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Tar Baby? Stuck in Iraq
I stopped working in early 2002 to do this website. A coworker said that I was nuts when I told him that I believe the time has come for the religious right to take over the government and that I had to hurry to finish the prophecies. He said that they had no credibility or power or influence. They were a fringe element who had no influence. He read an article in a respectable journal. Who's nuts now?

In the late summer of 2003, when the war in Iraq seemed to be going well, I had my first group of adult bible study students. I told them that based on the prophecy of Daniel 11, that I believed we would lose the war. I also expressed my fears that their young teens could be old enough to be drafted by that time. At that time people were saying that we will be in and out of Iraq in a few months leaving the country in a state of freedom and paradise because that is "what the United States always does". In horror, I said "no don't you see the prophecy fulfilling? Even if everything went well we will be there for years."
My frame of reference was the fact that World War 2 has ended since 1945 and we are still in Germany.

I even told another group about six months later that based on the prophecies of Revelation 16 and God's methods of giving warnings in a specific pattern that I believed that Iraq will have a civil war which will break it up into three parts.

In the summer of 2004, I explained why the Republican party will win despite the sins of Abu Ghraib. I explained that they must reap the whirlwind to come.

You should read this logical, clear, consistent version of prophecy from our lessons. You might not like it, but one day it will make sense to you when you admit that America is becoming a theocracy.
In the United States, television has progressed from a period of morality without a specific God, to indifference and hostility. Now, we have entered an era where the characters are openly religious. However, with the exception of eastern philosophies, only one Christian faith is represented on fantasy television. Catholicism. Protestants have only narrowly focused on overthrowing the government. The Catholic church recognizes the value of influencing both the government and the media at the administrative level.

I noticed the trend about six years ago with the popular series "Law and Order". This made me look at other shows to see if there was a larger pattern. I was left with the impression that there might be some sort of collusion or the creators and writers have simply stumbled across a genre. Pop culture reality. To mix beliefs and sin with faith while using the old sex and violence formula.

Since the Media is looming large as a potential driver behind the success of many prophetic events, I also examined other issues that would not be as successful without the involvement of the media. The promotion of evolution and the ridiculing of creation, immorality and now their role as the talking heads of the last world powers and their censorship of information that is vital for an informed choice by a free society.

To analyze the contradictory evidence and the puzzling nature of this information, I had to turn to the war strategies of Sun Tzu so that I could put some of this in perspective.

I wrote this in 2003 at the urging of the Holy Spirit, Who posed two questions to me. What is wrong with the Media and How are they controlling the public? There were no articles that I could turn to. As I researched this article, the Gulf war was rhetoric was heating up. Then one Sunday afternoon, I noticed that many channels were simultaneously running different movies with Arab terrorists. I was angry at the obvious propaganda attempt. Then I wondered how all these network executives at these seemingly unrelated stations had collaborated to produce this schedule and this blitzkrieg of images designed to erase any sympathy the population may have for the people of Iraq. So I researched media ownership and television production companies and religion.
This is the result.

News and Media Organizations: Owners
Hundreds of television stations, thousands of radio stations and several major publications are controlled by five major corporations in the United States and one in Canada. Many of these corporations control media ownership around the world and have bought political influence so that they can increase their share of the market. Britain, the United States and Canada are changing rules that increasingly support the trend towards a media oligarchy. Political parties are recognizing the benefits of controlling a chain of media outlets.

Ownership Summary
Total Industry Companies
6Media Companies Viacom, Disney, NBC-Universal, Time Warner, News Corporation, Liberty
5Broadcast Television CBS, ABC, NBC, FOX, The CW
4Music Universal Music, Warner Music, Sony-BMG, EMI
In the 1980's there were over 600 companies, now there are six.

2002-2003 Statistics
OrganizationProducts Leader Related Companies
1Viacom/ ParamountMultimedia
Broadcast TV
Sumner Redstone (CEO). Lawrence Tisch of Loew's, Inc. CBS, UPN, MTV, VH1, BET, TV Land, Comedy Central, Paramount, Nickelodeon, Showtime, TNN, CMT, Big Ticket Television, Spelling Television Inc., Blockbuster, Simon & Schuster, Touchstone, King World Productions, EYEMARK, Infinity Broadcasting. 172 radio stations.
2Disney, Capital Cities, Inc. Multimedia
Broadcast TV
Michael Eisner (CEO) ABC, ESPN, Pixar, A&E, History Channel, E!, Disney Channel, SoapNet, Toon Disney, TiVo, Lifetime Television, Touchstone Television, Hollywood Pictures, Buena Vista, Caravan Pictures, Miramax, Discover Magazine, U.S. Weekly. 30 radio stations.

Vivendi Universal Entertainment

Broadcast TV
Jeffrey Immelt (CEO) NBC, A&E, CNBC, Bravo, AMC, Pax, CNBC, MSNBC, History Channel, Telemundo, TiVo, National Geographic channel, 72 television stations
Multimedia Fourtou (CEO) USA, Universal studios, Sci-Fi, MCA Records, Motown, Polygram. Owns part of Time-Warner. 80% owned by GE in October 2003.
Cable - Comcast acquired NBC-Universal in 2011
4News CorporationMultimedia
Broadcast TV
Rupert Murdoch FOX TV, FX, Metromedia, SkyGlobal, 20th Century FOX, TV Guide, New York Post, DirecTV, Hughes Electronics (34%), HarperCollins, The Weekly Standard, National Geographic channel. myspace.com. Dow Jones, Wall Street Journal. International company controlling 175 newspapers globally (130 English language papers) and 40% of newspaper circulation in Britain. Attempting to take China. Satellite services in Asia, Europe North and South America
5Liberty MediaCable John Malone, Robert Bennett (CEO) Discovery, Animal Planet, The Learning Channel, E!, Bravo, QVC, Court TV, News Corp (18%). Starz Encore Group. Canales, Corus Entertainment. Distributes pornography. Controls 66% of German television.
6Time WarnerMultimedia
Ted Turner CNN, AOL, Time Warner, Time Warner Cable, HBO, Cinemax, Warner Bros, WB Television Network, TBS, Cartoon Network, TNT, Turner Classic Movies, Compuserve, Netscape, Castle Rock Entertainment, IPC Media, Time Life Books, Time, Fortune, Life, Sports Illustrated, Money, People, Bride, Who
The CW

Broadcast TV Dawn Ostroff,
John Maatta
Time Warner (50%)
Broadcast TV CBS (50%)
Tribune Multimedia Dennis J. Fitzsimons (CEO) Owns 26 television stations in major cities, part of the WB network and several news papers. Newsday
Media General Multimedia J. Stewart Bryan III Owns 26 television stations in major cities and several news papers
Cox EnterprisesMultimedia James O. Robbins (CEO) Cox Cable, GEMS, MP3, The Atlanta Journal Constitution, Palm Beach Post, Rysher entertainment. 71 radio stations.
Bertelsmann AG Music, Publishing Mohn family Operates in 60 countries. Random house, RTL group, BMG Entertainment, Gruner + Jahr
GannettPublishing Douglas McCorkindale (CEO) USA Today (circulation 2.2 million), Gannett News Sevice, Multimedia Inc, Newscom, 22 television stations, 100 internet publishing sites, SMG Publishing, and publications in many states. Largest circulation group. 94 daily and 500 non-daily newspapers in the USA, with a circulation of over 8 million. Owns 300 newspapers in the United Kingdom including Newsquest, one of the largest.
Knight RidderPublishing Tony Ridder (CEO) Tribune Information Service, Second largest news paper circulation
Hearst CorporationPublishing George R. Hearst Jr (Chairman) Newspapers, magazines (Cosmopolitan, Good Housekeeping, Esquire), television, radio, A&E, History channel, ESPN, iVillage. 12 daily newspapers, 14 weekly newspapers, 17 US consumer magazines
Washington PostPublishing Graham Washington Post, Newsweek, International Herald Tribune
New York TimesPublishing Sulzberger New York Times, Boston Globe, International Herald Tribune
Belo CorpPublishing, Television Robert W. Decherd Dallas Morning News (525,000 circulation), Providence Journal, Press-Enterprise and 19 television stations and 10 cable news channels
Dow JonesPublishing, Wire Services News Corporation. Peter Kann (CEO). Bancroft family Wall Street Journal (Number 2 in circulation with 1.8 million), MSNBC and CNBC.
Previously owned by the Bancroft family, now owned by News Corporation by July 2007
Associated PressWire Services Tom Curley (CEO).
Richard Osborne (Chairman)
242 bureaus, 1700 U.S. newspapers, 5000 radio and television outlets, 121 countries
ReutersWire Services Tom Glocer (CEO) Founded in London in 1851. 197 bureaus serving 130 countries, 52900 client locations, 26+ languages. Instinet, Multex.com Bridge Information Systems.
United Press InternationalWire Services Chung Hwan Kwak (President) International source of news. Owned by Sun Myung Moon's News World Communications
Tribune Information ServiceWire Services Knight Ridder Second largest news paper circulation
Bloomberg TerminalsWire Services Michael Bloomberg Focus is financial news. 87 bureaus, 7 languages
Westwood OneRadio Norman Pattiz Owns over 7,700 stations in the USA.
Clear Channel Communications Inc.Radio L. Lowry Mays Owns over 1225 radio stations, 39 TV stations and over 775,000 advertising displays. Owns 240 radio stations internationally.
Cumulus Media Radio Lewis Dickey Owns over 270 stations in the USA.
Citadel Broadcasting Corporation Radio Forstmann Little & Co. Farid Suleman (CEO) Owns over 200 radio stations
Infinity Broadcasting Radio John Sykes (CEO) Viacom and CBS. Owns over 185 stations. Largest outdoor advertiser.
Entercom Communications CorpRadio Joseph Field and family (90%) Owns over 100 stations in 19 markets.
Jones Radio NetworksRadio Programming Jones Media Networks Ltd America's leading independent radio programming company. Serves 5,000 radio stations.
Air America RadioTalk Radio Mark Walsh (CEO) Evan M. Cohen Started March 31, 2004 in Chicago, LA, New York, San Francisco, Minneapolis and XM satellite radio channel 167
XM Satellite Radio Holdings Inc.Satellite Radio Gary M. Parsons 2.5 million subscribers. 120 channels of music, news, sports, and talk programming. Project over 5 million in a year
Sirius Satellite Radio Inc. Joseph P. Clayton 700,000 subscribers. 65 music channels, 50 channels of news, sports, and talk programs.
ABCTelevision Disney. Alex Wallau Disney, Buena Vista Television. 10 TV stations and more than 55 radio stations and 225 affiliate stations
NBCTelevision GE. Robert Wright 29 company stations and more than 220 US affiliates. Owns MSNBC and CNBC with Dow Jones. Telemundo, Vivendi Universal
CBSTelevision Leslie Moonves Viacom, King World Productions, UPN, 200 affiliates including 20 stations
FOXTelevision Rupert Murdoch FX, National Geographic Channel, Clear Channel Communications Inc. Operates 200 TV station affiliates, 37 are company owned
CNNCable Television Jim Walton, Ted Turner (President) AOL, Time Warner, Vivendi Universal, CNN Newsource.Operates 36 news bureaus worldwide (11 in the USA)
A&ECable Television Nickolas Davatzes A joint venture of Hearst (37.5%), Walt Disney's ABC Cable (37.5%), and General Electric's NBC (25%).
NewsWorld InternationalCable Television Joel Hyatt, Al Gore (Chairman) Recent purchase from Vivendi. Programming provided by Canadian Broadcasting Corp. (CBC)
Hearst-Argyle Television, Inc.Television David J. Barrett. (Hearst family 40%) 60 stations in 40 markets reach 25% of USA homes.
Sinclair BroadcastingTelevision David D. Smith. (Julian Sinclair Smith Family 95%) 62 stations. 27 stations in over 24 markets, reaches 17% of USA homes. Also 2 radio stations. Mostly affiliated with ABC and NBC.
LIN TV Corp.Television Gary R. Chapman 25 stations
Univision Communications Inc.Television A. Jerrold Perenchio Reaches 97% of hispanic homes. 25 owned and 53 affiliate stations and 1,180 cable affiliates and Galavisión. Operates TeleFutura which owns 31 stations
ComcastCable Brian Roberts MGM, E!, AT&T Broadband. 21.5 million subscribers
Time Warner CableCable Glenn Britt Road Runner. Comcast owns 21%. 10.9 million subscribers
Cox CommunicationsCable James Kennedy 6.5 million customers (Cable, Internet)
Adelphia Cable - Assets sold to Time Warner and Comcast. 5 million subscribers
Charter CommunicationsCable Paul Allen 6.5 million customers in 40 states
GalavisiónCable Univision 5.5 million customers. Spanish language cable network
DirecTVSatellite Hertenstein (CEO) News Corporation. 11.2 million subscribers
EchostarSatellite Hergen (CEO) The DISH network. 11 million subscribers
Christian Networks
Sky Angel NetworkSatellite
-Angel One, Angel Two, KTV, TVU, Guardian Television Network, FaithTV, TBN, 3ABN, SafeTv, Cornerstone Television, Daystar, Christian Television Network, Golden Eagle Broadcasting, Liberty Channel, The Inspiration Network, FE TV, Gospel Music Television Network, Worship, FamilyLand, World Harvest Television
Dominion Sky AngelSatellite -Angel One, Angel Two, KTV
3ABN Satellite Programming SDAThree Angel's Broadcasting Network.
TBN Cable Paul & Jan CrouchTrinity Broadcasting Network
Super Channel Cable Claud Bowers TBN affiliate
EWTNCable Catholic Eternal World Television Network
Fammily Friendly Programming Promoters
Family Friendly ForumAdvertisers 48 ANA companies Promotes the development of programs for the Association of National Advertisers.
Parent Television CouncilParents L. Brent Bozzell Rates and recommends family friendly programs and tries to improve television entertainment. Has over 860,000 members
Foreign Media
CanWestMultimedia Canada
Israel Asper
Largest owners of many television and newspaper companies in Canada, Fireworks, CanWest Entertainment. Owns 72% of the radio networks in Canada.
Grupo Televisa, S.A.Multimedia Mexico
Emilio Azcárraga Jean
230 affiliated stations, 190 company owned. 31% of Cablevisión, 60% of Innova satellite and 30% of SKY DHS, 17 Mexican radio stations. Publishes though "Editorial Televisa"
British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC)Multimedia British Government Operates two public TV channels, a 24 hour cable news channel, digital channels, five national radio networks, and an online news service. The BBC World Service broadcasts radio programming in more than 40 languages and is the sole source of news in some parts of the world
Government Media
(NPR) National Public RadioRadio Kevin Klose United States, Europe, Africa, Middle East, Central Asia. 140 radio stations, 30 million satellite homes, 7 million cable homes in Japan, Sweden, Switzerland, Amsterdam, Vienna, Berlin, on shortwave, AM/FM worldwide, satellite (Europe, North Africa, Middle East) and WorldSpace
(AFRTS) Armed Forces Radio and Television ServiceMultimedia USA Government
Department of Defense
Uses 7 satellites to serve department of defense employees and families in the United States, on navy ships and abroad
(IBB) International Broadcasting BureauMultimedia USA Government Seth Cropsey (BBG) Located in Springfield Virginia. USA Government owned and controlled. Managed by the Broadcasting Board of Governors (BBG). Spreads propaganda to unfriendly nations through several radio, television and satellite companies
» Voice of AmericaRadio USA February 24, 1942, Broadcasts in 32 languages to 94 million people worldwide.
»Radio FardaRadio USA Broadcasts in Persian from Washington and Prague to Iran
»Radio SawaRadio USA March 2002. Broadcasts in Arabic from Washington and Dubai. Spreads propaganda to the Middle East to listeners under 30.
FM Stations: Jerusalem, Bethlehem, Ramallah Amman, West Bank, Northern Jordan, Kuwait, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Doha, Manama, Baghdad, Erbil, Sulimaniyah, Basra, Rabat,Casablanca, Djibouti, Tangier
Medium wave: Egypt, Levant, Iraq and The Gulf
Satellite: Nilesat, Arabsat, Eutelsat Hotbird
» Radio / TV MartiMultimedia USA Broadcasts to Cuba.
»Radio Free AsiaRadio USA Broadcasts in 10 languages to China, Tibet, Burma, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, and North Korea .
»Radio LibertyRadio USA Radio Free Europe/ Radio Liberty and Radio Free Afghanistan. Broadcasts in 32 languages to the Soviet Union and Eastern Europe.
»WorldnetMultimedia USA Television and film services
»Al HurraSatellite USA "The Free one" started broadcasting in Arabic on February 14, 2004 from Springfield VA. It can reach 170 million people in 22 Muslim countries and will soon be beamed to Europe. The mission is to combat the influence of Al Jazeera and Al Arabiya. 2% Arab audience
Al IraqiaSatellite Iraq Iraq news. Al Jazeera has been banned for supporting the insurgency
Al JazeeraSatellite Qatar November 1996 and is based in Doha, Qatar. Most popular Arabic source of news. Was a joint venture between BBC and Saudi Arabia. 53% Arab audience
Al ArabiyaSatellite Dubai Popular Arabic source of news
Al ManarSatellite Lebanon "The Beacon". (1991) Hezbollah. Propaganda against America and Israel.
?Publishing USA Army February 2005 news reports that the army has created many "Internet News" sites to target specific groups.
?Satellite Britain BBC is planning on starting another Arab language television station
As I write this, Vivendi Universal sold some of its assets to NBC. The new company may be called NBC Universal. It is 80% owned by GE. Already, at least three companies are beyond the legal limit of their size and influence. That is why the change in FCC (Federal Communications Commission) rules is important.
Some have speculated that the reason why the networks were so biased in the war was because they did not want to upset the government as they were in the process of changing the FCC rules.

What is new in 2004?
  • NRA News. The National Rifle Association wants to buy a television network so that they can promote their point of view. On June 17, 2004 they began a three hour satellite radio broadcast called NRA news. They want to use the forum to avoid campaign advertising laws which are restricted during the last 19 days. Therefore, they will openly disguise attack campaigns as news.
  • 911 Initiative. The "911 Initiative" is a bill born in the Senate Foreign relations committee to invest $500 million to create a new Pan-Arab satellite channel to compete against Al-Jazeera and influence Muslim youth. The network is called Al Hurra.
  • For the past two years MTV has been working on creating a gay cable channel called "Logo".
  • Air America Radio. Apparently there are no liberal owned or controlled radio networks. Political Liberals are trying to start a radio network that will solve the problem of their ban from the Clear Channel Network. They apparently have a ban on other radio networks also because Infinity Broadcasting is controlled by Viacom and CBS. Therefore CBS is not a liberal group, they are under conservative control. Cumulus Media arranged for the public burning of the Dixie Chicks records.
    Remember they said ...
    About The Insurgency.
    » There is no insurgency.
    » Only a few disgruntled men.
    » It is in its "last throes".

    About The Duration.
    » The violence will stop after:
      • Sovereignty is returned.
      • The elections.
      • The next elections.
      • The final elections.
      • Six months maximum.
      • Maybe 6, 8, 12 years.
      • The long war.
    The whole truth?
    About The Reasons.
    • Weapons of mass destruction
    • Weapons program.
    • Iraq involved in 911.
    • Install a friendly government.
    • Freedom for Iraq.
    • This is God's will.
    • Freedom is on the march.
    • Invited by the Iraqi government
    • To enforce a UN resolution.

    About The Cost.
    • It will not cost $200 billion.
    • We don't need more troops.
    • There will be no draft.
    • It will be a quick war.

    About The Ease.
    • Cake walk!
    • Greeted as liberators
    • In and out immediately!
    • No one will die!
    • Shock and awe!

    So Air America Radio, a progressive talk radio network will hit the airwaves on March 31, 2004. It was created to provide access to the radio by people with liberal political views. If they refuse to simply be the opposite of Clear Channel, then maybe other viewpoints will at least have a marginal chance of getting some exposure. If they simply befriend what the conservatives hate and trash all that the conservatives love then they will turn out to be no better.
    By June 2005 they were on 64 stations. They have been picked up by Clear Channel. I am nervous about that. It appears to be a policy of keeping your enemies close, not just profit. At some point, they will remove their support when Air America is financially vulnerable and depend on the revenue stream provided by the Clear Channel stations. I believe, that this is the organization who threatened to stop playing the records of artists who opposed the war. This is the same organization that one person threatened to leave if they allowed Randi Rhodes to be on the network.
  • The Power of Money. Rupert Murdoch used his political influence to stop the sale of DirecTV to a smaller company named EchoStar and his emerging monopoly has just swallowed up DirecTV for $6.6 billion. As I researched I came to hate FOX because I hate people who abuse their power. And, as FOX is promoting the agenda of the moral right and censoring all other opinions, it is ironic that it is simultaneously destroying the morals of the youth because trash TV and sex is profitable. Their programming conflicts with their politics and preaching.
    But I came to realize that eventually FOX will suffer the same fate as Haman. As Haman plotted to take over the world and destroy his enemies God must have been laughing. If only Haman could have seen the future. Murdoch may soon realize that he cannot take it with him. There are some things that money cannot buy. Health and peace.
  • God is laughing.
What is new in 2005?
  • Democrats Crippled. One party is crippled and afraid to act. Cheer up folks, it does not mean that you are wrong. It just means that God has decided that nothing will impede the fortunes of the religious right. You will have a final role to play if you are fair.
  • Liberal Voices Stifled. Liberal news personalities are disappearing by accident or design.
  • Religious Consolidation. New pope, new religious and political organizations. New emphasis on religious content in the media. Truth blackout. Instead of giving all points of view a really fair hearing, the conservatives are now doing what the liberals did. Spin. But extremely malicious. Censorship and ridicule gone out of control.
  • Predatory Economics. Freedom is on the march for oil companies, bankers, big business and friends of the rich.
  • Iraq. After three years we still cannot get security, jobs, clean water and electricity to Iraq. Their citizens are being blown up by the hundreds every week. In the middle of May there were more car bombs that month than all of 2004. Over 500 dead so far. The only jobs they are herded into is to sacrifice themselves as road kill.
  • BBC Arabic. BBC is planning to start another Arabic television station. Al Jazeera is now a bad step child.
What is new in 2006?
  • Then there were Five. Two of our six broadcast networks are merging. CBS and Time Warner are merging UPN and the WB to form a new network called "The CW". It is targeted at a younger audience.
  • Pixar. February. Disney bought Pixar animations for $7.4 billion.
  • Disney. February 6. Disney sold its radio stations to Citadel corporation for over $2 billion.
What is new in 2007? The creepy News Corporation gets bigger.
  • Satellite Radio Merger. February 20. XM Satellite and Sirius are beginning merger talks.
  • Dow Jones and Wall Street Journal. May 2007. Ruport Murdoch is trying to buy them for $5 billion cash, buy prestige and try to own information distribution. God save us! The new offer gives the Bancroft family $1.2 billion. Apparently, there was an earlier offer of $2 billion which was refused. But by the end of June, we proved that anyone can be bought. The deal was finalized July 31. I could not think of a person who most deserves to be on top of the media and financial poopy pile when God causes the total global financial collapse. Murdoch plans to launch a new FOX business channel. It is worth monitoring this travesty just to see what financial areas will be targeted by God for destruction. Because it will most likely be what they recommend or try to support.
  • BCE and Telus. The top two Canadian telecommunications companies may merge.
What is new in 2008?
Cablevision to buy Newsday for $650 million deal. Rupert Murdoch made a bid in April for $580 million.

What is new in 2011?
  • Oprah Winfrey Network (OWN). 1 January 2011, Oprah launched her network.
  • Comcast. January 1(. Regulators were finalizing a deal for Comcast to buy NBC-Universal.
  • AOL. America On-Line offered $315 million to buy the Huffington Post to start an online news service.

Media Moguls
A few men are associated with these giant Media companies. Most of the other media giants are associated with public companies without such powerful leaders.

Radio Radio TV Television Satellite Satellite Paper News Paper (Print Media)
Global Influence (2003)
Region News Corporation Liberty Media Time Warner CanWest Global IBB
Radio TV Satellite Paper Radio TV Satellite Paper Radio TV Satellite Paper Radio TV Satellite Paper Radio TV Satellite Paper
United States Yes YesYesYes - YesYes - Yes YesYesYes - --- - ---
Canada - YesYesYes - --- - --- Yes YesYesYes - ---
Britain Yes YesYesYes - Yes -- - -- - - --- - ---
Europe Yes YesYesYes - Yes - - - YesYes- - --- Yes YesYes -
Australia - YesYesYes - --- - --Yes - Yes-- - ---
New Zealand - --Yes - --- - --Yes Yes Yes-- - ---
Latin America - YesYes- - -Yes- - Yes-- - --- Yes YesYes -
Asia - YesYes- - Yes-- - YesYesYes - --- Yes YesYes -
    Japan - YesYes- - Yes-- - Yes-Yes - --- - ---
    China - -Yes- - --- - Yes-Yes - --- Yes YesYes -
Middle East - --- - --- - YesYes- - --- Yes YesYes -
Other Regions Radio USA, UK, Europe, Sweden - USA Canada, New Zealand Cuba, Middle East, Asia, Soviet Union, Europe
TV USA, Germany, Australia USA, UK, Japan, Europe, Argentina, Australia USA, China (soon) Canada, New Zealand, Australia, Ireland Cuba, Middle East, Asia, Soviet Union, Europe
Cable USA, UK, Germany, Australia, Canada, Asia, India, Italy, Bulgaria, Indonesia, Japan, Latin America (Brazil, Mexico, Columbia, Chile) USA, UK, Chile, Argentina, Ireland, Japan, Puerto Rico USA, Latin America, Asia, Europe, Germany, Italy, Spain, Brazil, Mexico, Poland, Hungary, Israel, Singapore, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Taiwan, Thailand, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Maldives, Japan, China, Korea Canada -
Satellite USA, Latin America USA - Global
Print USA, UK, Canada, Asia, Australia, New Zealand, Fiji, Papua, Europe, Sweden - USA, China, Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore, India, Australia, New Zealand and Pacific Islands Canada Internet News outlets managed by the Army. Traditionally, the State Department did this type of work.
Internet myspace.com USA, UK, Australia USA, China, Australia, Brazil, Canada, Denmark, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Italy, Japan, Korea, Latin America, Netherlands, Spain, Sweden, Taiwan, UK, Philippines, India - Global
Other Companies UK: 40% BSkyB. News International
Asia. 100% Star TV.
USA. DirecTV and 82.7% ASkyB
Brazil. 36% Sky Brazil
Mexico. 30% Sky Mexico
Germany: 66% TM3 sold in 2000.
18% News Corp CNN New Zealand: RadioWorks (72%) Voice of America, Al Hurra, Radio SAWA, Radio Farda, Radio Marti, TV Marti
Global reach 75% - Many countries - Global
Purpose Profit Profit Profit Profit Propaganda
Owner Rupert Murdoch John Malone Ted Turner Israel Asper United States

Foreign Companies


2003 Demographics
Network Age Programming Minority Homosexuality Religion Evolution News Entertainment
NBCAll Mixed Gays Yes Catholic Yes Conservative Liberal
ABCAll Mixed No Unknown Catholic Yes Conservative Liberal
CBSAll Mixed No Unknown Catholic Yes Balanced Conservative
FOXAll Mixed Gays Yes None /Occult Yes Conservative Liberal
UPNAll Mixed African Yes None /Occult Yes Conservative Liberal
CNNAll News No Yes None Yes Conservative None
BravoAll Movies Gay Yes Hedonism Yes Not applicable Liberal
MTVYouth Music Yes Yes None/Occult Yes Not applicable Liberal
VH1Youth Music Yes Yes None/Occult Yes Not applicable Liberal

Paradoxically, while I get the impression that the CBS news personnel are more atheist or secular, their programming tends to be more family friendly than the other networks who are backed by conservative managers and owners. This may be because Viacom puts most of their smut on MTV and VH1.
This strategy may be the source of CBS' secret to being number one. It is certainly the reason why I left NBC. Except for two shows, I could not find anything to watch anymore.


Many respected journalists are "retiring" at the end of the year. The people who can stand in the wave of a total conservative control of the news are being swept away.

Television Programming
The history of Television programming shows no deliberate attempt to consistently promote one Christian religion until the late 1990's. In the eighties, occult and "new age" beliefs replaced the moral undercurrents of the earlier decades. But except for television specials, these views were not held in common among the major characters.

There are just a few television show formats and they generally ignore religion.

YearPrime Time Television Dramas Majority Theme Majority Religion
1940-49 Voice Of Firestone Televues (44-47), The World In Your Home (44-48) Documentary Morality
Milton Berle Show (48-67), Ed Sullivan Show (48-71), Perry Como Show (48-63), Ripley's Believe It Or Not (49-86), Morey Amsterdam Show (48-50), The Original Amateur Hour (48-50), Cavalcade Of Stars (49-52), Club Seven (48-51), This Is Show Business (49-56) Comedy, Variety, Fashion Morality
Studio One (48-58), Kraft Television Theatre (47-58), Suspense (49-64), Fireside Theatre (49-63), Ford Theatre (49-57), Chevrolet Tele-Theatre, Hands of Mystery, Man Against Crime (49-56), Martin Kane - Private Eye (49-54), They Stand Accused (49-54) Dramatic anthology, Detective Morality
1950-59Gunsmoke (55-75), Wagon Train (57-65), Maverick (57-62), Tales Of Wells Fargo (57-62), The Life And Legend Of Wyatt Earp (55-61), Lone Ranger (49-57), The Lawman (58-62), The Rifleman (58-63), Bonanza (59-73), Cheyenne (55-63), Dragnet (52-70), Have Gun Will Travel (57-73), Lassie (54-71), Maverick (57-62), Annie Oakley Show (53-57), Zorro (57-59) Western, adventure Morality
Playhouse 90 (56-61), Perry Mason (57-74) Dramatic anthology Morality
1960-69The Big Valley, Daniel Boone, High Chaparral, Carrol Burnett Show (67-79) Western, Variety Morality
It Takes A Thief, I Spy, Man From U.N.C.L.E., Mission: Impossible (66-90), The Saint, T.H.E. Cat Spy Neutral
Adam 12 (68-75), F.B.I, Hawaii Five-O (68-80), Hawk (66-76), Ironside (67-75), Mod Squad (68-73), Mannix, Ironside (67-75), Marcus Welby, M.D. (69-76), Ben Casey (60-65), Dr. Kildare (61-66), Medical Center (69-76) Detective, Medical Neutral
Star Trek (66-69), The Invaders, Lost In Space, Land Of The Giants, The Outer Limits, The Twilight Zone (59-65), Time Tunnel, Dark Shadows, Tarzan, Daktari, Dr. Who (63-92) Sci-Fi, Adventure Neutral
1970-79Fantasy Island (78-84), Love Boat (77-86), Six Million Dollar Man, Bionic Woman, The Invisible Man, Incredible Hulk, Wonder Woman Sci-Fi, Fantasy Neutral
Eight Is Enough (77-81), The Waltons, Little House On The Prairie (74-83), Columbo (71-93), McMillan And Wife, McCloud, Tenafly, Banacek, Snoop Sisters, Charlie's Angels (76-81), Police Story (73-88), Rookies, CHiPS, Ellery Queen, Harry-O, The Hardy Boys Mysteries, Kung Fu, Kojak (73-90), Lou Grant (77-82), Baretta, Rockford Files, S.W.A.T., Vega$, Starsky And Hutch, Quincy M.E., Emergency, Streets of San Francisco Detective Neutral
1980-89Dallas, Dynasty, Knots Landing (79-93), The Yellow Rose, Falcon Crest, Highway to Heaven, 21 Jump Street, Thirtysomething, Beauty and the Beast, Star Trek: The Next Generation (87-94), St. Elsewhere, Trapper John M.D, Cops Soap, Sci-Fi, Medical, other Neutral
Hill Street Blues, Wiseguy, Miami Vice, Cagney & Lacey, Airwolf, The Equalizer, Father Dowling Mysteries (89-91), The Fall Guy, A-Team, Hunter, Hart To Hart (79-84), Hardcastle & McCormick, Jake And The Fatman (87-92), Knight Rider, Murder She Wrote (84-96), Moonlighting, Mancuso FBI (89-93), Miami Vice, Matt Houston, Magnum, P.I., MacGyver (85-92), T.J. Hooker, Matlock (86-95), L.A. Law (86-94) Detective, Legal Neutral
1990-99 The X-Files, The Sentinel, Kung Fu, The Crow: Stairway to Heaven, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine (92-99), Star Trek: Voyager (95-2001), Stargate SG-1, Babylon 5, Farscape, Millennium, Psi Factor (96-2000), Highlander, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Hercules, Xena, Charmed (98-), So Weird Sci-Fi, Fantasy Occult
Touched By An Angel (94-), 7th Heaven, Quantum Leap, ‡ Seven Days (98-) Neutral
ER, Chicago Hope, Dr. Quinn, Third Watch, Twin Peaks, Beverly Hills 90210, Northern Exposure, Dawson's Creek, America's Most Wanted Medical, other Neutral
Nash Bridges, Murder One, Profiler, Due South, Diagnosis Murder, The Hardy Boys, Jag, Lois & Clark (93-97), La Femme Nikita, Mike Hammer, ‡ The Pretender (96-2000), Ally McBeal, V.I.P., Walker Texas Ranger Detective, Legal Neutral
The X-Files (93-02), The Practice (97-), Jag, ER, Law & Order, Law & Order: SVU, Judging Amy Detective, Legal Catholic
2000-03CSI, CSI: Miami, Law and Order: Criminal Intent, Crossing Jordan, The District, The Agency, Boomtown, Monk, Hack, Without a Trace, The Guardian, L.A. Dragnet, The Lyon's Den, American Dreams, Threat Matrix, Joan of Arcadia, The Brotherhood of Poland New Hampshire, Navy NCIS, Cold Case Detective, Forensic, Legal Catholic
Survivor, Amazing race, Big Brother, Temptation Island, Race to the altar, For love or money, Paradise Hotel, Boy meets boy Reality Immorality
Please note that the "Religion" column does not suggest that all the shows promote this ideology. It shows that when they do, the majority support this view as religion.
‡ Also, certain shows that I have defined as neutral, have assigned the religion of the main character as a Catholic. By 2003, almost every show has a major character who is Catholic. This is a change from the earlier years of agnosticism. But my point is, in a age of balance and return to religion, "Why are Protestants virtually absent?".
Shows listed are only prime time dramas. Not all shows are listed.
Other sources have listed the following as shows with religious content. They have emerged since the 1990s. I never saw them. They never lasted. Nothing Sacred (ABC), Soul Man (ABC), Promised Land (CBS), Good News (UPN), Sunday Dinner, Heaven Help Us, The Visitor and Teen Angel. The Calling (ABC), Father Lefty (CBS), The Sopranos.
Earlier shows include: Highway to Heaven, The Waltons, Little House on the Prairie, Father Murphy, the Father Dowling Mysteries and Thirtysomething.

Comedy. In the area of comedy, few shows were centered around religion. The flying nun and Amen are the only comedies that I can remember that are exclusively centered around religious characters. Other shows have individual characters that spend time in church. Florence from the Jeffersons regularly went to church. The Simpsons is currently the only show where families regularly go to church. In this case, religion is ridiculed.
However, this year I have seen "Still Standing", a CBS situation comedy embrace Jesus so much that they actually mentioned Him by name. And expressed their love for Him while holding a statue of Him. And, I am not sure, but I think they also mentioned love for Mary. I am waiting for the rerun to verify what I thought I heard. Just last week (October 2004), I saw an episode of "Everybody Loves Raymond" and there was a crucifix displayed prominently on the wall of the classroom. On "According to Jim", he visited a priest when he had a moral dilemma about cheating an old woman.
Two and a half men, started with a divorced wife who became a lesbian. This season they have dropped the lesbian angle. I wonder when they will embrace Catholicism. CBS has clearly got a religious agenda. Andy Rooney may be their last agnostic dinosaur.

I do not watch these comedy shows often, yet what are the odds that of the two to four shows that I might see in a year that I would find religion and only Catholicism?

Soap Operas. I refuse to watch them, even though I want to see what topics they are selling. But I got lucky. Yesterday, someone felt compelled to tell me about the strange story lines of two soap operas that she watches. I wonder what the rest are doing. "All my Children" and "One Life to Live" now include a Catholic story line, complete will praying to Mary and dead saints and priests with supernatural powers. Imagine, soap operas embracing religion for reasons other than selling wedding gowns!

Other Articles. I have only been able to find two articles that deal with the subject of religion on television and they mostly list the names of old shows with religious content. But the article by Stewart M. Hoover and J. Jerome Lackamp called "Religion on Television" makes the following observation:
In the 50-year history of television in the United States, fewer than two dozen series or pilots have featured religious persons in leading or title roles. The majority of these were Roman Catholic, with only nine non-Catholic examples.

History: Sixty Years of Television Drama
1940's. Live dramas and musical variety, debates, interviews and talent shows were the main staple of early television. This was reality programming at its best. These live serial shows were just the visual extension of radio "soap operas".
There was generally morality and religion was a part of the episode if it belonged to the period. Even then, after watching every episode of Gunsmoke, I found that there were very few episodes centered around any religion.

1950's. Commercial color television began broadcasting in 1954. During this period, western shows dominated television. Religion was still just a moral undercurrent.

1960's. At the height of the cold war, when Americans were thinking about bomb shelters and nuclear strikes, espionage became a major theme in many popular shows.
This was an era when we battled the evil unknown. Communism, space aliens and scientific discoveries became potential enemies. Whereas the westerns showed how we tamed our enemies in the past, the sixties dramas show how we can face the enemies of the present and future. We proved that we can be invincible with science and without God.

1970's. After the 1970's more sex and violence entered television programming because we had just experienced the sexual revolution of the late sixties. Religion was generally relegated to weddings and funerals. But I can honestly say that there did not appear to be a preference for any particular religion even though the religious figures appeared to be Catholic. I attribute this to the fact that the costume was more easily recognizable.

1980's. In the 1980's and early 1990's television was openly hostile to religion. It promoted occult, evolution and homosexual themes, but in the process of doing this it not only ignored traditional Christianity, it ridiculed it.

1990's. In the late 1990's and after, we are seeing a counter revolutionary movement. The industry has kept the sex and violence and have even exceeded the immorality of the 1980's. By 1994, Dionne Warrick and her "Psychic Friends Network" paved the way for many other psychic infomercials. But, one recurrent theme has been surfacing in the past six years and it is the introduction of Catholicism. The one disturbing issue with this trend is that Protestantism (the majority religion in the United States) is completely ignored.
I will agree that the cute penguin outfits of the nuns, the potential for drama in the confessional and the public problems of pedophile priests do bring creative elements to the story that are harder to exploit in the boring Protestant churches. But these programs have gone beyond the picture of the church as a sterile place for weddings and funeral, it has blossomed into a presentation of religion as a moral choice. In particular, Catholicism is routinely presented as the only religion of choice.

So after it became apparent that many shows were written to defend the Catholic church during the pedophile crisis, I had to wonder if there was not a mastermind behind all this. Someone who saw the opportunity to approach these creators and writers with an appeal to their Catholic roots or the Catholic power.
And why is this important? Studies show that themes presented on television have the power to change a society within fifteen years.

Commercials, Fake News and Media Whores
Commercials Per Hour
Network Program Total
Minutes Number
NBC The Today Show 22 50
ABC Good Morning America 18 49
CBS The Early Show 20 49
FOX FOX News Live 12 29
CNN Headline News 15 27
CNN American Morning 17 38
MSNBC News 17 39
NBC Nightly News 15 44
CBS Evening News 16 52
ABC World News Tonight 15 58
For 20 minutes of every hour you are watching about 50 commercials.
As I researched and audited various programs, I came to realize that the morning news is one giant commercial with four legitimate news stories. There is no true journalism remaining on commercial television. The commercials are hidden and packaged as many different segments which are all designed to make you buy, buy, buy!

It is all so disgusting that I do not know if I am being sold somebody's brand of lies and politics along with coffee and toilet paper. The news media have become the cheer leaders of big business and government.
They are dumping the responsibility of knowledge on your shoulders while pretending that they are a complete and accurate, fair and balanced source of consumer information.

I watch BBC and PBS. But they too have been compromised. On BBC I learn that there is a world full of people other than those in Washington and Hollywood. On PBS they spend several minutes on a news story instead of thirty seconds. I respect Bill Moyers. He demonstrates what good journalism is. Sadly, his show is being taken over by the opposition. I wonder how long David will last. Stand up to Goliath, David! Stand up! Moyers departure implements the policy of the government to put people in place on public television who will promote its agenda.
I think that I will read tea leaves or maybe watch Jon Stewart and his bevy of reporters. I have a greater chance of finding truth.

Religious Programming
Along with the pornography industry, religion has been foremost in capitalizing on the potential benefits of new technology. Especially in the field of communications.
The Voice of Prophecy was the first Christian broadcast on the radio. Every major religion is represented on television through their own programming and on private satellite networks. The majority of programs are too local to assess their content so that I can analyze their impact. But they appear to fall into some discrete groups, messages and ministries.

After spending a month in the south and watching these religious networks, I was disappointed. It was a confused, money grubbing carnival that neither reached my mind nor my spirit.
God will heal - for a donation. The size of your donation shows the amount of your faith. Usually the offering is collected between the time the healing is announced and the actual ceremony begins.
Some leaders look like pimps and live like them. Without making themselves a clone of secular networks, they all need an extreme makeover. The programming follows these formats.

Although it is not scientific, I rate a religious program by the amount of time they spend searching the scriptures and mentioning Jesus.
I found that few really study the Bible or mention texts other than those promising prosperity. And too many are under the grip of one powerful personality. It all gives the unsavory impression that the Christian religion is on sale. The impression one gets is that it is the domain of Christian families who control the dispensation of religion in the same way that the Mafia dons and ethnic gangs control the business sector.

Are God's gifts poured out on the preacher, his wife and children only? Of course not!

Who is Preaching Now?
For several years the media has been on a high horse about religion "preaching" to people. Well, they have taken the in-your-face fire and brimstone preaching and replaced it with overt brainwashing. How deceptive! How hypocritical!
The biggest of them all is Mongrel Television. This toilet network pushes their sex, lewdness and violence on the young, defying family viewing time rules and preaching their gospel of smut and consumerism. At the same time they have total conservative control over news and politics.
I once heard a quote from an executive of the company in which they plan to brainwash children so that they become the only source of news, entertainment, fashion and morals.
Well, just as I refuse to watch my toilet flush, I refuse to see or hear that network or their related companies. And any group that thinks that they are so popular and influential that they insist on bringing up this sludge from the sewer, I refuse to listen to either.

On a May 26, 2005 edition of "Access Hollywood", Tom Cruise was allowed to promote his religion of scientology for the whole half hour. Now that I know that all these shows can possible be paid access, either Hollywood is trying to spread scientology or the actor paid for the time.

Popular Culture
Popular culture normalizes the fringe element.
It is the religion of the fictional characters sold to the television audience with just as much fervor and self-righteousness as the old fire and brimstone preachers. It takes the lowest, ugliest, least popular behavior in society and elevates it to the ordinary in the world of television. It is what Hollywood tells us will be acceptable even if it represents the minority view point. The themes they create are no longer harmless fantasy worlds, they are meant to represent undiscovered truths or truths denied by the religious bigots.

Popular culture is now on a mission to Immerse us into Catholic life and culture. Why now? Why in this decadent environment? Less than ten years ago media personnel were very unfriendly to Christian personalities. You could barely say the words "Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ" without being cut off. Interviewers would hear nothing about faith. But this has changed. There was a clear change in policy when the two missionary girls escaped Taliban captivity in Afghanistan. Have people on the morning news programs suddenly been converted?

I do not know the answer. My suspicion is that they have been sold on promoting national security at all costs and religion came as an unexpected baggage. But I see news programs airing poorly written prayers when they could just as easily show clips from the secular event that made the occasion "news worthy". This was never so.

According to popular culture, these are the issues of concern.

Homosexual Television.
This is such a prevalent phenomenon and one that is prophesied that I must mention the trend. What is strange is that homosexuals are only 1% - 2% of the population, while Asians, Latinos and African Americans individually are much more. Yet, many of these shows have none of these groups represented. Friends had to be shamed into introducing a black character in their final season.

Situation comedies have been consistently used to introduce homosexual characters. Programs such as Will and Grace, Two and a Half Men, Friends and Couples are some of the current shows. Couples introduces other topics such as bisexuality.
More dramas are introducing these characters. "The Ambiguously Gay Duo" on Saturday Night Live actually show the sexual positions and actions. This show is notorious for showing bestiality cartoons and sketches.
Many cartoons for children are showing men kissing each other. I remember when a cartoon never tried to teach me that I should be dating anyone. Boy or girl. This is the "preaching" by vice mongers that have angered conservatives.
Other shows are, Queer eye for the straight Guy, Queer as Folk, The Brotherhood of Poland New Hamshire, Ellen, Dawson's Creek, Six feet Under, The L Word, Boy meets boy, and most reality shows.

I watched an episode of The Brotherhood where they introduced a Gay minister. The message was that love was measured by acceptance, tolerance and sensitivity. Every other position is hatred. What was blamed for the hatred was tradition and fear. The words of the bible, the source of the tradition, was not mentioned. This show was quickly cancelled. It either had the wrong religion or the wrong message.

The Bible Speaks.
Everyone skips the issue of what the Bible says. Rather they argue that God does not condemn any loving sexual relationship. And "At the end of the day what truly counts is that he is a good man".

It is interesting to watch the arguments dance around the subject of the teachings of the bible. Especially when the episode is about a homosexual pastor coming out of the closet.
I once saw a news conference where a homosexual read the Bible and then spit in it. As if that would erase what God said. We no longer care what God says. I was so naive at eighteen, I wondered why people were demonstrating for the right to be happy (gay). And how was God stopping this happiness?

The issue is will we abandon the Bible and do what is right in our own eyes? Arguing for what we want instead of what God says that He can accomplish in us. Apparently we are in the process of labeling the bible as hate literature and so that we can abandon it and imprison those who live according to its teachings. The homosexual community has legally accomplished what African Americans never even thought of as a civil right. In Canada you can be imprisoned for five years if a homosexual "feels uncomfortable" by your words.

The Bible condemns all sins, liars and adulterers are listed with homosexuality. God even says that lust is adultery. Adulterers are not any purer or more moral in the eyes of God. In fact, I find it more troubling to be in the presence of an habitual liar. And adultery and neglect of God in the home is the greatest cause for the destruction of the family.

Religion on Television
In the beginning, television created religion as a moral undercurrent that governed the citizens in its fantasy world. As a reflection of the times, morality and respect were assumed. The bar girls on the westerns and the sex lives of unmarried couples became an issue that was left to the imagination. Children could watch these shows without being openly exposed to adult themes.

Occult and Agnostic Television.
Occult themes are interesting because they add to the element of mystery and open up a world of possibilities in a new reality. By ignoring the claims of the ten commandments and bowing to the changing standards of the popular culture, content creators naturally migrated to occult and eastern beliefs because they are evolutionary in nature. The standards of traditional Christianity are too rigid and can be linked to too many acts of hatred.

Star Trek is one of the few series that have subtly introduced popular culture thought.
The original series started with a criticism of racism. In the future, we see African Americans and Russians contributing as equals to the new way of life with a confederation of strange looking aliens from another planet. They managed to accomplish this future Utopia without religion.

Fast forward thirty years where Star Trek: The Next Generation, later added to the idea of the evolution of morality. Here the struggle against racism is equated to the struggle against Homophobia. It is assumed that just as we cannot change the color of our skin, we cannot change our sexual orientation. No distinction is made between sin, the fallen nature of man and God's ability to restore us to His ideal. No room is made for accepting the notion that this is desire that can be changed. They teach that those who advocate change through the power of God cannot simultaneously accept the person as a human being who deserves the right to work and live in safety.

In the enlightened future of ubiquitous space travel, God was merely a more advanced race, mistakenly deified by backward people. Evolution and scientific knowledge purges us of these beliefs. In many cases God was a malevolent and ineffective group of people like "the Q Continuum". The central moral theme suggested that as we evolve physically and socially, our moral beliefs must also evolve. The fifth season was a bonanza for social commentary on homophobia and life after death.

Star Trek Gender Benders.
Other Star Trek series tried to blur the line between male and female by introducing some interesting races that complicates the meaning of gender and sexuality.

Paranormal Television.
The evolution of modern Paranormal Television probably reached a critical point with Shirley MacClaine's television movie about her past lives. At this time, many talk shows regularly showed psychics who were channeling "ascended masters". This new age explosion was promoted by Hollywood personalities and soon these themes found their way into television programming, Soap operas, dramas and infomercials.

From 1966-1971, Dark Shadows introduced a soap opera with occult characters and themes. The style was probably too gloomy for the audience of the sixties, so it was not until Shirley MacClaine that Hollywood really started promoting new age beliefs. Several changes in society guaranteed the acceptance of this new message. Those who had emerged from the sexual revolution of the sixties needed a belief system that would not condemn their behavior. And the promised Utopia of science and the increasing wealth of the nation made God seem more unnecessary.

By the mid 1990's many movie stars were promoting psychic networks and channelers. Dionne Warrick and her Psychic Friends Network, sold solution to lifes problems at $3.99 per minute. Finally, soap operas are using these as a regular part of their stories.

Occult Television After 2003
NetworkShow Format Creator Belief Promoted Theme
NBCDays of Our Lives Soap Opera Ted Corday, James Reilly (Writer) Occult Witches
NBCPassions James Reilly Witchcraft Witches
NBCMedium Drama Glenn Gordon Caron Occult Psychic, necromancer
CourtTVPsychic Detective Reality - Occult Psychic
NBCRaines Drama Graham Yost Occult Talk to the dead, familiar spirit
CBSAs the World Turns Soap Opera Irna Phillips Immorality Immorality
CBSBold and the Beautiful William Bell, Lee Bell Immorality Immorality
CBSGuiding Light Irna Phillips Immorality Immorality
CBSYoung and the Restless William Bell, Lee Bell Immorality Immorality
CBSGhost Whisperer Drama John Gray Occult Necromancer. James Van Praagh (producer)
ABCAll My Children Soap Opera Agnes Nixon Immorality Immorality. Catholicism (recent trend)
ABCGeneral Hospital Doris and Frank Hursley Occult Hypnosis
ABCOne Life to Live Agnes Nixon Occult Out of body. Catholicism (recent trend)
ABCPort Charles Carolyn and Richard Culliton Occult Witches, psychics, channeling, vampire
ABCDark Shadows Dan Curtis Occult Vampires, seance, witches
SciFiDresden Files Drama Jim Butcher (Author) Nicholas Cage (Producer) Occult Whizard, spells, magic, familiar spirit
UPNSpecial Unit 2 Drama John T. Kretchmer Occult Missing links, gnomes
UPNBuffy, the Vampire Slayer Drama Joss Whedon Occult Vampires. Good and evil unite
WBAngel Drama Joss Whedon Occult Vampires. Good and evil unite
WBCharmed Drama Constance Burge Witchcraft Witches. Good and evil unite. Angels sin.
WBSupernatural Drama Eric Kripke Occult Talk to the dead
-The Crow: Stairway to Heaven Drama Creator Occult Life after death, talking to the dead
DisneySo Weird Drama Tom Astle Occult Psychics, magic, voodoo, talking to the dead
CTVMysterious Ways Drama Peter O'Fallon Occult Supernatural, occult, Catholic, Channeling, ghosts, paranormal investigator
FOXDark Angel Drama Charles Eglee, James Cameron Occult Vampires
FOXX-Files Drama Chris Carter Catholicism Aliens
FOXThe Shaman King Cartoon Hiroyuki Takei Occult Characters control the spirits of the dead that possess them. They hope to gain possession of the Great Spirit.
FOXCrossing Over with John Edward Talk Show John Edward Occult Talking to the dead.
7½ hour Work shop on becoming a medium $495
WBBeyond Talk Show James Van Praagh Occult Talks to the dead. Gives psychic readings to celebrities. 3 hour seminars: $75-$85
-Psychic Friends Network Talk show Infomercial Occult Astrology, channeling
The occult is now creeping into prime time dramas. But there were generally certain types of shows that used to promote the occult:
  1. Soap operas which are also notable for their promotion of immorality. A church is only visible whenever they want to model the latest bridal gown or bless a baby that is usually of dubious parentage. Now, older soap operas and the newer shows are immersed in the occult. As the stars promote their shows they also promote witchcraft and other paranormal communications.
  2. Psychic talk shows are a new breed of shows. There is even a psychic for pets on one channel. In the beginning, regular talk shows would feature celebrities and their psychics channeling advanced spirits.
  3. Psychic infomercials were the first to regularly use stars to promote psychic guidance to the public. Many similar shows followed the Dionne Warwick and her Psychic Friends. They were generally hosted or endorsed by celebrities who came on to support their own private psychics.
  4. Children's programming. Cartoons regularly promoted occult and pagan religions in the seventies. Because the magical is so imaginative, many ordinary shows regularly deal with this topic.

Jewish Television.
Although this web page was started because I noticed a trend towards Catholicism and government propaganda, it quickly became apparent that I could not ignore the issue of Jews in the media. Or more specifically, that Jews control the media. It may have been a claim that was started or propagated by Adolph Hitler in his attempt to blame the Jews for the economic condition of Germany and their defeat in World War 1.

Fortunately, I had done a lot of research in history. I found that the Jews were badly mistreated and that the business that they entered into were the ones the Christian nations thrust upon them. During the Spanish Inquisition, the pope allowed them to only sell used clothing. Hitler herded them into unwanted occupations also. During World War 2, America was very anti-Semitic.

Other sites attempt to show the Jewish control of the media. They conveniently leave out those companies that have more influence where they cannot find a Jew in a management position. They also fail to mention that as CEO's and managers this influence is temporary at best and subject to the whim of the stockholders or private owners. They make a claim that white Gentiles would never have corrupted the civilization. They are incapable of such immoral actions. They make no allowance for the dynamics in a public company and the greed of stockholders, the sinful nature of Gentiles and the responsibility of the management team.

When it comes to religion, the Jews did not proselytize Judaism through their television characters. If they have participated in the perceived spread of African and homosexual issues, I can only attribute it to their experience as a persecuted minority and the unwillingness to participate in an injustice to other minorities.

I doubt that Jews everywhere gather over bagels with a plot to destroy the moral fabric of society while profiting from it. There is too much anti-Semitism everywhere for them to acquire and use that much power.

So, my observation is that any so-called control did not result in indoctrination of the public into Judaism as a religion. In the few Jewish characters that I can recall, it has been about Jews as a people, not Judaism as a religion.

Protestant Television.
Although Christianity is represented, Protestantism is not. Shows such as Highway to Heaven, Touched by an Angel, Seventh Heaven and Little House on the Prairie are the major dramas that claim to be Christian.

The show "Touched by An Angel" was written and carefully controlled by a Protestant. But after watching many episodes, I am hard pressed to isolate any particular Christian denomination. I assume that it is not Catholic only because of the lack of images and characters making the sign of the cross. The writer managed to skillfully handle many controversial topics without approving of them.

I have only watched Seventh Heaven about four times to try to evaluate it for this article. Each time I tried to discover their religious beliefs but I could not. For a show about a minister and his family, I am puzzled as to why I have not seen a bible, a church or something even remotely related to a Christian ministry.

So, Protestantism on television has emerged to be this nebulous Christianity which is full of moral and social commentary, some family values but is devoid of any religious instruction. For Christian shows it is odd that most never mention Jesus Christ.

Catholic Television.
Since about 1991, current television has become a forum for Catholicism. It is notable for the glaring absence of Protestantism amidst a sea of Catholics trying to reconcile with the church.
No cast of characters adequately demonstrate this more than the original Law & Order series. Dick Wolf, the creator, is a Catholic. He has created a series of characters that represent the broad spectrum of Catholics that the church is trying to reach. The faithful, the lapsed, the angry and the intellectual with questions.

By 2003, almost all shows have added Catholicism to their formula. It has even started showing up regularly in several comedies and soap operas. Substantial portions of dialogue focus on the merits of the doctrines of the Catholic church. In almost all the shows, one of the major characters is a Catholic. The other character is devoid of any religion. How will this bias skew the public in ten or twenty years? This same tactic of having the audience empathize with and identify with the star of the show has been proven to be a very effective method of changing our culture. The framers of our future morality have deemed Catholicism only as the religion of the future. This trend is prophetic.
The fact that this is being accomplished through an unholy union between the church and the forces of the occult and the immoral is also prophetic.

During the intense period of the pedophile scandals, every show that I watched that dealt with the issue seemed to express that same Vatican statements that were being repeated on the nightly news. It is not an endemic problem, only 1.8 % of the priests are guilty. None of them adequately dealt substantially with the cover-up or a fair legal remedy. But everyone quoted the statistics that were issued to the nightly news.

Catholic characters eventually have an episode where they agree with the church. In every controversial issue, the Church has emerged triumphant. Even in the case of pedophilia, a victim expressed his wish to forgive the priest. I believed that it was not so much an endorsement of Christian forgiveness as it was an endorsement of the priesthood.

Update. The May 11, 2005 episode of Law and Order mentioned Jesus so many times I thought that I was at a church convention. Since I wrote all the above, many other shows are regularly featuring religious segments and issues. I have even heard my local early morning news tell me when and where mass will be celebrated that morning. Dateline seems to regularly do religious segments. CNN now has a "Faces of Religion" segment on Sunday. In one year religion suddenly became popular and normal.

Movies. Critics were surprised at the popularity of "The Passion" in 2004.

Broadway Shows. On June 5, 2005 the play called "Doubt" won the Tony awards for best show. It is about a Catholic priest accused by a nun of being a pedophile. Interestingly, the show does not end with a resolution of his guilt or innocence, but in between the church got its message out. The propaganda machine of this church is everywhere,

Catholic Television in 2003 and 2005
NetworkShow Producer Creator Religion Religious Theme
WBCharmed Spelling Television Constance M. Burge Witchcraft,
Go to Catholic church
WBEverwood Everwood Utah, Inc. Greg Berlanti Catholic Catholic family
WBGilmore Girls ** Drank Here Productions Amy Sherman-Palladino Unknown Catholic school?
WBSeventh Heaven Aaron Spelling Brenda Hampton Protestant Minister and family
NBCLaw and Order Wolf Films Dick Wolf Catholic Catholic characters. Many
NBCLaw and Order: SVUWolf Films Dick Wolf Catholic Catholic: Elliott
NBCLaw and Order: CI Wolf Films Dick Wolf Catholic Catholic: Gorn
NBCER Constant c Productions and Amblin Television Michael Crichton Catholic Catholic doctor, abortion
NBCCrossing Jordan Tailwind Productions Tim Kring Catholic Catholic: Jordan, father, Woody
NBCWest Wing Aaron Sorkin, John Wells Aaron Sorkin Catholic Catholic president
NBCAmerican Dreams ** Mark Grossan, Dick Clark, Jonathan Prince Jonathan Prince Catholic Catholic family, school, culture
NBCThird Watch John Wells John Wells Catholic Even non-Catholics visit priests
NBCMiracles Roger Birnbaum Richard Hatem Catholic Catholic apocalyptic theology
NBCRevelations David Seltzer David Seltzer Catholic Catholic nun, apocalypse
CBSThe District Studios USA Television Terry George, Jack Maple Catholic Catholic characters, possibly one Baptist
CBSHack Big Ticket Television, The Thomas Carter Company David Koepp Catholic Catholic family, character, Virgin Mary statue
Father "Grizz"
CBSTouched by an Angel MoonWater Productions Martha Williamson Christian Angels
CBSCSI Jonathan Littman Anthony Zuiker Catholic Catherine, Grissom
CBSCSI: Miami Anthony Zuiker Anthony Zuiker Catholic Catholics. Horatio, Tim
CBSCSI: New York Anthony Zuiker Anthony Zuiker Catholic Detective Stella Bonasera
CBSJoan of Arcadia Barbara Hall Barbara Hall Catholic Catholic family
CBSThe Brotherhood of Poland, N.H. David E. Kelley David E. Kelley Episcopal Cancelled by the fourth episode
CBSWithout a Trace Jerry Bruckheimer Hank Steinberg Catholic Catholic: Jack
CBSNavy NCIS Donald P. Belisarius Donald Belisarius Catholic Caitlin
ABCL.A. DragnetWolf Films Dick Wolf Catholic Catholic: Joe Friday.
ABCThe Practice David E. Kelley David E. Kelley Catholic Catholic: Bobby, Lindsay, Jimmy. One Jehovah's Witness.
FOXX-Files Chris Carter Chris Carter Catholic Catholic: Dana Scully
FOXHouse Paul Attanasio, David Shore - Catholic Catholic: Dr. Chase
FOXBones Hart Hanson Kathy Reichs Catholic Catholic: Booth
I wrote most of this article in 2003. I ignored the programming in 2004. In 2005, the Catholic trend seems to be expanding into promoting their apocalyptic theology. This is very significant to me because the public is more willing to read the fables promoted in the movies and popular books than to actually study the Bible. For this reason, the "Left Behind" series and the "Da Vinci Codes" have gained a vast audience.
First came "Miracles", an attempt to prevent a large apocalyptic event. Now comes "Revelations", the story of a nun and scientist who are reading the signs to try to prevent the end of days and help his daughter get to heaven. This is all Catholic theology received through several mystics who teach that there is an approaching global disaster which we can prevent by following the guidance of the church. The show misquotes Bible texts. In the first episode Matthew 24: 27 was quoted "as the lightning comes from the east and dashes to the west, so does the word of God". In fact the text ends with the words "so does the coming of the son of man". One wonders if their loose reference to the bible is not intended to make people believe that they are actually quoting prophecy. Even though people with one breath declare that the "Da Vinci Codes" are fiction, yet in the next they declare it to be possible and perpetuate these beliefs.
It is a counterfeit movement designed to nullify the warnings of God to the world. There is an approaching disaster. You cannot prevent it. But you can be rescued at the end.
Movements Three Angel's Message (Final Warning) The Strong Delusion
Message of God Worship God as Creator Leave False Systems Systems will be punished False Second Coming
Counterfeit Evolution Ecumenicism (Unite) We can avoid punishment Coming of Mary
Assuming that there are two one hour dramas during prime time between 9:00 PM and 11:00 PM, with the 8:00 - 9:00 slot reserved for comedies, These are the statistics for the percentage of Catholic programming in 2003.
NBC - (50%) CBS - (42%) ABC - (15%) FOX - (8%) WB - (8%)
Since I have not personally watched every show, there may be more. The ones above are just the programs that I have watched.
I am waiting to see when and how they will begin to introduce the virgin Mary.
** The Family Friendly Programming Forum shows.

The religion column shows that if religion is mentioned as the belief of the characters, this is the religion most promoted.
I do not count episodes that involve religion unless its occurs as a regular part of the show or a regular character declares it to be their religion.

As far as the networks are concerned, WB tends to be more on the New Age side. It reluctantly deals with Christianity. Religious shows merely have a veneer of Christianity. Now that the Gilmore Girls are popular, they want to introduce more of the sex, foul language and immorality formula. Thumbing their noses at their core audience.

CBS seems to be the more traditional, moral Catholicism and more openly promotes religion. In some shows, it is introducing religion after the second season. CSI: Miami and "Without a Trace" did this. On Saturday nights there appears to be more people in confessionals than all of television history combined. Here the priests dispense "three hail Mary's and three Our fathers and one act of contrition" for most sins. On the average that amounts to two minutes of prayers and a half hour of effort for a whole night of sin. In fact, this was the prescription for Kevin after not coming to confession for all his adult life!

But Viacom, the parent of CBS, promotes youth immorality and homosexuality through MTV and VH1. The news team appear to question the government more but they submit easily to the fury of conservative groups. Perhaps they are threatened with no access to the white house and loss of advertising dollars. Money and Power.

NBC has the wide spectrum of Catholics including the immoral Catholics. Almost all their shows have a professed Catholic in the cast, and a priest in many episodes. Third Watch even has non-Catholics visiting the priest for guidance (April 22, 2005 episode). But by far it is the most subtle and wide spread in its promotion. American dreams is the exception. It is totally Catholic, even to the level of almost subliminal background sounds. By luck, I happened to notice this the first time I watched the show. I happened to be listening only. Listen to several episodes that are centered around athletic events at school and you will see what I mean.
NBC also appears to be promoting psychic phenomenon. This is important because communicating with the dead and interest in the supernatural will be a major influence on the population. This trend is a sign of the end.

This network and its other holdings like Bravo, also appear to actively promote the gay agenda.

ABC has Catholicism thrust upon them. I used to watch "the practice" in the beginning until Bobby's immoral behavior got to be too much. If he was a Catholic, it was not a big issue then. I am surprised to find that his character is now a faithful Catholic, And that the religion of the characters is now a part of their profile. But ABC news shows like "Prime Time" regularly report Catholic "miracles" and manifestations of "Mary". I have not watched ABC for years so their shows might regularly include Catholics only and priests.

I just refuse to watch FOX unless God tells me to do so.

One thing about these shows is that most of them are recommended by Christian audiences who are starved for shows that are kind to God.
Television news and entertainment shows are becoming a regular vehicle for Catholic infomercials. My observation is that Protestants are virtually absent. Why?

Subliminal Messages
Control Conservative Ownership and Control Control
Entertainment News and Opinion
Liberal Content Subliminal Filter Conservative Filter
Popular Culture Message Conservative Messages Message
Sex, occult Catholicism
Message Audience Message Message
The subliminal programming occurs in several ways.
Background images. Crucifix on school walls, statues. Bars lit with candles to look like altars as the drinker is confessing.
Background sounds. Repetition of the word "Catholic".
Personal background. Characters are Catholic.
Priests. They represent the only divine voice of authority.
This is a sophisticated system of programming by subliminal messages or barely noticeable messages. There are rumors that the church and the United States used subliminal messages in the media as one of their psychological operations (PSYOPS) in the fall of communism in Poland. This means that they either added these messages to translated American movies or infiltrated state-run media and edited selected programming. Therefore, the producers, editors, assistants sound engineers, tape engineers and technical media agents could have been involved.

While they can take control of the government through the control of news and opinion, the war against the population first involves avoiding a popular revolt. Therefore, popular entertainment is immoral garbage. But the silent subjugation of the garbage junkies is through the subliminal messages presented in these programs and the takeover of public education. They can achieve a quiet revolution within ten to fifteen years in this manner. However, since the conservatives really control the immoral trash, they can turn off the garbage in a day if a quiet revolution is impossible. Revolts instigated by withdrawal symptoms will be ignored.

Political Talk Shows
Political Talk Shows
NetworkShow Host Comment
NBC/PBSThe McLaughlin Group * John McLaughlin * Pat Buchanan, Eleanor Clift, Tony Blankley (m), Vaughn Ververs. Previous panelist: Mort Kondracke
NBCMeet the Press * Tim Russert (1991-2008) 1947
NBCThe Chris Matthews Show * Chris Matthews -
MSNBCHardball * Chris Matthews November 8, 1999
MSNBCScarborough Country * Joe Scarborough 2002
FOXThe O'Reilly Factor * Bill O'Reilly1996
FOXHannity and Colmes * Sean Hannity 1996 (September)
FOXFOX News Sunday Brit Hume, Chris Wallace, * Tony Snow 1996
FOXSpecial Report with Brit Hume Brit Hume 1996
FOXThe Beltway Boys Fred Barnes, Mort Kondracke 1996 (October)
CNNCapital Gang * Robert Novak, * Mark Shields, Al Hunt,
* Margaret Carlson, * Kate O'Beirne
In February 2004 they all declared their religious affiliation
CNNEvans, Novak, Hunt and Shields Evans, * Novak, Hunt, * Shields -
CNNCrossfire * Robert Novak, Tucker Carlson Versus
James Carville, Paul Begala
CNNInside Politics Judy Woodruff 1993. Frequent guest: Tucker Carlson
CNNLate Edition Wolf Blitzer 1993
CNNLarry King Live Larry King 1985
CBSFace the Nation Bob Schieffer 1954
ABCThis Week George Stephanopoulos, * George Will, Sam Donaldson, * Cokie Roberts, Fareed Zakaria 1981 (David Brinkley)
ABCNightline Ted Koppel 1980
ABCPolitically Incorrect Bill Maher Cancelled because he incurred the wrath of the establishment
PBSNews Hour * Jim Lehrer Contributors: * Mark Shields, David Brooks, Gwen Ifill
PBSCharlie Rose Show Charlie Rose -
PBSFrontline - 1983
PBSNow Bill Moyers (retired) Was an excellent show, real journalism
PBSFiring Line William F. Buckley -
PBSWashington Week Gwen Ifill (1999) -

Anchors Away!
The loss of most liberal media anchors is a wake up call that an unseen hand is smoothing the way for prophetic fulfillment. Revelation 17:17 suggests that God will allow the final powers to have their way so that the final prophecies will be fulfilled. We saw the same suppression of power as the Russians stood by while communism fell. We see the Democrats paralyzed amidst this republican machine. Finally, the liberal personalities have been taken away by every conceivable wind.
  • Tom Brokaw. Retired
  • Dan Rather. Unplanned retirement
  • Peter Jennings. Lung cancer
  • Ted Koppel. Unplanned retirement.
  • Bill Moyers. Retired. (Unplanned?)
Some of these retirements are a result of being pushed out. This is a great loss because the media will only report what the new religious right wants.
Many of these shows began in 1996. This is most apparent in the FOX network. It appears that many people defected from ABC with Brit Hume and they then launched a ton of political talk shows on FOX. It was this group who single handedly stifled all dissent on a unilateral war. They took tar and feather and mud and just threw it at anyone who had any opinion that was not pro-republican.

Several participants belong to one religion. If you are concerned that your political opinions are being orchestrated you should find out for yourself what motivates these people. Look beyond your position on taxes and other social issues and question whether or not there is a religious agenda at work. You will find that this religious agenda appears to extend only in the realm of political influence and that the powers behind all these opinions do not object to subjecting the public to immoral trash for our entertainment. After all, immorality is a cash cow. It is just good business.
Why are they ruthlessly pursuing morality from a political viewpoint while rejecting it on the entertainment side?
This is why I examined the beliefs of these opinion makers. But I also kept running into the personal information when I did not expect it. The Capital Gang all declared their religious affiliation as they reviewed the "Passion". There is only one Protestant.
I am not comfortable with declaring personal information, even if these people have made it public knowledge, so I will leave it up to you to find out.

So what is wrong? Their opinions may not differ much from the conservative Protestants. The editors and managers and owners behind them must reflect the same views. So what is chilling is that at this point in history, I do not like to see the church that is prophesied as forcing religion on the world with such a strangle hold on news and public opinion. We saw how one network set the pace of arguments for the war. It was too easy. They planned it.

Past religious leaders have supported people in power because they appeared to support all or some of their views. They had to physically perform a self-induced lobotomy to ignore the other behaviors which were inconsistent with God.

"The national government will regard it as its first and foremost duty to revive in the nation the spirit of unity and cooperation. It will preserve and defend those basic principles on which our nation has been built. It regards Christianity as the foundation of our national morality, and the family as the basis of national life".
"My New Order", Adolph Hitler. Proclamation to the German Nation at Berlin, February 1, 1933.

Newspaper Owner Comment
Conservative Control
Washington Times Sun Myung Moon Unification Church
Weekly Standard Rupert Murdoch Executive Editor: Fred Barnes. Founded by Fred Barnes, William Kristol, John Podhoretz
The New York Post Rupert Murdoch Tabloid
The Roll Call - Executive Editor: Mort Kondracke
The New Republic - Mort Kondracke, Fred Barnes
Wall Street Journal Dow Jones -
New York Times Sulzberger -
Many conservatives appear as hosts of the political talk shows.
Liberal Control
Washington Post Graham -
More research needs to be done to list the liberal press

  1. Jews control the media. Jewish control is a smoke screen. It is perceived power that can be toppled at any moment. Many Jews serve as CEO, Chairman of the Board and editors in several companies. However, these positions can be replaced. If the paid Jewish managers had a certain bias then they were executing the will of the owners.
    I submit that the bias of the country towards Israel is not because of Jewish media influence. It is because of conservative Christians. As a conservative Christian I also believe that Israel should not be abandoned. Whether or not the government should support those beliefs largely on religious ideology is another matter. The fact that the surrounding Muslim nations have historically showed their intent to wipe out the nation of Israel without provocation is a legitimate argument.
  2. The liberals dominate the media. This is a great myth. Entertainment programming is the red herring that bolsters this argument. It appears to be true because of entertainment programming and the bias of news stories towards these hot issues: abortion, women's rights and homosexuality.

    The Facts
    There are 42,000 hours of right wing programming every week. While there are only 3,000 hours of liberal programming.
    Todd Webster Christian Right
    But the Christian conservative block still claim that their voice is not being represented.
    As we see with the dynamics on FOX, the real power, the sleeping giant is the owner and the direction that they allow their companies to go. The strategy at this network shows that the real power that they choose to wield is control over political opinion. The smoke screen that they hide behind is the trash television that they sell to the public. It is a contradiction. It is like a monster with two warring heads. One controls power, the other takes home the cash. But the owners choose to present a liberal- controlled front on the entertainment side, while it aggressively pursues a conservative control on the news and opinions and expressions that really matter.

    When your opinions really matter, when your freedoms are at stake then they haul out their clubs to beat you into submission or beat the drums so loudly that you cannot hear other opinions.

    Howard Stern discovered how much influence he had when the conservative gods decided that they had so much power that they could begin to clean house. Another sleeping liberal wakes up in a conservative induced hell. Stern believes that his departure was based on his change in opinion. He started to criticize some of Bush's policies. I have no sympathy for him or Madonna, they would ruin other people with their brand of filth while they believe that they should protect their own children.
    Janet Jackson's wardrobe malfunction and errant breast provided the opportunity that they needed to get rid of him.
  3. Hollywood dominates the media. No. Artists are finding that the McCarthy era has come back. Many have to keep silent or their programs and record deals will be cancelled. Radio stations will not play their music. Many who we thought were liberal or fair minded are now coming out of the conservative closet. They were a secret army cloaked in the mask of liberalism. While complaining that Hollywood was liberal, the conservatives were actually in charge all this time. They held the purse strings.

Power Brokers
Producers and Creators.
Over the past 25 years, only a few people have been instrumental in consistently creating or writing many of the most popular shows. It is their vision that is translated into the shows that we see.

Before the 1990's these were the people who influenced the popular shows that I saw. What stood out in my memory as I watched and enjoyed these shows was how much they avoided the words "God", "Christian" and "Jesus". I heard the word "God" in context of an unimportant higher power but not other words. Even then, the description "unimportant" is too harsh a word.

In the 1990's a new group has surfaced to become the creative force behind many of our top hits. It is among these that we find Catholic themes mingled with the violent raunchy programming of the popular culture.

The Family Friendly Programming Forum is a group of forty eight major national advertisers, that assists in the creation of more family friendly series. They are members of the Association of National Advertisers, Inc. (ANA). who are interested in advertising on programs consistent with their corporate values.

Through their Script Development Fund, they give the networks seed money to develop family friendly scripts. If the network decides to put a series into production, the network returns the money to the fund.

Series on the air this season that received Family Friendly Forum backing include The Gilmore Girls, Family Affair, American Dreams and Eight Simple Rules for Dating My Teenage Daughter.

My only fear about their endorsement is that parents will relax their vigilance or assume that the values that they have are the same level as this group. It appears that shows that become popular eventually evolve in to the monsters that families are afraid of. I think this rating should be reviewed annually by the sponsors.

The Government.
Mr. Bush Goes to Hollywood
The government used Hollywood style reality to rewrite the courageous capture and rescue of Jessica, complete with guns blazing and fighting to the last man.
They used the same writers to concoct an alternate heroic story about the death of a football star who was accidentally shot by his own men.

They set up fake hurricane shelters and town hall meetings so that the president can pose for a photo opportunity or avoid real questions from a real sample of people.

The president appears to have a pathological need to avoid bad news and negative situations at any cost. This is neither caring, strong, courageous or symptomatic of any leadership.

The United States Military has officers assigned to discuss film projects with Hollywood. The military lends equipment and personnel for free. In return, the military is allowed to read the manuscript in advance and suggest changes.

As recently as January 2004, I saw news excerpts which reported that the Office of Homeland Security is establishing its own offices which will be assigned to Hollywood. I will not be surprised if Hollywood starts producing more domestic terrorism movies and these will increasingly include religious "fanatics" rather than political idealists. To diffuse the charge of unfairly targeting the Muslims, they will create a fictional religious organization that will one day become prophetic in its portrayal. When they are ready to smear the righteous people of God, they will drag out these movies and feed them to the American public.

The eerie conclusion for me is that I can literally see how they can destroy peaceful people by using our current media with their current standards of patriotic journalism. The final persecution occurs in a very short period of time. I can see how we will fall through the cracks as legislators, politicians and journalists drag their feet. These are the organizations that are the checks and balances that God has authorized to help the innocent. They will become the hands that propel the weapons of mass murder.

Update: January 2007. Finally, my ranting and raving of four years is bearing fruit. The opening season of the show "24" on FOX is about justifying torture because of a nuclear device. In fact, the show regularly justifies torture as an effective means of fighting terrorism. The secretary of Homeland Security actually went touring with the producers of the show to speak to audiences. This is a whores paradise. The government is attempting to use popular culture to spread lies and propaganda. During 2006 I saw two other shows use and justify torture as a quick effective means of saving the world. One was the show NCIS.

Hollywood Lobbyist.
The Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA), is the lobbying group for the major studios. They have political connections and can be used by the government to do what is patriotic in times of war.
Through this connection, they can organize entertainment for the troops, by using television and movie stars to make public service announcements. They can influence the message that the public hears in ways that only Hollywood has the expertise.

When the government wants to stir up fear in the minds of the people about a particular danger they can create the movies or orchestrate television schedules and media appearances so that their message is delivered and the opposition is squashed, marginalized or ridiculed.

Hog Wash! you say. These shows are mostly about Catholic bashing. They do not represent good Catholicism.

To this I reply, that the old belief that "any publicity is good publicity" is at work. These shows would not survive if they did not have the scandalous elements woven into the characters and the plot. The shows create a tremendous opportunity to link Catholic concerns into our fictional lives. This opportunity can be exploited during critical times.
This was demonstrated in the pedophile scandal. Every show dealt with it and the church was the winner. It appears that only on the show "the practice" was the leadership criticized, but the character still remained a faithful Catholic.
This strategy is in line with the Jesuit strategy that the "end justifies the means".

The Jesuit Strategy
The end justifies the means. Infiltrate, pretend to criticize the pope and spy. All to destroy the enemies of the church.

My son, heretofore you have been taught to act the dissembler: among the Roman Catholics to be a Roman Catholic, and to be a spy even among your own brethren; to believe no man, to trust no man. Among the reformers, to be a reformer; among the Huguenots, to be a Huguenot; among the Calvinists, to be a Calvinist; among the Protestants, generally to be a Protestant; and obtaining their confidence to seek even to preach from their pulpits, and to denounce with all the vehemence in your nature our holy religion and the Pope; even to descend so low as to become a Jew among the Jews, that you might be enabled to gather together all information for the benefit of your order as a faithful soldier of the Pope.

You have been taught to insidiously plant the seeds of jealousy and hatred between states that were at peace, and incite them to deeds of blood, involving them in war with each other, and to create revolutions and civil wars in communities, provinces and countries that were independent and prosperous, cultivating the arts and the science and enjoying the blessings of peace. To take sides with the combatants secretly in concert with your brother Jesuit ... who might be engaged on the other side, but openly opposed to that with which you might be connected; only that the church might be the gainer in the end, in the conditions fixed in the treaties for peace and that the end justifies the means.

"You have been taught your duty as a spy, to gather all statistics, facts and information in your power from every source; to ingratiate yourself into the confidence of the family circle of Protestants and heretics of every class and character, as well as that of the merchant, the banker, the lawyer, among the schools and universities, in parliaments and legislatures, and in the judiciaries and the councils of state, and to `be all things to all men,' for the Pope's sake, whose servants we are unto death.

They burst upon the modern scene in the early 1980's. They changed names and leaders and lowered their profile when the liberal media mocked them and dismissed their value. They allowed you to think that they had no influence so that you would lower your guard. Now they control the Republican party. Many conservatives will support them because of single religious issues, but some of these people see nothing wrong with imposing a theocracy on the earth. In this theocracy some very well respected people have publicly said that they see nothing wrong with imposing the death penalty for not going to church on Sunday.

Group YearFounder Religion Supporters, Associates and Issues
Jesuits 1534 St. Ignatius Loyola Catholic They were formed to break Protestantism and promote Catholicism by influencing governments, leaders and children of the wealthy
Opus Dei 1928Josemaria Escriva Catholic Paul Weyrich
American Council of Christian Churches 1941 Carl McIntyre Protestant Joseph McCarthy, Fundamental News Services
The Christian Crusade 1948 Billy James Hargis Protestant Carl McIntyre. Efforts to get the USA out of the United Nations
Campus Crusade for Christ 1951 Bill Bright (President) Protestant -
Moonies 1954Sun Myung Moon Buddhist Unification Church, Washington Times
The John Birch Society 1958 Robert Welch Protestant Against communism, United Nations, government, liberals
The Heritage Foundation 1973 Paul Weyrich Catholic Joseph Coors, Beverly and Tim LaHaye, Moonies
The Eagle Forum 1975 Phylis Schafly Catholic To fight the Equal Rights Amendment
Focus on the Family 1977 James Dobson Protestant -
Concerned Women for America 1978 Beverly LaHaye Protestant Moonies
The Religious Roundtable 1979Edward McAteer, Paul Weyrich (Catholic) Protestant Recruit fundamentalist ministers into politics to save Christianity and western civilization
Moral Majority 1979Jerry Falwell, Paul Weyrich (Catholic) Protestant or Catholic? Abortion, homosexuality, equal rights and pornography. For school prayer and apartheid
The Family Research Council 1980 James Dobson, Gary Bauer Protestant -
Council for National Policy 1981Tim LaHaye, Nelson Hunt, Herbert Hunt All Moonies, Scientology, Mormon, Paul Weyrich, Oliver North, Joseph Coors, Pat Robertson.
Family, Law and Justice, Economics, Defense and Foreign Policy, Institutional Reform, Environment. Plans to adopt Papal policy
American Coalition for Traditional Values 1983 Tim LaHaye Protestant Moonies
Operation Rescue 1984 Randall Terry Protestant Abortion
The Liberty Lobby - Jerry Falwell Protestant Successor to the Moral Majority.
Christian Coalition 1989Pat Robertson, Paul Weyrich (Catholic) Catholic or Protestant? Ralph Reed, Moonies
National Religious Broadcasters -- Christian Represents 1500 Christian radio stations and 350 television stations
Coalition for Religious Freedom -Tim LaHaye Christian Moonies, Jerry Falwell, Jimmy Swaggart, James Robison, James Kennedy, Rex Humbard, Paul Crouch
Catholic Coalition 1995Kathleen Sullivan Catholic -
Faith and Values Coalition 2004Jerry Falwell Protestant To continue the momentum of the election victory
Christian Churches Together in the USA (CCT) 2004The Churches Catholic and Protestant 25 to 55 denominations of Catholics and Protestants (Mainline, Orthodox, Pentecostal and Evangelical) in the largest ecumenical union.
Americans United for the Separation of Church and State 1947 Protestant churches Protestant Separation of Church and state. The Southern Baptists and other conservative Protestants used to support this organization until they decided that the Catholic church best supported their views on other political issues.
It is interesting that even behind the formation of many of the modern "Protestant" political organizations is a Catholic hard at work. Why?

I agree with many of the issues and concerns of the conservatives about the family. I disagree with their methods and solutions.
We got to this deadlock because conservatives stifled all thought in the dark ages. When the immoral left took over they promoted vice and tried to stomp out any rights of those who were religious through open ridicule. Canada now forces acceptance of immorality by law.
With the rising tide of vice and immorality, the conservative wing has fought back with an agenda to impose religious rule. They did not learn from history. Neither side has learned.

Conservatives apparently have not read the end of the Book.

No theocracy which governed sinners has ever succeeded. None.
Every religious government, except Israel, that has legislated morality has only succeeded in the murder of its citizens. Israel rejected their God but they did not butcher each other.
God had to give up His people to what they wanted. They wanted Babylon and idolatry.

Unholy Alliance: The Moonies, the Evangelicals and the Pope
The moonies (Unification Church under Reverend Moon) are in opposition to the goals of the Catholic church. Moon believes that he is the reincarnated Messiah and the pope believes that he represents god on this earth. On March 23, 2004 Moon even got 81 senators and congressmen to crown him the new Messiah in the Senate Office Building.
While Paul Weyrich of the Catholic church seems to be behind the movement of conservative Protestants into political influence, the Unification church appears to be funding this alliance also. This organization is responsible for the support of many evangelical Protestant organizations and the sponsorship of their political networks. Especially through Tim LaHaye.
Now the prophecy predicts the strong influence of the occult among the leaders of this last world empire. I often referred to this as a three part alliance. The United States, the Catholic Church and the occult.
The beliefs, occult behavior and political influence of the Unification church certainly gives them the opportunity to be the high priests in this unholy alliance. As God withdraws from them and their plans fail, they will turn to this organization out of desperation because they profess to be in contact with the spirit world. This church promotes communication with the dead, which God forbids. Young Soon Kim, a leader said on April 11, 2001:

"I am deeply touched by the warm love of Jesus, the compassion of Buddha, the proper etiquette of Confucius, the absolute faith of Mohammed, the intelligence of Socrates, and Saint Augustine's passion and ambition for God. I am indeed inspired by their pledge and determination to live in the attendance of God as their Parent, offering to him all of their thoughts and truths.

As I received and recorded the messages from these great religious founders in the spirit world, I wished that earthly people could resemble them in their unity of heart and mind, in their humble acceptance of the truths from other religions, and in their love for one another transcending religions and denominations."

The Road to Abilene
There are many reasons why news organizations must remain independent of the government.
There are many reason why religion should be separated from the government.
There are many reason why the government should not hijack our civil liberties.

All of them are good reasons.
If we do not pay attention, in a future "1984" the road to Abilene will lead us through Animal Farm.
And it was given to him to give breath to the image of the beast, so that the image of the beast would even speak and cause as many as do not worship the image of the beast to be killed.
And he causes all, the small and the great, the rich and the poor, and the free men and the slaves, to be given a mark on their right hand and on their forehead.
And he provides that no one will be able to buy or sell, except the one who has the mark of the beast, either the name of the beast or the number of his name.
(Revelation 13: 15-17)

How could religious persecution occur in a free society unless the news organizations are deliberately silent or biased? Or perhaps they are so convinced that the greater good can be accomplished by suspending principles. The vilification of Peter Arnett gives us a clue. Fear. Fear of losing access to the White House. Fear of the "unpatriotic" label. Fear of the "public" opinion. Fear of a war time code of ethics that supercedes righteousness.

The propaganda machine is at work.

It is with interest that I have watched the world since 1981. I was searching for a clue that could explain how good people in the very best of countries will go so terribly wrong. Revelation 12 and Daniel 11 even prophesy that God would call this country to help His persecuted people. But something goes terribly wrong in the end. How could it happen in a system of checks and balances and freedom?

I concluded that the system works if we obey the constitution and believe that it applies to everyone. The four freedoms are essential. Our erosion appears to be happening because we are denying this to some groups. And, surprisingly, the weapon we use to censor groups is the press. We allow certain labels to substitute for thinking an issue through. We forget that the constitution protects us and the people who have a totally opposite perspective. Denying or obstructing their expression does not make my truth become fact. And if their arguments are more persuasive than mine then that is democracy!
In the prophesied suspension of freedom of worship, this appears to be the route of compromise.

  1. Press. As the press takes sides and determines who or what is good or bad and censures based on that evaluation, they are in danger of losing the objectivity a democracy needs. At the heart of a democracy is an informed people. Unfortunately, as advertisers and politicians know too well, people can be easily swayed or diverted. Therefore, it is up to the press to make sure that they present a balanced picture to the public. But the press has been captured by the goals and ideologies of science, big money and influence.
  2. Speech. Simultaneously, this freedom is under attack. By using negative labels, some people can be categorized as not worthy of exposure in the press. Religious speech is a casualty. After being labeled as hate speech and therefore linked to the negative activities of racism, it is therefore condemned as the cause of social violence. In other democratic countries, we see religious speech is now legislated because it is labeled as "hate speech".
  3. Peaceful assembly. This is the right that will go next. In the absence of a properly functioning press, this is the next best institution. But again, labeling that suspends free thought tries to censor even ideas that polls suggest that the majority are interested in.
    Peace activists were labeled as unpatriotic, treasonous idiots by the press. This effectively shut down their voice and suspended the argument about whether or not there were weapons of mass destruction and our duty to go by the United Nations as we require other nations to do.

    I watched as a particular police department deliberately disrupted a peaceful demonstration. Months later there were apologies but their objective had been met. I realize that it is very easy to hire five people who will commit acts of violence so that a demonstration by a quarter million can be shut down.

    There are even verifiable stories that the police lied and arrested people and later charged them with disorderly conduct. Fortunately, several of these were taped and proved utterly false. Is this a police state? We arrest people because Bush needs to play his fiddle peacefully? Rome is burning!
  4. Worship. This will be the last to go. You will be told where, when, who and what to worship. You may not believe it but it is obvious that I do. Does that mean that I hate my country? Far from it. The only reason that it ends up in prophecy is that this country is the last place where freedom will reign. Even now, nations like Europe, Canada and Australia are passing laws to limit free speech, religious speech. And this will be the last safe refuge for the people of God set up by God. Consequently, God made it successful enough to protect us, but it will abandon this civil trust that God has given it. After this country falls the world will end.

    Call me kooky or misinformed or stupid, but not treasonous or unpatriotic. The constitution is a wonderful document. Given the American state of mind I would agree with you about the possibility that this will happen.
    Just as you believe that you are defending the country from communism and socialism and all the evil "isims", I reserve the right to defend it from the enforced religion that I see coming.

    In 1975 I told my sister that the Soviet Union would disappear but I did not know how because it seemed so impossible. It happened ten years earlier than I thought it would be possible. I sounded kooky to her then.

    In the 1980's I said the same thing about the Japanese economic leadership.

    Since the late 1800's the Adventist church has said that enforced religion in America will be preceded by a Protestant takeover of the government which is followed by a Catholic takeover of both of them.

I often get the sense that God is training us. We have an opportunity to see how we are affected, how we reason and to what extent we can divorce ourselves from peer pressure and preconceived ideas so that we can look honestly at an issue.
We will need people like this to defend us when we are being persecuted.

Because we are not violent and do not meet the definition of the word "terrorist" in any way, we probably get into trouble over a battle of ideas. It is also possible that we will openly come to the aid of people who are mistreated and then possibly meet the definition of "giving aid and comfort to the enemy".
Unfortunately, in the fog of war, heroic actions like this are only rewarded when they become ancient history. I would like to think that I would have helped slaves in the underground railroad. I would like to think that if I had a long time friend of Arab descent that I knew, that I would trust my judgment more than the judgment of a group whose attitude amounts to "kill them all, let God sort it out later".

To obey God and protect myself from treating someone wrongfully, I have determined not to spy on my neighbor and not to know what "suspicious activity is currently defined as". I assume that I am intelligent enough to recognize it when I see it.
So if my neighbor has nails and a bag of fertilizer I will assume that they are remodeling the back yard. I also assume that a real terrorist will be hiding his or her behavior.
Fear seems to have a way of interpreting innocent situations in the worst way. Just as naive as people are about their freedoms, they are equally as unfit to judge others because it is invariably done by comparing what is "normal" to themselves and their own life experiences and personalities.

If we will be judging angels and kings and paupers in the millennium to come, we ought to learn by now that we should avoid the herd mentality and to look at an issue with compassion, mercy and from all points of view. Maybe by then truth will begin to come into focus.

But this is not the advanced state that we are in. We are swayed by every carefully orchestrated method of propaganda. At the basis of this is the instinct for self preservation. This is immoral. God requires us to examine our neighbors as we would ourselves. He also requires us to treat our enemies the same way. Why? Because, if you stop to examine issues from all these points of view, you may arrive at truth. And your "enemy" might think that you care.

At the end of all this we will swear to change our behavior. We will swear never to give in to the Japanese concentration camps mentality.
We never learn. We are a product of our immediate needs. Let the past be damned. We will learn nothing from it!

Deceiving and Being Deceived
Demonizing the Saints
Label Reason
Danger to Society
Destroy families Efforts to spread the gospel
Trouble makers Spreading the gospel
Racism, xenophobia, hatred Prophetic identification of the church as the whore of Revelation that controls the governments of the world and enforces religion.
Hate speech
Stupid, idiot Using the Bible only. Belief that the dark ages will return.
Unchristian, Disrespectful Refusing to honor a false Sabbath and man made feast days
Fanatic Our beliefs
Heretic Our beliefs
Not in the mainstream Not participating in the false religious union
Ungodly Disobedient to human religious rules
Intolerant Moral views
Dishonors Jesus Refusing to participate in a eucharistic mass
Dishonors Mary Our beliefs about the source of the Marian apparitions
Against God
Cause of God's wrath Blamed for what appears to be divine judgment
Immoral Do not obey religious laws
Jewish Old Testament doctrine
Outcast Intelligent people do not believe our interpretation
Stubborn We do not abandon our beliefs
Against the Government
Unpatriotic We do not participate in the remedy to the global threat that the world will experience.
Lawless Do not obey the Sunday law
Anarchy Views about the United States in the prophetic interpretations of Revelation 13
Hate America
Biological terrorists The seven last plagues that mysteriously avoid us.
Helps terrorists Our prophecy web sites
As I watched the events unfold in this second Gulf war, and as I look at the status of prime time television in 2003 I had to conclude the following about the process of deception:

  1. Demonizing the opposition. This is a tactic of propaganda. There is never anything noble or redeeming or brave about the opposition.
    In the final persecution, we will face the same labeling of our beliefs and efforts. When the "Mark of the Beast" issues surface, I can see how innocent people will be demonized. We will be called stupid, fanatics, brain-washed, unpatriotic, full of hate, narrow-minded and dangerous.
  2. Rehearsed and Scripted. The government can dictate what is presented on the news. The lie of "precision bombing" in the first gulf war was dispelled years later when we learned that 70% failed to reach their target.
    Fast forward ten years later. It is not General Schwarzkopf briefing us from his million dollar briefing room. It is a "made for Hollywood" TV war. Reporters in bed with the army. Excuse me, "embedded reporters".

    The concept of the embedded reporter was supposedly designed to tear away the mask of secrecy. The lie of this became quickly apparent with the firing of Peter Arnett. He made the mistake of saying something negative. His remarks could have lowered the Hollywood ratings of the war. And if the people get disgruntled they may reexamine their reasons for going to war. After all, Hollywood teaches us that real heroes are invincible. They never die.
  3. The Public Perception. We do not lie. We manage perception. I was disappointed when no one even dared to adequately comment on any aspect of Arnett's dismissal.
    The reporters were saying what the government wanted. And they wanted a triumphant Hollywood version of the war. With no voice of criticism. Only talk of treason. This is what he said.
    "The first war plan has failed because of Iraqi resistance. Now they are trying to write another war plan. Clearly, the American war planners misjudged the determination of the Iraqi forces."
    The military had invited this kind of criticism when it allowed the public to believe that the war would be over in two seconds and that we would not be occupying Iraq. After the swift collapse did not happen as quickly as predicted, everyone was making the same statements. Why was his speech so much more grievous?

    Look at the New York Times problems with Jayson Blair. For weeks after the event surfaced, the reporter who plagiarized his story had more time spent on various news reports, political talk shows on an issue that at the end of the day all I still knew was that he changed the description of someone's house. Yet people were fired, and over two months later the pundits were still talking about it.

    They harped on the immorality, the injustice, the unfairness, the collapse of society as we know it. Alien invasion. Cats and dogs living together. And during that time the issue of the absence of weapons of Mass destruction, the destruction of a nation on unproven reasons, the lack of running water and electricity months after, and the silencing of Peter Arnett for verbalizing what was apparent and what was being said by almost every news organization were strangely ignored.
    We needed a good scapegoat story, but students were not shooting up their schools - its summer vacation. Madonna had not kissed Britney yet. Jayson Blair handed us one.
    Peter Arnett never said anything other people were not saying. But He was quoted on Middle East television.
    I guess the Arab nations are so backwards that they cannot see American Television where other people were saying the same thing.
    I guess Al-Jazeera never reported information unfavorable to the United States that come from other news sources.

    Shamefully, the morning news shows have basically become promotional terminals for movie producers, entertainment shows, scandal seekers, arm chair detectives and fake intellectuals. Oh yes, with a little bit of filtered news thrown in. No one has the guts to give up big salaries or lose access to the political machine in order to promote truth.

    There are many people and news organizations for whom I have lost respect. If war wants to be entertainment and fiction, I may as well listen to a comedian to get a summary of the news.
    The Typical News Reporter
    What is happening in newsrooms all across America? Where is the trusted voice that will stand up? Reporters and Editors
    I see your rear end sitting on the constitution.
  4. Biased. The news is no longer unbiased. It appears to be a series of rehearsed and carefully scripted dialogue. No one asks the hard questions. Everyone decides when an embarrassing issue must be addressed and they orchestrate the interviews, the news the talk shows. No one challenges the misrepresentations, the lies, the differences in statements and the obvious lack of an answer to a question. What should be a debate ends up being a one directional speech by the government representatives.
    The farce is that there is the belief that if people appear on these intellectual, hard-hitting forums and chew on the issues, then all relevant concerns are debated and truth must emerge after thirty minutes.
    To this I reply that after using my head to chew on food, only garbage emerges at the other end.
  5. Fictional Army. At this time, the Catholic church has members or clout in key television production positions or a great opportunity to use fictional characters so that prime time television can become the Vatican or government propaganda machine at any time. It can commission a fictional army to fight the war of ideas with beautiful people quoting eloquent words.
  6. Transparency. An issue does not exist if we ignore it and refuse to talk about it and stop others from saying it.
  7. Self Deception. We are so confident that everyone wants our way of life that we are oblivious to the actions that cause the "terrorist" to be angry. Because it shows the population how well they are accepting our culture. Huge mistake. Religious groups are trying to run over there to convert the Arabs now that "God has opened the door". We think it is cute to show Iraqi children imitating American behavior. But the "corruption and indoctrination" of children is a serious offense to devout people. We assume that they will welcome us just like the Soviet Union welcomed capitalism. Money is one thing. Religion is a totally different animal.
  8. Redefining the Boundaries. This is the redefinition of morality. It was so weird that all discussions about a just war was silenced when the troops started fighting. Why? The singular, overriding moral issue became "support for the troops". Any dissention, negative debate or unresolved issues was labeled as treason and unpatriotic one minute after the first bomb was dropped. Everyone became concerned about appearances. Unity in a sea of lies. Consensual rape.
    The leaders in Nazi Germany must have said the same thing. So every good German helped to kill a Jew.

    Now we still have no weapons of mass destruction. And if any are ever found in the future it will justifiably be dismissed as a United States fabrication because we refuse to let independent third parties accompany us on these weapons finding missions.

    To their shame, I have even heard the pundits talk about how we can restate the reason for the war. To sell it to the public. As they were saying this, none talked about the injustice. Only what we can sell. Pavlov's dogs. Did they think that this was acceptable speech? That the United States public is so dumb and distracted and so linear?
    They think that God is too busy and He is not listening.

    I feel so sorry for the people of Iraq. But like it or not, their best interests lie in allowing the United States to fix the problems they created. Otherwise, they will be subject to the same never ending cycle of nothingness that is occurring in Palestine.
  9. Lies. People simply lie, suggest a lie, push poll (subliminal lying), and confuse people with intellectual garbage and fake economics. Despite all evidence to the contrary, they still repeat the same lies as if constant repetition will make it true. Doggy doo-do can never become cookie batter.
    Truth is whatever serves my purpose that I can construct and make you believe.
    "Click your heels three times Dorothy. Close your eyes and only believe".
    They just do not get it. At this point in history if they "find" weapons of mass destruction I will not believe that it was not planted. Because of their arrogance, secrecy and unwillingness to let independent parties search I have got to conclude that they are in the process of manufacturing evidence. The best time to release this "evidence" is just before the elections. I assume that the democrats will make lack of WMDs the flower piece of their attack strategy and that the republicans are waiting to use it at the right moment.

    Children of the Father of Lies. The lying has become an art. It is no longer a slight manipulation of the truth. It is verifiable lying. It is lying that does not make sense. It is lying that does not wait for the fog of time to distort memories. It is lying that reinterprets what you clearly heard just minutes before. They will lie about the color of the sky and you will believe it. It is demonic lies learned from Satan who is the "father of lies".
    Apparently, lying is a big problem at the end. God has this to say about the people that He rescues at the end of time.
    No lie was found in their mouth; they are blameless. (Revelation 14: 5)
    The Recruiting Goal of 8000 Per Month
    Month Total
    % Short New Goal % Reported
    February 5840 -27 % 8000 -27 %
    March 5520 -31 % 8000 -31 %
    April 3360 -42 % 8000 -42 %
    May 5025 -37 % 6700 -25 %
    June 6000 -25 % 5600 + 7 %
    I do not know when they started changing the goal, but the goals for May and June were changed.
    I calculated other values from the values given in the news report. These are in blue text.
    In February 2006, I learned that the military is lowering its standards for recruitment and they are now allowing criminals to join.
    Fuzzy Math. After many months of falling short of their recruiting goals, at the end of June 2004, CNN reported that the army had exceeded its goal of 5,600 because 6,000 had signed up. What they failed to mention is that they keep changing the goal to make the numbers look better. In May they lowered the goal to 6,700 so that the shortage was 25% instead of 37%. In June they lowered the goal again to 5,600 so that they could report an excess of 7% instead of a 25% shortage.

    Another area of deceit is in the area of poverty. It became an issue after hurricane Katrina. The reporter claimed that he took the poverty rates from the middle term of both president Clinton and Bush. He showed that Bush did more for the poor than Clinton because his rates were lower. What he conveniently forgot to show was that poverty rates steadily declined every year under Clinton and started at very high rates. But under Bush those rates continued to climb again every year. And by the time Clinton left the office poverty rates were lower than each year that Bush has been in office.

    Desperately Seeking Recruits. Besides preying on poor neighborhoods, recruiters are even using immoral and illegal means to trap people. The "No child left behind" education law had a hidden Trojan law that ensures that no poor child will be left behind in a war. Schools are required to give recruiters the personal information of juniors and seniors or lose federal funding. So recruiters are constantly calling children at their home and work. They are ambushing them at these places. One child was hounded so much that when he went missing, his mother first suspected the military. That had virtually taken or kidnapped him from his job to isolate him, took away his phone to establish control, held him at their facility to control the coercive environment. Told him to be a man, to ignore his parents. The mother had to pretend that there was a family emergency to get them to release him. They were not going to let him go until he signed up. She found him signing papers because he had given up under the pressure. His parents are hiring a lawyer to show that anything he signed was under duress and should not be binding. This is the same sort of pressure tactics used by police to get people to make false confessions. Here are a few tips about what to do.

    They should have a draft if they need soldiers, not coerce the children of poor communities or play with the numbers. Sooner or later, they cannot drop those goals any further.

    Update: February 2, 2006. I beg to differ with my statement above. They did lower their standards to allow people with criminal records. Now we have the type of army that will butcher innocent people, rape, murder, steal and become a criminal enterprise. Our contractors are already doing that. So it should be the official policy of the rank and file.

    Fuzzy Economics. In an interview with Ted Koppel on Nightline, Andrew Nelson of USAID claimed that the total cost to the American taxpayer for reconstruction in Iraq will cost the United States taxpayer a maximum of $1.7 billion. He called reports of other cost estimates outlandish. He added another $700 million in humanitarian relief. As of July 2005, the total cost of reconstruction for the United States is $30 billion and growing. As of this date Iraq now has only 9 hours of electricity per day. Down from 10 hours in the previous year and 24 hours before we remodeled their country.

    The Art of Labeling. One method of lying is to apply the opposite label to an objectionable act. In particular, the best liars label you with their own transgressions. Then in the future they will refer to this wonderful sounding initiative without reference to the record of its destructive impact.
    These people will call a rapist a "Morals and Safety Inspector".
    These people will call a burglary a "Home Inspection Program".
    They will call a pedophile a "Youth Counselor and Instructor".
    A program to enslave people will be called a "Back to work Initiative". Under this new program they can cite 100% employment. This wonderful program will even provide free housing and end the problem of homelessness.
    Plans to repeal the first amendment will be called the "Guaranteed Freedom Act". Through this act, your freedom will be guaranteed as they stop all loopholes through which terrorists operate.
    Hitler called concentration camps "Institutes for reeducation".
  10. Saddam's Fake Blossoms. Saddam tricked the region into thinking he was more powerful. When he told the truth they would not believe him despite all the evidence. The wise heads in the CIA should have realized it when his army fell apart in the first gulf war. Million man army indeed!
    They were tricked by one of the oldest war strategies. It was all smoke and mirrors. But it was meant to terrorize his Muslim neighbors.
    Being extremely paranoid, he had to keep up the appearance of strength. But he could not allow United States agents to walk all over his bedroom and place of residence. After all they could plant a toxic chemical or a homing device the size of a rice grain for an ICBM missile. I am sure that Mr. Bush would never allow such a violation of his privacy and safety.

    Of course his behavior escaped the logical reasoning of Ms Rice, because, as security advisor it is apparent that she forgot the wisdom of Sun Tzu. There are battle strategies for positions of weakness other than surrender through shock and awe. Maybe he was not a Christian. Not worth listening to. Shock and awe indeed!
  11. Buy a Scientist and a Senator. These are the same geniuses that collaborated with the energy disinformation campaign to declare that "global warming is the greatest single hoax perpetuated on the American people." One wishes that when God "destroys those who destroy the earth" that these people will be at center stage to witness this myth and hoax. When the mythical hole in the ozone layer ripples across the globe, they will be out sun bathing. When the arctic melts, that their beach front properties become sinking house boats. I used to be a research scientist, until I discovered that it was all politics.
  12. Blame. When the opportunity presents itself, blame the opposition for your failures. It is ridiculous that the government is blaming a two paragraph article for "damaging the image of the United States around the world and inciting violence". I guess Abu Ghraib was a publicity stunt?
    This kind of tactic will not only be used against the church of God to stop our publications and blame us for any negative event. They will even go as far as inciting or staging these events in order to blame us.

Right now we do not care about the "minor" erosions in our civil liberties. Because we are isolating terrorists. But in the future, as in the Dark Ages, the people who are labeled as "terrorists" will be those who want to peacefully worship God. And this propaganda machine will be at work, using words to convince you how destructive we are to the moral fibre of the world. When you examine us, you will find no act of physical aggression, no bombs, no bullets, no weapons of mass destruction. But you will choose to discover this too late. And you will try not to blame yourselves. Because you have decided that it is more prudent to be safe than sorry. After all, you left it in the hands of the government. It is better that one person die, that the whole nation might be saved. And if this means destroying the lives, support systems and property of millions then it is an acceptable risk.

And after the fourth plague, some expert on a Sunday morning talk show that dispenses perception will express aloud, "What if ...? How can we sell it to the public". And the public will line up behind Pontius Pilate, ready to wash their hands. And I say, save the water to quench your thirst in the fire.

The Stampeding Herd
I had finished this article and was in the process of waiting to review the new programs that will be released in September 2003. Then, on August 19, the terrorists bombed the United Nations Headquarters in Iraq and a bus in Jerusalem. Finally, the media has begun to ask questions that they should have asked months ago. Is this a one day phenomenon? I noticed that the nightly news did not carry any of this debate. And will they honestly ask the tough questions?

The reality was that for one day, the media was temporarily stampeding in another direction. The next day they went back to the comfortable place where they say nothing and we pretend to know nothing. They are oblivious to the fact that they are just as responsible for the disinformation fed to the American public as the government was.
Shame on the government for making us believe that this would be quick and painless.
Shame on the people for believing it.
Shame on a free media for becoming the concubine of the government.
Shame on Christians for praying that we will find weapons of mass destruction. If we have not found them by now with our intelligence and the evidence we so eloquently presented, then maybe our arguments were bogus.

Did we lose the map that Colin Powell so eloquently portrayed to the United Nations? You know, the map that showed where these weapons are located. Did we run out of gas on the way to these places?
Maybe we need to apologize to the original weapons inspectors instead of calling them traitors and trying to force them to say what we want to hear. With months of unfettered access to the entire country, we have not been able to disprove their findings. With such a long time of exclusive control we will be able to manufacture some evidence to be found just in time for the next elections.

So, will we be safe when we catch Osama? No. Billions of Muslims are angry at us. The whole world is less safe because of us.

But we never learn. It will just take one more minor terror incident on United States soil for us to go back to our aura of righteous fury and deniability. We will stampede in the other direction. We will trample on our friends in our pursuit of safety. We will fire, gag, stifle, blacklist and destroy anyone in our path who does not agree or voices a dissent. I truly thought that only communist societies did this. But we will tell the government to do whatever they want. Just keep us safe.

We will trade freedoms for a perception of safety not because freedom does not work, but because it is too slow. And it has pesky loopholes that might let the guilty go free as it protects the innocent. It is therefore justifiable to mistreat ten thousand to find one. My disappointment is that we did not have to go that far. We did not have to deny lawyers, family visits, secret arrests and permit torture. What are we creating when we torture ten thousand innocent people to find one bad one? We think that we can manage the outcome by making it legal to deny access to information on our activities. It does not exist if no one knows about it. I often hear the statement "name one person". I now know how the German citizens took a detour on the train to Abilene. So fifty years from now we can rewrite history and say it was a myth perpetuated by the liberal press.

And so we will tell the media to sing sweet lullabys and play a tune on the fiddle while Babylon is burning. Maybe Madonna and Britney will entertain us.

Shock and Awe
What is the evidence as of April 2004.

So, Peter Arnett was right. He deserves the pulitzer prize for courage and common sense. He deserves an apology from his peers.
The French and Germans were right. The weapons inspectors were right. The millions of peace activists were right.
Despite all this, the Bush-Cheney gang will probably win the 2004 elections. I think they deserve it. I want none of them fired. They should all stay in office. I think they deserve to reap the consequences of the world to come.

Since the election campaign, I have been hearing one disgraceful argument in reference to the conflict in Iraq. "It is better that we defeat the enemy there, than fight them over here." Iraq was innocent. They do not deserve the horror that we created in their country. You fight a war with the place that created war on you, or in your own land. Not in the next available defenseless country. Then we are committing grand theft by believing that they should pay to rebuild their own country.
It is just as callous and ridiculous a statement as saying that we are relieved that we caused the war on terrorism to be fought in Canada, than on American soil. See the injustice? But as one leader said about unchecked criminal violence, "Stuff happens!" This describes our attitude.

Mr Galloway Goes to Washington
Guilt by Association
One "fact" that was presented as clear proof that he was a dastardly supporter of terrorists was the claim that he met with Saddam and the Iraqi leaders. Christian Right
Galloway's response was that he met Saddam the same number of times that Donald Rumsfeld met with Saddam. Twice. The difference was that Rumsfeld met with Saddam to sell him guns and Mr Galloway met Saddam to convince him to let the weapons inspectors back into the country.
It was refreshing to hear someone defend themselves in clear, concise English and a logical presentation of facts. He was being convicted in the court of public opinion by the same tactics that they have used to smear others. So, on May 17, 2005 George Galloway, a British member of parliament, came to a congressional hearing to defend his honor and he gave them a well deserved black eye. CNN stopped showing the hearing soon after his opening remarks. In vain I tried to find it on other networks or C-SPAN. On the nightly news they never aired anything relevant. In fact, all networks, including BBC, ended the story by trashing his reputation. Yet they showed the entire hearing on steroids in baseball. Only the Charlie Rose show presented anything balanced.
In defending himself, he also listed some of the methods by which Iraqi assets were being stolen. I mention these because, in all the rhetoric around the oil for food scandal our scandalous pillaging of Iraq is overlooked.

I personally think that we were complicit in this theft, at the moment we thought it was morally correct to use the assets of Iraq to pay for the unjust and unprovoked destruction of their country. But there is no honor among thieves. The rich friends, associates and former companies of our leaders are stealing what they can for themselves.
And we tried to impeach an affair that we rekindled! Self righteous hypocrites!

Misleading The Public
Supporting The Persecution
Why does all of this concern me? At the moment that it was occurring I was concerned about what the government and the media was attempting to do to silence free speech and other opinions. If I had known the depth of their deceptions I would have been even more alarmed.

But, knowing what I thought then and what I know now, I was alarmed that this fits the profile of the behavior of the government, the media and the public in the future time of persecution.

So then, it became a moral issue for me. It also bothered me extremely, that religious leaders were part of this illicit union that was used in this deception.
I saw ministers of God keeping silent because this could be from God to "open up the region for Christianity". When the bible plainly shows that God at war does not act in this way.
I saw ministers of God advocating war. This is God's method. "Not by might, not by power, but by My Spirit".
Long before I knew the utter fallacy of all their schemes, the situation appeared to me as a warning about how the church will be characterized when the administration attempts to win public support for a religious persecution.
What is our status as of October 2004. Just as I thought in 2002, the evidence shows that we went to war in Iraq as a diversion to score an easy military and political victory so that the administration could silence the growing criticism that we were unable to capture Osama Bin Laden. So, what is the result of our pride and power?

Intelligence Failure?
Since we now know that the major intelligence failure was the failure to elect people with intelligence and integrity, we realize that we did not have to do this vast reorganization of government. We did not need the Patriot Act. We did not need the Homeland Security monster. We did not need to cripple the FBI or CIA. We did not need to spend all this money on another layer of government.
There was no great failure of intelligence. There was a failure of our leaders to use the organizations properly. We were hijacked by a bunch of criminals who saw or created an opportunity to implement their globalist plans. Puppet masters who had their hands up the skirt of a cowardly president. The shame of it all is that the Christian church was complicit. Blind, deaf, stupid, dumb cowards, naked whores who terrorized their congregations into believing that this was the will of God. This has been the worst disaster for the Christian church since the Inquisition. It will take the power of the Holy Spirit to wrestle back righteousness from hypocrisy and restore the good name of God. God must do the final work Himself because we are morally incapable of doing it.
Yes, God can make good come out of any situation. But don't tell me that this is His will and that I should not speak out against things that are clearly immoral. God lists one characteristic that is not a sin, but which describes those who compromise their way to hell. Cowards!
But for the cowardly and unbelieving and abominable and murderers and immoral persons and sorcerers and idolaters and all liars, their part will be in the lake of fire that burns with fire and brimstone. This is the second death. (Revelation 21: 8)
No coward can exist in the horrible time to come. Hint! They do not persecute cowards.

Images and Opportunities
Group/System Opportunity
News Conservative Spin
Political Talk Shows Conservative views
Political Talk Show Hosts Catholic majority
Supreme Court Catholic majority
Television characters Catholic religion
Movie children Catholic school
Media owners Unknown affiliation
Public schools Catholic curriculum
Constitution Jeopardy
Personal Liberties Legally gone
Are you hearing me Protestants?
When you take over the government and the media and public schools you appear to have none of your views or people instituted when the dust settles.
It is called bait and switch.
The liberals are being baited with television vice. You were baited with money for your institutions and power and personal gain and hatred of liberals. But you lost the real power. There is no respect for your views because Protestantism is an error that must be destroyed.

Rome did not change. You did.
Is there a link between the church and the government. It would be hard to prove and it would not be prudent for them to demonstrate this favoritism right now. However, notice these actions in favor of religion by the government.

You might think that I am a conspiracy theory nut. Or simply a nut. I am not. I am a trend watcher, a pattern recognizer. Ever since psychic television became rampant, I have been paying attention to the messages that television has been sending.

I am not a conspiracy theorist. If you examine this whole site you will not find much more than a short paragraph that mentions the illuminati, Bilderbergs, secret societies, FEMA, skull and bones and other powerful groups who are supposedly trying to create a one world government. I have never mentioned the argument behind who "really" orchestrated September 11, until now.

Because even if it is true, it will not matter because their efforts will fail. Unless these powerful groups subjugate themselves to the last powers, they will eventually be of no consequence in the last days.

Prophecy tells me to look only at the activities of three groups. The Catholic church, the United States of America and the influence of the occult. Because there will not be a one world government. There will be an attempt at a one world religion with the assistance of one government that can control other governments.

The war tactics of Sun Tzu apply. We are in the middle of a battle. While we are sleeping, we are being cut off on all sides. Soon we will wake up in the middle of an unwanted theocracy disguised as a global freedom movement.

So this many not be a study in conspiracy and intrigue but a study of opportunity. Whatever the truth, Babylon can control the media because it has created the opportunity.

We are living on "Animal Farm" and the pigs are hogging the feeding trough.
How to take over the United States
  • Control the President
  • Take over the Supreme court
  • Be the majority in the Congress
  • Be the majority in the Senate
  • Run for all political offices
  • Own the majority of radio stations
  • Own the majority of television stations
  • Control the news
  • Be the biggest contributor to public radio and television
  • Become employees of companies that are not under your control
  • Control Banks
  • Control critical businesses
  • Control Hollywood
  • Control the people
  • Lie constantly
  • Pretend to be a benevolent dictator
  • Create an enemy
  • Make the people afraid
  • Remove your brain when making a decision
  • Remove your spine when making a decision
  • Let the preacher make your decisions
  • Continue to be stupid
  • Vote
Exercise your power when you have controlled all public service groups
Bill Moyers said that conservatives dominate direct mail, talk show and cable. Finally, I found a trusted voice who agrees. They also control FOX, ABC (through Sinclair Broadcasting) and they appear to influence CBS entertainment and some of the NBC news.
The conservatives are controlling media outlets globally while pretending to be victimized by the immoral. While liberals and moderates have been asleep at the switch or partying in a drunken stupor, the same conservative bunch have been feeding them all the sex and hype and nonsense that they have associated with freedom. They are too stupid to ask why a company would promote a conservative agenda that has installed conservative systems in critical power positions that threaten our religious, legal and political freedoms while they continue to provide programming that supports an immoral social climate. They believe that they can just wait, silently, until the pendulum swings back.

Clear Channel and FOX try to block any political view that is not conservative. But they promote every liberal sexual trash that is dangerous to Christianity. Many other networks appear to promote the conservative political agenda. It is a myth that the news is controlled by liberals. It is only entertainment that is liberal. It is only the homosexual agenda that gets a sympathetic ear in the news and entertainment. And this is fed to us by the conservatives at the helm who publicly mourn about the collapsing morals of the liberal society and privately laugh all the way to the bank or a conservative political fund raiser.

I am pessimistic about the ability of the so-called "free" press to distribute fair, impartial information in times of crisis. It appears that they are only free to promote buying and selling. Revelation 13 is also pessimistic. It also sees issues related to buying and selling and the restriction of religious freedom. Therefore, it is up to the people to do what is right. To denounce "group think" and to analyze clearly, to act as children of God.

I hope that we can learn from our gullibility and that the media will emerge independent and better after this experience. We need a brave news organization that will accurately report on the issues in the future that Daniel and John saw in their visions. That future is here. Now.

I will admit that I was surprised at what I discovered for this page and in another document on global laws. I researched both because of the persistence of the Spirit of God. I have therefore concluded that God is taking more direct control. Therefore, the conspiracies, power plays and plotting will be no more successful than Haman was at destroying the Jews from the Persian society. But we will have a very dark journey before they are defeated. That is why I am not afraid to write this. Because if I do not say it now, then when?

So how did the network executives coordinate their schedules?

So why do the television dramas have such a high percentage of Catholic characters? The history of television shows that they were very neutral and even antagonistic towards religion. Even in the era of morality. This sudden urge to embrace religion at the height of the moral decay that has been promoted by the media moguls themselves is highly suspicious.
Whatever the cause, it points out the power and large influence of the Catholic church.

The United States television networks are like the cast of characters from the wizard of Oz. The Eye needs a spine, the sly fox needs a heart and the peacock needs a brain in their battle with the wicked witch of the west wing.
There is no hope that this brainless, spineless, heartless wonder will speak up and halt the impending apocalyptic holocaust. So what does this mean for the future?
Whether or not they have the control and influence, they certainly have the opportunity. And this opportunity could just as easily have been orchestrated by them or by God. Why would God do this? It would speed up the processes of the end. Revelation 17: 17 hints at this scenario. Like Pharaoh, Bush seems to be propelled towards destruction.

It is very frightening that the two primary powers that the Bible predicts will control the world, are now demonstrating that they have control or influence over the media. They have already hijacked the global legal system. The media appears to be the influential voice of all three powers described in the unholy trinity that dominates the last generation.
It means that the last powers have captured the means to start, execute and win a propaganda war. God help us!

I returned and saw under the sun, that the race is not to the swift, nor the battle to the strong, neither bread to the wise, nor riches to men of understanding, nor favour to men of skill; but time and chance happens to them all.   Ecclesiastes 9: 11. Time: 200 minutes
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Copyright  . This file in September 2003.   Updated : February 5, 2004. July 19, 2005. February 2006. May 2008.
Author: Laverna Patterson (M.S. Degree in Telecommunications Systems Management. UMUC 1999)  Editor:
I used to wonder why I had to take another graduate degree in this unfamiliar subject of telecommunications. Now I know why. Thanks God!
All views represented here are my own. No one else has edited or reviewed it before it went on-line.
This is one of the topics I investigated early 2003 because the Holy Spirit kept saying, "Find out why this is so?". This is a new spiritual experience for me. Being instructed by God. I should also state that when members of my church have the interest to read my web site or the courage to criticize, that they find a problem with my criticism of the government. And I had not written this article yet.
Why? Because we could get in trouble. But we will get into trouble no matter what we do. And I would rather get into trouble for defending truth and justice, than for staying quiet and blending into the background until it is too late to speak.
For me, it is a moral and prophetic issue. Not a political one. Since prophecy says that I should warn about this behavior I must do so. And, as a citizen, I must protest the removal of our rights because it is the removal of these protections that will give the license for persecution. And as a human being I must protest the vile acts being done in my name. And as I Christian I must protest the notion that this is the will of God.
I cannot protest at the eleventh hour or be retrospect when we no longer have a voice. I did not give up my God-given constitutional rights when I became a Christian. Fortunately, the Holy Spirit warned me not to become a 501C3 organization and not to ask for donations.

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