That Hideous Strength
Versus Merlin The Magican

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That Hideous Strength (subtitled A Modern Fairy-Tale for Grown-Ups) is a 1945 novel by C. S. Lewis, the final book in Lewis's theological science fiction Space Trilogy.
The book, written during the final period of World War II, takes places at an undetermined year "after the end of the war".

    That night, during a heavy storm, both the company of St. Anne's and N.I.C.E. personnel are on the trail of Merlin, who has apparently revived. He has taken the clothes of a tramp through his powers of hypnosis and acquired a wild horse. He meets the company of St. Anne's but rides away.
    Members of the N.I.C.E. capture the tramp, believing him to be Merlin.

    Mark, while contemplating his upcoming trial and execution, discovers that he has not been arrested by the real police but by officials of the N.I.C.E. who (he now guesses) are the true murderers of Hingest.
    Much to his surprise he is now told that he is to be initiated into the group's inner ring. In preparation for this he begins a bizarre program of training intended to cultivate absolute objectivity by relegating emotion to the status of a chemical phenomenon. He outwardly participates in these rituals (knowing that he will otherwise be killed) but inwardly begins to reject everything the N.I.C.E. stands for.

    Satanic Forces.
    Merlin arrives at St. Anne's ahead of his pursuers, where he and Ransom converse in broken Latin.

    Ransom reveals that there are Satanic forces behind the N.I.C.E. and that Merlin is to be possessed by the Oyeresu (evil angels); since the forces of darkness broke the lunar barrier in the earlier books, the heavenly beings may also cross the barrier and intervene in human affairs.

    Good Forces.
    Jane then has two mystical experiences; the first with the earth-bound counterpart of the Oyarsa of Venus, and the second with God. After discussions with Mrs. Dimble and the Director, she becomes a Christian.
    Merlin, now possessed by the Oyeresu, disguises himself as a Basque priest and answers the N.I.C.E.'s advertisement for an interpreter of ancient languages. He hypnotises and interviews the tramp (whom the N.I.C.E. still believe may be the real Merlin) and the two of them are brought to a banquet.

    Unmaking Their Speech
    There Merlin pronounces the curse of Babel upon the assembled N.I.C.E. leaders, causing all present to speak gibberish, and also liberates the many animals on which the N.I.C.E. were experimenting.
    The bigger animals kill most of the N.I.C.E. staff.

    As earthquakes destroy the building, Lord Feverstone flees to Edgestow but is killed when that too is engulfed. Merlin helps Mark escape and sends him to St. Anne's. The Oyarsa of Venus lingers at the Manor, as Ransom is now to be transported back to that planet.

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