and end.
The subject of most prophecies seem to be centered on the terms of the covenant and on the three most important aspects of the covenant.

So analyze a prophecy in terms of the elements of the covenant that are in jeopardy. Then find out when those are being damaged in history by the enemies of God. Then look for similar attacks on other elements of the covenant. The dating of the prophecy is based on the primary subject of concern in the prophecy but the secondary elements are also important because their captivity must also be resolved.

The Repetition Pattern
The patterns that appear to repeat are of specific types.

  1. Boiler Plate Response (Legal Response). Some reflect the fact that God uses a specific method to deal with a problem. This is because the covenant with the earth and Israel is based on a specific contract. That contract defines what happens when it is breached and God decides that He will take action. This punitive action takes on a specific form and order of events that appears as a pattern every time it is invoked.
  2. Prophetic Repetition (Mirror, Mirror). There are several prophecies related to the last days that appear to be repeated after the millennium or just before the Second Coming. I call this phenomenon the time dilation effect because God seems to ignore the passage of time. He considers the alien powers at both ends of the time prophecy to be the same and He describes their destiny in the same way.
  3. Mimic Prophecies (Mock Fulfillments). Other patterns occur because God is creating a series of notable local events that mimic the highlights of the overall prophecy. They are not the real fulfillment. These are meant to make the righteous and wicked turn to the bible as they recognize familiar themes.

    » Signs of Fulfillment. The mock cycles are meant for the generation that will experience the fulfillment of the prophecy. Therefore, they are bound up in significant local events and there is a danger that we have no records of these past events or of their profound significance to the people. Often, a drastic event from one of the cycles may survive in historical records but the overall pattern will be lost. Why?

1. The Ancient Prophets
The prophets did not only foretell the future. This is the part of their duty that we covet. They were called to be actors in a great drama. This is the part of their duty that we have forgotten. The first use of this "acting out" technique was with the prophets. They not only foretold the future, they acted out the consequences. God even told Ezekiel that when he acted out the coming fulfillment that it was a "sign to the house of Israel". Ezekiel 4: 3. This was not the fulfillment. It was a visual demonstration of the coming fulfillment.

2. The Crucifixion
Event Time Altar of Sacrifice Laver Table of Shewbread Menorah Altar of Incense Ark of the Covenant
Two Angels
Last Supper 3½ days Passover meal eatenWashed the feet of the disciples Passover table with 12 disciples. Judas betrays Him The words of Jesus Jesus prays 12 disciples around Jesus
Gethsemane Jesus is the Lamb of God Sweat blood and water Passover meal
Disciples sleep
Night Prayer Sleeping disciples and one angel
Trial Spit on Him Beat Him. Broken body.
Disciple denys Him
Trial at night High priest was against Him High priest and two false witnesses
Crucifixion Blood and water from His side Vinegar to drink
12 disciples gone
Darkness God ignored His prayer On the cross between two thieves during the darkness
Crucifixion Week Crucifixion Blood and water from His body He was chewed up and spit out Darkness Garden of Gethsemane
Temptation 42 days The Lamb of GodBaptism Stone to Bread Tempted to test GodForty days of prayer Worship Satan
His Life 3½ years Crucifixion
Baptism (Pentecost) Chose 12 disciples Ministry of Jesus Forty days of temptation Cleanses the temple (Yom Kippur)
Local Sanctuary Pattern. The death of Christ followed a sanctuary pattern. In the crucifixion we see a pattern in the cycle of images from the sanctuary that are positive and then increasingly get worse until He suffers the curse and the wrath of God for us at the crucifixion.
Local 3.5 and 7 Day Pattern. The Jews had 490 years to keep the covenant. The Messiah would appear in the last seven days to keep the covenant and was handed over to His enemies in the middle of the week to be killed. The final seven days of His life was a pattern of the final seven years left to Israel. and the three days preceeding His death was part of the same pattern. Coincidentally, this is the period that Jesus described as three days in the bowels of the earth.
This is discussed in more detail in the lesson Christ and the plan of salvation. But I showed just the recurring pattern of the wrath of God during the crucifixion week.
Time In 3½ Divisions. Jesus experienced these events in time that is associated with 3½ divisions.

3. The End Of 1260 Years Of Papal Domination
Some of the mock fulfillments were so important, they became prophecies themselves. The French Revolution was one of those prophecies. It mimicked the 1260 year prophecy. The intense period of 1260 days during the French Revolution brought the 1260 years prophecy and the papacy to an end.
The first Justinian code was passed in 529 and it gave supremacy to the bishop of Rome. General Belisarius conquered the Vandals and recaptured Rome in 536 when he drove the Ostrogoths out of Rome to place the church in the position of civil rule in Rome.
Signs The 1260 Year ProphecySigns
535 Volcano 3.5 Years 538 3.5 YearsThe Dark Ages 1260 Day French Revolution 1798 Volcano
Papacy Being Established Papal RulePapal Decline
The dark ages were preceeded by a volcanic eruption in February 535 on Java. It blotted out the sun and plunged the world into 18 months of darkness. Fear, famine and plague triggered revolutions resulted in the fall of at least nine empires between 547 and 616.
The period ended with the eruption of several volcanoes between 1783-1888 and the French Revolution.

Characteristic Papal Supremacy French Revolution The Last Powers
Powers PapacyNapoleon and the French United States and Papacy
Duration 1260 Years1260 Days Unknown
Dates 538-1798November 24, 1793 to April 1797 March 2003 - Future
Symbolism Terrible beastBeast from the abyss Beast, Lamb who speaks like a dragon
Persecution Church persecutedGovernment persecuted. Roman Catholic religion and Bible banned. Mark of the beast
Religion attacked Bible and other views banned as heresy Christianity banned Enforces Catholicism
Speak against God Pope as God on earthA prostitute was the Goddess of Reason Makes world worship the beast
Changes times Changed the Sabbath to SundayChanged the length of the week to ten days Forces the world to worship on Sunday
Changes laws Changes ten commandmentsDeclaration of the rights of man Patriot Act, Corpus Juris and other international inquisition laws
Ignores Geneva Conventions on torture
Sodom and Egypt Immorality, false gods Culture. Homosexuality among the French nobility. The infamous Marquis de Sade wrote a book called "120 days of Sodom".
Army. French troops raped the Mameluke men when they conquered Egypt in 1798
Culture. Los Angeles is the center of global pornography.
Army. USA soldiers torture and homosexual rape and humiliation of Muslim prisoners, even children.
Priests. Homosexual pedophile scandal
Idolatry. Worship Mary and saints
Disease The plague kills 30% of EuropeThe plague hits Napoleon's troops in Egypt Will the USA troops fall victim to an outbreak of plagues before the seven last plagues?
Result Papacy fallsFirst fall of the Papacy Second fall of the Papacy
Text Daniel 7-8. Revelation 12Revelation 11, Daniel 11 Revelation 13
The "Papal Supremacy" column represents the fulfillment of the prophecy by the papacy.
The "French Revolution" column represents the events at the first fall of the papacy that were a copy of the behavior of the papacy.
The "Last Powers" column represents the events at the future second fall of the papacy. They duplicate the first fall under Napoleon. Look at another comparison of these movements in this lesson.

The fact that the people had no access to the Bible for so many centuries could be one reason why God chose this period of the French Revolution to vividly demonstrate the elements of the long prophecy.

Imagine knowing the prophecy in Daniel 7: 25 about the little horn "changing times" and living during a time when the length of the week was changed for the first time in history by the "little general". This must have triggered a searching of the prophecies.
And he shall speak great words against the most High, and shall wear out the saints of the most High, and think to change times and laws: and they shall be given into his hand until a time, times and the dividing of a time. (Daniel 7: 25)

United States And Revelation 11
Revelation 11 is an enlargement of the prophecy of the French Revolution in Daniel 11.
If Daniel 11 is being repeated by the United States, then perhaps Revelation 11 will also be repeated. The last column shows the similarities that we are experiencing so far.

4. The End Of 2300 Years Of Sanctuary Restoration
Freedom Movements
The decline of Ottomon influence.
1804 - Serb Uprising
1821 - Greece declares independence.
1826 - The Battle of Navarino. Greek revolt.
1829 - Treaty of Adrianople in the Russian-Turkish war ended influence in the Balkans

The Spanish lose their colonies as many nations declare independence.
1810 - Argentina.
1811 - Paraguay, Columbia, Venezuela.
1812 - Mexico.
1817 - Chile.
1822 - Ecuador, Brazil.
1828 - Uruguay.
1836 - Texas independent from Mexico.
1846-48 - Mexican war ended with the purchase of California, New Mexico, Nevada, Wyoming, Colorado and Texas.

Other Freedom Movements.
1823 - The Monroe Doctrine.
1828 - First popular vote.
1830 - Belgium rises up against Dutch rule.
1835 - Dutch (Boers) freed from Britain.
1838 - The Underground Railroad began.
1838 - (July 2) The slave mutiny aboard the Spanish vessel the Amistad.

Freedom of the People.
1833 - Emancipation Act frees British slaves.
1847 - July 27. Liberia Independent of the USA.
1863 - Emancipation proclamation in the USA.
1865 - Thirteenth Amendment ends slavery.
The last great time prophecy was the promise to restore the church and remove corruption.
The fulfillment of this event was based on an event in heaven. This does not mean that we would not have clues on earth. This is what happened in heaven.

So we can look for at least these patterns.

  1. The Yom Kippur Elements. This feast involved a lamb, a scapegoat, banishment and the freedom of the people. The prophecies for the future during the Great Global Yom Kippur would use these exact elements to describe the end times and its players.
  2. Change Of Government. The events of the day of atonement ends in freedom for the people. We know that slavery ended around this period and there were many revolts against the imperialist governments. People threw off the rule of foreign oppressors and began to rule. Likewise, in heaven there would be a formal taking of the kingdoms of the world and Christ would begin to rule (Daniel 7: 13-14).
    The first part of the nineteenth century was dominated by the attempts of Napoleon to rule the world. It also began a period when the Spanish would lose many colonies. Britain made some gains in Asia but would eventually lose its colonies in the 1960's.

    » The Rise of the United States. So, as the old kingdoms were losing their power and nations were gaining their freedom, the final kingdom was beginning to gain its wealth and power. America increased its territory because the warring European nations needed money. The Louisiana Purchase was made in 1803 from France. It doubled the size of the United States. Florida was purchased from Spain in the 1819 Adams-Onis Treaty. It would take the events of World Wars 1 and 2 to establish its world dominance and to heal the wounds of the old power that would align with it in the future.
  3. Knowledge. The century has been characterized by an explosion in religious, prophetic and scientific knowledge. This event was also a subject of its own prophecy (Daniel 12: 4). The first inventions specifically helped the printing and distribution of information related to the knowledge of God. The Protestant revolution began.

5. The Middle East
Daniel 11: 40-45. Daniel 12: 1 Politics Religion
War40 "At the end time the king of the South will collide with him [king of the north], and the king of the North will storm against him with chariots, with horsemen and with many ships; Kuwait and September 11 Attack Civil Laws changed
Other Countriesand he will enter countries, overflow them and pass through. Military Bases established Concordats
Palestine41 "He will also enter the Beautiful Land, and many countries will fall; Control Agreement with Yassir Arafat
Jordanbut these will be rescued out of his hand: Edom, Moab and the foremost of the sons of Ammon. Friend Laodicea?
Egypt42 "Then he will stretch out his hand against other countries, and the land of Egypt will not escape.
43 "But he will gain control over the hidden treasures of gold and silver and over all the precious things of Egypt;
War with Egypt or Egyptian part of Al-Qaeda Secularism, media, new age defeated
Libya, Ethiopiaand Libyans and Ethiopians will follow at his heels. Submission Ecumenical Alliances
Rumors44 "But rumors from the East and from the North will disturb him, and he will go out with great wrath to destroy and annihilate many. Opposition. Another threat The spread of the Gospel
Israel Occupied45 "He will pitch the tents of his royal pavilion between the seas and the beautiful Holy Mountain; yet he will come to his end, and no one will help him. Military Base Leader of Jerusalem.
Persecution 1 "Now at that time Michael, the great prince who stands guard over the sons of your people, will arise. And there will be a time of distress such as never occurred since there was a nation until that time; and at that time your people, everyone who is found written in the book, will be rescued. Jerusalem surrounded Mark of the beast Persecution
The pronoun "He" refers to the king of the North since Egypt (the King of the South) is a victim of this power in verses 42-43
The prophecy about the king of the North in Daniel 11 covers the same period of Babylon the Great but it appears to be centered on the fortunes of the nations in the middle east when Babylon the great comes to the region.
Secret Plans
System Plans
Laws Global laws are changing to an inquisition model right under your noses
News News organizations censor information in favor of government or business interests
Talk Shows Political talk shows are dominated by Catholic hosts
Political Organizations Protestant political organizations were either started by or are being supported by the Catholic church or the Moonies
On other web pages I document the take over of important political and communications organizations.
The United States formed a union with Iraq in 1981 as it switched alliances from Iraq to Iran. It finally defeated and controlled Iraq in 1991 and then occupied it in 2003. I has assumed their title as the King of the North.
It starts with a war that was caused when the king of the north was attacked. At the time Osama attacked the world trade center on September 11, 2001 the United States was already Babylon the Great, the King of the North.

The following may be actual fulfillments not subliminal warnings. But as they are occurring, it indicates that the global preparation is also occurring. This prophecy may be the greatest set of mock fulfillments that point to the fulfillment of the preparation for a bigger war.
Since it is the last days, the enemy is making big preparations in secret that will suddenly be unleashed on the world as quickly as September 11 did. Therefore, God gives us huge signs to show us what is being planned in secret.

War with the King of the South
Egypt will cause Babylon the Great to go to war in the Middle East. Osama Bin Laden is of Saudi and Yemen Origin. He has an Egyptian wife and helped establish resistance movements in Egypt and is a hero in that country. Many of the September 11 hijackers were Egyptian. Saudi Arabia is South of Israel and Iraq. Most of the hijackers were Saudi. His chief operations officer and mastermind of the terrorist plans is an Egyptian doctor named Ayman Al-Zawahiri.

Other countries
The table on the right shows that we have established military bases in most of the other countries. On December 15, 2003 and earlier that year, we threatened Syria with sanctions. Only the region of Egypt, Ethiopia and Palestine need to be conquered. Oddly enough, these are the countries that are specifically named in prophecy as having a specific fate. The other countries were simply "overflowed and passed through". All these have military bases.
Countries YearControl
Iraq1991 War. 14 bases
Afghanistan 2003 War
Libya 2003 Submitted
Saudi Arabia
Bahrain US Fifth Fleet
2003 Threat
Military Base
2007 War began with USA support
EgyptMilitary Base, torture
West BankEnemy
Gaza 2005 Enemy.
Free from Israel
Lebanon 2005 Free from Syria
IsraelFriend. Base

Update (March 1, 2005). The people of Lebanon have caused the Syrian controlled government to resign. After the assassination of their former president, Rafik Hariri, was linked to Syria. The United States and France sponsored U.N. Resolution 1559 which required the removal of Syrian forces from Lebanon. Mr. Hariri supported this plan.

Beautiful Land (Israel, Palestine)

Religion will be set up in Israel. The United States already has great influence over Israel. We might have to go there to maintain peace. If Osama cannot get to his American targets and Iraq fights for their own stability and do not cooperate with his efforts, then he will be forced to take out his rage on the one place that Islam hates. That is Israel.

At the end of time, Israel will be a source of irritation to the surrounding nations and they will surround it. After a thousand Jews were killed by suicide bombers in the last three years, Israel took several unpopular steps.
They built a wall to isolate the citizens of West Bank and Gaza.
The founder of Hamas, Sheikh Yassin, was assassinated on March 22, 2004. This will boil the pot.

The Role of Iran, Syria and Iraq.

For many reasons Iran is the probable fulfillment of the source of the rumors from the north and east in a real or mock fulfillment.
Look at the other symbols about the role of Persia (Iran). While all prophetic images of the succession of world conquerors have a very negative image, it is not the same for Medo-Persia. Many prophetic images depict the Medo-Persian empire in a positive role in the rescue of God's people. Cyrus is a representative of Christ. The Ram is the representative of Christ who is defeated by the goat kingdoms of Greece and Rome (Daniel 8). Persia rebuilt the temple. Babylon and Rome destroyed it. Greece corrupted its priests. Revelation 16: 12 shows how the kings from the east rescue the church from Babylon the Great by drying up the Euphrates. This is the same role as Cyrus the Great who conquered Babylon by drying up that river.
So, in keeping with our theme in this article, is it possible that we will go to war with Iran and be defeated. And, will this war and Iran liberate the persecuted church by diverting the attention of the powers to this conflict? And will the Euphrates river play a role in the victory of Iran? If so, then Iran might seize control of the two dams built in Turkey and it might also control the flow of oil from Iraq. The Euphrates will play a strategic role during the war.

Update: January 2005. Journalist Seymour Hersh reports that the United States is making plans to attack Iran believing that the people will rise up and help the United States to secure their liberty. Iran called it a "lunatic plan". The inaugural speech articulated a new policy in which the United States promises to expand freedom into all the world and liberate all the oppressed. All these plans are doomed to fail. I strongly believe that this war will happen even though it looks utterly stupid to contemplate such an action at this moment. We will probably have a draft.
Other reporters and the prime minister of Iraq mention a "proxy war" between the USA and Iran that has been occurring.

Update: February 2005. Syria and Iran announced that they have made a pact to protect each other from the growing threat of the United States. Syria seems to be also stirring up problems by assassinating the former president of Lebanon and terrorist bombings in Israel. At least, the western media is blaming them for these incidences. We can never know what is truth anymore as people create reasons to go to war and create events to fulfill their prophecy.

Comes to an end without Help
Muslim Prophecy
The Great Satan. The United States is the great satan who will attack the Muslim nations with the Jews. The war will be in Afghanistan, Baghdad and Syria! But Islam will be victorious in the Battle of Qa'im.
It seems as if the Muslims lured us into battle in places mentioned by their prophecies. The prophecies also require all the faithful to join the battle when they see a certain sign.
Armageddon in Iran. In June 2005, I wrote another article on myths and legends and I came across another prophecy which is startling because of the implications it will have if the people believe it. This prophecy says that the final battle between good and evil will be fought in the holy nation of Iran. Evil will lose.
The religion of Zoroaster was the religion of the Persians before they were conquered by Islam. If they believe that Zoroaster is one of the succession of prophets sent by god, then they will turn to the prophecy because it converges with the Muslim prophecy and the Christian prophecies.
Combine those prophecies with religious zeal and we have a formidable psychological operation on our hands.
If this continues, the United States will start to battle prophecy with prophecy. A religious war of words will ensue. This means that Adventist interpretations like mine will become very unpopular in the war effort. It will lead to charges of treason and the predicted persecution.
This means that the King of the North will lose the war and his friends will abandon him or they will offer no real help. This event parallels another event in Revelation 17: 16-17. In Revelation 17 the same period is chronicled, but the religious nature of the power is shown there while the military nature is highlighted in Daniel 11: 40-45.
In Revelation 17: 16, an alliance breaks up and hostilities break out between the partners. In verse 17 we see that God has "put it in their hearts to execute His purpose". God used the same language with Pharaoh when He claimed to "harden his heart".
So George is on a "mission from God" that he strongly feels is the will of God. Napoleon was on the same mission when he decided to conquer Egypt. Both were diverted by God to fulfill His prophecy. But did God make them go against their free will?. No! God said that Pharaoh hardened his own heart. So we conclude that God took responsibility only because He did not help Pharaoh to make the right decision. He let him do what his proud heart wanted to do all along.
Bush claimed to ask his higher father for strength and courage, but he did not ask him what to do. Maybe he should have. So we now have two patterns of an end without help.

  1. End of War. After the war was declared to be over, the president was begging the allies it insulted for financial help.
  2. End of Coalition Government. On June 28, 2004 formal sovereign power was handed back to Iraq. Now, no one is fooled into thinking that the American occupation and control is over or that Iraq will see a dramatic drop in violence. Two days before, at a NATO meeting in Turkey they still refused to send troops to help. It only promised to train soldiers. So we have come to the first formal, if not practical end, and no one will help us.
  3. Other Pleas for Help. In February 2005, a visit to the European nations obtained pledges of support that total four million dollars for one year. France pledged one trainer. The war costs the United States five billion dollars each day. Truly, no one will help.
  4. End of Occupation. What will happen at this end? It is now estimated that we will be there 100 years.
  5. End of Presidency. Still with the USA shouldering the burden of global terrorism, the presidency ended with an economic failure that showed signs of the Revelation 18 economic catastrophe. Its enemies are grabbing up oil contracts in Iraq while they put no effort towards the war. The wars rage on with no end in sight and no clear decisive victory.

With this event, one is tempted to think that this part of the prophecy is complete. It fits so perfectly. But I am tempted to think that it is just a sign that has the exact characteristics of the real fulfillment. This is because I believe it parallels Revelation 17: 16 and we have not seen the extra details of that prophecy.
The next event is the time of distress.

6. The Last World Empire
Daniel describes the last empire before the Second Coming as the "King of the North".
Revelation describes the last empire as "Babylon the Great".
Coincidentally, Babylon was north of Israel. Therefore, the King of the North is Babylon the Great. We have consistently identified this empire as the combination of the United States and the Papacy.

With this identification, we will point to several distinct prophecies about this last kingdom.

  1. The Seventh Head. It is the seventh head of the beast of Revelation 13 and 17. Communism was the sixth.
    Therefore, the dominant power that followed the sixth head of Communism or caused it to collapse must be the seventh.
  2. The Wound. One of the seven heads was wounded and healed (Revelation 13: 3). Both leaders of this seventh head at the time of its formation received a wound that was healed in 1981. This was the year Babylon returned.
  3. The Rise of Babylon. As Babylon the Great became the seventh head it defeated ancient Babylon (Iraq). Therefore, it inherited the rights and title of Babylon.
    Local Rise and Fall of Babylon. The rise of Babylon the Great at the end of time was accompanied by a fall of the old Babylon (Iraq) in a pattern that mirrored Nebuchadnezzar's conquest of Israel. In the end, Babylon got the same treatment it gave to Israel two thousand five hundred and twenty years ago.
  4. The Fall of Babylon. Iraq fell in the same sequence and pattern in which Ancient Babylon took over Israel in 605 BC. Its defeat points to the emergence of the new Babylon and then becomes a mock prophecy of the future fall of the new Babylon.
    Local Fall of Babylon the Great. Babylon the Great will fall in the same sequence of events in which old Babylon fell to the Persians. This means that there will be conflict with the Persian empire.

    The Fall of the King of the North. "He shall come to his end and no one shall help him."
    This is the fate of the king of the North and is equivalent to the sixth plague. We see a mock fulfillment of this in the futile attempts of the United States to get some "real" partners to help them with the financial and military burden that Iraq has become.

The new prophecies blend the symbols of ancient Babylon with the activities of Babylon the Great. We have just documented the similarity in their rise to power. The prophecy of the collapse uses the same imagery.

The Rise and Fall of Babylon
The Rise The Fall
The Rise of Ancient Babylon An Image is created for worship 60 cubits X
6 cubits
Death Penalty Euphrates dries up Defeated by Medo-Persian kings
The Rise of Babylon the GreatAn Image is created for worship 600+60+6
Death Penalty The Sixth Plague
Euphrates dries up
The Seventh Plague
Second Coming.
The Kings from heaven

The Fall of the Twin Towers
Here is an example of what I have been trying to explain. I received an e-mail from a man who started going back to church after the September 11 attacks. Something about the event triggered his memory of prophecy. He concluded that the event fulfills Revelation 18. These are his main points.

I believe that he is incorrect about the fulfillment. Revelation 18 has not been fulfilled yet. When it happens it will be a global devastation for all economies and systems during the sixth plague. But the events triggered an association which correctly identified a significant time in prophecy and he turned back to God and had started studying the scriptures. He recognized an important time and an important place and that is good enough. The disciples were also wrong about the events, but they recognized the Man and the times. That was good enough for God because He could work with them.

September 11 marked a turning point for Babylon the Great and it was an event that was worthy of prophecy. The way in which it happened is a sign of the future fall of Babylon. It triggered a political upheaval, a religious war and an economic event. Revelation 16-19 is a record of the second and last fall of Babylon. When it occurs, it will devastate all people, all governments, religion and economies.

The Ten Horns
Possible Candidates. Membership or Influence
#Nation Security
Economic Other
1Nuclear Bomb United States P-5 G-8, OAS NATO
2Nuclear Bomb Great Britain P-5 G-8, EU NATO
3Nuclear Bomb France P-5 G-8, EU NATO
4Nuclear Bomb Russia P-5 G-8 -
5Nuclear Bomb China P-5 - -
6Germany - G-8, EU NATO
7Italy - G-8, EU NATO
8Canada - G-8, OAS NATO
9Japan - G-8 -
10Catholic Church - EU, OAS -
11European Union Member G-8, EU NATO
12United Nations
Secretary General
Member - -
Nuclear Bomb Countries with the Nuclear bomb. Also India, Pakistan, Israel, and possibly North Korea and Iran.
In 2005, India is trying to be one of the permanent members of the security council
The ten horns are ten kings who have not received power yet (Revelation 17: 12). They only receive power for a very short time and use it to endorse the work of the seventh head. This has to be either the ten most powerful nations in the European Union or the security council of the United Nations.

Like the French Revolution, this is a mock prophecy that becomes so important in recognizing the times that it becomes the subject of its own prophecy.
According to Daniel 2 and 7, the ten horns will emerge and take over the broken Roman empire. This occurred in 476 AD, not after 2000.
But God reuses the symbolism and says that at the very end, for a short time after the emergence of the seventh head, He will allow ten rulers to emerge. Why? Ten distinct groups appear at the beginning and at the end of the prophecy.
This is a psychological number that will make people wake up and examine all the prophecy. At this point in history, whether or not people accept that Rome broke up into ten significant nations in 476 will not be as important as recognizing that this final group of ten is working against God.
What could this be? I suspect that we will know it when we see it. But their important actions occur within two intense weeks.

The Fall of Empires
The fall is preceeded by a siege by an evil empire and the outcome depends on the righteousness of the people.

City Separated (Counted) Judged (Weighed) Dried Up and Divided Shattered Israel
Siege Revelation 16 Signs Revelation 17 Revelation 18 Revelation 19
Sores Sea Water Heat Dragon Darkness Money Dry River Disaster Hail, EarthquakeHeaven
Global Plagues Governments Fall Economic Fall, Mutiny Second ComingHeaven
Local Local Signs Bush-Blair-Pope 2008-2009 Recession Disasters (2010)?
Local Colonialism World War 1Great DepressionWorld War II1948
Local Papacy Falls (1) InquisitionMississippi BubbleFrench RevolutionZion
Local Ancient Egypt DarknessFirstborn dead, Red SeaArmy DrownedExodus
Local Ancient Babylon Drunk PartyEuphrates DriedDefeated by PersiaFree
Local Ancient Rome Destroyed IsraelEmpire SplitBarbarian InvasionExile
Wheel Papacy Falls (2) Papal Rome Falls Communism Falls Babylon the Great Falls Heaven

Let us look at these examples and notice how the cycles get progressively faster. In the end, the final cycle will take about one year from start to finish.
Only one event was the fulfilled prophecy. The others caused a part of a prophecy to be fulfilled.

Local The Siege: When Jerusalem is Surrounded by Armies
When empires are condemned to fall for a religious reason, it always begins with a siege. If the event is important, then Jerusalem is always the beseiged city.
Rescued From Persecution
Growth Jerusalem Forced Worship Persecution Defeat
RomeCestius surrounds Jerusalem (66 AD)
Christians escape
Roman persecution The temple is destroyed
in 70 AD
The Rise of
Ancient Babylon
Siege of Jerusalem
Battle of Meggido
An Image is created for worship
60 cubits X 6 cubits
Death Penalty Euphrates dries up
The Rise of
Babylon the Great
Economic warfare An Image is created for worship
600+60+6 = 666
Death Penalty The Sixth Plague
Battle of Armageddon
Euphrates dries up
The King of the NorthEnters Jerusalem Time of Trouble Sky rolls up
1NapoleonEnters Palestine in 1799 Napoleonic wars 1844 Judgment begins
2USA and PapacyEnters Palestine Mark of the Beast Second Coming
The Fall of SatanSiege of the New Jerusalem Battle of Armageddon Lake of fire

» Jerusalem Besieged. Since the fall of Babylon, everytime Jerusalem has been besieged and its temple destroyed and the people exiled, it has been a sign of the same event. It is the fifth curse. The outcome depends on the righteousness of the people.

» Israel Rescued. When the children of God are under attack, God will come to rescue them and give them life.
Second Coming 1000
Third Coming
Jerusalem Besieged
Judgment (plagues)
God Comes Righteous Raised
God Comes Wicked Raised
Judgment (Final)
Jerusalem Besieged
Armageddon (Destruction)
Even at the first coming of God as the Baby Jesus we see some of these signs.

Local Signs from Heaven: Patterns Near the End of a Persecution
Persecution Earthquake Dark Sun Bloody Moon Falling Stars God Comes
1Exodus Earthquake.
Numbers 16: 32
Darkness Blood in the Nile Plague of hail Sinai
2Crucifixion (31) Earthquake Darkness Death Satan judged and falls like
lightning from heaven.
(Revelation 12: 9; Luke 10: 18)
Resurrection and Pentecost
3Papal (538-1798) Lisbon Earthquake
November 1, 1755
Dark day
May 19, 1780
Blood moon
May 19, 1780
» Leonid Meteor Shower.
November 12, 1833
» Martyred Reformers
Judgment begins
1844. Daniel 7: 9, 13
4Mark of the Beast Seventh plague Fifth plague Fifth plague Sixth plague Seventh plague
Collapse Babylon in Confusion Resources Dry Up Second Coming
"But immediately after the tribulation of those days the sun will be darkened, and the moon will not give its light, and the stars will fall from the sky, and the powers of the heavens will be shaken. And then the sign of the Son of Man will appear in the sky, and then all the tribes of the earth will mourn, and they will see the Son of Man coming on the clouds of the sky with power and great glory. (Matthew 24: 29-30)
This statement also reflects another prophetic pattern that occurs after the persecution of the righteous.
The signs that signify the end of the earth and the judgment of heaven appear mostly in the heavens.

The signs are made from terrifying events such as earthquakes and wars. Jesus never intended for us to be alarmed by every earthquake and every war, so He even says that "the end is not yet". However, He wanted us to be aware that a particular convergence, intensity and pattern of these events will be important at some point in time in a particular context.

The signs themselves are important because they mimic what the fulfillment will bring on the last day.

Local Governments: The Remaking of Babylon
Rebuilding the Tower of Babel
Poster Poster
European Union Poster
Many Tongues, One Voice
"Tower of Babel"
Painting by Pieter Breugel
Embracing the Ancient Signs. The powers that will make end time Babylon are embracing the signs that pointed to Babylon.
There are many other signs that certain groups are embracing the symbols of prophecy that are assigned to them. As I read this I wondered if the church or the European Union cares about the appearance of fulfilling prophecy. But Revelation 17 says that God will put it in their minds to accomplish His purposes. The European Union will be controlled by the church. The woman, also known as Babylon, will ride the beast.

1260, 1290 and 1335 Days
Continual Abolished 1260 Years +30 Years (1290) +45 Years (1335)
Abomination Set Holy People Shattered Desolation Ends Blessing
Islamic Rule638 Israel
Zionism 1898 Jericho Earthquake 1928 Yom Kippur War 1973
Islamic Rule658 WW1 1918 Holocaust/ State of Israel 1948 Oslo Peace 1993
Temple Mount 681-92 State 1941-52 Jerusalem Capital 1971-83 - 2016-27

"Then I heard the man clothed in linen, who was above the waters of the river, when he held up his right hand and his left hand to heaven, and swore by Him who lives forever, that it shall be for a time, times, and half a time; and when the power of the holy people has been completely shattered, all these things shall be finished."
"... from the time that the continual burnt offering is taken away, and the abomination that makes desolate is set up, there shall be a thousand two hundred and ninety days. Blessed is he who waits and comes to the thousand three hundred and thirty five days."
(Daniel 12: 7, 11, 12)
The fulfillment of these events could follow different paths for the Jewish and Christian communities. In the lesson on Daniel 12, we show how this pattern was repeatedly followed in real and prophetic time. However, we did not explore any fulfillment among the Jews after they were separated from the Christians.

Repeat Summary
Prophecies and Powers
Prophetic Event Prophecy Real Fulfillment Mock Cycles at the End Leader
Crucifixion The Sanctuary Christ, the lamb and the curse The curses from the sanctuary three days before the crucifixion John the Baptist
Last week in Jerusalem Keeps the covenant for one week Final seven years of ministry to Israel. He was killed after 3.5 years The final seven days. He went into the bowels after 3.5 days Jesus
1260 Years The tyranny of the Little Horn The rule of the papacy The 1260 day part of the French Revolution signaled the end of the 1260 year prophecy Martin Luther. Issac Newton and many others
2300 Years The restoration of the sanctuary The Judgment begins. Christ takes the government The activities of William Miller.
The formation of new governments in the world.
William Miller
New Government Christ comes to the Ancient of Days Christ accepts the kingdom and judgment begins Freedom movements. Colonialism and slavery ends. Independent nations born-
Knowledge Knowledge increases Prophecy and religious knowledge increases Scientific and medical knowledge increased-
2520 Years The return of Babylon The United States is Babylon the Great Conditions at the first fall of Babylon were duplicatedNebuchadnezzar
The seven headed beast Wounded and healed head The fall of the papacy in 1798 and the restoration in 1929 Failed assassination attempts on the two leaders when the seventh head was formed Many prophets. Joel 2: 28
Mystery Babylon the Great Last power The United States becomes the final superpower Took over Iraq in a pattern that was similar to the actions of Ancient Babylon
Babylon falls Babylon falls United States and the Papacy come to an end Global economic collapse. Military and religious collapse. Iraq falls
Sixth plague Babylon splits into three United States, Papacy and Satanic forces Iraq is splitting into Kurd, Sunni and Shia factions
The Seven Last Plagues Seven Last Plagues Future plagues Annual cycles of events that have been affecting the world, the United States and Rome since 2000
The Second ComingSecond Coming of Christ False Christs and the appearance of Satan
Several prophecies exhibit these characteristics. They identify significant people and organizations or approaching end of a time prophecy for the generation that will experience the fulfillment.

God describes the final churches as being asleep, blind and preoccupied with unimportant things. The real fulfillments are occurring in secret, and God's way of showing us these hidden developments is to surround us with the noise of the prophetic symbols in nature. All nature is warning us that prophecies are being fulfilled because the powers that are at war with God are on a campaign to convince you that economic, political and religious events that are occurring are for your benefit. Many of these signs started occurring since 1981 when Babylon officially returned.

Nature- AIDSOzone hole Red Tide Locusts Global warming Weird weather.
Natural disaster trend
Polar ice melts and Ozone hole grows
Year 1980 19811985 1986 1987 1989 1990 1991 1993 1995 2001 2003 2004 2042 2044-69
Virgin Mary
Communism falls.
Al Qaeda begins
Iraq war EU Sunday laws Al Qaeda attacks Iraq war Church
No Social Security No oil
• 1979. The year of annual famines begin.
• 1980. The Christian right decides to influence politics.
1981. The first case of AIDS.
1986. Red tide appears in the ocean and grows every year, threatening larger areas. It reached China in 1998.
1986. Virgin Mary appearances increases dramatically.
1985. Scientists discover a hole in the ozone layer at the south pole. The size peaks in early September.
The biannual "Jesus Seminars" by biblical scholars in Berkley resurrect the work of Albert Schweitzer in "The Quest for the Historical Jesus". They meet to compare notes and have rejected the existence of Jesus, the resurrection, the miracles and have declared the stories a myth.
1990's. Global warming
1995. Global storms and disasters intensify. Unprecedented trend of natural disasters reaches Europe. Record tornado and hurricane seasons in the United States. In 2003 and 2004 over 500 tornadoes occurred in one month.
1993. European Union passes Sunday Laws that were fully adopted by 2003.
1996. The coral reefs in Florida decreased by 40% between 1996 and 2001. They declined by one third in 1997 and 1998 alone!
2001. Al Qaeda attacks the United States.
2004. Religious victory in politics.
2004. Great Earthquake. December 26 Asian earthquake and tsunamis kills 227,754+, 14,000 missing
Jesus comes to destroy those who destroy the earth.

And the nations were angry, and Your wrath is come, and the time of the dead, that they should be judged, and that You should give reward to Your servants the prophets, and to the saints, and those who fear Your Name, small and great; and should destroy those who destroy the earth.
Revelation 11: 18
I hope Jesus returns during this period. Perhaps the warning of Jesus that He will come at a time we do not expect means that He will come before the time we anticipate our own end.
2018. Medicare will become insolvent.
2020. The glaciers of Mt. Kilimanjaro will be gone. They have melted 80% since 1912.
2042. The Social Security system will become insolvent.
2050. Fossil fuel energy sources depleted.
2050. Global population reaches 9.3 billion.
2060. Water supply reaches a critical stage even in the United States.
2090. The glaciers of the North Pole will be gone

In the past, the realization that a prophecy is being fulfilled was useful, but there was not much harm in coming to this conclusion years later. It is enough that God would inspire some leaders to recognize the times.

However, this time it is not useful for us to recognize what is happening after the Second Coming. Therefore, God must want all of us to recognize what is about to occur so that we can make a decision. One of His methods is these mock signs.

I believe that the occupation of Jerusalem will be our last physical sign to act, to take a risk and do the work of God. I believe that the coming of the Holy Spirit according to Joel 2: 28-29 is the first sign that we should go out in the Spirit and power of God. I have evidence that this is happening now.
Remember, the only reliable sign that the Second Coming is near is the spread of the gospel, not natural disasters.

God describes the final events as a woman in labor who is about to give birth. Events increase rapidly until the child is delivered. Our events have been proceeding rapidly since 1991. Daniel 11: 40-45 is being rapidly fulfilled. Mock events are overlapping actual fulfillments. The only clear mock events that remain are the seven last plagues which terminate with the actual Second Coming. The world is being gently warned that it is being judged. There is only one reason for this. We are the generation that will see the Second Coming.

Global and Local Interpretation. This illustrates the concept of global and local interpretation. The global interpretation are the events that are probably the ones predicted. But as the prophecy reaches fulfillment, there appears to be a cycle of local events that mirror the overall pattern.

Bible scholars have also recognized another type of global and local application of prophecy. The global interpretation in the experience of the world and the local interpretation in the experience of Israel and Christ. In this understanding, both events are prophecies in their own right. But God, in His creative ability describes them in the same way and sometimes takes steps to ensure that the similarity exists when both events happen.

Study to show yourself approved to God as a workman who does not need to be ashamed, accurately handling the word of truth. 2 Timothy 2: 15 Time: 100 minutes
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